Muslim Wives in Italy: The Ultimate Segregation

The following TV report from Italy takes a look at what has become an all too familiar phenomenon in the West: the complete segregation and isolation of Muslim women, who live as virtual slaves to their husbands, even after being resident in the country for decades.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:02   He hit me hard in the face.
00:09   Look… —Signs of dermatological damage.
00:16   My face was white like this.
00:19   Always, always like this.
00:22   Her face still swollen from the blows she received, her frightened look
00:26   from the violence with which her husband beat her last night for the nth time.
00:30   That’s how Bouchra, a young 34-year-old Moroccan woman,
00:34   receives us in a dwelling where she has lived with little Ahmed for about nine months.
00:38   He did like this with my hair, and hit my face like this.
00:43   These are the photos you took yesterday after he beat you? —Yes.
00:50   Why did he beat you?
00:53   Because I…
00:58   wanted to learn Italian.
01:02   I was doing exercises… You were doing exercises in Italian?
01:06   …Italian exercises…
01:09   and my husband arrived…
01:14   and said …
01:17   “Enough”? “Enough,” yes. “I want to eat.”
01:20   For three years, Bouchra has been married an Egyptian man.
01:23   For her to learn our language would mean
01:26   becoming independent and finally succeeding in integrating,
01:29   a process that perhaps for the man who says he loves her is too dangerous.
01:32   Since arriving in Italy, this residence in Milan Province has been her prison.
01:37   You never leave home? —No.
01:40   Never, you live here inside, locked up here inside? —Yes. My husband locks the door.
01:45   Your husband has locked you inside and taken the key? —Yes.
01:50   I prepare meals for the family…
01:55   Do all the housework. Everything.
01:58   I don’t have family here, friends.
02:02   I only have my husband.
02:05   So you only have your husband? —Yes.
02:08   So what can I do? —Now after the nth incident of violence,
02:12   Bouchra finally found the courage to report it.
02:15   She shows us the suitcases she prepared to leave the home
02:18   “Soon,” she tells me, “the Carabinieri will arrive to carry me and my son away.”
02:22   Then at the time of prayer, she lays a small rug on the floor and prays in silence to her God.
02:40   “Good evening, Signora. Are you ready?”
02:45   For a few nights, Bouchra and Ahmed will sleep in a shelter.
02:49   Then, for them a new life begins.
02:53   In Italy, according to the latest report by Caritas Inmigrantes.
02:56   foreign women number about two and a half million.
02:59   And if some of them succeed in integrating and finding work,
03:02   there are many, perhaps, too many, like Bouchra, who live in a world
03:06   made up only of children and home, where the only language spoken
03:09   is that of their country of origin.
03:12   We are in Via Padova, in the quarter considered the multi-ethnic quarter of Milan.
03:17   A long street about five kilometers where thirty-three thousand people live.
03:22   A third of them are foreigners. —Can I ask you where you are from?
03:26   Sorry. I don’t understand. —You don’t speak Italian?
03:29   Not well, very little. I also don’t speak well.
03:32   You don’t speak Italian well? — No, I don’t speak well.
03:35   —Have you been in Italy many years? —Yes. —How long?
03:38   Five. — Five years? —Yes.
03:41   And you speak… —A little. — How many years have you been in Italy?
03:45   Uh, ten years. —Ten years, and you don’t speak Italian?
03:49   No, a little.
03:52   It’s difficult to speak with the women we meet on the street, so we try to go into a kabob shop
03:56   to ask for information. Do you have any women working around here?
04:02   No. —Do you know of any businesses where women are working?
04:07   Look, I don’t know what to say to you.
04:10   And while I was trying to find someone to interview,
04:13   an interesting conversation began about the concept of the woman in the Islamic religion.
04:18   The woman in Islam has to ask permission to go out.
04:23   Do you always know where your wife is? —It’s normal.
04:26   I have the right to know where my wife goes. I have the right
04:29   to say to my wife, I don’t like you to go with this person…
04:32   And you are the guardian? —Yes
04:35   The woman is the master of the house.
04:38   because the woman is the one who in practice manages the whole family.
04:42   She doesn’t work for pay. However, she does other work.
04:48   As a husband, as a father, as a brother,
04:53   let’s say I don’t like it that my women, of my family,
04:56   …are going out and about. —You don’t like it. —As a husband, I don’t share that.
05:01   But how thin is the wall that separates this role as master of the home and a reality
05:05   of isolation and segregation? I ask Maria Teresa, who since 2006,
05:09   fights with the Association in Defense of the Rights of Women.
05:13   You and your association are also occupied with Islamic women.
05:18   What are the grievances and violence most often reported by these women?
05:23   Violence that comes from being mistreated by husbands; many times they keep them at home.
05:27   Many of these women are completely unable to speak Italian,
05:31   That is, to speak our language, in order to create this ultimate segregation.
05:37   Yes, yes. I think they do it to avoid contact with us.
05:42   It has happened that girls who went to university,
05:47   and there was the father who didn’t want his daughter to continue studies.
05:52   He took the books and burned them. Therefore, they are afraid
05:55   she will do too much, learn our language, work…
05:58   These women will manage too much…
06:01   That independence that disturbs their religion.
06:04   For the men, the women must be subjugated to them.

