We Knew Dogs Were Haram — But Cats?

Readers who are sensitive to descriptions of the mistreatment of animals may want to skip this post.

It’s well-known that Muslims feel a sharia-based loathing towards dogs. But what about cats?

As far as I know, there is nothing specific in the Koran or the hadith about cats. So maybe a culture-enriching sadist — which Islam produces in abundance — has free rein to indulge his whims with any unfortunate feline he encounters.

That’s what seems to be the case with the incidents described by the Belgian daily La Dernière Heure. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Cats killed and tortured in the Fedasil center

By Nadia Lallemant
September 7, 2016

The culprits, two young Afghans were expelled.

The abuse of stray cats by two young Afghans, who lived in the Fedasil center in Bovigny (Gouvy), scandalized the team of the center, and the communal college of Gouvy warned about these barbaric acts.

“A tabby kitten, two months old, was found in the center, in a sad state,” said a staff member. “His jaw was broken and he had a nasal septum deviation. We phoned the county so veterinary expenses would be taken care of.”

Shocked by these heinous acts, the municipal college has agreed to pay the vet. “The former director, who now works part-time, decided to adopt it,” says the employee. “The kitten is doing better and better, even if he still has difficulty eating.”

Two other cats couldn’t be saved. They were killed by two torturers. “The incident occurred in the context of an adversarial relationship between the two young men and a lady of another nationality,” said the deputy director. “They attacked the stray cats that the lady was feeding. The relationship to animals varies from one culture to another. These reprehensible acts were committed despite awareness-raising with respect to animals provided by the team.”

The two Afghans were expelled from the center by the police in the Famenne Ardennes area. An investigation has been opened. Hearings are underway. “These facts are shocking and absolutely regrettable,” laments the Mayor of Gouvy Claude Leruse. “It is important to make them understand that we do not tolerate such acts here. That said, it is not only asylum seekers — perhaps disturbed — from a different culture, who abuse animals. Recently, while checking for social housing after the departure of tenants, three kittens were found locked in the house. They were dying of hunger and thirst.”

14 thoughts on “We Knew Dogs Were Haram — But Cats?

  1. When I taught in Istanbul I saw thousands of cats everywhere and they were tagged and treated well. Like the article said it depends on the culture they come from. Not as common some Turks own dogs.

  2. Torturing cats is good practice for the young jihadi recruits – they can later apply what they’ve learned to human prisoners. Belgium is a good place to them to develop other jihadi skills such as rape. Once the young jihadis get their Belgian passports, they’ll no doubt be heading off to the Middle East for more advanced training in assembling IEDs.

    It’s great to know that the refugee resettlement program is so successful.

    • Psychologists will quite rightly inform you that those capable of treating innocent animals in this way are more than likely to “graduate” to torturing larger and larger victims ergo children, women and men

      Expelling them from the centre is not sufficient, expel them from the COUNTRY for god’s sake!

      • This is also why many families encourage their male children to engage in slitting the throat of the sacrificial animal during Eid al-Adha. Playing with the blood is also encouraged.

        What better what to prepare future jihadis for the feeling of slitting the infidel’s throat?

  3. Well hurting innocents and attack the weaker or defenseless is very much part of the culture of Islam. No matter if it is a dog, a cat, a child, a woman or anybody else, it is all HALAL for them!
    For dogs as the saying goes:
    “All dog goes to heaven” – which is a good place because not a single Muslim there! Not a single one!

  4. Why would one be shocked by this? One only has to look at how they treat each other. Still, it never ceases to amaze me how the mistreatment of a woman or women by a fascist ideology masquerading as a religion does not shock or arouse condemnation like the mistreatment of an animal does.

  5. you think peta or the aspca or any animal rights group will say anything about this. no way their real goals are their leftist political agenda.

  6. The article was a little fuzzy on generalization. Is there a higher rate of animal abuse with immigrants? We know what most Muslims think of dogs. Does that translate to active mistreatment?

    If so,then it might be worthwhile to include some pictures of mistreated animals on anti-immigration (or pro-Trump) literature.

    • what’s the matter doesn’t Hillary and her supporters like cats and dogs? there isn’t anything political about this.

  7. It is the mark of a cruel culture to be cruel to animals. Domesitc and small animals are completely under our power. As are Chidren, and in Islamic societies, women. See any pattern here? One only has to learn about their food animal slaughter system, to be revolted. Its no surprise then, to hear of how they treat other domestic animals. I for one, would like to see 1 muslim, take on 1 tiger. Maybe Karma would win.

  8. “The two Afghans were expelled from the center by the police in the Famenne Ardennes area. An investigation has been opened. Hearings are underway. “These facts are shocking and absolutely regrettable,” laments the Mayor of Gouvy Claude Leruse. “It is important to make them understand that we do not tolerate such acts here.”

    Mr. Mayor, I bet you DO tolerate such acts. I’ll believe that you don’t when their expulsion from the centre (gosh! That’s really harsh!) is followed by a prison sentence and expulsion from your country.

  9. There is no obvious outright abuse here in Algeria, but the number of stray cats is unbelievable.

    In my complex, there even seem to be some strays that were abandoned, because one month you see them running around with a collar, the next they are running around without.

    Lately there have been scads of very cute kittens about. I wish I could take some in, but I may be leaving the country in a few months. I wouldn’t want to make them dependent, then put them back out on the streets.

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