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François Fillon has pushed past his rivals in the Conservative Party to be the party’s candidate in next year’s presidential election. Mr. Fillon, who has recently positioned himself as a hardliner on immigration and related issues, is currently favored to win the election.

In other news, more than a hundred people gathered in downtown Bolton in the UK to protest the building of a mosque in a suburb of the town.

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» Evidence Scrubbed, Accounts Suspended as Citizen Researchers Delve Into the Hell That is “Pizzagate”
» Frozen Water Bigger Than US Great Lake Found on Mars — Paving Way for Human Exploration
» Irony: CIA Linked CEO Cries After Being Fired for Threatening to Kill Donald Trump — Then Gets Death Threats of His Own
» No Female President… This Time
» President Trump, Backtracking Could Erode Your Base
» Progressivism’s Bigoted Past (And Present)
» Report: Sheriff Clarke to Meet Trump Monday for Possible DHS Appointment
» Revealed: Hillary Clinton Schemed Since Day After Election to Steal Presidency From Donald Trump
» The Washington Post: Useful-Idiot Shills for a Failed, Frantic Status Quo That Has Lost Control of the Narrative
» Trump Appoints CFR Member and Former Kissinger Aide to Top Advisory Position
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“Election Recount to Happen” — Soros Responsible for Funding Recount Effort (Video)

George Soros is connected to the voting machines in all three major states in question

Some very alarming news has broken over the last 24 hours that third party presidential candidate Jill Stein was able to raise the millions needed (and then some), to be able to pay for the recount democrats are looking to use to stop Trump before he is ever sworn in on Inauguration Day.

Many media outlets are reporting that Stein already has the money, and considering how easy that would be to verify, there is no reason to think she doesn’t. What could be debated, is how she raised the money so quickly, but does it really matter?

According to Anonymous, who do you think provided the funds so quickly? None other than George Soros. This is one of the many political land mines I warned about when I said that voting may be over, but this election is far from finished yet.

This news is NOT to be taken lightly either. When you consider the tremendous amount of information We the People never would have known (and Trump probably wouldn’t have won without), that came from rogue hacking groups like Anonymous and WikiLeaks, this is a very serious development. Furthermore, since Jill Stein has the money, and since she is a third party who is requesting the recount, her request should be carried out.

Do you really think Democrats and Soros would go through all this if they didn’t have the outcome already planned? In the following video, I review the developing news, explain why the claims of “Russian hacking” spawning the idea for the recount are total nonsense, but caution Trump supporters not to take this lightly at all. Remember, George Soros is connected to the voting machines in all three major states in question…

[Comment: If they mange to get Clinton “elected” with all those blank ballots they were feverishly faking, the only hope is for a full US military intervention to remove the communist poltical class and other traitors before the US disintegrates into civil war.]

           — Hat tip: JD [Return to headlines]

After Fact-Checking, What’s Left?

by Diana West

It is hard to decide whether Ronald Radosh is more incompetent than liar; or more liar than incompetent. What marries the two, however, is a malicious intent to deceive so maybe it hardly matters.

Take the latest Radosh mess, or, to use the term a la mode, his latest installment of “fake news” aimed at Trump senior strategist Stephen K. Bannon. I refer to Radosh’s increasingly non-credible story that Bannon came up to him at a “book party” at the Breitbart Embassy, which doubles as Steve Bannon’s home, and, unsolicited, revealed himself to Radosh to be a “Leninist.”

Radosh has now pegged this alleged incident to three different dates — surely evidence of incompetence … but then there are all the lies.

All of it is increasingly hard to overlook out there, as when Salon executive editor Andrew O’Hehir’s incredulity shows through on writing of the Bannon-”Leninist” story — “according to the somewhat reliable testimony of writer Ronald Radosh.” Ouch. “Somewhat reliable” also means “somewhat unreliable.” Either way, not a historian’s chosen testimonial — although perfectly AOK for a fake historian/party-line propagandist.

Back to the three different dates.

It’s probably worth mentioning that three different dates are par for the Radosh-fake-history course. In my own case, it was three different page numbers (and rather more) for anecdotes Radosh falsely claimed to find in my book, American Betrayal — but which are not in my book, on those pages or on any others…

           — Hat tip: Diana West [Return to headlines]

Anti-Trump Riots Are a Smoke Screen

The Real Goal — Eliminate the Electoral College

Many seem bewildered by the anti-Trump riots and demonstrations. And many keep trying to find a reasonable response. Give it up. You can’t reason with them with words.

Here is my take. They know full well that they aren’t going to overturn the election. These privately funded forces are being used to create pressure to destroy the Electoral College so they won’t have to deal with it next election. This is how the Left operates. Make a big deal over here to force the hidden agenda over there. The plan is to make enough trouble that Congress will move to abolish the EC to get some peace.

For clues on who is behind this effort one only has to watch to see which member of Congress proposes such action. The answer of course is California Senator Barbara Boxer. It only took a week after the election for her to come to the rescue of the broken and distraught Left.

Meanwhile, hidden forces are now meeting with and brow beating members of the Electoral College to get them to change their vote from the true winner of their state and vote out Trump.

