If You Believe Child Marriage is Child Abuse, Mühldorf Says You’re a Nazi

A man has been banned from wearing the St. Nicholas costume in the German town of Mühldorf because he agreed with the sentiment that child marriage is the same as child abuse.

How in the world could anyone object to that opinion? Well, it happened that it was originally expressed by the German Identity movement. Agreeing with anything the Identitaires say makes you a Nazi, if you live in Modern Multicultural Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Wochenblatt:

Mayor Fires St. Nicholas because of Facebook post

St. Nicholas affair in Mühldorf: A wrong like? Shared the wrong post? A wrong commentary? The wrong consequence?

Things are all wrong in the city on the River Inn in this pre-Christmas time. The man who has for almost thirty years been the embodiment of St. Nicholas at the Christmas market in the city liked and shared and commented on Facebook about something. As a consequence of his internet activity, the mayor has ripped the St. Nicholas wand from his hands.

Preceding this all was a campaign by the Identity Movement (IB) in Mühldorf on the Inn. In front of city and ecclesiastical kindergartens they hung posters with the words “child marriage = child abuse” and the sentence “the Maas is full” [Word play on Maas/Mass, “das mass ist voll” = it is enough]. On their Facebook site the IB then presented pictures of the campaign. Mühldorf’s “St. Nicholas Institution” Peter Mück liked the statement on Facebook, and expressed his approval with the words “Well done, boys”. And he shared the IB post.

His Facebook activity wasn’t undetected for very long. “There were parents of the angels who are accompanying St. Nicholas who expressed their concerns to me in calls,” says Mayor Marianne Zollner, as she recounts the events as they happened. She invited Peter Mück for a discussion on Monday morning, November 14th, which took place. Until now, all statements made by the mayor and St. Nicholas seem to be in agreement. But concerning the content of said conversation, perceptions are far apart.

This is what Mayor Marianne Zollner said

“The Identity Movement has with their action abused our buildings for their own purpose. That is why the city of Mühldorf has already filed a report with the police. In the conversation with Peter Mück the topic was mainly about what kind of relationship he has to the movement and where he stands. He did not disclose that. And since he did not declare himself to be ready to distance himself in any way shape or form from the IB, he left me no other choice. Everybody can of course utter their opinion, but one has to live with the consequences too. A St. Nicholas that apparently engages himself in favor of such a misanthropic and xenophobic movement cannot be justified by me as the mayor of the city of Mühldorf. This is a decision that was very difficult for me, and personally I am very sorry.” Still, the door would be left open for Peter Mück: Should he distance himself openly and clearly from IB on Facebook, then he could carry on wearing the garb of the Mühldorf St. Nicholas.

And this is how Peter Mück experienced the conversation

“The only thing that mattered to me was the statement ‘child marriage = child abuse’, behind which I fully and completely stand even today. This is what I told Marianne Zollner as well, after which she stared at me bug-eyed. In our conversation she never once asked me what my stand is in regards to the IB movement; she didn’t ask me if I were a member or whether I sympathize. All she wanted was for me to distance myself from the statement that child marriage equals child abuse. Which I did not do. To which the mayor then said: ‘Well then we’ll have to find another Nicholas.’ In our conversation I tried to explain to her that I am neither xenophobic nor would I abuse the St. Nicholas garb for any kind of political statement, but it didn’t help.”

Is there a chance left?

“Even my father, in 1958, wore the holy garb at the St. Nicholas Kindergarten. And for two decades he was the St. Nicholas at the Christmas market in the city. And my mother, too, had worn the Nicholas robes. Both were very engaged at the Advent singing, too. And I, too, at the moment when I put on the garb, am fully and completely St. Nicholas and no one or nothing else. We just are a Christmas family,” Peter says. To this day he cannot believe all that happened on that Monday. “I just liked the campaign on Facebook, I shared it and commented and I really think that when it comes to child marriage and child abuse, there are no two truths.” At this point that categorically excludes a return as St. Nicholas at the city’s Christmas market: “This is not even a topic anymore. After I have been basically partially prejudged, I do not see a chance for this anymore. I’m not talking about me. I just don’t want any of the little angels and other kids who walk with me, to experience how while I hand out sweets and candy at the Christmas market, someone will call after me: “Look there’s the Nazi Nicholas!”

