Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov: We Will Deport Them

As reported here several times this fall (see the links at the bottom of this post), Bulgaria has been plagued by diseased, criminal, violent, rioting culture-enrichers who live at the asylum center in the town of Harmanli.

After the most recent riots at the camp — in which only luck prevented any police officers from being killed — Prime Minister Boyko Borisov announced his intention to take decisive action. If he follows through with his plans, he will be the first political leader in Europe to actually do something about the masses of criminal Muslims within his borders — he intends to get them out of the country.

Below are two video clips with excerpts from press conferences held by Mr. Borisov. Many thanks to Tanya T for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Excerpt 1:

Excerpt 2:

Transcript video 1 (times from original clip):

02:36   For those who violate public order, those who are presently detained,
02:42   we will look for a way to deport them from Bulgaria as soon as possible.
02:48   Until then — we have already chosen former military barracks or frontier post barracks —
02:54   they will be moved there in groups of 50-100 people.
03:22   At present there’s machinery everywhere around the camp, the new fence is under construction.
03:29   Chain link fencing will extend in both directions, lighting,
03:36   so as to limit every opportunity for those who do not want
03:40   to respect public order to disturb the peace of the citizens,
03:43   until they are moved to places where they may be guarded the way people
03:47   who violate order and rules in democratic countries should be guarded.
03:59   Where will they be moved to? How may could be
04:05   moved and within what period will this be done?
04:20   By Thursday all the facilities will be ready. At the same time we are working
04:26   at the other spots that I mentioned [the barracks at the border],
04:33   so that we can isolate those who don’t want to follow the rules.
04:37   [unintelligible] Very close to the border (where the migrants will be moved).
04:41   I hope that all this will be done within one week, because…
04:45   I have arranged for the firms to work 24/7.
05:06   The Director of Civil Protection will provide caravans for about 1,000 people,
05:10   and they will be situated in groups of 50-60 to 100 people,
05:15   so that we can move them there.
05:20   Where will the caravans be located? —One radicalized migrant has been discovered;
05:23   are there others among those who were detained?
05:26   I won’t mention names… There is not just…
05:31   It’s not just the tension from having nowhere to go (being stuck in Bulgaria).
05:35   When asked where they want to go, they all say they want to go to Germany,
05:38   and we can’t do anything about that, we can’t take them to Germany, but when
05:42   the tapes from the cameras were examined, the main organizer of all these events was identified.
06:09   I can only say that he was arrested in Germany for distribution of narcotics.
06:13   He spent a year and a half in prison.
06:16   He was expelled from the country and he came back here.
06:20   He has been here for four months, and has created this entire organization.
06:24   Is this the man connected to a terror group? —For many reasons I cannot tell you more.
06:30   He will be expelled from the country immediately.
06:36   Where will the caravans in question be put, Mr. Borisov?
06:44   They will be located at the border itself, in former military barracks and in abandoned…
06:52   Traitor! Aren’t you afraid there might be similar reactions there too?
06:57   They will be at the border itself, outside populated areas,
07:00   that is, completely isolated from other people and from populated areas
07:03   so that further tension is not created in other towns? —I repeat:
07:06   those who violate public order and create tension.
07:11   How many migrants will remain here? —We have a plan to start relocating 1,000 immediately.
07:20   Will the families remain here? We want to leave here only the families —
07:24   the normal people whom the locals have always treated very well
07:29   and… I just talked to them —no Bulgarian could have anything against them.
07:34   Will there be such measures for other accommodation centers?
07:39   We will act in the same way everywhere.

Transcript video 2 (times from original clip):

00:45   This brutal war that is being waged in Syria, and in the Arab world,
00:49   caused a real calamity in the world, and in Europe as well.
00:55   We are used to seeing such incidents on the news, in France, the UK, and Germany almost every day.
01:04   The war is going on, and this will continue to happen.
01:40   Our people have always been tolerant towards women, children, to those fleeing war.
01:46   In Harmanli, too, this was the attitude towards those people.
01:53   However, there is yet another group here — the so-called “economic migrants”,
01:59   mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
02:08   Between 15 and 30 years old, they move in groups; they don’t follow any rules;
02:12   it’s very difficult to determine their identity.
02:21   This not only irritates, but also scares people.
03:23   These people (I mean the Afghan and the Pakistani groups, but mostly the Afghan ones)
03:27   even beat the Syrians today, to make them rebel.
06:23   What is the solution? First of all, the war should stop.
06:28   so that these people have the opportunity to return.
06:31   So that we have somewhere to extradite them to. We have arranged a plane
06:35   for Afghanistan in December, to begin the extradition.
06:39   Let’s see if they’ll take them back. We’ve filed a request, in accordance with
06:43   the (extradition) agreement that was signed, to send the first plane in the beginning of December.
06:51   I am an optimist, I hope that this will happen.
06:57   The rest, all who have acted brutally and have violated public order,
07:02   will be moved to refugee camps of the closed type.
07:08   The jurists are checking whether we could use one possibility that
07:12   the law gives, when national security is concerned,
07:20   also one of the points in the conditions that Brussels sets
07:24   for sending migrants into closed-type camps…
07:28   the point is — in the case where public order has been violated,
07:31   or there is a threat to national security.
07:34   A fraction of them — five people — I think we could try to extradite them immediately
07:39   as a threat to national security.
07:44   The rest who have violated public order have been caught on camera
07:48   — they will be among the first to be extradited.
07:51   Until then they will be moved to camps of the closed type.
12:43   Could you please tell us what measures will you take to keep such tensions from escalating again?
12:48   You know we changed the law; I want to thank the parliament for approving our proposition.
12:52   At present the personnel department of the police is choosing additional people who could be hired —
13:00   retired military men and policemen, and also everyone who fits the criteria —
13:04   it’s not necessary to have been a policeman or in the military —
13:09   people who could quickly be appointed and help both the border police and the police
13:12   at such locations (where there are camps)
13:15   so that people could feel at ease.

