How to Score With German Chicks if You’re a Culture-Enricher

The German government wants to prevent a repeat of what happened in major cities last year on New Year’s Eve. Here are some of the planned measures.

After more than 1,000 women were mugged, sexually assaulted, and raped by migrants last New Year’s Eve, the city of Cologne is considering using helicopters, registering all newcomers, and setting up “women retreats” to keep females safe this year.

Hmm… “Women retreats”. Does that mean “no males allowed”, i.e. purdah for the women on New Year’s Eve? Because unless the rules have changed, the German authorities can’t permit native German men to enter an area while keeping migrant men out — that would be discrimination, don’t you know.

The following two videos describe an initiative designed to teach the “New Germans” the correct form of “flirt” behavior. That is, explain to them when it’s not OK to grope, assault, or rape a cute girl you’ve just seen for the first time.

I don’t know about this approach. Does anyone really think it will cut down on the groping and raping by culture-enrichers when Silvester Night rolls around again next month?

The first video is in German. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

The second is a French report, translated by Ava Lon:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling both videos.

Transcript video 1:

00:05   What is flirt, and what is not? Often, this is difficult, especially for young refugees.
00:09   A specific class is meant to change that.
00:12   Many refugees told me that they feel under general suspicion.
00:18   And no one wants that of course. Well —
00:21   none of the attendees want to hassle anyone or anything.
00:24   And therefore we just trained for sensitivity there.
00:27   Because time and again misunderstandings happened. Language barriers were to blame,
00:31   but also helpfulness, which would often be equated with fondness.
00:35   That is why many women are initially wary of flirting refugees.
00:40   You are, well, more careful. When someone has good manners and is polite,
00:43   then I couldn’t care less where he comes from.
00:46   Talking to me, okay, and accepting a “no”, but anything exceeding that, and I’m quickly gone.
00:52   The seminar lasts four hours, and there are no flat pick-up lines here.
00:56   Rather, it is about respect and the right tone in the contacts with each other.
01:01   We were working on a healthy attitude here, that is, approaching others in a respectful way,
01:05   and, also to feel comfortable doing that. But of course also
01:09   knowing what is it I want, and respecting the other’s boundaries.
01:12   Despite that, Wenzel is just not met with applause.
01:15   Especially after the assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.
01:18   But the flirt coach is certain: only in this way can such incidents be prevented in the future.

Transcript video 2:

00:00   In Germany, the refugees who wish it have now right to a seduction class
00:04   in order to find a kindred spirit… In Dortmund
00:08   this young coach shares some of his advice to help accelerate
00:12   finding a match. After a wave of rapes and sexual aggressions
00:16   during New Year’s Eve in Cologne last year, those young refugees
00:20   desire now to break through the wall of indifference. — “We can do that!”
00:24   “Sometimes German girls are a little
00:28   racist towards refugees,” explains this young Syrian. “They don’t know
00:32   what refugees think or how they live. Some girls
00:36   have a bad image of us.” “The way of living
00:40   in the Middle East is different from the way of life of people who live here in Europe,”
00:44   says this young man. “The religion is different, customs and freedom.”
00:48   “We don’t have this much freedom, like here in Germany.”
00:52   The young coach is multiplying his interventions all over the country
00:56   for a good cause. He usually sells his advice to rich German singles for a lot of money.
01:00   In the streets of Dortmund, randomly encountered German girls praise the initiative:
01:08   “A touch of humanity, of honesty, of confidence, that’s what works,”
01:12   explains this young woman. “I don’t care if they’re from Syria or not.
01:16   I’m an emancipated woman and I don’t like to be limited by others.
01:20   Other than that I am not hostile: if he is open-minded,
01:24   it can work.” Even if many refugees cannot master the language of Goethe yet,
01:28   their coach assured them, that sign language, patience and kindness
01:32   were still excellent tactics.

Hat tip for the article: Reader from Chicago.

14 thoughts on “How to Score With German Chicks if You’re a Culture-Enricher

    • I’m not sure that these women are actually telling the truth, given all the negative press. Reminds me of the Trump polls.

      • Good point. I think if a woman said the truth she would be publically shamed, and the Blockwarts of PC would hunt her workplace down and make her lose her job.

  1. Maybe the Moroccan makeup artist can also be convinced to donate some of her time to a good cause; that of teaching young German women how to skillfully apply makeup to disguise the beatings they will be receiving from the hands of the “new germans”.

    Any european woman foolish enough to enter into dalliances with muslim men deserves what she gets. Some people just don’t listen when you tell them the stove is hot; they have to touch it and get burned before the lesson sinks in. And even then, there is a number of whom refuse to learn that lesson. “As a dog returns to it’s vomit, so a fool repeats her folly”.

  2. Is it just me, or are these [illegitimate glow-worms] actually setting up Germany as one gigantic ‘knock-shop’ with all German women as the ‘madams?’

    • Kind of, except in a knocking shop the madam is the one in charge, acting as gatekeeper, taking the money, refusing service to potential problem types and, if needed, calling for Big Larry to come out of the back room and deal with troublemakers. She is the woman customers have to get past to reach the girls who do the actual ‘work’.

      This set-up is more like promoting German girls and women as a mass of streetwalkers to be picked up on street corners to take their chances alone with Abdul as to whether he’ll pay for or just take what he wants. In the social order of such things, the streetwalker is at the bottom of the heap – she is the cheapest, the most endangered and abused, the lowest of the low.

      In this, Madam Merkel is casting German girls and women straight into the role that is usually the last stop before the morgue.

      • Sorry, you’re right; wasn’t thinking there. Of course, kids come into it as well, both boys and girls; no end to the depravity of the islamic hordes.
        Surely, this can’t be happening….

  3. Just curious – any chance that the German police helicopters patrolling new year celebrations this year ( to deter third world savages sexually assaulting young German women) could be Apache Gun Ships?

  4. Ok students first lesson, walking around with your tongue flapping between your fingers is just creepy.

  5. To be brutally honest, any woman that goes anywhere near these heathens deserves all she receives. What took place last New Years Eve has been widely publicized, so one can only deduce from this is that any Fraulein who puts herself in a position of risk does so knowingly.

    • So Germans should not celebrate New Year in the streets, with police protection if necessary? Then the invaders and their enablers have won.

  6. These people are deluding themselves. Islam is in Europe to colonize and conquer. What the people need to be doing is preparing for the upcoming battle to push Islam out of their lands, only if they want to preserve their civilization.

  7. This would be laughable if it was not a fact that the Left has spent even more time and effort convincing young German women that interracial relationships are “cool” and “the way of the future”.

    Coudenhove-Kalergi in action folks.

  8. If someone disrespects women – is it the best idea to teach them how to chat up women?

    There is perhaps one thing worse than the harassment and assault, of the type seen on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other cities – a woman having to live with such assault under her own roof, every day of her life. This was what happened to an aunt of mine – the Islamic fanatic who charmed her was no harasser. He was nice and polite, and initially even an “atheist”. Only long after they got married and moved to his (liberal, by Islamic standards) homeland, did he suddenly become a headbanging fundamentalist. And she suddenly could not exit the house without his permission, and was reduced to eating foodscraps, left over after he and the children had finished their meals.

    Would the geniuses who invented these courses like their daughters and sisters to fall prey to one of these animals, or is this, once again, something only to be suffered by the poorer, less-trendy white plebs?

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