Wastin’ Away in Shariaville

***** UPDATE *****

Ann Corcoran’s website has been chosen by the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of the top fifteen anti-Muslim sites.

She says:

I am literally breathless to report that the Southern Poverty Law Center has named me among 15 anti-Muslim extremists in its newly released Field Guide.

To be in the company of Steve Emerson, Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, John Guandolo, Ayan Hirsi Ali and Robert Spencer, to name a few, is a truly unexpected honor!

Did you think Islam’s takeover was only for EUrope and Europeans?

The sad reality is it’s coming to the U.S. It’s here. Let’s hear a #HoorahForHillary as she walks on Obama’s heels in Obama’s footsteps toward their mutual goal of making the United States united in sharia. Not for them, of course, but for the little people — the group they most despise — who deserve their historical fate of Submission.

Ann Corcoran is a tireless fighter against this cruel, inhuman tidal wave engulfing the West. Surely all of our readers know her by now? Here is Ann’s latest post, which I call “The Little Town That Could”.

To be honest, it’s not certain that Waterford, Michigan will be permitted to fight back. Certainly the mayor of Manchester New Hampshire learned the hard way how local laws are null and void when the federal behemoth decides they are. So when it comes to taking in “refugees”, there will be no limit, even if it destroys your hometown.

Here’s the video Ann made to accompany the story of the fight:

You think your town is too small, too insignificant, perhaps your town officials too “conservative” to agree to being steamrollered? Think again. I would say, “think local” but it hurts too much to hark back to that simple belief… and yet it was regnant only yesterday, before Obama was elected.

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  1. I’m afraid the states are totally losing their existence as independent entities, and are now considered provinces of the American empire, whose governors govern as the arm of the central government, subject to the whims of the ruler.

  2. I’ve been to Hamtramck when it was still mostly-Polish, and twice visited friends of my family in Sterling Heights. Would never have imagined such changes happening to those places… tragic.

    • That’s the thing about this stealth infiltration – which its perps would deny is “stealth” at all – lovely towns with a fondly remembered past are reduced to Islamic ghettoes. The MSM ignores it because the subject is beneath their notice.

      Fred Siegel’s excellent book delineated the hatreds of the intelligentsia for the backbone of America – small businesses, small town voluntary associations (the Lions’ Club, the Rotary, etc.), not to mention local churches whose influence didn’t extend much beyond its members. Those hatreds have been true for more than a hundred years now. It is only with the spread of mass media that the contagious soul-sickness of the Rilly Kewl has spread, roping in the gullible who desperately long to appear as sophisticated as their betters whom they see on TV and Face Ache.

      If education had never been federalized we might have avoided the worst of it, but with national curricula it’s like the boy with his finger in the sea wall…and small children are coping with identity questions about their gender. We have permitted “professionals” to skewer our children.

      Fortunately, there are safe enclaves still. But not in Michigan if you’re lower middle class. You can move or you can be swallowed whole. It would be interesting to see the net population loss in Michigan; you’d have to take out the gains in population due to immigrants to get a good look at the reality, though. Truth is becoming harder and harder to find.
      Look at CIS – The Center for Immigration Studies – for some revealing stats. You know they’re reliable since there’s a “sourcewatch” page on them and because the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t like them. SPLC is to a hate site as a superfund toxic waste site is to a town dump. It’s that bad.

      • When I last visited Sterling Heights, in 2011, it was already full of Iraqis – but those Iraqis had figures of the Virgin Mary in their front gardens. They were Chaldaeans – I wonder what they’d make of the latest arrivals…

  3. “They seek him here,
    they seek him there,
    those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
    Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
    That damned elusive Pimpernel.”

    The central thrust of the Pimpernel – that of an unlikely everyman being capable of living a twin life, one of which is unbelievably heroic – has been copied time and time again since Baroness Orczy put pen to paper. How? Think about Zorro, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Clark Kent/Superman. The list goes on. [indeed] http://www.scarletpimpernel.com/whowas.html

    “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, by Baroness Emma Orczy. (1865-1947), truly, a relative to the Baron 😉

  4. Why are people pussy footing about when they try to discuss immigration? The problem is not immigration, it is ISLAM.

    You can’t address a problem until you acknowledge that it exists.

    • Actually, immigration itself, particularly massive immigration from countries/cultures substantially (or even moderately) different from the Anglo/Dutch culture of the 13 colonies, is a huge problem.

      Most basic, most of these people are low-skill, low-IQ, needing to immediately go on the public dole. Just as bad, they come from cultures of large, intrusive, corrupt governments, and vote instinctively for the Democrats on a massive scale.

      It is only the ongoing centralization, federalization of all power that permits bureaucracies to override local preferences.

      The massive importation of Muslims is a symptom and result of the underlying problem, not the cause. The President rules by fiat, deciding that vast hoards of Muslims should be brought in with no controls. A Congress divided by a “diversity” created through undigestible immigration is too divided to assert itself, so we go from a government of checks and balances to what is essentially a rotating dictatorship.

      The military is being systematically purged to allow only docile go-along-to-get-along bureaucrats at the top ranks, so we are only one crisis away from a real dictatorship with suspended elections and unlimited tenure of office. A war with Russia would be the perfect occasion.

  5. A guy on a twitter thread said he considered SPLC and ADL as affinity scams, which I thought was an acute observation. They target mainly Jewish audiences and bombard them with requests for money based on what is pretty near to ethnic-group identity concerns.

    My relative was a heavy contributor. When I had to take charge of her affairs, the SPLC sent me numerous plaintive appeals for membership renewal and contributions. I would urge anyone who wants to take a shot at them to send a $1 contribution, which will trigger hundreds of dollars of appeal mail. Don’t give them an email address, as it is too easy to send electronic communications at no marginal cost. If you’re confrontational, as I am, you can send them a phone number. I love to have live solicitors. On the other hand, you could get on an electronic dialing list, which is the low point of the earth.

    • A good point re “affinity scams”. Perhaps the SPLC is worse. I fear that many – or some, at least – of its supporters would do more than financial support; it has many professional black grievance members in its ranks. And moving into modern times, lots of irate American-hating Muslims.

      For years they ran a charity called “the Mississippi Box Project”. Well-meaning liberals like me contributed by sending boxes of new clothing, shoes, toys, etc. A letter would come back demanding more – and more expensive items at that. My kids, who’d enjoyed putting the boxes together, were turned off.

      Having grown up on such “boxes” for us orphans (how I learned about that wonderful Italian nougat candy, torrone. To this day it remains my favorite) my spider sense told me there was a whole lotta attitude behind those requests. I had to explain I couldn’t afford for myself some of the things they were demanding. But I suppose to those who were literally dirt-poor in Mississippi, my house with a yard and running water would have seemed royal…nonetheless there was no initiative to actually improve the lives of the poor by the SPLC. Reading their material (no internet back then) one could see it was a grease factory. That was the beginning of my move away from leftist victimology.

      The SPLC has been in existence a long time and Mississippi’s black children are not one whit better off than if there were no SPLC. It may be that the world, the US, is worse off for the existence of this “affinity scam” with its grievances.

      [In contrast, the work Ben Carson does with his Education Fund actually contributes to and mentors kids’ educational efforts. Carson was born in Mississippi.]

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