Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: “France No Longer Has Any Borders”

As an antidote to the lunacy of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (see the previous post), listen to the words of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, a leader of the Front National and the niece of Marine Le Pen.

Ms. Le Pen spoke recently at a rally in the department of Vaucluse, in Provence. Her speech followed that of the local Front National leader Hervé de Lépinau, whose subtitled talk is here.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:12   Marine for president!
00:16   Marine for president!
00:20   Thank you, my friends, for coming out in force.
00:24   Let me reassure you, their boos are inversely proportional
00:28   to what they represent in the voting booth.
00:32   And unlike them, we have respect,
00:36   we manifest respect for free speech, the right
00:40   of protest against this crazy policy of spreading the migrants
00:44   from Calais into our borough and everywhere in France,
00:48   because here, through this politics, it’s the very principle of sovereignty
00:53   that is severely violated. This sovereignty, that should
01:00   be used by and for the people,
01:04   and which is disappearing under the weight of cynicism, of electoralism,
01:08   and of the incompetency of the prime minister, of the president of the Republic.
01:12   A president of the Republic who himself admits,
01:16   in a book composed of interviews, and I quote: “I think that there are
01:20   too many arriving immigrants who shouldn’t be here.”
01:24   An incredible president, who becomes
01:28   a commentator on his own stable and his own failure!
01:32   No, we no longer accept being ignored and loathed
01:36   by this government, which doesn’t represent anything and anyone anymore;
01:40   it’s intolerable that even the local representatives aren’t informed,
01:45   and are excluded from talks. One example:
01:49   our Mayor from the National Front, Joris Hébrard from Pontet, found out —
01:53   bravo, yes, you can applaud him! —
01:57   He found out through the media,
02:01   through the newspapers, the installation of migrants in his county,
02:05   and the population was supposed to accept them,
02:09   or risk being sentenced for racism in the court of do-gooders.
02:13   But we aren’t stupid. If they refuse to ask for our opinion,
02:17   if prefects threaten mayors against organizing local referendums,
02:21   it’s because they already know our answer: a big NO!.
02:25   All the polls show that the majority
02:29   of French are opposed to this massive welcome of illegals,
02:33   and Manuel Valls [PM], in his classical authoritarian way, declared yesterday
02:41   that all those who oppose the arrival of migrants
02:45   will be blocked by the government.
02:49   We would like to see this much resolve
02:53   from the PM when it’s about fighting those who burn our police officers,
02:57   those who attack them, insult them or slice their throats in their own house,
03:01   in front of their three-year-old son. We would like to see
03:05   this level of command when dealing with the oil monarchies
03:09   of the Persian Gulf, Qatar or Saudi Arabia,
03:13   in order to demand that they accept migrants from Syria and Iraq.
03:17   But there, strangely, crickets.
03:21   It’s the silence of submission; and it’s even worse:
03:25   it’s the silence of corruption by money
03:29   We won’t accept
03:33   any more of their lies and shaming,
03:38   because all of the propaganda around this migrant question
03:42   is an incredible lie. The government is lying to us
03:46   when they say that the migrants from Calais are refugees,
03:50   families who fled the Syrian war. The aim of this lie
03:54   is obviously to make you feel guilty.
03:58   The reality is that Syrians represent barely 1% of migrants from Calais,
04:02   and Iraqis 0.7%.
04:06   The overwhelming majority of those illegals came from Africa,
04:10   and arrive for economic reasons.
04:14   The overwhelming majority of those illegals are men,
04:18   and not families with children. We are talking about
04:22   migrants who broke French law in order to enter our territory illegally.
04:26   Most of them are taking advantage of the passivity of the government
04:30   to arrive in Europe, like some of the Guineans in Avignon, who pretended to be minors
04:34   even though they were adults, taking advantage of welfare for children.
04:38   The economic migrants who are breaking the law with the complicity of those associations
04:43   of leftists and socialists. Those illegals
04:50   shouldn’t be distributed throughout the country in order to be fed and sheltered,
04:54   but immediately deported to their home countries.
04:58   And concerning the others: the asylum seekers
05:02   who are mostly forced to take this status
05:06   by the left-wing associations, well,
05:10   we have to say it: in reality, the overwhelming majority,
05:14   around 70%, will be dismissed after going through the procedure
05:18   on the status of the asylum seeker. In other words,
05:22   70% of them aren’t true refugees; except,
05:26   that in the meantime, well, they may take advantage of the generosity
05:30   of French state, by being sheltered, fed and receiving
05:34   pocket money for almost two years. Even worse, worse:
05:39   you need to know that fewer than 5% of those faux refugees
05:43   are truly deported after their status of
05:47   asylum isn’t granted to them. This right of asylum
05:51   is today totally misused,
05:55   it has become the new way of trafficking illegals.
05:59   Yes, I can imagine that you don’t like it, but it is true.
06:03   [boos from the counter-rally]
06:07   And in this way, in the first eight months of 2016,
06:11   we have already had a19.3% increase in the number asylum seekers,
06:15   compared to the same period in 2015.
06:19   The government is lying to us again, when they declare that