The danger is real and gaining ground. But it didn’t start with this election result. A campaign to eliminate the Electoral College and “let the people elect the president,” has been gaining steam for several years. A group called “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact,” started in 2006, has won commitments from eleven states to award their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote…

To understand the Electoral College one must realize that the Founders considered the states as the dominate power in the nation. Election of the office of President was a bit like the selection of the Chairman of the Board, with the states serving as the board of directors for the nation. The great mistake Electoral College opponents make is to believe the President was supposed to be elected by the people. It was never the plan.

[Comment: Recommended reading. Tom Deweese is 100% correct. The elimination of the electoral colelge is the real goal. Election of State Senators instead of appointment by the State Congress has already been done.]

           — Hat tip: JD [Return to headlines]

Danger of Bad Company in the Executive Branch

Years ago I voted for Ronald Reagan. I recall the wonderful promise he made to end the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education. He called the Department of Education “President Carter’s new bureaucratic boondoggle” and promised to abolish it. He was spot on with that goal, it was something required of him by his oath before Almighty God to uphold and defend the Constitution.

But something tragic happened along the way. He chose someone to head the Department of Education that was not committed to that goal. I don’t know if this individual lied to Reagan to obtain that position or if he changed his mind once his was in the drivers seat, but one thing is clear, the Federal Department of Education was not abolished in the eight years Reagan was President. Tragically the unconstitutional Department wasn’t even diminished during those eight years. 1981 the President’s budget for that Department was over 14 billion. And eight years later in 1989 the President’s budget was 22.5 billion. It is true he tried to shrink that budget in 1982, 1983, and 1984 to no avail, in each of those years Congress grew that budget. And it is true that 1982 he crafted a proposal to eliminate the Department of Education, but it went nowhere on Capitol Hill. But he could have used the hard ball tactics that would have forced its closure but he did not. He was surrounded by those committed to keeping that Department and they influenced his decisions.

My concern is that those whom Donald Trump may select during the operational period of the transition team may result in blunting Trump’s entire agenda unless they are properly vetted.

           — Hat tip: JD [Return to headlines]

Even Obama Slams Stein’s Recounts: The Results “Accurately Reflect the Will of the American People”

Jill Stein’s credibility seems to be sinking fast as both the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign have released statements this morning indicating they’ve failed to uncover a single shred of election hacking evidence. The Obama administration confirmed their confidence in the election results via comments made to the New York Times saying that the election was “free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective” and that votes “accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

The Obama administration said on Friday that despite Russian attempts to undermine the presidential election, it has concluded that the results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.” […] Even her so-called “computer science expert” offered up nothing more than baseless theories on “plausible” explanations of how the Wisconsin results may have been hacked. Sure, because it’s just so impossible to believe that a flawed candidate with multiple ongoing FBI criminal investigations may have simply lost the election.

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Evidence Scrubbed, Accounts Suspended as Citizen Researchers Delve Into the Hell That is “Pizzagate”

Editor’s Comment: The evidence is now overwhelming — whatever the full truth of the matter, something is very, very suspicious about the “pizza code” that has been discovered in the leaked Podesta emails that many believe is connected to a ring of pedophilia activity. Independent researchers have been scouring the web for supporting information, and have pieced together a disturbing pile of circumstantial evidence connecting many of DC’s most powerful to lewd comments, references to illegal sex acts and child trafficking, dark art and more. It is very likely that this could go to the very top, where powerful people are protected by people with ranking positions inside the power structure.

Perhaps that is why many channels and researchers are meeting censorship, threats and bans. Reddit’s thread on the topic, which was quickly becoming the definitive gathering place for the information, was shut down. Meanwhile, the entire The Daily Sheeple website was shut down temporarily over a copyright claim about an image in “pizza gate” story (see video at bottom). Numerous YouTube accounts have been suspended or blocked as well. Read more: The Disturbing, Disgusting Pedophile Code Hidden in the John Podesta Emails

Will the phony clamp down over “fake news” be used to completely cover-up the evidence of what appear to be very serious crimes?

PizzaGate Is a Worldwide Citizen Investigation Now

by SGT Report

While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor breaking news on the global pedophile ring — it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle. We will not be stopped. Truth will be revealed. Because #PizzaGate is a WORLDWIDE CITIZEN INVESTIGATION NOW. And the pedos are running scared.

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Frozen Water Bigger Than US Great Lake Found on Mars — Paving Way for Human Exploration

The new study by Nasa revealed the massive, icy sub-surface lake is covered by just 10 metres of soil and holds 12,100 cubic kilometres of frozen water. It is roughly the same size as Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes of North America.

It could be used by astronauts when humans inevitably get to the Red Planet.

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Irony: CIA Linked CEO Cries After Being Fired for Threatening to Kill Donald Trump — Then Gets Death Threats of His Own

Among the posts were vulgarities that demonstrate he needs his mouth washed out with soap.

“I’m going to kill the President. elect.”

“Nope. Getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you mother******. I’ll find you.”

“Bring it Secret Service.”

Seriously? And you didn’t expect anything to happen?

So, what happened? Well the company was not happy about his comments, so they accepted his resignation after he was forced out.