16 thoughts on “Muslim Wives in Italy: The Ultimate Segregation

  1. This revelations of video are tragic, but not at all surprising to anyone who has studied Islam.

    In a West that had the courage of its humane ethics, a woman wearing hijab in the street would constitute prima facie evidence of likely abuse; even more so, purdah.

    The homes of these women would be regularly visited by a social worker, who would have conversations in private with the wife and/or daughter.

    All it takes to solve the problem of Islam in the West, is to have the courage of our humane and civil convictions and to implement them.

      • And our LEADERS got us into this mess in the first place, so it’s catch 22.

        Well Lady D, in theory it COULD happen, but I don’t see those millions of enraged people on the streets; no sign of them, so you’re dead right.

      • The social workers are too busy hassling would-be adoptive parents who aren’t over-fond of gay couples adopting, for example.

        Not that I personally have a problem with gay couples adopting, but I certainly have a problem with hassling those that *do* have a problem with that, so long as their “problem” isn’t expressed in a violent fashion, which I’ve never seen be the case.

        (So to SJWs, I’m a flamin’ right-winger on this one, and to social conservatives, I’m hopelessly “progressive” – shoot me!)

  2. If the women leave the house unaccompanied they are often treated as whores. This is why the men are fighting for their religion- it’s male supremacy enshrined in the Sharia. This is why they are raping Western women – to show their power over us.

    In the past many traditional societies were no different from Islam – except for the micro-management of Sharia Law. Of course it is inhumane, yet many on the Left drive the narrative of accepting this alien, anti-democratic, Western-hating, misogynist culture. As a result, we are at the beginning of total war

  3. Now, I have to admit, I’ve seen Italians (of both genders), resident in Toronto since the 1950s, who still don’t speak English to any usable level…

  4. I notice the stupid woman still continues to pray to Allah – who actually gave her husband the right to beat her and to dominate her life. (Koran 4:34).

  5. Islam doesn’t believe in anything. There are no goals. For example, is it saying anything that help people have better lives? It is all process. It is all meta. It is all nasty meta. Can you imagine starting a religion that has as its only objective that ” you are to believe in what we tell you and that you are to try to make everyone in the world believe similarly?” It has one commandment: “Do what we tell you”.

    The only thing of mystery is why something this dull and ugly could survive 1400 years.

    • Mr. Palmer-

      The only thing Islam believes in is Islam and spreading it to all corners of the globe until we have a world that is nothing but Islam.

      I cannot imagine a more tragic, horrific fate for the human race and the planet Earth.

  6. I know a woman who was going to teach English as a second language to such people in Auckland, New Zealand.

    She was required to go to the homes of these people for one-on-one tuition.
    The students were typically the wives of Moslem men and were restricted in their movements hence the need to learn at home. When the men of the home were present there was a very uncomfortable atmosphere.

    The lady in question wisely opted not to do such work.

  7. It is so tragic, that so many people, especially in politics and the media in Western Society ,are still fooled by the positive spin those who promote the Islam Industry i.e, the Saudis and the Islamic clerics who benefit worldwide, place on this essentially evil ideology. It is equally tragic that Islamic women seems to lack the will, the motivation and the courage to throw off Islam’s total oppression of them

    • For women to “throw off Islam’s total oppression” it would have to be a coordinated effort. There is simply no way to coordinate when you are buried alive in a culture where there is no opportunity to do any such thing.

      Just look at the effort it took Western women to gain the vote – and they had none of the burdens Muslim women face.

      The inability to congregate isn’t tragic, it’s existential…

  8. Islam’s founding belief is oppression of women. Thus it appeals to the base instincts of men: they are allowed to own and control women as long as they submit to the ideal of misogyny. Certainly is a tough sell.
    Women get to enjoy life as long as they submit to the ideal of submission.
    If anxieties arise about this setup, find a demonstration, go out into the street and scream slogans about the horrors of life elsewhere.

  9. no different than the Hispanics in the US. there have been numerous men and women who have lived in the US ILLEGALLY and do not speak a word of English. So who’s fault is it then? Quit whining about it and start being accountable for your own life. Go ahead and keep playing the victim card and that is all you will ever be. Yet, these Muslim women want to spread the Islamic disease so more women and girls can be abused. Sorry, can’t feel sorry for them

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