A Wannabe Marine Le Pen

The following video is evidence of how much Marine Le Pen and the Front National have put the fear of God (or Moloch, or whatever it is the “center-right” politicians worship in France) into the party of Nicolas Sarkozy.

In the recent Republican Party primary, Mr. Sarkozy was pushed out of the running for next year’s presidential election by François Fillon. Some excerpts from Mr. Fillon’s remarks are below. Whether he can successfully rip off the energy of Marine Le Pen remains to be seen.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   I requested administrative control of the Muslim faith
00:04   and prohibition of its funding by foreign countries until Muslims
00:08   are fully integrated with the Republic. I want the immediate dissolution of all movements
00:12   that claim connection with Salafism or the Muslim Brotherhood, because they defend ideas contrary
00:15   to our values. And in the past we have we have dissolved political movements that defend ideas
00:23   contrary to our values, whether right- or left-wing. Islamic totalitarianism declared war on us,
00:28   and it has its fighters among us. I want to clarify our relations with
00:32   Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are sheltering the ideologues of radical Islam
00:36   and the grim promoters of the burkini. National unity
00:40   calls for a strictly controlled immigration, reduced to a minimum,
00:44   chosen by quotas, obedient concerning the duties of foreigners,
00:48   bending to the language, customs, and two thousand years of history.
00:52   It’s a question of unity, but it’s also a question of respect, because
00:56   the last people arriving in a house, shouldn’t consider themselves the leaders and the owners
01:00   in someone else’s place. I demanded a re-organization of our intelligence services,
01:04   and a strict application of the Penal Code, which allows a sentence of up to 30 years of prison
01:08   for all those who have relations with enemy, meaning the Islamic State.
01:12   [I also demanded] the aggravated sentencing for those visiting jihadist internet pages.

24 thoughts on “A Wannabe Marine Le Pen

  1. I hope Marine Le Pen has the fortitude to bear being ripped off by others. That’s a hard one.

    Notice he says,

    I want the immediate dissolution of all movements that claim connection with Salafism or the Muslim Brotherhood, because they defend ideas contrary to our values. And in the past we have we have dissolved political movements that defend ideas contrary to our values…

    Dissolved them in rivers of blood, non ? The French Revolution was nothing if not bloody.

    I like his ideas very much. But I liked them even more when they issued forth from the mouth of Marine Le Pen. To us outsiders, she has become the embodiment of La Belle France.

    • Don’t they say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery?

      Marine Le Pen should lay claim to Front Le Nationale as the original announcer of that elephant in the room called Islam.

      Vive La France!

    • You may like his ideas but I don’t.
      The guy is a career politician and his job is to draw voters away from Le Pen.
      Once in office he will do a 180 and pander to his leftie overlords like they all do.

      • Yep. Le Pen or nothing please. The French political class is as craven, two-faced and despicable as any other in Europe. And their backs are against the wall now. If Le Pen wins, the EU as we know it collapses. It’s that simple. There’s a lot a stake now.

    • I So Agree! You cannot take the voice of Le Penn.. she inherited it from the giant of consciousness from right with the Latin Quartrr of Paris .. the voice is Clear .. Victor Hugo ..Foucault
      Dressing up another as Le Penn is Like asking New York to get rid of the Statue of Liberty.. .. ahh Noooo!!

      • I hope not Foucault…his work seems a fad to me. When I read this excerpt by a Hindu, I was taken aback:

        Foucault received an assignment to cover the Islamic Revolution in Iran from which power was captured by the forces of Khomeini. Foucault thoroughly endorsed this Iranian Islamism for its being completely different from the “Western episteme”. Foucault supported it as because in Iran the so-called Islamic Revolution was free from the modern elements like “class struggle or of social confrontations” or “the presence of a vanguard, class, party, or political ideology” [Lawrence D. Kritzman (ed.), Michel Foucault: Politics, Philosophy, Culture — Interviews and Other Writings 1977-1984, Routledge, London, 1988 pp. 212-13] Foucault’s extreme bitterness against Enlightenment Reason leads him to court obscurantism of Iranian Islamic leaders.

        If anything led one to “court…Iranian Islamic leaders” then obviously that person is over-educated and naive, living in The Bubble with the rest of the mandarins in academia.

        No real philosopher is ever reduced to “extreme bitterness” by ideas. It is what people do that counts.