Harrigan was interviewed by the Secret Service, but says that he is not in fear of being arrested after the interview. However, he is now in hiding with his family as ironically he has received death threats.

This guy actually thinks it was a joke to make the statements he did.

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No Female President… This Time

America didn’t lose anything by not getting Hillary Clinton as the first female U.S. President. It was a gift of fate because had a congenital liar who has failed at so many jobs become our first female President it would have probably been impossible to elect another woman to office for many years. She would have been a disastrous President… dishonest and willing to sell out anyone — she was willing to arrange a uranium sales deal for Russia in return for a contribution to the Clinton Foundation. She was playing pay for play with our lives! What else might she have sold to enrich herself?…

Keep in mind the announcements of the Communist Party over the years that they would no longer run Communist Party USA candidates for President because those of a communist persuasion could feel comfortable voting for progressive Democrat candidates.

You might want to look up the history of the Electoral College. The psyops experts have already done a number on a lot of Americans, convincing them that the Electoral College is anti-democracy. To a degree it is… but we are not a democracy, we are a Republic. We utilize the democratic concept of one citizen, one vote — but that does not make us a democracy. In fact, when you hear a politician refer to the United States as a democracy, run the other way.

People who live in big cities don’t think those of us who live in fly-over country should have a voice in national elections. It’s that simple…

The real concern arising from the demonstrations based on ignorance of facts, reverse racism, anger, and fear is the weaknesses of character of the Millennial generation. When I think of the strength of the generation of young men who were jerked out of colleges and jobs to suddenly be trained to fight in WWII and compare it to college students who cannot deal with a political defeat without pampered counseling and the need to be excused from very costly classes, the lack of character is frightening!

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President Trump, Backtracking Could Erode Your Base

Promise is a big important word, it either makes something, or it breaks everything. Remember when your loved one made you a promise and then broke it, how did you feel? I’ll tell you how you felt. You felt betrayed. Once trust is broken, it’s almost impossible to mend. Things after that are never the same. Trust and honor are the most important quality one can posses. Americans have been betrayed for decades. Mr. Trump, you gave us hope to dream again, don’t backtrack on your promises.

I am so very pleased with many of the appointments made by our new president. The people he will have close to him are brilliant and will follow his policies and agenda. I am also glad that President Trump doesn’t have a problem saying, “You’re fired,” because there are a couple he’s appointed, or who are on the list, that are anathema to Trump’s administration and the people who supported him. Probably 90% of Americans don’t know the difference, but researchers like myself certainly do.

[Comment: Highly recommended reading. Research on some of Trump’s questionable appointments.]

           — Hat tip: JD [Return to headlines]

Progressivism’s Bigoted Past (And Present)

Progressivism embraced racism early in its history, a line of thought that continues to this day, only with different targets of scorn. Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, two of the early advocates of progressivism in America, often manifested racial and/or ethnic prejudice. Although he believed in Anglo-Saxon racial superiority, TR generally soft-peddled his views about blacks. But, he frequently mouthed shibboleths about Jews. His antipathy toward hyphenated Americans who were not from the British Isles or northern Europe was also well known. As president, Wilson exhibited his Southern heritage by a series of acts, from screening D. W. Griffith’s racist movie, Birth of a Nation, in the White House to resegregating domestic and military bureaucracies. Wilson may have been the most virulent white racist to occupy the White House since slavery ended.

While Chief Executive, Franklin D. Roosevelt — probably the progressives’ favorite president — refused to admit Jews on the ocean liner St. Louis into America in 1939, incarcerated 110,000-120,000 individuals of Japanese descent in concentration camps after Pearl Harbor, and bowed to Southern racists in one New Deal program after another. Lyndon Baines Johnson, also a foremost progressive, allegedly used the N-word when referring to African Americans.

The irony of progressivism’s history is that today’s versions of that hoary movement claim to be totally free of racial and/or ethnic prejudice. Today’s progressives refuse to acknowledge that the movement’s early years included people like Margaret Sanger who espoused negative eugenics, a policy she said would remove the mentally unfit and cull inferior races from the U.S. Sanger created the organization that is now known as Planned Parenthood.

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Report: Sheriff Clarke to Meet Trump Monday for Possible DHS Appointment

President-elect continues to assemble law and order administration

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is scheduled to meet Monday in New York with President-elect Donald Trump, according to news reports quoting a Trump aide.

Clarke, who runs as a Democrat, was a high-profile surrogate for Trump during the campaign. Clarke has been mentioned as a potential Trump appointee to head the Department of Homeland Security.

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Revealed: Hillary Clinton Schemed Since Day After Election to Steal Presidency From Donald Trump

Clinton campaign lawyer Marc E. Elias gave the scheme away in an article published Saturday morning at Medium announcing Clinton would join the recount effort in Wisconsin by Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and that Clinton would join Stein should she also file for recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Elias wrote that starting the day after the election the Clinton campaign worked to find ways to reverse Trump’s election.

Those efforts continue through the present, Elias wrote, and now include joining the recount efforts by Stein.

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The Washington Post: Useful-Idiot Shills for a Failed, Frantic Status Quo That Has Lost Control of the Narrative

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

Don’t you think it fair and reasonable that anyone accusing me of being a shill for Russian propaganda ought to read my ten books in their entirety and identify the sections that support their slanderous accusation?