42 thoughts on “If You Believe Child Marriage is Child Abuse, Mühldorf Says You’re a Nazi

  1. Who is the Nazi? A man who posted on Facebook that he (quite rightly) thought that child marriage was child abuse, or the mayor that fired him for his supposed xenophobic and misanthropic post. I fail to see how expressing disgust for child marriage can be considered xenophobic, and the opposite of misanthropic. Is the mayor a secret paedophile? Maybe people should email this mayor and ask him what was ‘wrong’ with was Peter Muck said. Also point out to him exactly what xenophobic and misanthropic means

      • You beat me to it. The weakest link always appears to be women. I bet she’s a feminazi, ie only indigenous men can be racist and xenophobic. Child (rape) marriage, is cultural, innit?

        • Germany, Sweden and other W. Euro countries have been/are being conquered incrementally without resistance. Very few speak out and are ignored. Muslims marry couples inside mosques and no “infidel” can stop it , just as they cannot stop the invasions, rapes, child abuse, vandalism and other crimes. EU leaders condone their lifestyles incl. multiple wives and Shiria law, now some restaurants and schools, etc. ban pork.

    • I doubt people will email this mayor. There will be no protests in this German town. I believe it has a lot to do with a collective psychosis, ignorance, a collective apathy that has spread across the continent. It is so hard to describe in words. The majority of Europeans, no matter where I travel here, are ignoring a systemic collapse of their society and I find it impossible to have a conversation with anyone in that state of mind who has surrendered to the constant media assault, the propaganda, the updates on how the public should think about certain issues.

      If someone comes up with a good idea, a suggestion on how we must push back against this assault, the overall attention span is short, or as David Icke likes to say, they live a postage-stamp existence, and ideas are never transformed into actions but fall into a memory hole. The media has powerful bullhorns keeping us all uninformed, anxious, powerless, and entertained with fluff. This collective psychosis is a disease that quickly overruns a community and thus no wonder over half of Europe’s population is dead to the unfolding, slow-motion collision course we are all on. This ideology we are now facing is worse, more dangerous than the Black Death. But they don’t see it when wearing the rose-colored glasses. My perspectives are seen by some as a foolish fictional future.

      • It is not only collective psychosis, but also a very real fear of losing your job. There’s no freedom of Expression anymore in Germany and Austria.

        • Canada is going the same way on free speech. A journalist on FOX news was fired for speaking out (pro Trump agendas). Firing will be the norm even in the U.S. as pol. correctness is enforced in employment. Large corp. and city and state jobs incl.

  2. “There were parents of the angels who are accompanying St. Nicholas who expressed their concerns to me in calls,” says Mayor Marianne Zollner”

    This story nicely demonstrates the warped values of the progressive left. Are we to believe the “parents of the angels” thought child marriage was OK? Or is the practice of child marriage more acceptable to these people than someone commenting against the practice on a “Far Right” website? St Nick has been judged on guilt by association.

    • We are forgetting the angel’s name is Gabriel, the only true prophet is Moe and the one and only God is Allah. St Nick will soon be renamed to Sayid Al-[expletive] because Nick is the devil.

      Seems EU leaders have swallowed the Islamo-Nazi ideology hook, line and sinker so their grand cathedrals are just waiting for the wrecking-ball.

  3. It should be noted that the German FEDERAL Minister of INTEGRATION and IMMIRATION, Frau Aydan Ozoguz, a couple of weeks ago publicly made the case that “under certain circumstances”, child marriages should be allowed.

