32 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: We Are All WAYCISTS Now!

  1. Besides calling Trump’s voters as the scum of Earth, now they* are announcing that Great Electors are last hope of not electing Trump.

    * leftist trash

  2. I object to the term “left wing media”. It should always be prefixed with the word “extreme”.

    As in: The extreme left wing BBC.

    • I agree. Once in a while, one comes across an “old-style” left-wing socialist type, with whom one may disagree on matters, without finding that they’re crazy.

      Trump, for example, in (effectively) calling for some government intervention in the economy, could be labelled as having some socialist leanings.

      But that’s not what left-wing means any more.

    • It should be “extremely” to modify left-wing, rather than media. Thus, the “extremely left-wing BBC” and “extremely left-wing media”.

  3. Yes, heard this word a lot lately – especially in relation to Steve Bannon, head of Breitbart and Trump’s new chief of staff…

    Strangely enough though – in spite of multiple repetitions of this word on the Guardian and CNN – no examples were given of such tendencies from Bannon!

    Yet this didn’t stop the Guardian today from launching into a diatribe, accusing Trump and Bannon of being (of all things) anti-semitic:


    Though thankfully, in the comments the article gets the thorough demolition it deserves!

    • If nothing else, the article gives a good tip for investment: buy stocks in smelling salts in all cities where there is a sizable Jewish community. If the article is an accurate portrayal of Jewish fears, there will be people fainting on the streets anything there is a whiff of criticism, mention of anger, or reference to bankers or globalists. If you have enough back-to-back critiques, these poor people will not be conscious long enough to grab a bite to eat in between fainting fits, and will be in serious danger of starving to death. Thus, the holocaust again rears its ugly head.

      • I’ve conversed with thousands of Jews in my life, including my father and his cousins and family friends and their friends and colleagues and my own schoolmates and guys in synagogue-communities and so on and so forth; not a single one was a banker. I’ve never ever met a Jewish banker.

  4. The Left will never give up wheeling out this broken down cannon because it’s all they have left in their ARSEnal!

  5. I am often extremely irritated how obsessed the Progressive Left is with race or that only a white male can be guilty of racism. My wonderful but liberal sister does not believe minorities can be racists. She also argued Islamophobia is racist because most Muslims are brown. Love her but in this case I can only agree to disagree.

  6. I suppose that I’m a white nationalist to these leftards.

    Actual *real* white nationalists would probably have little use for me!

    The people on Stormfront are actual “proper” white nationalists.
    I don’t think that I’d want to meet a large group of them at the same time!
    That being said, they’re no crazier than leftards. It’s a scary thought, that!

    Obviously, the left-wing media are unable to see the difference between Stormfront (actual white nationalists) and, say, Breitbart (equalitarians, with a general distaste for the likes of Islam, I’d say). That would be like being unable to tell the difference between George Orwell (a self-admitted socialist) and Adolph Hitler (a far-left extremist). Anyone who can’t figure out the difference is essentially braindead.

    • Exactly what I’m thinking… if someone’s a “white nationalist”, I’m expecting to see them post lots of Stormfront, Aryan Nation, David Duke/KKK -kind of stuff… any of that on Breitbart?

      Because for a website whose London editor-in-chief is a British Asian (Pakistani), and whose main man in America is an openly gay provocateur, of Greek extraction, “white nationalist” is surely a pretty strange description?

  7. I think the whole point of the alt-right is we no longer define ourselves by anything the MSM says. More and more, calling people racists is like spraying water on a duck.

  8. I am a college-educated white woman past middle-aged. My husband’s mother was Hispanic.
    I am a life-long Democrat. I believe in Choice. I worked for over two years pro bono in an Immigration Law Clinic. I marched for Gay rights in the early 1970s when I was just a teen.

    I voted for Mr. Trump. I am so very tired of hearing those of us who voted for Trump categorized as being uneducated. I am so tired of the Hillary folks trying to divide this country by saying that those who voted for Trump are racists, disenfranchised, etc.

    All one needed to cast one’s vote was to view the facts.

    The facts are what they are.

    • Madeleine, you sound exactly like me: college-educated, white, 50s, pro-choice, pro-gay rights. And if I was a US citizen, I would have voted for Trump, because illegal immigrants are bad for local workers and islam is bad for women, gays, any non-muslim etc.

      Why can’t others like us see that being liberal should mean being anti-islam?

  9. Can anyone explain to me what “alt-right” is? I always thought it was a key on my computer.

    • It’s simple: “Alt-right” is anyone who holds a fact-based opinion with which a member of the MSM disagrees. It’s now right up there with meaningless terms like “racist”, “fascist”, “Nazi”, etc.

      On your keyboard it will be “alt-R” . . . as opposed to “ctrl-L”.

