France: “There is a Global Convergence in the Direction of the Destruction of Peoples”

French opponents of immigration staged a rally recently at Versailles to protest the opening of a new asylum center. They were successful in persuading the local prefect to abandon plans for the center, but the project has simply been moved to another location not far away.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this report from TV Libertés, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


02:01   Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Versailles is rallying against immigration
02:05   on Friday. For the third time in less than two months, hundreds of people congregated
02:09   in the Place d’Armes, in order to oppose the establishment of a camp of illegals in their county
02:13   of Rocquencourt, in the Yvelines… The municipal council of the opposition group
02:17   Versailles-Family-Future, Fabien Bouglé, denounced the
02:21   desire of the socialist authorities to change civilization.
02:25   We are here on a symbolic date,
02:29   November 11th, the day of the commemoration of
02:33   the end of the WW1 (1914-18). Our ancestors fought
02:37   with courage, with their hearts and a love of their country.
02:41   Was their blood spilled for nothing?
02:45   Were their lives sacrificed for nothing?
02:49   And should they be forgotten pages of history?
02:53   Does their sacrifice make no sense whatsoever
02:57   for our country and our children?
03:01   It’s NO, NO and NO!
03:05   We are proud of what our ancestors transmitted to us,
03:09   a country that we love, whatever our origins,
03:13   our beliefs and our convictions. We are
03:17   today in a symbolic place, here
03:21   in front of the Palace of Versailles on the Place d’Armes.
03:25   It’s an intersection of history: regimes, tragedies, greatness.
03:29   It is a synthesis of our common culture,
03:33   which began with the baptism of Clovis,
03:38   which was immersed in the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which has seen wars and revolutions.
03:43   We are republicans or royalists, right or left,
03:46   Christian or not, but we are here because we love our country
03:54   and its greatness, and we simply don’t want to be invaded! We are
04:02   citizens in concord. We have to say it clearly
04:06   and calmly: we do not want a change of civilization!
04:10   Our civilization is beautiful.
04:14   Here we have no tradition
04:18   of burning our houses when we leave them.
04:22   Here our women don’t have a choice between being veiled or raped.
04:26   Here we love wine and pork.
04:30   Here we are in a Christian land!
04:34   Even if not all are Christians.
04:38   Here we insist on our identity,
04:42   on our generation and the generation of the
04:46   re-establishment of our cultural and civilizational identity.
04:50   That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it’ll always be!
04:54   Also, we have gathered here today in order
04:58   to remind the elected authorities
05:02   and the government employees that they are here to SERVE US.
05:06   Frédéric Pichon, deputy president of the sovereignist movement CIEL
05:10   pointed a finger at the strategy of the globalist oligarchy.
05:14   We aren’t heartless, and I agree with Valérie D’Aubigny when she says
05:18   that. It’s important, because the globalist rabble
05:22   are trying to use a weapon of mass destruction. And that weapon
05:26   is guilt. They are trying, in fact, to make
05:30   guilt weigh heavily on your shoulders
05:35   by disseminating, in the media moving photographs,
05:39   like the picture of the little Aslan, to try and
05:43   guilt-trip Europeans. And I think we don’t need any morality lessons
05:47   from oligarchs without scruples . Because in reality, behind those
05:51   crocodile tears a much more obscure reality is hiding.
05:55   Because without even reaching for any conspiracy theory,
05:59   pretending there are people allegedly meeting in a
06:03   secret salon wearing aprons and balaclavas; I don’t believe
06:07   in this vision. However I believe that there is a vision, that there is
06:11   a global convergence in the direction of the destruction of peoples and their identities,
06:15   and this, I believe, is being done in a methodical, organized way.
06:19   The president of the Political Freedom Association, François Billot de Lochner,
06:23   returned to semantics, which the politico-medial caste is trying to instill
06:27   in our minds. I would like return to the notion of
06:31   “migrant”, to tell the political, economical and social,
06:35   moral and cultural authorities that there’s no “migrant”:
06:39   there are immigrants, who are legal or illegal.
06:43   There are no “migrants”: there are immigrants,
06:47   legal or illegal. The legal immigrants
06:51   Number 200,000 a year. Because of Schengen,
06:55   the doors are open, [the numbers] should usually be: zero.
06:59   We need therefore to immediately review
07:03   and abolish Schengen treaty.
07:07   Voilà, concerning the legal immigrants.
07:11   Concerning illegals, Alain Juppé [Republican party candidate for president]
07:15   is the only person who doesn’t know how many enter France every year.