06:23   there’s no security risk. I’ll give you
06:27   a unfinished list of a number of sordid dramas/tragedies
06:31   that happened in different French camps.
06:35   Calais Jungle, November 2014: migrants implicated in an attempted
06:39   rape of young girls 15-17 years old.
06:43   Rennes, on the night of 6/7 August 2016: eleven migrants arrested
06:47   for armed robbery. Calais Jungle:
06:51   on the night of 17/18 October 2016, an Afghan interpreter
06:55   who was accompanying a journalist was raped
06:59   with the silent complicity of the media. Pas-de-Calais,
07:03   2 October 2016: a Lithuanian truck driver was wounded in the abdomen with a box cutter;
07:06   a migrant originally from Afghanistan was sentenced to 4 months in prison.
07:12   Camp de La Lignère, Grande-Synthe in the North of France, 8 October 2016: an Iraqi migrant,
07:19   27 years old, already known to the police and convicted,
07:23   attacks an employee of the charity that is managing the camp, and ransacks the bungalows.
07:32   On the night of 17/18 October, a deadly brawl
07:36   between migrants from Sudan and Eritrea. Four Eritreans are under arrest,
07:40   and a Sudanese succumbed to his wounds. And finally, the case of
07:44   Christians who are martyred by the Muslim migrants,
07:48   in those camps, in an absolute [media] silence; in Germany, but also in France,
07:52   in Grande-Synthe, near Dunkirk, where an official
07:56   of a police union testified about this situation.
08:00   Finally, let’s not forget UNICEF, which is worried about the well-being of
08:04   the children in the Calais Jungle, where cases of prostitution and
08:08   slave labor are revealed. Voilà, the reality of what’s happening today in France!
08:12   In the camps they want to import here in the Vaucluse.
08:16   And let’s not forget, that there were no fewer than
08:20   17 members of terrorist organizations who penetrated into France,
08:24   pretending being refugees. One of the terrorists
08:28   of Bataclan traveled with a migrant group! Therefore, how many
08:32   potential terrorists are there among the migrants spread on the territory?
08:36   We have right to ask the question.
08:40   While we’ve been the only ones alerting about the danger,
08:44   when the entire political-media system
08:48   was outraged, when we were denouncing and alerting
08:52   about those risks. Finally, the government
08:56   is lying to us, when it explains that welcoming those people
09:00   will definitively solve the problem of the Calais Jungle.
09:04   We might be spreading — in vain — dozens,
09:08   hundreds, thousands of migrants though the French countryside,
09:12   and the Calais Jungle will inevitably refill itself,
09:16   for one and simple reason: that France no longer has any borders,
09:20   because of Schengen, and therefore
09:24   any illegal who managed to penetrate this area,
09:28   Which is composed of 26 European countries, can circulate freely
09:33   into France. Several countries understood this, and they
09:37   refuse to trust their future and their immigration policies
09:41   to Angela Merkel and the Turkish Islamist Erdogan.
09:45   Hungary, Denmark, Macedonia,
09:49   re-established controls at their national borders.
09:53   Finally, let’s dare say it: it’s about a true
09:57   preference for foreigners. A preference
10:01   that is totally indecent towards the 20% of Vauclusians who live
10:05   below the poverty line, often in unsanitary conditions.
10:09   Where have we seen so much energy and money spent
10:13   for our pensioner and his misery pension? For a farmer
10:17   in recovery, or for a single mother who is working
10:21   several jobs. Meanwhile, migrants are beneficiaries of free accommodation,
10:25   of free transportation, free health care, free help.
10:29   Their children’s meals are being paid for in the school cafeteria by the municipality.
10:33   They are being offered entertainment, circuses
10:37   painting and skiing classes,
10:41   not even mentioning the exorbitant cost of their transfer,
10:45   about €15,000 Euro per capita, according to a lawyer who specializes
10:49   foreigners’ rights. Vaucluse already has to
10:53   face serious problems related
10:57   to immigration: growing unemployment,
11:01   problems with assimilation, the communitarianism, the proselytizing cells
11:05   of radical Islam. How can we hope
11:09   to be able to integrate those populations when they don’t speak French,
11:13   have little or no education, and more often than not,
11:17   they are import with them a culture radically different from ours.
11:22   What are all those do-gooders, those lesson-givers, waiting for?
11:26   And they who address the people of Provence, what are THEY waiting for
11:29   in order to open their doors, to open the doors of their residential neighborhoods?
11:34   For example, what is Monsieur Chabert, the president of the UMP, waiting for?
11:38   He, who voted for this welcome? What are the Greens waiting for?
11:42   The communists, or even the representatives UMP, who didn’t vote against it,
11:46   what are they all waiting for in order to open wide the doors of THEIR houses,
11:50   and thus lead by example, and give an example to those
11:54   on whom they are imposing those policies?
11:58   All those people who praise multiculturalism,
12:02   but are watching it from their balconies,
12:06   and above all, are doing all they can
12:10   to be exempt from it: I’m announcing to you,
12:14   despite the noisy opposition,
12:18   that those associations that represent nothing are only surviving
12:22   on public money that is handed to them by the taxpayers;
12:26   Money that we are paying. Well, we won’t let go,
12:30   and if they don’t want to hear it today, everywhere in France,
12:34   at the rallies organized by the National Front, well,
12:38   they will listen during the primaries in 2017 with the election of Marine Le Pen!

