If You Live in Schwerin, Don’t Walk Your Dog

A gang of culture-enrichers set upon a dog-walker in the German town of Schwerin, beating and stabbing him. In the following report their motive is not entirely clear, but it seems the issue may have been the dog.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Ostsee Zeitung (Baltic Sea Newspaper, East Germany):

Schwerin — Four men attack 29-year-old and hurt him badly

The man was walking his dog on Thursday evening, when he was approached by a group. Police are looking for witnesses.

Friday, 25.11.2016

Schwerin. Thursday evening a man was attacked and badly injured by four people. According to the police report, the 29-year-old was walking his dog in Hamburger Strasse around 9:30 PM, when the men approached him about his dog. The man shielded his dog and then was pushed, kicked, and beaten by the perpetrators. Furthermore, one of the men wounded the victim with a knife and inflicted slash wounds upon him. Then the perpetrators fled.

The 29-year-old had to be treated in hospital. Police are investigating for dangerous assault.

The perpetrators were apparently of Arab origin. One of the perpetrators is being described as follows: He is about 1.75m [5’ 7”] tall and of slim, athletic build. His age is estimated at 25. His hair is black, and at the time of the deed he was wearing a longish brown jacket and blue jeans.

Police are asking witnesses for leads and will accept them at the telephone number 0385-51 80 15 60, at the “Internetwache”, or any police station.

18 thoughts on “If You Live in Schwerin, Don’t Walk Your Dog

  1. Good luck with that; only about a million invaders in Germany that fit that description…

  2. Does anyone know if dogs are considered vorboten by Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Confucianists,Wiccans, Bahais, Zoroastrians, Celtic worshipers, Christians, or animists of various stripes? If not, this cannot be a hate crime, can it now?

  3. The Arab warriors are brave old souls. Four-to-one odds sound about right.

    Europe has its head shoved firmly up its derrière and events like this will soon become everyday occurrences worth neither reporting nor recording.

  4. Dude. You are walking the wrong dog. You can barrow Hansie, my doberman… She will Eff those bas**rds up.

    • Yes, the days of cute dogs with ridiculous short legs is over in Europe. Now they need a real hound.

  5. How is the dog. Is S/he unharmed?

    Honestly that’s all I care about. The Germany that I love and lived in my youth is almost gone.

    And the very idea that Merckel will run for a 4th term – and probably get it – sadly tells you all you need to know about the current state of affairs in Germany.

    To my German friends – I’d say you have 5 years tops to get your affairs and papers together and seek life overseas. You are skilled, talented and resourceful and will do fine after a time.

    Don’t wait – anyone with eyes can see where this going.

    • I think Merkel for the 4th term is a great idea. At the end of the WW2 even the Brits thought it is a bad idea to assassinate Hitler. Without his stupidity it would have been much harder to win. Let Merkel go for the next term, the worse the better!

      • To add a thought: there are no other candidates anyway. Which is part of the problem. People say, Merkel ruined our country. My reply is, no, we, the Germans did, we did not give a damn for almost 10 years. Now the consequences are showing.

  6. Or, DO walk your dog. Also Carry. And while doing it, ponder on the phrase “I was in fear for my life, your honor”.

  7. My dog Babs would have fought to the death against these savages. Had I come under attack, she would have unleashed a terrible calamity on these people.

  8. I remember growing up in the NRA magazine they always had a section about people who defended themselves, home or others with a firearm even if they just deterred an event. Is there anything like that for these events?

  9. I’m not sure I’d welcome the Germans. They lost their republic; don’t let the contamination spread.

  10. So far we have almost zero Muslims in my small Arizona town but with open carry and stand your ground laws many people would shoot to kill and by Arizona law they would be justified. With Trump elected I am not worried about my town being flooded by so-called Muslim refugee invaders. I love my dog and if Muslims attacked me for walking him I would shoot to kill.

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