The Fat Lady is Clearing Her Throat…

Well, tomorrow is the big day.

Wednesday won’t bring an end to the current ugliness, but it will morph into a different kind of ugliness — litigation, counter-litigation, demonstrations, maybe massive street violence à la BLM — who knows?

My take on the situation is this: If there were no electoral fraud whatsoever, Donald Trump would win by a wide margin. I don’t believe the polls — they are being manipulated by the media and the pollsters themselves, who are mostly servants of the Powers That Be. In any case, as I’ve pointed out before, people have ample motivation to lie to pollsters in this election, just as Britons did last June concerning Brexit.

But there will be substantial fraud. A record number of illegal aliens will vote, in addition to the more traditional armies of the dead and the winos handed “walking-around money” to vote in multiple precincts. The newest and most unpredictable factor is the rigging of voting machines. Those wonderful electronic devices were brought in under heavy media and liberal pressure after the “hanging chads” crisis in Florida in 2000. But it was obvious to a cynical old computer programmer like myself that the eventual fraudulent misuse of those machines was all but guaranteed. I’d wager that when you need an extra 100,000 votes, it costs a lot less to suborn a programmer or a computer engineer than it does to pay off 20,000 winos or Mexicans.

So my bet is that Hillary will “win”, but by a slim margin. Then Donald Trump will litigate it, but you can’t do recounts with electronic voting, as far as I know. Mr. Trump’s lawyers will have to track down some of those crooked programmers and pay them more than the Democrats did, if they want the true story to come out. And they won’t be able to count on the help of the Republican Party, since the Republican establishment actually wants its candidate to lose.

Alternatively, if Mr. Trump manages to squeak by, expect the Democrats to litigate the result, big time. And think of all those Obama-appointed judges whose posteriors now warm the benches of the federal courts all across this fair land of ours…

Yes, it’s going to be ugly for many months to come. After the election, and especially after the Empress assumes the throne in January, there will be a rearguard action to impeach Hillary for some of her multiple felonies. In striking back against its opponents, the new Imperial Court will make the Obama administration look like a model of self-restraint.

Then, eventually, if we’re lucky, we can look forward to this:

35 thoughts on “The Fat Lady is Clearing Her Throat…

  1. And Dear Baron you accused me of “Crying in the wilderness” and a soul destroyer or something close to?

    Well I’m not so pessimistic this time. If Clinton “wins” the fraud will be so obvious nobody will be fooled. People are awake and waking. We are entering a newEra and I am hopeful. In UK people are absolutely fuming with rage after the attempt to stop “Brexit” by some self-centred woman. Read the comment columns if they are still open in the Mail etc. The anger is so visceral they are switching them off.

    Even Farage has warned of serious civil disorder. A lot of colums are now empty of comments too because people can no longer find the words to even express themselves they are so angry. When the Saxon go quiet watch out!

    I think we maybe about to find out!

    Chin up Baron. Her “victory” like Lisa Miller’s in London will be short and hollow as a bell chamber. What is going to do kill the voting public. The woman is a nutjob.

    • Correction- What is she going to do? kill the voting public?. The woman is a nutjob and everybody knows it.

      • A nut job from Guyana your Grace, but therein lies the rub–Gina Miller is ‘coloured’, and therefore far more legal!

        Hey, it’s the age of the minorities, their opinions carry far more weight,as we all should know by now.

    • I’m with you there Bishop. I believe as Churchill said ” we have nothing to fear but fear itself .”In other words one must keep up the good fight and not allow the left to demoralize us.For if they demoralize us they will win .A fiercely contested battle can be transformed into a rout of the better equipped ,larger army once a demoralizing sense of defeat (no matter how irrational )sets in.

      I truly think Trump will win despite the Democrats dirty tricks..
      It will be like the Brexit. The polls will say otherwise right up until the vote is counted.I don’t think it will even be close.I expect the Donald to win by 10% or more ,providing all his supporters get out and vote rather than giving up before election day is even over.

      Come on America we are counting on you.

      Go out and vote .

      And best wishes for a Trump presidency from Australia.

      • Never mind what churchill said, TPTB have made sure that we cannot fight back and have disarmed us 19 years ago so they can implement Kalergie plan. IN USA there is already evidence of massive fraud, on video and in Obummer TV interview about illegals voting. However, this is not even the news anymore as it does not affect those who are going to be the most responsible for flashing US down the pan, demo[c]rat voters. After all the evidence that came out over the months of campaigning about lies, corruption, treason, child sex abuse and trafficking, pay for play etc. those who still vote for clinton could only be compared to one thing – A CULT where brain dead followers follow their “leader” no matter what the consequences.
        I believe that if someone is under criminal investigation, for whatever reason, they should be excluded from running for the office.

