Voting With Her Feet

The following letter was written by a mother who has become very unhappy with the culturally-enriched social facilities in her district of Munich, to the point where she and her husband feel compelled to leave the city.

Nash Montana, who translated the piece, includes this note:

I like this woman’s letter because she keeps saying “integration”, like it’s the new religion (which it is). She doesn’t even see that she’s been brainwashed, yet she’s trying to get out of it. It is a very conflicted letter. As usual, it shows that probably all Germans by now think that “integration” per se is not a bad thing. They just gripe about the ways in which it is being done. But that it’s IMPOSSIBLE doesn’t ever seem to cross their minds.

The translated article from Die Tageszeitung:

Integration in Munich: Goodbye letter from a desperate mother

A Munich family moves away from their district. The children’s educational facilities are the main reason.

Munich — It is an honestly written goodbye letter that has reached our editor’s desk. A mother tells of the conditions in the Munich district where her family lives. And why she is leaving.

It isn’t an easy decision that the Munich family of four has made. The are turning their back on the city district in which they have been living. Behind this decision are various reasons. The 35 year old mother of two sons lists those reasons in a goodbye letter addressed to the city of Munich.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In regards to: Why my family is leaving Munich today.

Dear Herr Reiter, dear city of Munich,

Today, in a kind of goodbye letter, I want to tell you of my reasons why I and my family are leaving the city and especially the district Milbertshofen-Am Hart. Even if nobody is interested in reading this, I am letting it all out.

I am 35 years old, I live here with my two small sons (…, …) and my husband in an upper duplex with parking. One could say, for conditions in Munich, we have a pretty good starter position. My husband certainly is earning good money. And due to our well-off situation I can stay at home and care for my family. We live well with a lot of room and a green garden. So why should a family like ours decide to give up this situation and leave the city?

And that’s what I would like to write about in more detail now:

When I was still single a lot of things weren’t very important to me in my immediate surroundings, and I had no insight into many areas of life. Also I used to live in …, which is a very different district than Milbertshofen.

When I moved here with my husband and we had our first child, I began to inform myself about the various facilities in which I would find other mothers with their children for social exchange. And I found quite a few such places.

It is my experiences that I now want to write about, because I am probably correctly assuming that your children (if you even have any) will never see the inside of such facilities, that they neither have to use public transportation nor have to learn and be educated in so-called “problem districts”. I am also assuming that you and other politicians rarely or never even take a walk around here…

OK, so on Monday morning I went to the neighborhood get-together club …, which is subsidized by the city of Munich, to take part in the Women’s Breakfast. Here I came upon about six to eight mothers, partly with their children. All the women wore hijabs and not one of them spoke German, except for the socio-pedagogical leader. She then told me relatively quickly that I would probably have a hard time integrating (!!!) myself in this group. Well I suppose I should mention that I am German. I speak German fluently, and I do not wear a hijab. So I smiled a little and then said I would try to integrate myself. Unfortunately, as everyone was prompted to bring someone for the breakfast, I brought salami and ham. That immediately reduced my chances for integration, of course. At this women’s breakfast, which should have been integrative, I did not manage to speak German with anyone and there definitely was no interest in doing so either. Not from the aforementioned socio-pedagogical female leader of the group, nor from the Arab-Turkish group which merely wanted to use the space for their own socializing.

I then asked for alternative groups and times where I might meet under different conditions. The leader grimaced a little and then explained to me that on Tuesdays there’s a group that meets and all the women are Chinese; it just happened that way. And there I would have zero chance of integrating. Others had already tried before.

So I asked her about the family brunch … which I believed was supposed to take place from … to …, that could be something for us, and maybe my husband could also get to know other fathers and we could find some other families to connect with. She advised me that the meeting takes place in separate rooms. Men and women separated. That was just something that developed. I first thought it was a bad joke. Unfortunately it wasn’t. But I didn’t give up and every Tuesday morning I went to the … playgroup. Here I had the feeling that mothers came to meet who didn’t feel welcome, and unfortunately I got the feeling that mothers and fathers from other countries were not welcome. So my impression of this particular facility in terms of integration was miserable. There is no exchange! How can a facility that is subsidized by the city of Munich tolerate such a thing? In my opinion, the entire concept of these facilities in terms of integration should be investigated.