5 thoughts on “Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: “France No Longer Has Any Borders”

  1. While ordinarily a pessimist regarding the fate of Europe, when I see speakers such as Ms Le Pen speak so eloquently and passionately in defense of her country and way of life, I can feel hope for the fate of France. While the traitorous leaders of France rapidly surrendered to the Nazis and even collaborated in imposing the Nazi will upon their fellow Frenchmen, many French quietly joined the Resistance and became a thorn in the side of the invaders for the duration of the war. How many divisions had to be diverted to deal with sabotage and quell the populace? Such resistance might have been the deciding factor in the fate of the Reich, diverting men and material desperately needed elsewhere. I feel that patriots such as Ms LePen will also prove to be such a thorn in the side of the ruling elites, and ultimately divert such time and attention that their efforts to replace their fellow countrymen with muslim trash will become a bridge too far…

    It gives me hope to see not all Frenchmen (and women) are passive and meek, and willing to allow themselves to be colonized and raped by the trash of the third world. I wish Ms LePen and those like her best of luck, and victory.

    Godspeed Ms LePen, and illegitimi non carborundum…

  2. The Role of the UN:
    The 1951 Refugee Convention awarded rights to refugees without any responsibilities. Conversely, host countries were given responsibilities but no rights. Western nations thereby became slaves to “refugees”.

    The 1993 Vienna Declaration extended the rights of refugees, rebranded them as human rights and awarded them to the whole planet. Again, their rights became our obligations. The right to maintain their own culture is especially dangerous.

    The 2016 New York Declaration officially recognises the migration industry and supports the migrants. It is a declaration of war against the West, to be conducted by a ceaseless 3rd world, mostly Muslim, invasion.

    All Western nations have signed up to these agreements. They mandate open borders and universal benefits paid for by us. So long as they remain in force we have no chance of reversing the human tide. It is a suicide pact.

    • dunroamin: Next, gov. will go after web sites (many) who don’t line up with pol. correctness in whatever country they are in, and readers of these blogs will fade away during the crackdown. Crack downs happening in Europe, some are arrested for posting on social media. Nations in agreement for this suicide pact cannot be stopped with their agendas because the masses are apathetic and dumbed down having no understanding of corruption even if we try to inform them. The few of us will not matter. Mass genocide on both sides will be order of the day, just like the fighting now in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere. Younger people will have no future, will be forced into a form of slavery and constant conflicts just to survive. Countries under these agreements will end up third world garbage dumps with millions of people living on the streets, ex: Paris today with garbage strewn for miles on main roads.

      • You’ve given up before the battle has begun. You criticise the apathetic whilst forgetting your own defeatism.

        • Maninthepub: Apathy is the problem of the masses. defeatism is ignoring the problem like it doesn’t exist. The so called battle is right now in the EU, (not at some future date) as more come in daily, lawlessness abounds and people remain apathetic and won’t take a stand with the few that do like Geert. Keep reading this site and you’ll understand the downward slide of the EU into an Islamic caliphate, as it’s happening faster than a NY minute. another info site is : click on Europe, also Most EU people just don’t see or believe this stuff is really happening.

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