Geert Wilders’ Plan: Time for Liberation

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, is currently being tried on a “hate speech” charge. But Mr. Wilders has decided not to participate in his show trial, and will not attend any of the sessions in court. Instead, he is applying himself to his plans for the Dutch people, and for the parliamentary election scheduled for next March.

Below is Mr. Wilder’s plan, as published by the PVV:

Wilders’ Plan: Time for Liberation

Pim Fortuyn, the hero of Rotterdam, the man who shook the country awake, once said, “Do not aim for what is possible, but what is imaginable.” He wanted to make clear that for us, the Dutch, nothing is impossible.

Pim Fortuyn was right. Nothing is impossible for us. We are Dutch.

Look at our country. We have single-handedly created this unique and beautiful land. We are the only people in the world living in a country which for the largest part we created ourselves. A great achievement.

We not only created our own land, but we also explored the world. We have sailed all the seas. We founded New York and discovered Australia. Sometimes, it seems like we have forgotten it all. Forgotten what we are capable of. What we are capable of when we put our mind to it. And maybe that is our problem. We must dare to think big again. Because where there is a will there is a way.

And yes, I know. Many things are bothering us. There is also much to be angry about, and rightfully so. This government has destroyed our country with its austerity policies and has allowed our country to be colonized by Islam. But let’s start aiming for the imaginable. Let us liberate our country.

Four years ago, Mark Rutte won the election with a campaign based on false promises. With lies and deceit. No more money to the Greeks, 1,000 euros for every Dutch citizen, a strict immigration policy. And the Labour Party was his enemy, as everyone remembers. He recently apologized, but he didn’t draw his conclusions. On the contrary, he apologized but continues destroying and giving away of our country. Perhaps, he will even govern with Labour again for another four years. No one can still believe what he says. And my question to you is: do you want a prime minister like that for the next four years?

At the moment, you are living in the land of Mark Rutte. And for many, that is no longer a pleasant land. Just walk out your front door and look around. Chances are that thugs are hanging around at the entrance of your local convenience store. That you get spit on and robbed there. That your daughters, your wives, and your parents get harassed and no longer dare to go out at night. That you are becoming a stranger in your own country. That must change. Because this is our country. And it is being taken away from you. And I will take it back for you.

A politician like me, who speaks the truth about a huge problem many Dutch are confronted with every day — yes, I am talking about the terror of Islam and the Moroccan problem — is dragged to court. Facing trial, while imams can preach all the hatred they want and the political elites keep silent. They call themselves leaders, but they do not lead; they mislead.

Mark Rutte’s plan can be summarized in one word: Dereliction of duty.

My plan for the Netherlands is called Liberation. And liberation begins with stating the facts.

The facts: Six out of every ten inmates in the Netherlands are immigrants, and of all prisoners more than 10% are of Moroccan origin. Moroccan youths are nearly five times more often suspected of a crime than native youths. The Netherlands has become a continuous live broadcast of Opsporing Verzocht [Wanted Criminals, a Dutch television program]. A politician who keeps silent about this is worthless. I refuse to do that.

And I will not keep silent about Islam either. Never, ever. Because silence is dangerous. Last July, the Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel passed away. I met him a few years ago in New York. He gave the world a wise lesson: “When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.” Islam says it wants to kill us. The Koran leaves no doubt about that.

Seven out of ten Dutch Muslims believe that religious rules are more important than the Dutch secular laws. And more than one in ten Muslims in the Netherlands find it acceptable to use violence in name of Islam. That is more than 100,000 people. Many refuse to integrate and show no respect for Dutch authority in areas such as Maassluis or Poelenburg. They give us the middle finger. Islamic hooligans parade with IS flags through the streets in The Hague and occupy bridges with Turkish flags in Rotterdam. This is our country, but their flags are waving.

Look at their flags. And look at our flag. There is no Koran verse and no crescent on our flag, but red, white and blue stripes. The red of our identity, the white of our freedom and the blue of the truth. This is the time that from house to house, from street to street and from municipality to municipality, we must raise our flag. Everywhere. With pride. Because this is our country, our Netherlands! And it cries for liberation.

When I come to power, I will protect our beautiful country. And this is only possible if we de-Islamize. I want to make it the core of my policy. Because I refuse to let this wonderful country of ours perish and I choose our culture and the freedom of our people.

Our values are not Islamic, but are based on the Judeo-Christian and humanist civilization. We have the right and freedom to choose how we want to live our lives, and to never give away this right. Twelve years ago, Theo van Gogh was murdered. He gave his life for the freedom that lies at the heart of our Dutch identity. And that identity must defend itself. We must not allow those who want to destroy our freedom to abuse freedom in order to take ours away. We must stop being naive and defend ourselves. Because this is our country.

