Culturally Enriched Stabbing and Dragging in Hameln

Last night we posted an essay by Akif Pirinçci that referred to a culture-enricher’s attempt to murder his wife, which included tying a rope around her neck and dragging her behind his car.

The incident occurred in the German town of Hameln. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this report on the incident, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:30   This brutal crime shocked the whole of Germany: in Hameln, a man attached a rope
00:33   around the neck of his 28-year-old ex-wife, and then hooked it to the trailer hitch on his car,
00:42   and then drove off. He went the entire 820 feet.
00:48   He drove 50mph around the block in Hameln.
00:54   The perpetrator’s name is Nuritin B.; his victim Khada K. suffered
01:00   Life-threatening injuries. And in Hameln is now my colleague, Karl,
01:06   who had a look around. He is now talking to us via skype. Hi Karl, tell us: what’s going on
01:12   with this horrible event? Yes, good evening, Berlin. I’m now in the office
01:18   in Bild Hannover, and what’s going on is above all about a custody dispute
01:24   and alimony. The couple got married in
01:30   August 2013, here you can see him, Nuritin B., 38,
01:36   and after that, there was always fighting. When they got married
01:42   she was already pregnant, and on Jan 19 2014 their son Kudi was born.
01:48   But right after that there was a crisis between them: she moved in with him
01:54   and he beat her several times and then she separated from him
01:57   and moved out right away. After that there were always custody fights,
02:00   there were trials, where he lost and he had to pay child support.
02:06   From then on he could see his son only every other weekend.
02:12   This was one such weekend, and when he brought the child back, last night around 6 pm,
02:18   the fight in Hameln escalated. He had a knife with him. He stabbed her
02:24   in the stomach and in the heart. She suffered life-threatening injuries.
02:31   And then, in a really perverse move, he attached a rope to her neck
02:37   and hooked her to his car and drove the entire 820 feet.
02:40   Here you can see the route, through the cobblestones,
02:44   and she was left lying there with life-threatening injuries.
02:49   How is she today? The 28 old Khada is in an induced coma in the Medical college in Hannover.
02:58   A passerby found her around 6pm; at the same time
03:01   the perpetrator went to the police to confess to his crime.
03:04   Then she was brought to the clinic in Hameln, where
03:07   she had to be resuscitated three times, because her heart stopped.
03:10   Finally she was brought by air to a specialist in Hannover in an intensive care
03:16   transport helicopter and fortunately she seems to be out of danger.
03:22   We can say, after what happened, this woman had incredible luck,
03:28   and this weekend it should be possible to bring her out of the induced coma.
03:34   How things will develop, we have to wait and see, but it seems
03:40   that it will be all right. You went today to Hameln and you also met family
03:46   members of the victim, and how did they react to this horrible event?
03:53   I have a colleague in Hameln, and there we talked to her brothers and cousins,
03:59   also to her mother, who couldn’t really speak German, but there they are shocked and stunned.
04:05   They couldn’t understand what kind of person would be capable of doing that.

2 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Stabbing and Dragging in Hameln

  1. When I read these stories, which are legion now, I think about the tremendous cost to taxpayers for admitting Muslims to the country. Clearly, this man was not a native convert but arrived in Germany from an Islamic state.
    So… swarms of evidence gatherers have descended on the scene, victim was triaged at a local clinic, air lifted to a specialist ICU and is being tended to by a small army of medical professionals. The perp was arrested and incarcerated. He will then have a trial and be sent to prison. When he gets out deportation proceedings will start.
    When all is said and done this ONE Muslim man will cost the taxpayers probably millions of Euros.
    The financial drain on western societies is incalculable.
    Most times here at GOV we talk about the tremendous harm to our culture and governance as we all must now live under greater surveillance and ever more punitive restricted freedom. Traditional events are cancelled or other events like a parade or marathon or just going to the beach in western swimwear must be heavily guarded.
    Mark Steyn spent several months in France last summer and he said he had never seen anything as surreal as armed military patrolling French beaches among topless bathers.
    And BTW, the guards don’t work for free.

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