My son has now been at … for the past two months in a guided playgroup without parents. The female chaperones do a wonderful job with the kids, but the first few have already thrown in the towel because the leader of the facility wants to push through a form of integration that just can’t work. I’m happy to thoroughly explain the reasons for it here. Let’s just say, all I have to do is point out that i am not allowed to put pork in my child’s lunch pack! Hello? We are in Germany here!

I have looked up other facilities as well. Among others, the … at … . Here, an incredibly motivated and well-educated socio-pedagogical group leader tilts against windmills. Here as well I went to many appointments, and unfortunately I had to determine that the interest of migrants in integrating themselves and their children is down to zero. I have a lot of respect for the lady who runs this facility, but unfortunately I will not expose my child to this situation any longer either.

OK, so what else does one do as a mother in this district? Exactly! One spends the majority of summer afternoons at the playground. As I already mentioned, we live right next to the park. I don’t even have to cross the street. But in the park I find incredibly family hostile circumstances. I go to the park multiple times every day between … and … and I can’t even let my children run around freely, because all the dog owners let their dogs run around, everywhere. Not one dog owner is interested in the fact that there are parts in the park where dogs aren’t allowed. Not even the playground is safe. Just today another dog that was taller than my son jumped up on him and knocked him down. I never see a dog on a leash, and there is no consideration for small children. I have yet to see anyone from the city who controls this. I live directly at the park and I can’t just let my children run around freely in the city. Just how unfriendly can a city be to its new generation?

At the playground I often find alarming situations that I just can’t expose my child to. 90% of the parents and children there do not speak German. I sit on a bench between people who, in a best case scenario, merely smoke cigarettes. But most times they have beers in hand and smoke joints while their young kids play in the sand. Last winter when it was around 5° [41°F] out, a girl and her mother and grandmother, (I’m guessing Sinti or Roma) came here. The girl was barefoot and wore only a t-shirt. She came to play with a hammer. Yes, you read it right: A hammer, and I mean a really big, authentic hammer that was so heavy that each time she swung it she flew back a meter. With this hammer she wildly beat on everything she could find and then she came over to my son and asked him, “Play?”

I could go on telling you unbelievable tales that are unbelievable even for me, and it’s even more unbelievable because a family such as mine, and don’t misunderstand me, is by far NOT the picture-perfect family. But we are, I believe, a family that hopes for a district, a city, and maybe even a neighbor or two. But I wish for other conditions for my children. I want my children to learn German, that they get taught the values behind which I also stand. I do not want my children to grow up under such unfriendly conditions.

All in all I find conditions that give me the feeling that we are just not welcome here anymore. That our family actually does not fit in here. My husband said that he feels like meanwhile we are the largest minority without a lobby. For everybody else there’s an institution, an office, a public interest, but for a heterosexual married couple with two children, neither jobless nor left-handed, neither handicapped nor Islamic, for us there is no interest left.

When I remarked in the playgroup that we were thinking of moving away from Munich, and mentioned the reasons why, I was fiercely attacked by the group leadership. Because of me integration won’t work, because we remove our children, I was told. One or two mothers also became wildly verbally abusive. Since then I have worn the stamp “xenophobic”. And inappropriate comments are made, such as: “In that group are only foreign children, you should think about whether you even want to come along.”

This is exactly the reason why people like me blow a gasket, and begin to vote for other parties. Honestly, I have traveled half the world, have more foreign friends than German, and I have zero preconceived notions or judgments against people of different origin, but I have seen a lot of the world and I know that the way integration takes place here is negligent. The stuff goes down the creek and then people who have the opportunities and options, will end up doing what we are doing which is: Either they will send their kids to private schools and kindergartens, or they will move to other communities. With that — Goodbye!


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The letter by Anna was printed in its entire length. Names and places were left out. When we asked for a statement, the Social Services Department of Munich answered as follows on Thursday:

“We want to thank ‘Anna’ for her open and nuanced account, and we are sorry that the depicted events have led the family to leave the city. So far as that the mentioned facilities are within the jurisdiction of the Social Services Department, we will together with the colleagues of these facilities take up the topic of the contents of this letter.”

Chief Mayor Dieter Reiter, to whom this letter was addressed as well, has not yet made any public statement, and forwarded the letter to the Social Services Department.

A note from the Baron concerning the header photo: I didn’t have a good enrichment picture from Munich, so I used Berlin instead.

52 thoughts on “Voting With Her Feet

  1. I’d love to know where Anna thinks she’ll find a suitable new homestead, they’re spreading the pain to every corner of the Western World, at least the urbanized parts.
    When the Fairy dust (and Welfare checks) finally ware off, how many of our once great cities will be left inhabited by Zombies?