The Dutch are fully aware of the fact that while there are moderate Muslims, there is no moderate Islam. Two out of three Dutch people say that the Islamic culture does not belong to the Netherlands. Three-quarters of the Dutch people believe that politicians underestimate the problem of the rising numbers of Muslims in our country. More than three quarters believe that Islam is not an enrichment for the Netherlands. Those people are right. But nobody listens to them. Only I do.

Mark Rutte spoke about stubborn optimism, but the Netherlands do not need laughing donkeys. It needs heroes with firm realism. We cannot afford to underestimate the seriousness of the threat. Because the threat is existential: the survival of our country is at stake. Potential terrorists are already among us in great numbers and are coming to Europe on a daily basis, also with the influx of asylum seekers. They walk free here. It is a dereliction of duty to do nothing about it and to leave our borders open to tens of thousands mainly Islamic fortune seekers from the Middle East and Africa.

We must also liberate ourselves from the Europhiles in Brussels who wipe the floor with our identity, our sovereignty and our prosperity. We are no longer in control of our own borders, our own money, our own democracy. If we decide in a referendum that we do not want something, like the association agreement with Ukraine, then they force it down our throats anyways. Because the will of the people is not relevant to the elite. They are laughing at us.

Everything belonging to our culture is being taken away from us. Even Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) is not allowed anymore. The elite wants to abolish the word “allochtoon“ (foreigner), but it is the native people who are losing their country. I refuse to let that happen. This is our country, our culture, our identity. The Netherlands, this beautiful country, this great nation, this beacon of freedom, it is ours and will remain ours! This is the time to withstand tyranny.

Today, I appeal to all the Dutch. To everyone who enjoys our hard-won freedoms, to everyone who wants to safeguard the prosperity and wealth of this great country for their children and grandchildren: let us show the world that we are Dutch. Stand up — democratically and non-violently — against the elites who are giving away your country. The task that lays ahead of us is immense. But the courage to reclaim our country is so, too. There are many good things to be preserved and there are many things that have to be rebuilt.

This is the time for clear language: Dutch money for the Dutch people! Not a penny to Africa, Turkey, Greece or Brussels anymore. If we do that, so much will become possible. Imagine it! Then we will be able to reduce taxes for everyone, so the purchasing power can rise significantly and the economy can get a tremendous boost. We will be able give our elderly a decent old day. We will be able to can lower the retirement age to 65 again and no pensions will have to be cut.

I also want to keep our nursing homes open and employ thousands of extra nurses. In my Netherlands, we remedy the terrible degradation of healthcare under Rutte II and there will be many nurses taking care for our elderly with dedication, love and respect, day and night. In my Netherlands, we abolish deductibles in healthcare. It is intolerable that Dutch people are avoiding healthcare because they cannot afford it, while asylum seekers, who on average have 1,000 euros more healthcare costs a year, get everything for free. This injustice fills me with disgust.

We will be able to spend more on the police and the army, so they have more resources to keep our country safe and free and to protect our property and borders. We must close our borders to asylum seekers and immigrants from Islamic countries, no longer allow jihadists from Syria return, and denaturalize and expel criminals with dual citizenship. We must liberate our country.

I also want to introduce direct democracy in the Netherlands with binding referendums. Our political system is still that of the 20th century, ruled by the same arrogant political elites with their the false promises and hypocritical apologies. If the mess created by Mark Rutte has taught us one thing, it is this: the people should be able to pull the emergency brake when the political elites violate their will. And not just once every four years.

These past decades, millions of Dutch people have seen how their country was hijacked before their very eyes. It did not take a genius to know that this would end badly. The constant transferring of sovereignty to the EU, the euro that does more harm than good, the endless waste of money spent on the Greeks, the dangers of Islam, the open borders and mass immigration, the growing threat of terrorism, the tsunami of asylum seekers, the tax increases, and last but not least, the budget cuts in healthcare for the elderly and the disabled that have crushed the weakest in our society.

Unfortunately, those who warned have been proven right. But there is hope. Together we can take care of that. When a nation awakes and starts moving, everything is possible. I am not saying that the task will be easy. But it can be done, and it must be done. Because we have no choice. A strong and sovereign country where hard work is rewarded and the weak are protected, where terrorists cannot just cross the border at Hazeldonk [main border crossing with Belgium], where women can walk the streets in skirts without being harassed or sexually assaulted, where care is affordable and pensions are decent, where all citizens — including Jews, homosexuals, women, and critics of Islam — are safe. Where patriotism is not an insult but a badge of honor. Where Islam is shown the door.