    • Unfortunately, US is lost to voting fraud using electronic machines that use fractional accounting. We in UK use paper ballot which is lot more difficult to manipulate as it leaves pretty good trail. US voting machines (made in UK by company whose director is member of soros foundation, yes, same soros that is [Hillary’s] handler) are used in, I believe, 16 states. Cannot offhand recall exactly which states but I would put my last penny on a fact that some of those states are SWING states and that they are going to swing, not by a large margin but enough, to [H]illary.
      Lissa miller is coloured migrant gold digger that has married a millionaire and represent financial industry whose aim is not to stop Brexit but to delay it as much as possible so PTB can implement as much of Kalergie plan as possible. If they succeed we will be lot more preoccupied with just saving our lives than worrying about Europe and EU. Additionally, there will be worry about psycho clinton taking her madness lot further and starting conflict with Russia and China.
      God help us all.

  2. Bleak future you describe. What happens if an electronic voting booth malfunctions? Example, accidentally coffee pouring on it? Do they revert to paper based ballots?

  3. The “fraction magic” that Bev Harris of Black Box exposed with electronic voting shows that the election rigging will occur at a central electoral clearinghouse and hacking individual machines is totally unnecessary. She also points out that most electronic voting machines have the ability to do screen captures of every ballot, if the feature is enabled and the images are saved. There have already been instances in prior elections, however, that even with this feature enabled screen grabs have been deleted en masse by corrupt poll workers.

    Paper ballots are certainly the best way to go, though still not an absolute guarantee. There is no substitution for honesty.

  4. Mama mia! My goodness! Oh devil
    Comparing what we studied about democracy and its sublime goals, and how only specially gifted people with preponderate brain material can create, accept and utilize it. Russians and Chinese brains are defective, proof : they cannot handle democracy.

    I agree with every single idea you have states. All western democracies are “baskets of deplorables”. We elect those who have good looks, nice thatch of hair, have used drugs, those who rub shoulders with “celebrities”: singers, actresses. Debate without substance. Simple ideas and character assassinations, vulgar talk to suit the vulgar mobs of voters.

    Are we not ashamed to go bomb this country and that because they are not low and vulgar like us and our “democracies”.

    The idea of democracy’s aim was to avoid all the crude and uncouth that oozes from the known failed policies of Hillary.
    In a nutshell she does not defend her country against islam, OIC, Saudi Arabia, creeping sharia and USA islamization. She actually promotes America’s and Israel’s deadly enemies.

    She has no ideas or agenda of what to do for her fellow Americans. Muslim agenda is her agenda. She will be elected with the support of Qatar ( $100 m grand), Saudi Arabia, Pakistan. A lot of grants from muslims. delusional.

    Trump can read the actual situations: He know America’s diseases that have accumulated for the last 50 years. Sharia, mini-muslims autonomous gov. inside gov. Bending the USA foreign policies to suit muslim brotherhood and increase hatred for Israel to satisfy muslim unsatiable appetite for Jews’ and Christian blood.

    But we in the west are sleeping in the high noon with the sun shining on our feet. We are in a trance. We are in a coma. We ignore what is happening around us. We create our own unrealistic utopia. We are walking zombies sleep walking to the pit pf perdition, urging muslims to lead us to it.

    Keep in mind what’s muslims are actually doing by the help of Traitors, dirty Traitors, and ignore what they tell us to gloss things over.

    Traitors are killing us by their distorted kindness and charity towards our deadly enemies.
    The utmost stupidity: to sacrifice your own countries for the pleasure of the soldiers of alla.

      • I must agree. Oh, one little comment, tongue in cheek, “she has no ideas or agenda of what to do for her fellow Americans…”
        No, but she knows what to do TO her fellow Americans!”

        • One of the things she has pledged to work on is a one-payer health care system. That’s part of our new European hair-do. She is also firmly behind open borders, so our sovereignty as a nation will become a dead letter. Hillary has also vowed to scale back free speech, beginning with the Breitbart News site. And probably Drudge will be part of her crackdown.

          She will use strong measures against dissent. Thus sites like this one may be ruled off the turf also.

          She has said she can’t wait to implement her ideas on gun control. They won’t affect the weapons owned by criminals since she has no way to deal with those folks. Only the law-abiding will be affected.

          As I said elsewhere, read Saul Alinsky’s book(let) to see what she plans to do.

  5. If the witch “wins” through blatant fraud, or even if the fraud is well hidden, the victory will be hollow. From Day 1, her rule will be viewed as illegitimate by half the population. A Hillary victory will hasten the day when a recount will be conducted […]

    • That’s what is termed a Pyrrhic victory.
      She would be hounded from office by those of us who will raise the cries against her corruption and illegalities to a deafening crescendo.

      The prevaricating and colluding MSM would not be able to save her but would go down with her.

    • My only qualification to your astute remarks is that ‘her rule will be viewed as illegitimate by’ FAR MORE THAN ‘half the population.’