I was amused to find my site listed on the now-infamous list of purportedly Russian-controlled propaganda sites cited by The Washington Post. I find it amusing because I invite anyone to search my 3,600-page archive of published material over the past decade (which includes some guest posts and poems) and identify a single pro-Russia or pro-Russian foreign policy entry.

If anything, my perspective is pro-US dollar, pro-liberty, pro-open markets, pro-local control, pro-free-press, pro-innovation, and pro-opportunities to rebuild America’s abandoned, decaying localized economies: in other words, the exact opposite of Russian propaganda.

My “crime” is a simple one: challenging the ruling elite’s narrative. Labeling all dissent “enemy propaganda” is of course the classic first phase of state-sponsored propaganda and the favorite tool of well-paid illiberal apologists for an illiberal regime.

[Comment: I see a lot of comparison’s to McCarthy era witch hunting. But McCarthy was right — US politics was riddled with communists that now pown the Democrat Party. The difference between then and now — McCarthy was telling the truth — the media was lying then and is still lying today.]

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Trump Appoints CFR Member and Former Kissinger Aide to Top Advisory Position

For all of Donald Trump’s words about going against the Washington establishment, his pick for deputy national security adviser makes much of that null and void.

President-elect Trump has tapped K.T. McFarland for deputy national security adviser, who is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and former aide to Henry Kissinger during the Nixon administration. More recently, she has plied her trade as a talking head on Fox News, which regularly pushes the narrative of U.S. military hegemony and keeps Americans in a state of fear over terrorism.

McFarland would serve directly under Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the firebrand Islamophobe who was forced out of his job as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn, who calls for increased domestic surveillance and escalating tensions with Iran, became a big Trump supporter — and that loyalty is now being rewarded.

[Comment: Great. Another CFR globalist stooge.]

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Trump Won, But We’re Not Done!

The left has already begun doubling down on its efforts to demonize conservatism and block every attempt to reverse Obama’s illegal far-left radical transformation of our once great nation. Heads up, folks. Step one in the left’s War Room playbook is to discourage us, to convince us that Trump is a fraud who will betray his voters. This is why we are seeing so many leftist talking heads, the N.Y. Times, and other Democrat operatives disguised as media claiming that Trump is backing away from his campaign promises. Don’t fall for it, folks.

These people on the left are relentless and evil. Yes, I said evil. Most of what they stand for and desire to do is consistently anti-God, anti-America, and anti-traditional family and values. They always send the message that God’s original plan and purposes are stupid. They have a much better, more sophisticated idea for the way things ought to be.

Even as I speak, Hillary’s camp is still insidiously scheming to steal the presidential election from We the People in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

In an unprecedented sleazy attack, Hillary’s thugs sent threatening letters to electors to bully them into breaking tradition and the law by voting against the will of voters in their states. Hillary’s thugs are trying to strong-arm electors to vote for Hillary on December 19 rather than Trump, the people’s choice.

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Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, And Very Shady Group

This Post report was one of the most widely circulated political news articles on social media over the last 48 hours

THE WASHINGTON POST ON THURSDAY NIGHT promoted the claims of a new, shadowy organization that smears dozens of U.S. news sites that are critical of U.S. foreign policy as being “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda.”

The article by reporter Craig Timberg — headlined “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say” — cites a report by a new, anonymous website calling itself “PropOrNot,” which claims that millions of Americans have been deceived this year in a massive Russian “misinformation campaign.”

The group’s list of Russian disinformation outlets includes WikiLeaks and the Drudge Report, as well as Clinton-critical left-wing websites such as Truthout, Black Agenda Report, Truthdig and Naked Capitalism, as well as libertarian venues such as and the Ron Paul Institute.

[Comment: More lies from the mainstream lying media. Their rabid ideology trumps their collapsing sales.]

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Embarrassed to be a Canadian

No matter what your political stripe is, occasionally you find your country’s leader, to use the vernacular “step in it.” Certainly Americans who are not on the far left can identify with that during the last eight years of the Obama administration. But rarely does a leader say something that makes you feel ashamed and embarrassed to have to admit you are a citizen of your country. A lot of Canadians feel that way after hearing what their prime minister had to say about the death of Fidel Castro.

While in Madagascar giving away Canadians’ hard earned tax dollars, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement about the dictator’s death. Castro was close friends with Trudeau’s dead daddy, his once druggie mama and the entire family. Trudeau was obviously shaken up by the death.

In part, the statement read, “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving president.” It never crossed his less-than-developed mind Castro remained in power so long because Cubans were denied democratic elections and Castro ruled the island with brute force. But to Trudeau, that was a good thing.

What angered a lot of Canadians was when Trudeau and his spoiled princess wife issued their condolences “on behalf of all Canadians.” While the Prime Minister is entitled to speak for “Canada,” he does not speak for “all Canadians.” Contrary to the mental midget’s assertion, there are a lot of us in what-used-to-be-the-great white north who oppose communism and socialism, especially when it is forced upon people by tyrannical rule.

[Comment: Trudeau is a fellow traveller.]