    • Classy gentleman: The welfare will soon run out in the EU and G.B. then jihadists will rule and push people out of their houses and businesses taking full control, and the “infidels” who refused to “man up” before all this mess got out of control, will be on the streets and sleeping under bridges and trees and many taken into slavery. Mass destruction worse than ww2 just ahead.

  2. A note from the Baron concerning the header photo: I didn’t have a good enrichment picture from Munich, so I used Berlin instead.

    Berlin, Munich…same thing.

    About the unruly dogs and their scoff-law owners: the latter must be Germans, right? No self-respecting Muslim would own a dog. So she could perhaps stay around long enough to see that the dogs are taken care of by the “Integrators” – or perhaps a better name would be “Ingrates” – and then the play area would be free of canines and their messy deposits.

    But even when the dogs are disposed of, there is the problem of Integrators who think that “Public Facilities” mean “Evacuate Your Bowels Any Old Place”. And she still has the problems of those pot-smokers, beer-drinkers, and a group she hasn’t mentioned: child predators. She hasn’t run into that last group yet because her boys are young enough that she can still be a helicopter parent. But kids have a way of growing very quickly and she can be sure the Integrators will be waiting for her to look away for a moment…

    Better to move before they’re old enough to attend school…it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • Funnily enough, a while back in London my mother helped a German woman who got into some difficulties. As it turned out, she was from Munich and wanted to escape it, as where she lived were masses of Turks with aggressive dogs, who were taking over the area.

      Likewise in England, there are notorious Pakistani gangs who breed dogs just to fight each other.

      I guess that for everything, as long as violence is involved, followers of the “Religion of Peace” will be attracted to it… even if it seems haram.

      • That was also my thought: dogs are haram to Muslims, nonetheless with the added threat of a vicious dog in tow some Muslim ethnic groups (I’m glad Turks were specifically mentioned) the religious proscription is trumped for the purposes of dominating public spaces. And in my home town the illegal dog fighting, gambled upon, takes place in Muslim areas. The gore and violence of dogfighting doesn’t mean the owners and viewers/gamblers like dogs or care about their welfare. Quite the opposite, dogs, in their minds, are expendable objects whose pain and suffering have no meaning or significance.

        • Learned something today. Turks although Muslim keep dogs and of course don’t take care of them, so they’re semi-feral if they start running together. It’s easy to imagine Turk-owned dog packs having free run of the city, & would rapidly grow uncontrollable.

  3. If this is the mindset of the majority of Germans and/or Europeans, they’re doomed!

    • I try to remain optimistic. But it’s difficult.

      These are the kind of people who blame themselves if they are raped by the culture enrichers–or at a minimum, don’t want to report the rape because it would make the culture enrichers look bad and would encourage the “far right.”

      What can you do with such people?

  4. I’m from Germany and Munich is no longer Germany but a branch office of the ottoman empire, there are so many turks in Munich that when a workmate who visited Istambul was asked ¿what’s Turkey like? she replied like “it’s like Munich with less turks”. The myriads of street-kebab vendors, the signs in turkish and arab, the veiled women, crowds of people praying, blocking the traffic, the crescent moon symbol everywhere would give a muslim visitor a strange sense of deja vu… Germany is commiting slow painful suicide.

    • There is another joke about Turk infested Germany, it says two muslims germans travel to Turkey and one remembers that they both have relatives in Istambul ¿how can we find them? one asks, the other dude replies “let’s find them in the phone book” as they browse through pages one reads aloud “Uzun, Solak, Sadik, Kartal..” and then say puzzled “wow many turks have German names”..

    • Europe 2010 – 2020 will be studied for centuries as a period of sudden and rapid cultural dissolution, with no clear explanation why. It will be seen as severe as the sudden collapse of the Hittite Civilization in Turkey in the 1180’s BC. Troy fell in 1192 BC to the Greek alliance of city-states. And Troy’s wealth was legendary. In the following decade dozens of huge metropolitan cities across the huge Anatolian plain of present-day Turkey all fell. No one knows why or how.

      Evidence suggests sudden civil wars, or attacks by sea peoples. I think it was just internal conflicts boiled over when some sudden change was allowed. The Decline and Fall of Europe in the 2010’s and 2020’s will become an unsolved mystery to some future robust (non-Muslim) civilization that learns again to fight to survive.