    I am actually very disappointed that there was, to the best of my knowledge, only one serious outcry, that of Police Union Chief Rainer Wendt, a man of whom we may hear more: http://downeastblog.blogspot.be/2016/11/german-police-union-chief-rainer-wendt.html

    That’s how it goes: drip – drip – drip – drip – drip – drip…

    … and some day in the not too distant future, you find yourself in a country where you are awoken at 5 in the morning by a muezzin, where the streets are roamed by women in burqas and niqabs, where innovation and technological prowess have come to a screeching halt, where the last Jews have left, and where it is now the turn of those still Christian enough to show it.

    All of this courtesy the left, which is actually our main enemy. The emergence of islam is but the symptom of the disease.

    • ** The emergence of islam is but the symptom **

      Exactly. Muslim arrogance stems from their assumption that they have somehow crafted a winning strategy. Ha. It’s the same strategy — hijra with modern variations.

      However, it’s beyond easy to walk through an unguarded gate or to debate with Western simpletons and traitors. There’s no insight or sophistication involved. If slugs parade with signs that say “Shariah will dominate the U.K.” and they are not deported, well, they do it again and again.

  4. All for want of a little common sense. Child marriage is illegal in Europe due to the age of consent. If it wasn’t for the islamonazis and their unceasing demands backed by threats, this would not be an issue. As for the mayor, who is pulling her strings?

    • Left a semi-nasty comment on the video. For those who take such tripe seriously, arguing is like arguing with my dog.

  5. After we got past same sex marriage and the toilet wars, both won by “far left wing extremists”, I wondered what the next battlefield would be.
    My guess was pedophilia or polygamy. I guess pedophilia is ahead by a nose…

    • Sorry you felt it necessary to include same sex marriage in your list, babs. I’ve known gay and lesbian couples who were quite as devoted as any heterosexuals, including a couple of lovely men from Pennsylvania who married a couple of years ago after thirty or so years together. I don’t see how this theatens the survival of our culture, while agreeing that clerics should not be compelled to bless such unions.

      • I agree with Babs because of the severe politicization of these on-going gender wars. It’s cultural rot and anecdotal reproofs don’t measure up to the reality of today’s toxic cultural practices.

        Sexual deviation (as in “deviation from the NORM of heterosexuality”) occurs across all cultures at about a two percent rate (so does schizophrenia, for that matter). The LBQs would have us believe it’s suddenly ten times higher. Along with Babs I question the motivation of those who shove “sex education” as part of the curriculum for 2nd graders. It’s wrong.

        I talked recently to a child psychiatrist whose children attend a private school. When his kids in the lower grades came home with papers about “choosing their gender” he called the school and offered to do some teacher training on the subject of sexuality in young children. The proposal he made was, “I train your teachers or I find another school for my children. I won’t continue paying a very large tuition for each child only to have to clean up behind your misinformation when they come home”. Or words to that effect.I’m making it sound more confrontational than it was, but they welcomed the training.

        We have become “identity- crazy” to a toxic level when we start making 8 year olds affix an identity onto themselves prematurely. But following the old maxim about training them young (a favorite maxim among pedophiles, by the way).

        The fake, manufactured brouhaha over public toilet identity is another mis-direction. It reminds me of some of Sweden’s snowflakes’ attempts to require men to urinate while sitting down. And then they invite in thousands of 3rd worlders who see nothing wrong with urinating standing up – in public, right in front of God and everybody.

        There’s a whole lot of ruination in today’s leftist culture wars. Disgusting waste of hearts and minds.

        • Ln,

          Oh my god, they were handing that garbage out in a private elementary school?…Gadz! (I am just curious as in what state?).

          This mayor, and others like her in Europe are not even willing to stand for children and protect them. Complete travesty. I hope she is ousted in the next election.

          There was that Judge in Germany who didn’t keep a 14 yr. from having to go back to her 20 yr. old husband/cousin since they were already married in Syria.

          This is insane, and quite disturbing. I keep thinking of that old saying, ‘is there something in the water?’