This beautiful country, our country, is not lost. In fact, the best years lay ahead of us. If we make the right choices. And say goodbye to those who look away from the problems and give away the Netherlands. It is time for liberation! Let us reclaim our country together.

Starting on March 15, 2017!

This article was originally published in Dutch on the website of De Limburger.

35 thoughts on “Geert Wilders’ Plan: Time for Liberation


    By the cultural Marxist Quisling traitor elites
    Our countries are flooded with migrants instructed to hate us –
    More than a million militant muslim males,
    Who are told they’re the best of peoples raised up for mankind.

    They’re turning our streets at night into danger zones.
    By rape after brutal rape they stake their claim,
    Displacing our nations’ laws with rules of their own,
    As repeatedly told in their menacing hostile mosques.

    “A woman without a scarf is asking for rape”,
    “Their women are yours to take. Why don’t you enslave them?”
    “The kuffar are filthy, ….the offspring of apes and pigs”,
    “You all have to hate them, …and punish their unbelief”.

    Yet all this time our leaders are in denial,
    Again and again they repeat what they did before.
    If anyone tries to object he is roundly blackened,
    His motives smeared, his views reviled and scorned.

    The inadequate mainstream media shares the blame,
    Routinely omitting to cover the problem news.
    Between them they lay the way for conflict to follow,
    Blithely ignoring the warnings, to everyone’s doom.

  2. After Donald Trump’s sweeping victory I believe that he will be able to pull this off!!

  3. There’s also another flag being flown all over the EU that has to go, the one with the twelve stars on a blue background. It is a sinister symbol for many.

    • Colours are beautiful, but, but 5 point stars are simbols of evil, darkness. That is why portuguese euro coins have a tower protecting the core: a rose with a cross…

  4. There is an expression in Dairy country in mid California by families of Dutch immigrants ; ” If it aint Dutch….It aint much “. Geert Wilders is the ” MUCH ” that represents the true Dutch. Clear headed thinking ; Judaeo Christian philosophy as well as life style….and most importantly……..a realistic revulsion to the fourteen hundred year scourge of humanity called ” ISLAM “that murdered more human beings than Stalin , Hitler , and Pol Pot combined. Apologists for this movement ; designed to destabilize western civilization in order to usher in a one world government know full well what they are doing. Soft..weak minded people who fall for this S[tuff] deserve what they get. Smart people should Emigrate to Christian Russia while you have a chance.

    • I agree with your estimate of Wilders. He has paid dearly for his “Dutchness” – which does not seem to be held in the same high regard by the PTB in Holland. Those in power in the Netherlands have become the “soft, weak-minded people” you describe.

      As for emigrating to Russia, yikes! Who would do that on purpose unless they were fleeing from the authorities in their own country? Russia is an oligarchy with a declining population, rampant alcoholism (it even has clinics for children) and has severe Muslim problems. It’s hardly a safe place to live, especially for non-Russians. Christians are a minority there, though the Orthodox Church is protected by the state. I’ll stick with the land that can still produce the Trumps and Ben Carsons and other entrepreneurs.

      • Have you ever been there? I spent a few months in Soviet Union, when things were incomparably worse than now, and still ended up liking the people and even the Russian lifestyle. Perhaps it’s just me, but I am really sick of all the prejudice and hostility directed at Russia for no very good reason, usually by people who don’t have the faintest idea what they are talking about. It’s not paradise, I dare say. But I’d consider residing there if it were bureaucratically straightforward.

        • Ask the Ukrainians about living in Russia. There is an extremely good reason for the prejudice and hostility directed at them in the recent past, all brought by their actions. They have all been brainwashed over the last few years to be anti-Western. What little freedoms the Russian people had after the fall of communism are now gone. It has always been a society where brute force has ruled.

          • Russia never made the jump to modernity complete with a middle class and the rule of law, not to mention property rights. Poor Russians went from the totalitarian Czar to the even more totalitarian Soviet. The fact that the (state-controlled) Russian Orthodox Church has a bit more leeway to openly worship doesn’t mean it’s a free-standing institution.

            Like China, Russia has never tasted liberty. For some reason the Chinese culture hasn’t devolved into alcoholism, though. In RUssia, seventy percent of those who die shuffle off this mortal coil on a wave of fumes from chronic alcoholism. They even have pediatric clinics set up to treat alcoholic children.

  5. As we can see from the ‘Progressive’ elites in the USA, who got slaughtered on November 8 and yet still cannot comprehend why, the PC idiots in power live in an alternate universe. They even lack the pragmatism of a Machiavelli in terms of policy (though they are expert Machiavellians in their tactics).