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  1. Why is it that only Eastern European men seem to have any gonads among them? Whatever disease that has sapped the virility and aggressiveness of Western European men appears to have spared their eastern counterparts. Or maybe a half century under communism has innoculated them against western foolishness?

    The east will save the west if it is at all possible to be saved from itself.

    • I know why, completely, but if I write the complete truth (which was handed to me by divine illumination), I will be blocked in this openminded blog, again.

      We haven’t been hammered with propaganda for 50 years on how evil White men are. We don’t care. We care about our interests. You can call me nazi at every turn. Then what? I will still do my own interests, in the open, and you will still have to suck up a bigger one.

      I think altogether Eastern White man is of different constitution, and more straightforward. This is due also to historical reasons. We paid with 60 million dead this communism thing. Millions of Russians left when communists won, known as White Russians. How many French left when Germans won? Zero. Au contraire, France “experienced” a demographic boom of French women with German soldiers. Same as it is experiencing now at the hands of African invaders.

      Also, another phenomenon that I noticed in the East that now has become common in West. The abyss between what people say and what they do. The resistance of Western White man has gone underground, but that might not be enough to save him.

      Look at me, I would be banned for speaking my mind here. And by the “bien-pensants” this blog is already considered nazi. Again, who cares and who cares?

      There has never been an independent Germany after WW2, just a puppet state that is driving Germans to extinction, in the open.

      Soviet Union actually fell because of Chernobyl. Chernobyl alone wouldn’t have done it, but the rest of societal decay alone wouldn’t have done it either. In the West, a vaguely similar role is played by 9/11 and by the deluge of 2015 by Merkel with whomever comes in. Indeed, Trump and Brexit won exclusively because of Merkel genocidal deluge. Will it suffice? I don’t know.

      • Excellent sentiments! I share them 100%. Western society has backed itself into a blind alley and now the pathway out is blocked by Leftists, globalists and barbarian Muslims!

        Not only the French – but all of Europe bowed down to Hitler, except for the tiny, scattered, partisan groups.

  2. I live in bulgaria, since 2003, this guy, b borisov is a [teller of falsehoods]!
    Hes ex bulgarian mafia thug, he was at one time the bodyguard of todor zhivkov, president Of bulgaria,

    Borisov is just out for him self, hes playing to get votes,
    The only serious people in bulgaria are, “Attaka” a patriotic bulgarian
    Organisation, like the edl. Volen siderov is leader, a good man, true patriot, and attaka speak the truth, they also frequently, like britain first, engage in exposing islam and muslims by staging demos outside mosques and such
    Places like basha bani mosque in sofia, where violent muslim nazis attack
    Those who dare tell tne truth about satans islam.

    In bulgaria, theres big muslim population, more than 10%, lots of turks,
    Very aggresive, plus many bulgarian gypsies are muslims also.

    Boyko borisov is traitor and conman, look at his face! You can see hes liar,
    They will deport no one, hes already been payed off. Been told what to say
    By A Merkel and gang.

    Theres a seat waiting for mr borisov in nuremburg, along with shackles and foot and hand irons.

    Borisov is mafia criminal, its well known.

    • “They will deport no one”

      Well that’s going to be fairly easy to verify in the days and weeks to come.

  3. You cannot do this soon enough. You have to ask yourself, why did all of these people go North? To infiltrate your country! Now you don’t know who’s who or where they are. Get rid of them all!

  4. At last the voice of considered reason backed up by strength. Western “leaders” are pathetic.

  5. GoV sucks. It is too much kosher. Time to move on. We are not even allowed to point out critical people on youtube now, like Paul Gottfried.

  6. If I was the guvnor in Bulgaria, these enrichers would be getting bussed straight through to Germany. You invited them Germany, you take them.

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