      • Thanks for your reply. I actually happen to have a son that would like to enter into a same sex marriage.
        My problem is with Federal tax legislation that was devised to grant those with children with various tax advantages.The reason was to propagate the species. Now, I think everyone can agree on the fact THAT SAME SEX MARRIAGES CANNOT PRODUCE ADDITIONAL INDIVIDUALS.
        Why then, under our current tax laws should those that have no hope of propagating our progeny be granted the same Tax laws?
        Many years ago I saw a “gay rights activist” misspeak and say that it was all about the money…
        I understand that my impression of the perpetuation of western society has become outdated. I will not however, cede this field. We need those that will have children the best opportunity to do so. Not this never ending gibberish that so imbue our current discussion.

        • It is as you say. But your “impression of the perpetuation of western society” isn’t outdated. It’s being overwhelmed by the cultural Marxists. That Western culture, with various tweaks over millennia, hasn’t changed. Nor should it. Stand firm against lazy or fashionable thinking that would replace those age-old truths with something trendier and truthier.

      • May I say something about gay or lesbian weddings.

        As an atheist, I am a supporter of Christian culture and prerogatives, and also of the real (as opposed to the cultural Marxist) rights of gays.

        You can have all the rights of marriage, except one, in a legal contract. That is the right to state and private benefits with respect to marriage partners: pension rights, insurance rights, inheritance rights.

        I understand the interest of the state in encouraging children, but frankly do not see it fair that a worker who is married to someone of the opposite sex can get benefits for his partner, but someone who is married to someone of the same sex cannot. And, to argue this is to encourage childbearing, why does the situation hold for people over 50 who do not have children?

        I hold that the many state benefits have been an abysmal failure in encouraging children, if that was ever their intent in the first place. In fact, the redistribution of benefits from the productive to the non-productive has been a huge drag on responsible child-bearers, who find each child to be almost ruinous, financially.

        I would propose that gays give up the state designation of “marriage” to maintain the cultural teachings of Christianity which is a staple of our civilization. In return, the state will create a “partner” class which can apply to same sex unions, and will permit the financial and legal benefits associated with marriage.

        I also propose that the state focus on shrinking radically the grants, benefits, subsidies and other incentives to extortion, and leave people alone to maintain their own lifestyles and raise their own children. This includes allowing parents to find non-approved, unlicensed child care and allowing ill-prepared parents to either put their children up for adoption or agree to sterilization or just be left to their own devices.

        • I also propose that the state focus on shrinking radically the grants, benefits, subsidies and other incentives to extortion, and leave people alone to maintain their own lifestyles and raise their own children. This includes allowing parents to find non-approved, unlicensed child care and allowing ill-prepared parents to either put their children up for adoption or agree to sterilization or just be left to their own devices.

          Amen. I would only add that people who take care of their elderly parents ought to receive some tax credit-type benefits for that. The coming deluge of old people is going to cause some hardship for many families.

  6. Child marriage IS child abuse — it is not different from being abused sexually. Period. I was abused as a child and it has life-long effects on one. So that is why child marriage (and other activities performed on a helpless child by a grown-up) really is abuse. A child has no choices, she/he must do what she/he is forced to do and that is just plain wrong. This should not be difficult to understand.

    It is also devastating if one dwells on it, so a lot of us try to wipe it out of our brain but eventually it comes back. Counselling sometimes helps though.

    • Dear Maria, I am very sorry to hear of your suffering.But I am glad to hear that counselling helps.Child abuse is nothing but torturing children for the perpetrator’s sexual pleasure.It’s sexual sadism .

      I can’t stand the way evil people try to spin it as somehow culturally acceptable.Sexual torture can never be acceptable culturally or otherwise.

      But pedophiles are essentially cunning and devious and manipulative when it comes to rationalizing their abuse.And the “useful idiots ” of the left( prepared to swallow their transparent self-serving lies wholesale)are numerous.


  7. She is just enforcing sharia law. As a government official in germany it is her duty to enforce sharia. Most western nations are now actively enforcing sharia law. Its way ,way past time for the next crusade, only trouble no men left. Just flip flop wearing metrosexuals.