      • Stephen-

        I believe the explanation is quite simple. It is because the West has largely turned its back on any sense of God and community.

        KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explains this quite clearly in his YouTube videos.

        I also believe that this is why fellow KGB alum Putin attempts to emphasize the importance of the Orthodox church in Russia’s culture.

        • I like to refer to Yuri Bezmenov’s videos at testimonies. They are admissions of how he was trained and what he did. Sure he can be a liar (which I doubt he is) but a testimony/admission like this has more weight than a news story or opinion.

          Ion Pacepa is worth looking at as well.

  5. Where are they moving to? Because unless they move to a Visegrad country, surely the same thing is bound to happen, sooner or later… except they would not be in Munich, but in a small village with a fraction of the opportunities.

  6. The best and the brightest have turned the world into….excrement.

    I could have used a simpler better truer word but it would have been redacted.

    • indeed it would. But it’s good mental exercise to search for replacements rather than reaching for the same old…stuff. Besides, just think of the home-schooled kids you’re influencing with your broadened vocabulary. Maybe “excrement” will be on the next Spelling test?

    • Yet they still believe one can pick up a [discrete unit of solid waste] by its clean end…

      • There must be an app for that, surely? If not, is Silicon Valley working on it? There’s an increasing need for it, especially during political campaigns…

  7. “This is exactly the reason why people like me blow a gasket, and begin to vote for other parties.”

    Well ma’am, if you had done so long ago, you might not have had to leave Muenchen. But I bet not so long ago you would also have desribed yourself as a Der Spiegel reading, “left-leaning liberal”. Perhaps you even supported “Wir schaffen das” when it was just beginning.

    He who burns his butt must sit on the blisters.

  8. Angela Merkel….Who is NO ANGEL…but an East German Communist bears a major responsibility for the plight of this mother. Munich ; back in the late nineties was a most wonderful place for us to visit at Christmas time. The Cathedral in Marianplatz.with Midnight Mass. The great restaurants with pork dishes…the fine shops and friendly local people made our trips to this great city a joyful destination. Today; this mother is lucky to be aware of the invasion of primitive culture and smart to get out. No more foreign delivery of a new BMW for me. Now we go to other places with our money. When the German welfare state runs out of money to support the human cockroaches that have swarmed into Germany this situation will change. Then the misery will be all encompassing ; including the low IQ men with beards, and the cloth draped females. Thank you Angela. Your counterpart lives in the United Staes . She is a Grifter by the name of Hillary Clinton. { another paragon of evil}. Pray that Vladimir Putin has the patience and fortitude to keep this Scheisse from happening in Eastern Europe. There is lots of room in Russia; and that country can use skilled workers. Putin’s only potential problem might be the fact that half the Russian Army is made up of Muslims. He can take care of that by mixing pork in all the rations. Russia also is experiencing a resurgence of Orthodox Christianity which will help serve to keep that 1,400 year scourge of humanity { Islam } at bay. Get your papers in order and go

    • No more foreign delivery of a new BMW for me.

      No more for me, either. Of course, being much lower on the food chain to begin with, there never was going to be ‘foreign delivery of a new BMW’ – or an old, decrepit one for that matter. [I drove one to the dealer for my employer on occasion. A very nice car indeed.] Whatever will you drive instead?? I’d be glad to take your old one off your hands, though.
      There is lots of room in Russia; and that country can use skilled workers.

      “Refugees from the West”, even ‘skilled workers’ might find Russia a rough go. For sure Putin would welcome them but the average Russian might make life difficult for outsiders. OTOH, those with an Orthodox Christian background could perhaps find a home in the Russian church.

      Is that “resurgence” you mention more like the underground Christians finally coming up for air now that it’s safe? Many families secretly maintained the old traditions through several generations of imposed atheism. What atheist rulers don’t realize is that people of any faith are made stronger by persecution – see Christians in China.

      That was certainly the case with some of the Sephardic Jews in Spain who came to the New World. The Marranos stayed underground though.

      • Worst car we ever owned, Audi A4 2006 2.0 liter. Started falling apart almost immediately, frayed wires, crumbling plastic trim, lamp holders disintegrating, at 890,000K I had to replace the motor.
        I’m not sure if BMW would be any better, but I’m not going to find out.

          • “at 89,000K I had to replace the motor.”

