Dewey Beats Truman, German Style

Nimrod left the link to this photo in the comments. It shows the front page of the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung in Potsdam, and is dated November 9, if I’m reading it correctly.

Do any of our German readers have any further information about this embarrassing little moment of Teutonic FAIL?

12 thoughts on “Dewey Beats Truman, German Style

  1. on their Website it says that their Editorial Deadline was before the final decision on the new US president was made . so they decided to make two Headlines – one on the front (this one) – and one on the back :”It’s Trump!”

    Kind of extra gimmick for this important election.

    So we are not (yet) that stupid. Nevertheless a large part of our political Establishment and almost all of the journalists wish it would be true, that Hillary is Mrs. President.

  2. As explained by the editorial staff to Focus, due to print deadline ahead of the election results, the newspaper took the “creative” (in their view) but confusing (to all readers) to print the announcement for both situations, with Hillary Clinton on the front and Donald Trump on the backside. Before any reader had turned the newspaper, there were a lot of hilarious and outraged comments on the social media about the “mistake.” The double sided idea of print did not catch up with the readers as the editorial staff had foreseen and left them with the image of both a journalistic and political fail.

    Here is the source story in German:

  3. The Germans themselves should be grateful that [H]illary didn’t win. They will be much better off with Trump as president. I wonder how long it will take for them to figure it out?

    and that was a dumb idea, btw — why not wait long enough to know which picture to put on the front page? Nobody I know dies if their newspaper doesn’t appear at the butt-crack of dawn.

  4. Tragically the Muslims in their pants and misty midst will be breaking through their dream time fun soon enough. Maybe this clever [clogs] of a paper should do a similar story format on probable outcomes for one year from now. “The times they are a changin'”

  5. “… almost all of the [German] journalists wish it would be true, that Hillary is Mrs. President.” But, wishing has not made it so. Trump kicked her in her ample pants and now she’s irrelevant, and so her hubby Bill. Chelsea Clinton (or whatever her married name is) is apparently being groomed to run for state or u.s. Senator in 2020. And because she was knee-deep in the Clinton Foundation scams and scandals, and raked in about $6 million a year “managing” the “charity,” so I don’t think it would do her much good even if she underwent another round of plastic surgery.

    • In New York, anything is possible. Just look at the current crop of politicians. A communist is mayor of NYC, just for starters.

      Chelsea is not liked by a lot of the pros, however. She has neither her father’s charm nor her mother’s superhuman ability to plot and scheme. She’ll only be viable as long as mamma is alive and compos mentis.

      • Those criteria doom her already, then, as Hillary is hardly compos mentis. I don’t believe a sociopath (and possible pedophile, from what I have read) fits that bill at all.

      • D-

        The problem with Chelsea is that she is a 36 year-old who has failed to achieve anything noteworthy academically or professionally, other than coasting on her parents’ coattails.

        I would wager that a ton of discreet ghost writing went into the degrees she ‘earned’ from Stanford and Oxford.

        • I’d imagine that after Hillary’s fiasco this week, there won’t be much appetite for another Clinton for a long while (a lot longer than 4 years).

          And hopefully for similar reasons, the current “Michelle-mania” will also die down… just because you’re a First Lady who said a few nice words in public, does not necessarily make for great presidential material…

  6. I got this photo sans explanation and honestly didn’t put too much effort into researching it.

    The idea that multiple outcomes might have been printed ahead of time did go through my mind though.

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