    • This is why all the locals here in Algeria were huge Hillary supporters.

      They knew full well which candidate was going to cover the US in mosques and sharia.

      They knew which candidate was going to flood the American heartland with do-nothing parasites from the Third World.

        • babs-

          The current word from on of my local girlfriends is is they are ‘surprised’ and ‘cannot understand’ how LePen just handily won the latest round of French elections.

          You’d think a person who finds the Eid slaughter so barbaric they leave the country on vacation would understand exactly why LePen won.

          You would be wrong.

      • All the local Muslims supporting Hillary reminds me of a joke from the late, unlamented USSR.

        It goes like this. The sitting Communist Committee of the USSR suddenly hears a news report: The US has accepted communism.

        All of the members except one bursts out in excited applause. The one exception looks glum. One fellow goes to him and says “Why so sad, comrade? We just heard wonderful news.

        “Yes”, the fellow says, “wonderful news. But, I was just thinking…where are we going to get our wheat now?”

  8. Perhaps he should stand in the next mayoral elections on a ‘No child marriage’ platform. He would get my vote.

  9. I was looking for an article on Steve Bannon’s views on Henry Kissinger and did not find it but found an interview of Kissinger on the Atlantic and found and interesting comment about his view of the Chinese. They look at where thing are going, trends and their policy is according to that. No problem is ever solved forever. I assume they can push or pull on the trends to manipulate them or exert some control. From all of these articles I read it is obvious that many see the trends but don’t treat it like they will be impacted. I would guess the Chinese view Europe as not making sense.

    My first thought when I read this story was of Clayton Moore when they took the mask away from the Lone Ranger. That story ended more happily and eventually he was granted permission. Maybe he isn’t welcome at a party or festival dressed as St Nicholas but he should still wear the costume.

    • I beg to differ with you, One of the Quiet Ones.

      Clayton Moore, the original Lone Ranger, liked to don the Lone Ranger costume and visit children in the hospital.

      The business conglomerate that made the latest Lone Ranger movie was so greedy, they got a court injunction against Moore’s wearing the costume, because they were afraid it would affect franchise sales.

      Moore then visited children simply wearing a pair of dark glasses, because the shape of his face was so familiar. The conglomerate got an injunction against that.

      The one bright spot of the whole dismal affair is that the movie was a resounding failure, and hopefully they lost hundreds of millions of dollars on it.

      • Perhaps I intercommunicated but I don’t think we are in disagreement. I did leave out the whole part about the company being greedy and the sunglasses and it isn’t a direct comparison. Sure, the relationship between the actor, the role and organization are different and there is intellectual property involved. It just reminded me of someone who had a positive role for many years and was told now you don’t.

        • I am fairly certain I wrote miscommunicated and not intercommunicated. Apparently it is a more recently recognized word in the last 13-14 years.

  10. Marriage is between a man and a woman. This is the meaning of “Marriage”.

    Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman. It comes to us from the hand of God, who created male and female in his image, so that they might become one body and might be fertile and multiply (See Genesis chapters 1 and 2). Though man and woman are equal as God’s children, they are created with important differences that allow them to give themselves and to receive the other as a gift.

    Marriage is both a natural institution and a sacred union because it is rooted in the divine plan of creation. In addition, the Catholic Church teaches that the valid marriage between two baptized Christians is also a sacrament – a saving reality and a symbol of Christ’s love for his church (See Ephesians 5:25-33). In every marriage the spouses make a contract with each other. In a sacramental marriage the couple also enters into a covenant in which their love is sealed and strengthened by God’s love.

    The free consent of the spouses makes a marriage. From this consent and from the sexual consummation of marriage a special bond arises between husband and wife. This bond is lifelong and exclusive. The marriage bond has been established by God and so it cannot be dissolved.

    In the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, the priest or deacon, the two official witnesses, and the congregation all witness the exchange of consent by the couple who themselves are considered to be the ministers of the sacrament. In the Eastern Churches the sacrament is conferred by the priest’s blessing after receiving the couple’s consent.

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