Manuel Valls, Channeling John Lennon

The following brief clip shows French Prime Minister Manuel Valls talking about immigration — “Tomorrow, they’ll be French.”

The words that come to mind after watching his appalling performance are all from the section of Roget’s Thesaurus under the heading “deluded”: “crazy”, “hallucinating”, “psychotic”, “lunatic”, “out of his mind”, “barking mad”, and “two bricks shy of a load”.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   I’m telling you, I’m very proud of what was accomplished
00:04   the last couple of days by the state, the government,
00:08   and by Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Housing Minister
00:12   Emmanuelle Cosse: the evacuation of Calais, because it was a wound, it was an image of France
00:20   that I don’t want to see: men, women and children living
00:24   in inadequate conditions; welcome them,
00:28   give them the right of asylum, and tomorrow, tomorrow, they’ll be French.
00:32   Tomorrow they’ll be speaking French, tomorrow they’ll share our values,
00:36   some, tomorrow, will be representatives, members of the government; I remember
00:40   a discussion I had with a young girl from Eritrea,
00:44   a couple of days ago near Rheims. A young girl,
00:48   who was there for a year, today in the high school, who speaks French
00:52   who has plans. She is there, in France. This is that emancipation
00:56   of everybody. People who WANT to stay in France, because France
01:00   is capable of welcoming them, provided they accept the values
01:04   of our country and what makes
01:08   the true force of France that is radiating
01:12   all over the world.

9 thoughts on “Manuel Valls, Channeling John Lennon

  1. I agree with one thing he said, in so far as, exceeedingly rare people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali do exist (a woman I respect and hold up as a role model for my own daughter).
    “France is capable of welcoming them, provided they accept the values”
    If these idiots, like Valls, just applied adequate filtering in the first place, we wouldn’t be forced to through descent people like her under the bus once the enrichment reaches breaking point. What a bunch of bozos.

  2. “Tomorrow they’ll be speaking French, tomorrow they’ll share our values”

    Some may well speak French, tomorrow, but it’s quantum leap territory to suggest they will “share our values”. Obtaining language skills to enable social and official transactions is only ground floor window dressing. It proves nothing regarding “shared values”. Values in migrants come from their native culture and religion. If anything the evidence of muslim migrants in the past is that while 1st generation migrants may be grateful to the host country, their children are just as likely to identify more with their parents homeland and religion. That why so many have ended up in Syria with ISIS. Valls is just a political hack trying to put a brave face on a deepening mess his socialist party has inflicted France with.

  3. A lawyer friend had this great quote about a mutual acquaintance, “Seldom right, but never in doubt”. Seems to apply here.

  4. Valls looks and acts like Paul Ryan.

    He typifies the Western leader: verbally fluent, but totally uneducated in science or formal logic, and unable to conceptualize the idea of genetic differences. I guess in reply to the old question of whether it’s better to have a leader who is criminal or who is stupid, the answer is now, we get both.

  5. What an idiot.
    Some of todays “french patriots” that came yesterday as migrants he could`ve seen trying to kill french policemen by burning them alive just recently.
    Or rioting in the banlieus of northern Paris.

    And they came to France when fe. the economic situation was much better then nowadays (jobs, housing, state debts, less radicalism).

    • When France finally regains it’s sanity I would suggest that Monsieur Valls is the first to have his head shaven and made to take a naked walk of shame down through the streets of Paris a la Game of Thrones.

      These left wing apologists need to be made to pay for their treachery. They seem oblivious to the suffering they have
      Knowingly caused their own citizens and totally confident
      That they will face no consequences themselves.

      This will change. Marie Antoinette was misquoted as saying
      Let them eat cake and from that moment France effectively became a Republic FOR THE PEOPLE! She was only guilty of stupidity and naivety but lost her head for it!

      Look to history people, why are you so afraid of these political
      Fleas, with obvious little man syndrome in buckets!

  6. We have a saying here in the States: The French response to invasion is surrender. I guess this proves it’s the truth.

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