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Egypt Parliamentary Delegation to Visit London Sunday

An Egyptian delegation including 12 MPs affiliated with parliament’s foreign affairs committee will visit London Sunday to exchange views with British politicians and MPs on political Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and relations between Egypt and England.

Dahlia Youssef, head of the Egyptian-British Parliamentary Friendship Association, said in a statement Saturday that the five-day visit to London will begin on Sunday and end Thursday.

“This visit comes upon an invitation from the British House of Commons, whose two delegations visited Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh over the last three months,” said Youssef.

Youssef also indicated that “the UK House of Commons’ release of a report which defends political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood on 7 November also makes the Egyptian parliamentary delegation’s visit to London highly necessary and urgent.”

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Farage: If Le Pen Wins, The EU is Over

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has taken one step closer to backing Front National candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections in 2017, declaring that if Ms. Le Pen wins, the European Union project will collapse entirely.

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France: Socialists Risk Getting Pulverized in 2017 Election

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned that his Socialist party risked getting wiped out in next year’s presidential election, as he kept open the possibility in a newspaper interview of running as a candidate in the 2017 vote.

“I must remind you — we could get pulverized during the evening of the first round,” Valls told French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche in an interview to be published on Sunday, adding that “the left wing could die.”

Asked if he could challenge President Francois Hollande in the Socialist party’s primaries, Valls replied: “I will make my decision while examining my conscience.”

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France Presidential Race: Fillon Wins Conservative Candidacy

Francois Fillon is to be the conservative candidate in next year’s French presidential election after his rival Alain Juppe admitted defeat.

With virtually all the results counted, Mr Fillon won Sunday’s run-off with nearly 67% of the vote.

Mr Fillon promised to build a fairer society, saying France wants “truth and it wants action”.

He is likely to face a Socialist candidate and the far-right’s Marine Le Pen in next April’s election.

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Italy: Roman Mayor on the Brink of a Brexit-Style Bombshell That Could Destroy EU

Virginia Raggi, a 38-year-old former lawyer, who in June became Rome’s first female mayor, sweeping to victory with 67 per cent of the vote, is a star in Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement.

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Italy: Tens of Thousands March in Rome to Protest Constitutional Reforms

An estimated 50,000 people marched through Rome on Sunday in the largest rally yet against constitutional reforms put forward by Italian leader Matteo Renzi.

Italy will vote next Sunday [Dec 4] in a referendum that has divided the nation and looks set to be the next big populist threat to the political establishment.

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Nigel Farage: I Fear for My Life

Ukip leader fears violent attacks every day

The interim Ukip leader has received death threats and just last week was confronted during a night out.

The revelation came as the 52-year-old Brexiteer refused to rule out backing fascist National Front leader Marine Le Pen for the French presidency.

In his most explosive interview to date, the controversial MEP said he was “on the fence” over whether far-Right Eurosceptic Le Pen’s election was a price worth paying to bring down the EU, saying: “If she wins, it’s over.”

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Secret Islamic State Documents Reveal Chilling Plans Against Europe

A TROVE of top secret Islamic State files detailing terror plots on Europe have been seized by US-backed troops in Syria during a covert raid on a terrorist cell.

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Spanish Police Arrest Man for Attempting to Join ISIS

MADRID — Spanish police say they have arrested a man at Madrid’s Barajas airport who was attempting to join the Islamic State extremist group in war-torn Syria.

Spain’s Interior Ministry says in a statement that the suspect is a Spanish citizen of Palestinian origin who lives on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands archipelago.

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These Are the 48 Organizations That Now Have Access to Every Brit’s Browsing History

Last week, in a troubling development for privacy advocates everywhere, we reported that the UK has passed the “snooper charter” effectively ending all online privacy. Now, the mainstream media has caught on and appears to be displeased. As AP writes today, “after months of wrangling, Parliament has passed a contentious new snooping law that gives authorities — from police and spies to food regulators, fire officials and tax inspectors — powers to look at the internet browsing records of everyone in the country.”

For those who missed our original reports, here is the new law in a nutshell: it requires telecom companies to keep records of all users’ web activity for a year, creating databases of personal information that the firms worry could be vulnerable to leaks and hackers. Civil liberties groups say the law establishes mass surveillance of British citizens, following innocent internet users from the office to the living room and the bedroom. They are right.

While Edward Snowden previously blasted the law, none other than Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with inventing World Wide Web, tweeted news of the law’s passage with the words: “Dark, dark days.”…

While privacy groups unsucessfully battled to stop the new legislation, and now will challenge it in court, public opposition has been largely muted in part because the bill’s passage has been overshadowed by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and the scandalous upheaval that has followed.

How did that old saying go… “don’t let a crisis go to waste.” Well, the UK is now independent from Europe, and in the process its population quietly lost all of its internet privacy.

[Comment: Another reason to start using Tor, especially if you live in Britain.]

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UK: Anti-Islamist Protesters Face Off With Muslim Women at Demonstration Over New Mosque

More than 100 people gathered in Bolton town centre to protest against the planned construction of the mosque in the suburb of Great Lever.