  6. If Hillary is elected this will be due to massive voter fraud.She already has no credibility and will be seen as an usurper like Obama.They will be laughing at her in the world’s chancelleries.

    • Laughing they might but you will still have to suffer her unless [something bad happens to her].

  7. Never fear. There will be no cheating, because the Department of Justice will send its overseers into 22 states, BY THE STATES’ OWN REQUEST! What could go wrong?

  8. No matter who is “elected” the opposition will not accept it. The country has been too polarized for there to be much, if any, common ground for there to be compromise. Judging from the behavior of both sides during the campaign I think the left is more likely to engage in more childish, frenzied sorts of violence if they lose. The right is more likely to engage in more mature, measured but serious violence but not immediately.

    We’ll soon see what kind of chickens come home to roost. Keep your heads down and your powder dry.

  9. Everyone has the feeling we’ve reached a watershed. It’s fairly obvious the Western world is approaching a precipice, though the Left of course attributes it to a different set of causes. In both Britain and the USA the feeling is palpable that the elites are stealing & stalling & putting up smokescreens 24/7. It’s no consolation but reading your translated articles on recent goings-on in Germany & Sweden are nothing short of catastrophic. There’s been nothing like this in 100’s of years. What’s happening now in Europe is worse than either world war b/c Europe is literally doing this to itself, which makes it vastly worse. A majority there even denies it’s happening.

    Moreover, very Western country is doing that, it seems — going for broke in arranging its own demise. The first Western countries to go sailing over the cliff must surely be Sweden (~2018), Germany (~2020), France (2024), Canada (mid-2020’s), & several Latin American countries before 2030. I keep imagining this is some toxic dream we’ll wake up from. Obama has had a big role in bringing this about, though he likely only accelerated the process. It’s really notable how a large percent of Westerners (40%+) are consciously choosing parties and leaders that guarantee a collapse, like we’re on a self-reinforcing negative trend. Brexit and the US election are the 2 bellwethers of the coming collapse.

    I’ve finally decided to start prepping for a shtf event over the coming months.

  10. The greatest weakness of the “Left” and now to a thoroughly cowed “Right”, made brain-dead by years of Marxist indoctrination is the total inability to think beyond their immediate circumstances, their fear of consequences or comprehension beyond anything called “Other”. They are unable to think “laterally”. My dear still living father taught me to do so, even though he and I both already have that “ability”. He also taught me to honour Duty above all else and follow the Truth come what may and to overcome all fear.

    My position may seem “simple” or blunt but I will never surrender my authority or freedom to these evil people Never! I despise them in fact. And that is why I am treated as “A very dangerous man” by all sides (There is only one side actually) because they know I cannot be “Bought” nor “persuaded”. To me this war is also very personal…..

    The very idea that somebody else should tell me what to think and say, hate or love? Forget it!

  11. It is enough to just look at their expressions in the top picture. Killary is maniacal and mentally and emotionally ill, possibly has Parkinson’s, and is unfit to be president. And I’m not even mentioning all the evil she has done. Period. I believe that in the future anyone running for president should have a health checkup (both physical and mental), preferably run by an outfit like Walter Reed hospital (perhaps?). . . or some other respected medical facility — Cleveland Clinic?

    Well, I’m going to be voting and I know that my state will vote Republican — we always do. Out here on the plains, conversatism is not a sin, it’s a feature.

  12. The Democratic strategy is to keep giving away goodies to the needy and not-so-needy and allowing the same types to immigrate and cross the border, thus gradually increasing their absolute percentage in any vote. California is an example. As they succeed in this, the country gets weaker, economically and internationally and they finally need to start wars and inflation to survive. Then, they allow Republicans to come in and help clean up the actual danger before they lose all credibility permanently. Rinse and repeat.

    The Republicans have to continuously ratchet up the outrageousness of their candidates in order to get noticed and break through this permanent Democratic majority….until finally, if the Dems are 90%, we’ll have to nominate Napolean or Jesus or Alexander the Great in order to win.

    This seems to be the canonical defect in democracy. For the next iteration of democracy, man is going to have to limit who votes a little so that only people who have skin in the game–tax payers–are allowed to vote.

    We can’t even whisper this today…so I’ll retract everything I just said.

  13. I see in the Otago Daily Times (NZ) this morning some nutter named Schellhammer, his wife and two daughters are making a tearful plea to the Kiwis to be allowed to emigrate to NZ if the terrible Trumpster prevails!
    I sent an appropriate comment, which included the fact there are Canadians ready to move to the U.S. if Trump wins, but the ODT (which I delivered as a kid) is so miserably left-leaning and PC I doubt they will print it.

  14. Well, the fat lady has sung and the fat subhuman is OUT.
    Well done Mr Trump. Thank you for a hope of a better world. Now all you have to do is keep your promises.

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