  2. He won’t do a thing, just like the Australian mainstream politicians who suddenly started talking tough when they were threatened by the rise of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party in the 1990s. When they’d calmed the sheep with promises to listen in future (and been reelected by uniformly preferencing One Nation last on both ‘conservative’ and socialist party tickets), they went back to confiscating our guns and letting in invader ideologies. They also trumped up charges of electoral fraud against Hanson and put her in jail with killers and hardened crims for 11 weeks before the appeal court overturned all the charges. Meanwhile, tranvestite ‘entertainers’ released songs and video clips reviling her that were played openly by the taxpayer funded national broadcaster ABC and the Australian media published fake nude photographs of her. This is what awaits LePen at best if she cannot crash through at the next election. At worst, well, it’ll be bad… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pauline_Hanson

    • Pauline is one tough woman and it will take more than the combined efforts of the threatened ‘establishment’ to bring her down again.

      She got my vote!

    • She is Unafraid. Her Faith In Liberty is So Powerful.. it Is the Very Reason For Being in even these difficult times. Humiliation such as that can only add to the wrath of those around her waking up to what awaits their own children if this is not now stopped. Courage is a form of clothing given to those prepared .. Faith a form of Vision .. and Love sustenance From Beyond..

      • Moving metaphors, Katey Maloney.

        I wish that France hadn’t been stomped into such a deep anti-clerical secularism, where only atheism is considered intellectually respectable. During and after WWII France produced some brilliant moral/ethical philosophers, far beyond any other country. Jacques Maritain, Henri Bergson, Simone Weil, Emmanuel Levinas, Gabriel Marcel, etc. Their work remains relevant today and will continue to do so when the philosophical fads are gone.

  3. Well I’d vote for Marine Le Pen first. But if he means what he says he’d be a fine 2nd choice.

    I don’t know if Fillon writes his own speeches but I was struck by this line about Muslim immigration into France and should apply to Muslim immigrants into the United States, or more likely those Muslim radical groups that have infiltrated and attempt to increase their power and push Islam as some type of domineering force in our country as well, “… the last people arriving in a house, shouldn’t consider themselves the leaders and owners in someone else’s place.”

    My question for anyone who knows the answer, where has Monsieur Fillon been for the last 4 or 5 or more years? Or have I simply missed him?

    Mike from Brooklyn

  4. ” [I also demanded] the aggravated sentencing for those visiting jihadist internet pages.”

    Thought Crime. First they’ll sentence those visiting jihadist pages, then they’ll sentence those visiting counter-jihad pages, as “extremists”.

    No, this will not do. Free Speech is Free Speech even if we don’t like it.

    However, anyone promoting any aspect of Sharia should be arrested for sedition and extradited back to their place of origin. If they were born in France, then they go to jail.

    • The right to exercise free speech comes with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to never incite insurrection against the country one may happen to live in.

      You mention the advocating for Sharia Law, but neglect to mention that throughout the West, Islam and its vociferous followers have had way too much to say concerning the overthrow of the country they live in. It is way past time to rein them in.

  5. He isn’t wannabe anything. Sometimes even Merkel issues some vague statement against immigration, although her intent of genocide against German people through immigration is very well documented.

  6. Words, words, words.

    What is honour? a word. What is in that word honour? what
    is that honour? air.

    • Words have meanings if the utterer adheres to what he utters. Once upon a time throughout the West, a man’s word was his bond as it still is for me.

      But, I do get your meaning.

      • If I give you my word and I don’t honor the word, then what’s in the word? Fillon utters air.

        • We all have the ability to determine who is not telling us the Truth. If you offer a promise and fail to fulfil that promise then your word can no longer be taken as representing what it is you offer by utterance.

          And actions will always speak louder than words.

  7. Where the heck was this ” Empty Suit ” for the past couple of years ; as military age Islamists { posing…not too realistically as poor refugees }were streaming into Europe. That short…plain… blocky ” Strudel Shop clerk” in Germany with a soft voice and a much, much softer intellect { lets say ; brain dead } ..has done more damage to Germany than the Infamous Bomber Harris and his cowardly night time raids on the refugee center of Dresden. This foppish Frog is trying to steal some thunder from Le Pen. Lets hope there are a few Ferewnchmen left who love their country enough ; to tell the Sarkozys..Hollandes and other mouthy parasites to emigrate to Saudi ?Arabia. These people need insults…not politeness.

  8. Or could it be that this time, when there is a 3 way split in the presidential vote, that the centre right will side with the Front National against the socialists unlike last time? Their rhetoric is sounding more like the FN now and they will show themselves as totally hypocritical if they join the “anyone but Marine” lobby as before.

  9. Long live Le Pen! Fillon is a tool of the socialists. He is looking for Islam to “fully integrate.” The rest of the world knows that Islam is there to conquer and replace French laws with the shariah and make the citizens that survive the onslaught third class subjects and slaves to the Muslims. You French people, ask Viktor Orban to come set up a government for you and get rid or your socialist “elite leadership” and begin to fight.

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