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UK: Brussels Terror Attack Suspect ‘Took Tour of Old Trafford Before Paris Attack’

Mohamed Abrini (pictured) allegedly received the cash payment from defendant Zakaria Boufassil, 26, together with Mohammed Ali Ahmed, in July 2015, when Abrini travelled to the Midlands.

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UK: Furious Motorist Fined £60 for Driving Around a Car Park for Just 11 Minutes Before He Left

David Shooter, 65, was in Derby with his wife to see a show at the theatre and attempted to park in a Euro car park. He couldn’t find a space and left to park elsewhere, so was shocked to get the fine.

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UK: Pensioners Arrested After Dawn Tree Cutting Stand-Off in Sheffield

Two women in their 70s have been arrested after workmen and a dozen police arrived in the early hours to complete a controversial tree-felling plan.

Angry residents in Rustlings Road in Sheffield say they were woken up by a knock at the door at 4.30am asking them to move their cars.

The Sheffield Tree Action Group (STAG) opposes the work and members of the campaign stood around the last tree to be cut down.

Astonishing behaviour from Sheffield City Council cutting down trees in the dead of night on Rustlings Rd

— Adam Hanrahan (@Adam_Hanrahan) November 17, 2016

Bob Hockey says his 70-year-old wife Jenny was one of the protesters arrested.

“The police and contractors came and knocked on doors in the middle of the night at about 4.30am and asked people to move cars,” he said.

“Then some protesters went to intervene. There is not much we can do but she [his wife] wanted to make a stand.

V. shocked to hear this morning about #Sheffieldtrees Council actions are unjustifiable, underhand and a waste of precious police resources

— Nick Clegg (@nick_clegg) November 17, 2016

“She and another woman stood inside the ribbon around the tree. Then a young lad passing by, jumped in and joined them.

“I don’t blame the police. They are just doing their job.”

He said healthy trees were being cut down and claimed the council was ignoring the advice of a panel they set up to advise them.

Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, MP for Sheffield Hallam constituency, tweeted: “V. shocked to hear this morning about #Sheffieldtrees Council actions are unjustifiable, underhand and a waste of precious police resources.”…

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The Real Mother

By Tzvi Fishman

If anyone needs more proof that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews, here it is. Everyone knows the story of King Solomon and the two women who appeared before him with a baby. Each woman claimed that the child belonged to her. Solomon decreed that the baby be cut in half and divided between the two, and while one woman protested, the other woman was ready to have the baby sliced in half with a sword as long as the other woman didn’t get him, and thus, clearly, wasn’t the child’s real mother.

So too with the fires raging all over Israel. What person would purposely burn his own land, its verdant mountains, woods, trees and stones, kill its helpless forest creatures? The Arabs who are setting fires across the country don’t have any qualms. Why should they? It isn’t their land. What do they care? They aren’t the real mother.

A baby has one mother, not two. Just as France belongs to the French, and Spain to the Spanish, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews. The idea that Arabs would be happy citizens in the Jewish State was a fallacy from its inception. They want the whole state, with their own language, holidays, and culture, and they want it judenrein.

Sharing the baby doesn’t work. No matter how much you suppress the violence, no matter how much economic incentive you offer, how much you see to equal opportunities, the Arabs in Israel will always want their own country. Haifa, the so-called city of “co-existence,” is the perfect example.

The Arab problem in Israel will not go away. The very existence of the Jewish State creates it. They will continue to use knives and guns, fires and bombs, to try to chase us from our Land.

It is either their Land or ours. Dividing the baby in half is not the solution. Nor will peace come by cutting off an arm here, a leg there. A neighboring “Palestinian” state is no solution either. Its residents will continue to try to reach the Mediterranean Sea by violent means, soon launching rockets and missiles as Hamas does from Gaza…

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Why Three American Soldiers Were Killed in Jordan

On November 3, a Jordanian soldier opened fire on three CIA vehicles carrying over a dozen US soldiers, many of whom helped train Jordanian soldiers. In the senseless attack, three Americans were killed, and to this day, no one knows why.

Jim Moriarty, the father of one of murdered Americans, asks the King of Jordan and the President of the United States: “Who was it that murdered my son and why?”

As leader of Jordan’s Opposition Coalition, I feel obligated to answer to Mr. Moriarity directly, because none of the families of the fallen soldiers have received acceptable answers.

To do so, I think we need to start at the beginning by examining the facts. When the attack took place, on November 4, the Hashemite regime that rules Jordan claimed it was an “accident.” In fact, the Jordanian Monarch’s official media first blamed the victims, claiming that they failed to stop at the checkpoint at one of the most fortified air bases in the Middle East. But that’s not probable, as the victims were Special Forces troops who knew the rules better than anyone else…

But why did Jordanian soldiers kill American counterparts who are there to train them to fight terrorism?

The answers might be shocking to many.

First, despite the moderate image King Abdallah portrays for himself, he has been deliberately promoting fundamentalism in Jordan at all levels, including within the parliament, army and intelligence services. A quick look at the King’s state media confirms this.

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The Western War on Truth

by Paul Craig Roberts

The “war on terror” has simultaneously been a war on truth. For fifteen years-from 9/11 to Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” and “al Qaeda connections,” “Iranian nukes,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” endless lies about Gadaffi, “Russian invasion of Ukraine”-the governments of the so-called Western democracies have found it essential to align themselves firmly with lies in order to pursue their agendas. Now these Western governments are attempting to discredit the truthtellers who challenge their lies.