    I have spent years trying to understand the rationale behind their blitzkrieg on their own culture. Is it globalism? Is it cheap labor? Is it fear of under-population? Is it compassion?

    Finally I have concluded that although there may be a little of each of these ‘reasons’, the chief reason is an utter contempt for ‘the people’ by an elite which has lost all understanding of reality, replacing it with a video game world of virtual reality where they, the Utopians are fighting the Deplorable SWPs – Stupid White People. It’s like Lord of the Rings in reverse.

    The common sense of the ‘little American’ finally said, ‘Enough of the BS!’ as the Brits had done in Brexit. Hopefully, the rest of Europe will continue the fightback of the Deplorables, (as the witch, Hillary called us) against the insanity of these Utopian Fascists.

    • This phenomenon is partly fueled by the raising of victimhood to sainthood. So people fight to see who can be granted the highest victim status. When I first heard that the university of VA was offering a class on victimology and that the black students had demanded and gotten their own living space (about 20 years ago), I knew we were headed for trouble.

      One expects sullen, oppositional behavior of two year-olds and of teenagers: it’s part of carving out one’s identity. But at any other time it’s manipulative pathology…

      …I agree that the elite have little but contempt for average people. But that’s where there is a meeting of the minds between the elite and the black underclass: they share a deep contempt for those who make the world function.

      • Maybe man is built to have to struggle? We havn’t had big crises for awhile–plagues, famines, wars–and it could be that we actually go nuts if we can peacefully stare at our navels for too long.

        I believe they have studied neurotic behavior during wars and have found it much reduced. Suicide also. I do know that if you give young men too much ease and comfort they turn rotten. N=1.

      • How often the obvious answer is the most allusive to our thorniest questions. “…a meeting of the minds between the elite and the black underclass: they share a deep contempt for those who make the world function”.

        Regrettably many sophisticated high functioning people of black white green blue backgrounds have absolutely no insight as far as that percipient quote.

        Geert Wilders would surely agree, he’s confronting this quote on a daily basis. We (citizens) are delusional in our assumption that freedom is an entitlement. Like clean water? We the people don’t see the rodent swimming across the reservoir under the moonlit sky. Excuse the graphic description

    • There is also the criminal element involved in this. By that I do not mean that those who willingly undermine the culture that has permitted them to rise to positions of authority/power that enables them to do so have criminal intent, but nevertheless, some will descend into criminality, be it via felonious crimes or acts of treachery in order to achieve their aims.

      I am sure that there are many, many law abiding folk who can put many politicians names to many a crime.

      ‘The end justifies the means’ is a phrase that should speak very loudly to those who are upholders of justice and the law of the land.

      One needs to be mindful that it is only ever been one side of politics that has championed that phrase, although todays politicians from both sides seem to be joining in that chorus.

      That phrase should have been killed off at birth – why wasn’t it?

      Obama and Clinton are prime examples of the criminal element involved in their actions that I believe I do not have to highlight here as many would have their own examples of such behaviour.

      Ideals that lead to ideology is one thing, but when it is combined with an acceptable form of criminality, it takes on a whole new outlook of what can be achieved.

  6. > One expects sullen, oppositional behavior of two year-olds and of teenagers

    Hey, they pay large, loaned (never to be paid back) amounts of money to “advanced” mis-education institutions to freeze their mental age at that of two-year-olds. Manipulative pathology is now an industry.

    If you reward it, you will get more of it. The state rewards it. The taxpayers and the central banks enable the state. That should be the direction of the West’s revolution. That should be our oppositional behavior.

  7. This is the best thing I have read for a very long time. Shamefully, this kind of speech should be the norm in all European Countries, to think that this hero has been vilified is astonishing. He is one of the few who has a spine and will stand up for his beloved Country and it’s citizens. As we see in the likes of Germany and Sweden where they are being systematically destroyed by islam and liberals.

  8. Wonderful! Geert Wilders AND Marine Le Pen in power; Islam will have a second ‘Reconquista’. Beginning SOON.

  9. The left are pure satanists. Clement Attlee Labour deputy Prime Minister instructed the RAF to saturation bomb Dresden in 1945. OK the USSR requested it, but he ordered the bombings while Churchill was absent and attending the Yalta Conference. The left have the cheek to blame Churchill for Dresden but in fact it was their hero war criminal Attlee who ordered it. This is one of WWII best kept secrets.

    So don’t be surprised when they opened the mass third world immigration floodgates in 1948, or used Royal Perogative to introduce the 1965 Race Relations Act. Satanists to the core.