07:23   Because during the debate the other day he had no numbers,
07:27   so I tell him: he has to write it down and learn by heart
07:31   200,000 [people], probably, already in 2016.
07:35   It means there are 400,000 people
07:40   who will enter this country in 2016 and to whom we can offer
07:44   neither shelter, nor food nor work, and the majority of whom
07:48   doesn’t speak French and aren’t of our religion.
07:52   It’s a case of a state scandal.
07:56   It means that every year we have a town like
08:00   Nantes growing in France next to France.
08:04   Therefore now we have to use
08:08   our weapon of mass destruction of the system
08:12   in place, which is the elections of 2017.
08:16   We really won’t let go of anything in May 2017,
08:20   and we will make sure that France wins. Thank you.
08:24   As for the president of the movement Republican Resistance, Christine Tasin
08:28   invited the inhabitants of Versailles to dismantle the camps for illegals.
08:32   We are the people, as we already said,
08:36   but we are different and all united.
08:40   From right and left. Christian-
08:44   atheist. Royalist-republican.
08:48   We are united against
08:52   the greatest danger that we’ve witnessed
08:56   in dozens of years. And this is fundamental.
09:00   This is why we are going to dismantle those migrant camps, no matter whether they agree or not!
09:08   The threat is
09:12   the extinction of our civilization. Because
09:16   the peril that those migrants bring with them is Islam.
09:20   And Islam is terribly destructive.
09:24   It’s them or us. There is no other solution.
09:28   Where are they,
09:32   the Christian refugees from the Orient?
09:37   Where are the Yazidis, who are
09:41   being sold into slavery, sold, used as sex slaves.
09:45   They [government] don’t talk about them. They don’t care about them.
09:49   They only care about single men who arrive alone in order to
09:53   re-populate France and make millions of Muslims
09:57   whom we don’t want! Finally, former general Christian Piquemal,
10:01   dishonorably discharged for taking part in a rally in Calais against
10:05   mass immigration, went back to the reasons of the discomfort among law enforcement.
10:09   Since the first attacks in 2015
10:13   police officers and gendarmes were engaged on all fronts.
10:17   Alas, the ad-hoc testimonials that were
10:21   given at that time, especially in January,
10:25   created emotions, but haven’t brought anything else. And they are already
10:29   far away. In this [unintelligible] context
10:33   that we know, and while the considerable efforts
10:37   had been denied for several months, the police officers
10:41   feel today, and they told me this clearly,
10:45   a true lack of gratitude on the part of the authorities and
10:49   their hierarchy, with a feeling of being abandoned.
10:53   Those are even stronger than the lack of the gratitude
10:57   that they usually experience. But even more:
11:01   it’s now the authority of law enforcement that has
11:05   seriously retreated, mainly because since 2012
11:09   the state authority has deleted itself,
11:13   as they retreated, made concessions, and lacked the firmness of authority.
11:17   Simplified, we are finding out that
11:21   a big part of regulatory functions of the state aren’t
11:26   performed at all, or are performed very badly.
11:30   Such a deficiency, of course, generated unbearable consequences
11:34   for law enforcement, that not only have the feeling
11:38   that they aren’t respected, but they also see every day
11:42   their physical merits affected. One of the delegations
11:46   of the protesters was received on Friday afternoon by the Borough Prefect
11:50   The project to establish the illegals in Louveciennes in the Yvelines seems today
11:54   have been abandoned, but it’s switched to Rocquencourt.
11:58   The rallies will therefore continue in the coming weeks.

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  1. Wow the French are really fighting back.I think a Le Pen victory is imminent -bravo. Bon chance mes amis.

    • Wow is right! Attitudes are really changing fast. People are no longer mincing words and putting any sort of nuance in them. A sure sign things have reached the boiling point. Politicians in France better wake up quick, or they may find themselves [ending] up like Mussolini.

      • The so called left and their Muslim allies will not know what to do when the outraged majority finally responds . Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

  2. why doesn’t some enterprising individual put on islamic websites that the only reason the West is accepting HUGE amounts of young single muslims is that they are all going to be targeted, through their i phones, to be castrated Thus destroying the Ummah…The West is allowing the free-loading and the crimes atm to lull them into a false sense of security, and then whammo, its cut your [organs of generation] off time… Seeing as most muslims have a strange sense of reality and rumours are easily believed, putting the threat of castration about would see thousands of them suddenly not wanting to stay in Europe any longer

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