Russian news services are under attack from the EU and Western presstitutes as purveyors of “fake news.” Abiding by its Washington master’s orders, the EU actually passed a resolution against Russian media for not following Washington’s line. Russian President Putin said that the resolution is a “visible sign of degradation of Western society’s idea of democracy.”

As George Orwell predicted, telling the truth is now regarded by Western “democratic” governments as a hostile act. A brand new website,, has just made its appearance condemning a list of 200 Internet websites that provide news and views at variance with the presstitute media that serves the governments’ agendas. Does’s funding come from the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy, George Soros?

I am proud to say that is on the list…

This scheme to redefine truthtellers as propagandists has backfired. The effort to discredit truthtellers has instead produced a catalogue of websites where reliable information can be found, and readers are flocking to the sites on the list. Moreover, the effort to discredit truthtellers shows that Western governments and their presstitutes are intolerant of truth and diverse opinion and are committed to forcing people to accept self-serving government lies as truth.

Clearly, Western governments and Western media have no respect for truth, so how can the West possibly be democratic?

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Australia Hopes to Extradite Top ISIS Recruiter From Turkey

Australia wants to extradite a suspect from Turkey believed to be a top recruiter for the so-called “Islamic State.” The suspect was initially believed dead but was arrested in Turkey several weeks ago.

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How Fake News From the NY Times Helped Castro Seize Power

Fake news from the New York Times helped Castro seize power back in the 1950’s.

– From the Miami Herald:

On Dec. 2, 1956, Castro, Guevara and 80 followers reached the shore of Cuba’s Oriente province in a battered American cabin cruiser, the Granma, wretchedly seasick after a seven-day voyage. The men leaped into hip-deep mud and struggled through a mangrove swamp to reach land. Most were killed or captured in the first hours. Only 16 made it safely to the 4,500-foot ridges of the Sierra Maestra. There they began a guerrilla campaign to oust Batista, who was backed by a 40,000-strong security force equipped with tanks, artillery and U.S.-supplied warplanes. Castro’s force, however, slowly began to grow. He recruited peasants as guerrilla fighters and organized intellectuals and middle-class followers into an urban underground railroad of funds and supplies.

His recruiting was aided immeasurably by his skills at propaganda and psychological warfare. Castro’s greatest ploy was luring a New York Times correspondent named Herbert Matthews to his mountain camp. Though the rebels had barely 20 bedraggled men, Castro marched the same group past Matthews several times and also staged the arrival of “messengers” reporting the movement of other (nonexistent) units.

Matthews, convinced Castro controlled a huge army, wrote: From the look of things, General Batista cannot possibly hope to suppress the Castro revolt. A wave of favorable coverage followed in the foreign press, and with it, international support.

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Jeremy Corbyn and EU President Juncker Both Praise Dead Fidel Castro

The Labour leader appeared to gloss over allegations of human rights abuses levelled at the Cuban revolutionary, saying that ‘for all his flaws’ he was a ‘champion of social justice’.

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Justin Trudeau Stands by Praise of Murdering Psychopath Castro — Mumbles Inane “Apology” #trudeaueulogies

Trudeau did not back down from the statement when pressed by reporters Sunday in Madagascar, where he is attending la Francophonie summit of French-speaking nations.

“There are people who have many memories and who experienced a great deal of difficulty because of what happened in Cuba, and I am not minimizing any of that,” Trudeau said.

But you did exactly that you idiot.

Trudeau Praises Mass Murdering Communist Dictator Castro

Despite his own website boasting of a “proud record” standing up for the gay community and LGBT rights, Trudeau appeared unfazed by Castro’s overt opposition to gay rights and unapologetic homophobia. After rounding them up, Castro placed gays in forced labor camps — I’m old enough to remember when Trudeau attacked Canadian conservatives six months ago for believing in traditional marriage.

[Comment: Communists of a feather flock together.]

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Media Falls All Over Itself Praising Castro, The ‘George Washington of His Country’

Please refrain from reading this until you have thoroughly digested your lunch-or whatever meal you may have recently eaten before coming across this post. You are at serious risk of upchucking if you peruse this material with anything in your stomach.

The American media gave a great, big, wet, lip-smacking goodbye kiss to the brutal dictator Fidel Castro, leaving no doubt of their man love for a murdering communist fanatic.

Do they realize that, if they lived in Cuba and tried to criticize the government, their asses would be thrown in jail?

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600,000 Canadian Seniors Living Below the Poverty Line

Bringing in 50,000 Syrian refugees

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

I just observed a CARP editorial on TV which stated there are over 600,000 Canadian Seniors living below the poverty line.

We have observed all the National Coverage you have received about what it is costing Canadians to host 50,000 Syrian refugees, now plans to bring in Palestinian refugees, and the millions of dollars you are giving to countries around the world to combat Global Warming, and the new tax you are imposing on Canadians to limit Carbon emissions.

What I have not heard or seen announced on TV or Radio is what you are doing for these 600,000 Canadian Seniors and all the other Canadians faced with living in Poverty in Canada.

