11 thoughts on “Where’s Her Sense of Huma?

  1. If she weren’t so dangerous fro the nation – and the world, she would be a truly tragic figure – corrupted by the Marxists at university, she soon sank beneath that moral corrosion to her ill-fated choice of philandering, narcissist Clinton as a mate, producing one child anxious to carry on her parents’ nefarious legacy of ripping off everyone who can be ripped off.

    Unfortunately she wasn’t endowed with great intelligence either, only with a surfeit of cunning, which has enabled her to be snared in her own webs and hoisted on her own petards.

    She is now reveals the physical and moral wreckage that such a life of venom, greed for money and power and the willingness to commit fraud and deceit inevitably brings – a scary moral lesson for us all!

  2. I like the fact that her pillow is just next to the toilet bowl, so if she’s thirsty at night, she doesn’t have to get up.

  3. Anthony Weiner is a bonafide pervert, but his perversion has led to the discovery of 650k (yes, 650,000!!!) of wife Huma’s emails on HIS laptop:


    Let us all hope that enough is discovered to force Hillary to throw Huma to the wolves, thus preventing a Saudi/MB deep cover agent from spending four years at the potential President’s right hand.

    • In a folder marked “Insurance”. His folder or hers? Was she too busy double-dipping to pay attention? Can she now flee to her real momma in Saudi Arabia with a half-Jewish toddler?

      I feel sorry for her. Twenty years with Hillary warped her character and now Chelsea is dancing on her empty chair.

      • Dymphna-

        Why feel sorry for her?

        It has been obvious for quite some time that Huma is playing some kind of long-con, most likely for Salafist nations and organizations based in the Gulf, against the US and her people.

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