    • Both David Irving and the late Herr Goebbels would probably agree with you on this.

        • If the destruction of Dresden and its inhabitants saved the life of one allied soldier or civilian it was worth it, same for Hamburg, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          The slander that it was a war crime was started immediately after the bombing by the nazis so ad nominee arguments are appropriate.

          And if Attlee (arguably one of our best prime ministers) was a satanist, then, after I have eaten my hat and admitted my real name is Jan van Hooegstraten, all I can say is ‘hail satan’

          • My father in the Netherlands during 1950…….was also pretty enoyed……and spoke about the muslims entering the netherlands……but said what Winston Churchill descibed for the future……….it was said a couple of boms referring to The fall of Japan …. would have been the solution for the whole of the middle East…………..I was only 9 years old……………did not know what he was saying…………but now i am 75…………understand now……what he was talking about………….I HAVE TO AGREE WITH MY FATHER…………..THIS WORLD WOULD HAVE BEEN IN A DIFFERENT STATE…………….AMEN

      • Thanks Jake; that is an excellent example of the Ad Hominem (Guilt by Association) logical fallacy.

        You like potato chips. Axe Murderer Ted likes potato chips. Therefore, you are JUST LIK Axe Murderer Ted . . .

  10. I’m from the Netherland and I love all what Mr. Wilders is doing, I hope he becomes our Donald Trump! What is happening here is absolutely frightening, many dutch people have been preached at and lectured to domestication by the thirdworldist/islamist elite, many dutch people have internalized the wishes of their haters. Muslims are enemy number 1 in Netherland but there are also criminal gangs from caribbean ex colonies and latin america and non muslim africans who terrorize us and feel untouchable by the law. We need to elect Mr. Wilders ASAP to end this nightmare.

      Be positive…fight fight fight.

  11. Hopefully that work will begin here in the states very soon now that we have an uncompromising Commander in Chief in Donald Trump…

  12. What I don’t understand is why doesn’t Europe start deporting muslims by the boatload or trainload or however they can get rid of them? Why do they put up with this? Can’t they spell Border Control over there? Yeah, we have our own idiots on this side of the pond and they can’t spell border control, either. Fortunately, they/he just left power — hoping he’ll go to the UN next.

    It makes no sense at all and I don’t have a devious enough mind to look for other, possibly nefarious, reasons.

    Geert seems to be one of the very few over there with a clear working mind. Marine Le Pen also comes to mind.

  13. Regarding the RAF raid on Dresden, shortly after the war, at the Royal Naval College Dartmouth, we were given a lecture on strategic bombing.

    Dresden was still controversial. Our lecturer explained that the Soviet Army drive westwards had had to be halted due to over-extended supply lines. Stalin learnt from intelligence that the Germans were planning a major counter offensive whilst the Russians were trying to re-supply themselves. Dresden had been chosen as the storage point for all these arms and ammunition being built up due to its excellent marshalling yards and storage facilities. Stalin apparently begged Churchill to have the RAF bomb these munition stockpiles. This was a very hazardous raid for Bomber Command right over Germany, almost at the limit of endurance and no fighter cover.

    Nevertheless the RAF responded and the fact that Dresden went up like the huge munition dump that it was is hardly surprising but it killed the planned German offensive.

    • I do not believe a word of it. Dresden was a war crime, pure and simple. The Luftwaffe was none existant, the German army completely defeated and Dresden was overflowing with refugees from the East fleeing with good reason the advancing Soviets. The lecture you received at Dartmouth was the military’s way of conditioning combatants that whatever their commanders ordered would be for genuine military reasons, in other words, don’t think what about what we tell you to do just do it.

      • Paul,

        No matter which explanation is accurate, it is indeed a “military reason” to defeat the will of the enemy. Directly targeting civilians would not have been tolerated, but “collateral damage” was often difficult or impossible to avoid. Plus, my understanding (my father was a B-17 pilot bombing Germany from Eye Airfield, in England with the Eighth Air Corps) is that the Brits bombed at night, while we bombed during the day. Easy to make errors in where the bombs land during the night, especially in areas under blackout.

        It is oh, so common for liberals to exclaim, “It was a war crime!”, when they have little actual knowledge of what occurred, why it happened, and how it happened. Liberals never got the memo that you had to be there, living it, to understand what really took place. Robert Heinlein had a phrase for it: “Standing there, landing there, rumor-range, and rubbish.”

        Since there obviously was no profit motive connected with the bombing of Dresden, most likely there were very good _military reasons_ for the RAF to attack Dresden, even if they were possibly misled by the Soviets about ammunition and equipment being stored or transshipped there, although I doubt that.

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