Does Charity not start at home? What are your plans for putting Canadians First?

Please advise. Jack ward

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A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: October 2016

October 1. Two migrants raped a 23-year-old woman in Lüneburg as she was walking in a park with her young child. The men, who remain at large, forced the child to watch while they took turns assaulting the woman.

[Comment: The article reads like a diary from a horror novel.]

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German Left Parties Conspire to Prevent Migrant Deportations

While the German federal government is looking to increase the number of deportations of failed asylum seekers, regional governments led by left-wing parties are trying to prevent them.

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Panic Stations: Secret Plan to Wall Off Europe if Turkey Unleashes ‘3M Migrant Tsunami’

States in central Europe and the Balkans have been put on red alert for another massive wave of asylum seekers after Recep Tayyip Erdogan handed the extraordinary blackmail note to EU leaders.

And now Serbia has revealed it has drawn up emergency plans to follow in the footsteps of neighbours Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia in constructing a huge barrier which would seal off most of the continent.

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Syrian Migrant Caught at the Border With Bomb-Making Materials Was Let Go

A Syrian migrant and known Islamic State sympathiser was stopped at the Danish-German border after he was found to have materials for making explosives — but was let go by German police.

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Trump Calls for Mass Deportations. This Indian State is Already Weeding Out Undocumented Muslims.

As Donald Trump has pledged to throw out up to 3 million undocumented immigrants from the United States, this remote Indian state of 31 million is in the midst of an effort of its own to identify and “weed out” some of the more than 20 million illegal immigrants from Bangladesh living in India.

Officials launched a laborious effort to certify the Bangladeshi population in India two years ago, but the drive that has been infused with new vigor and cash since the governing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party won state elections in April.

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Why Did Obama Shut Down Operation Phalanx Aerial Surveillance Leaving the US/American Border Wide Open?

Why would a President who cared about his Country, as one of his last acts, strike down a successful aerial surveillance program protecting a porous border from an invasion of foreign criminals? That is exactly what President Obama has done to the United States. He recently terminated the successful aerial surveillance program, Operation Phalanx. It has been successful, and it has assisted overloaded Border Agents in their difficult fight to keep criminals out of this Country. Some people believe the move to terminate the project is in line with the Obama administration’s lackadaisical approach to illegal immigration and serves to underscore attempts by the administration to make the transition more difficult for the President-elect. In February 2016, the Obama administration cut funding to Operation Phalanx by 50 percent even though the project had been fully funded by Congress and was by all accounts, demonstrably successful.

That is the problem the program was really working to keep criminals from crossing the border, and Obama’s goal is to have this Country overflowing with immigrants before he leaves office. In my opinion Obama is committing treason to shut this program down, because there is no excuse but an outright malicious one…bottom line in my book. He is opening up a door that could cost our border agents their lives. The agents have made it clear they need all the help they can get. They endorsed Donald Trump as President, and now it stands to reason why they did.

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Parents Opting for Private Schools Over Sex-Ed Curriculum

TORONTO — There’s been an explosion of private religious schools opening in this province since the implementation of the new sex-ed curriculum in September of last year.

According to numbers obtained from the ministry of education, 127 new private schools have opened since 2015 — many of them private Christian, Islamic and other faith schools.

It’s not much of a stretch to link the boom to the government’s roll-out of its controversial sex-ed curriculum.

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Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Is Doomed

Those who want to destroy the greatest nation in the history of humanity know well that for America to be undone, the family model that has prevailed worldwide for millennia must be eradicated. In short, if the family dies, then America as we have long known her, dies. After the God-haters are done, there may still be a nation called “The United States of America,” but it will look nothing like America as she was founded. And such an outcome is just fine for those who despise the Christian foundations upon which America rests.

You see, though the family was the means by which America was made, the pillars of this great nation are the pillars of Christianity. As Jedidiah Morse, noted American geographer, pastor, theologian, and the father of Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse Code, warned in an election-day sermon on April 25, 1799:

The foundations which support the interest of Christianity, are also necessary to support a free and equal government like our own…To the kindly influence of Christianity we owe that degree of civil freedom, and political and social happiness which mankind now enjoy. In proportion as the genuine effects of Christianity are diminished in any nation, either through unbelief, or the corruption of its doctrines, or the neglect of its institutions; in the same proportion will the people of that nation recede from the blessings of genuine freedom, and approximate the miseries of complete despotism.

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  1. K.T. McFarland, Jack Keane, and Ralph Peters beat the anti-Russian drum on FoxBN like a rented mule. Peters even referred last week to Putin’s “black soul.” Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!, has more noteworthy views on Russia than these three shills.

    Fox laps it up big time and just never gets around to the “balanced” part of their vaunted credo. Nope. These three clowns are on Fox speed dial and Putin sleeps in a coffin in a red cape. That’s The Russian Prism through which all events WILL be viewed.

    McFarland’s appointment is a huge mistake.

  2. Surprised you did not have the story about the moslem Miss Minnesota pageant contestant Halima Aden, who intends to wear a burkini for the swimsuit competition. What could she do for the talent competition? How about blow herself up, or cut off the heads of her fellow contestants.

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