      • Alt-Right reminds me of the Neo-Con label. It’s perhaps more than just a lying media term if reliable conservatives have adopted it to describe themselves, but IMO it originated as simply a pejorative way to describe the right.

    • Correct, the alt plus arrow keys are a useful keystroke combination that allows you to navigate to the webpages you visited. It also means “You are a Waycist” !

    • “explain to me what “alt-right” is”

      I’ll answer off the top of my head. If you want a more-researched answer, google it.

      Alt-right is “alternative right”.

      The traditional right, including neo-cons, stands for strong free markets, strong military, totally free trade, free movement of labor, and nominal support for religious establishments. The right also advocates foreign intervention wars, unimpeded immigration into the country, and the “trickle-down” effect, meaning that the larger the corporation, the better. Conservatives have the idea of attracting minority votes by supporting many redistributionist schemes of the leftists, in somewhat modified form.

      The alt-right centers around nationalist identity as an equal to the individual. The alt-right supports America first, without foreign adventures or intervention not directly related to our physical security. The alt-right supports the continuation of American culture and tradition, including keeping most or all immigrants out and not extending amnesty to people in the country illegally. The alt-right believes in government intervention in the economy to support American culture, workers, and jobs. Summarizing, the alt-right believes in staying away from foreign entanglements, a certain amount of protectionism for its citizens, strong borders, minimum or no immigration, and absolute freedom of expression.

      There’s a mixed bag in the alt-right, including white identity people and racial separatists. There are some anti-Semites, all of whom seem to be on twitter. Alt-rightists are not in the least interested in adhering to political correctness, and many believe in substantial, genetic difference between races. The worst enemy of the alt-right is the neo-con, who wants to invade and invite the world, allow free flow of labor to lower the expense of production, and extend amnesty to illegal aliens already here.

      • This is correct.

        Seventh Son, Mike Enoch are the jokers and Jazzhands McFeels and Halberstram are the analysts.

        The right stuff.

  10. I am confident enough to declare these lying press outlets to be packed with crackpot loon propagandists who wouldn’t know honest journalism if it bit them in the fanny.
    I never even heard of this so-called “alt-right” until I was told I am one because I supported Trump. I assumed it was just another label for people who are not communists and go to church and think borders might be a good idea along with personal freedom of conscience and that ridiculous old US Constitution. Did I get it right? LOL!

  11. Trump made big gains among blacks. He made big gains among Latinos. He made big gains among Asians. The only major racial group where he didn’t get a gain of greater than 5% was white people. I want to repeat that: the group where Trump’s message resonated least over what we would predict from a generic Republican was the white population. Nor was there some surge in white turnout.

    full article: http://slatestarcodex.com/2016/11/16/you-are-still-crying-wolf/

    • Indeed, if I was an immigrant Latino who had worked hard and obeyed all the laws to become a US citizen, why ON EARTH would I want illegal Mexicans to sneak in and bring wages down, then be rewarded for their law-breaking with an ‘amnesty’?

      Law-abiding immigrants should be the last people who would like lots of illegals!

  12. Mr. Bracken may not know it, but he is alluding to one of the most significant breakthroughs of the recent Presidential election.

    This breakthrough is the embrace of identity politics by whites, some of whom have finally begun realizing we must fight fire with fire.

    • I think there is something to that. We are now told the Dhimmicrats failure traces back to their decision to ignore or sell out the white working class voter and replace him with immigrant socialists.
      I went with Trump early when I saw what I interpreted as a guy who understood that when Hillary kicks you in the [goolies] you don’t apologize like a Romney would. No, he understood you punch her in the face five or ten times in reply. He was the only man on the stage who understood how far in the gutter you have to go with these people and unlike Rick Lazio was willing to go in the muck punching her in the face non stop, just like a Democrat would do. As Bruce Rauner in Illinois impressed me, Trump impresses me and recalls what Lincoln said to the critics of General Grant: “but damn it, this man fights!”
      I think freedom seeking Americans were mostly looking for the leader who would fight. We found him.

      • Jake-

        There is something to the D failure to court working class whites. Rumor has it that Bill Clinton saw this issue early and was roundly ignored by Hill’s campaign staff. Thank the Maker, because Bill is a much more savvy politician than Hill.

        I concur that part of Trump’s likability is the fact he stands up for himself and those around him. No one likes a doormat. This is the #1 problem with Europeans – they have largely lost any sense of self-respect and refuse to stand up to the invaders.

        The invaders may not have high IQs, but instinctually they understand that there is no reason to extend respect those who no longer respect themselves.

    • I should have finished off this thought in my original post, even I am finding it a bit incomplete.

      When I refer to the embrasure of identity politics by whites, I mean in the sense that it is time to stop promoting this generalized sense of guilt about being white, and the associated self-loathing.

      I mean it in the sense that one can get up in the morning and think, “I’m proud to be white,” and that whites can have this thought without having thoughts of hatred toward those from other ethnicities.

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