            Sounds like you bought an absolute lemon. I had a Audi once, was ten years old when I bought it, and I drove it for seven years. Usual maintenance costs for an older vehicle, but I would buy one again. My car was over 200,000 km when I sold it. Motor still strong.

          • Those are the cars we buy. Hondas with 150K miles? I consider that’s a half-life. But our current car, purchased the same year we started this blog, is still running fine. Some of the electronics – speedometer, etc. – are wonky. I didn’t know those things were images until they started flickering. The B uses his fist to bop the thing to make it stop. My solution would be to cover the annoying parts with a piece of cardboard cut to fit, but he prefers the Big Bang method…

            At some point, when it requires repairs that can only be gotten at a dealership…then we’ll have to shop for another “new” old car. One advantage of having a 16 year-old car is the friendly level of the auto tax rate at that age. Meanwhile that old car runs very well. One would think it had Honda genes somewhere…

  9. ” My husband said that he feels like meanwhile we are the largest minority without a lobby.”

    The marginalization of the majority.

  10. Anna has experienced a wake up call, but it’s probably too late. What bothered me about her letter, and I have to say I nearly put it aside to forget about it, was when she complained about the one Tuesday morning group where she felt people were unwelcoming towards foreigners, and how her impression of “integration” in that facility was “miserable”. I don’t know if it’s clear to the reader, but she actually complains about Germans not being welcome to foreigners and calls it “miserable” integration.

    She goes on to say that “here is no exchange! How can a facility that is subsidized by the city of Munich tolerate such a thing?” She is in my opinion clearly complaining about intolerance of Germans, as the facility she talks about was the one she said was not nice towards foreigners.

    Unless I understood her wrong…, that’s where I almost decided to abandon the letter. That and her complaining of dogs, which is of course something I can understand but I felt she could have been more specific about WHO the dog owners were, as it is my guess that most of them are turkish “yufs” who breed these dogs for dog fights and of course drug dealing etc.

    My thought is that she is so brainwashed that she isn’t even close to beginning to understand that she was only scratching the surface, and that she will never let herself scratch any deeper than just that. Wherever she and her family will go, she will not be happy unless she drops her defenses and starts sniffing truth. I don’t think it will happen. I unfortunately know only all too many Germans like that. With all their worldly experience from traveling and culture and all that snoody Euro stuff that Germans do, they’re extremely ignorant of the most immediate surroundings in their lives. They can’t see the forest for all the trees standing right in front of them.

    • This. I have no sympathy for Anna. She clearly thinks that the problems are because of the German society somehow failing to integrate the newcomers. She really doesn’t understand the problem at all.

    • Nash-

      As Yuri Bezmenov would put it, Anna’s mind is “contaminated” and thus unrecoverable. Sad, but true.

  11. The Berlin enrichment picture reminded me of a beautiful hot day back in July when I saw a group of people returning from a pride parade (annual big event here in Toronto). A shirtless man in his mid-30s had a slogan written in rainbow felt-tip markers across his broad shoulders. The slogan read: I am gay. Muslims don’t like me, but I like muslims.
    So regretted then (and still) of having no means to take a picture!

    • He will be one of the first to go under. How very sad that his mum and dad didn’t teach him the basic “trust but verify” dictum for surviving city life.

  12. I’d urge Anna to try hobnobbing with the Chinese immigrant women. They’d learn German just to get her sausage and ham recipes, and might even try to dragoon her into being their German teacher.

  13. Kepha,

    and she could learn Chinese, too! Fair exchange. Also, Chinese stir-fry is delicious, at least in my neck of the woods (USA, middle-west).

    That was an interesting letter but I’ll have to read it again. Thanks for translating it. Getting the viewpoint from the “ordinary” person is always somewhat enlightening.

    P.S. Don’t they have leash laws in Germany? We do here. Or is it just the special people that ignore them? Just wondering.

  14. I am sure the Czech Republic will welcome and is already welcoming the new educated indigenous immigrants from Spain Italy France Germany … escaping the beauties of multiculturalism.

  15. Hi Dymphna, Plenty of great reliable cars not only from Germany…but Japan and Korea as well. My next one will be a small Lexus Gs. Russians….and any other people always welcome hard workers. That is a major characteristic of most German people I have had contact with. The late Patriarch Alesky 2, was the brilliant spark plug that facilitated the resurgence of the Russian Orthodox Church.. Considering the fact that Mr. Bergoglio { Pope Francis } appears to be a bit fuzzy on Roman Catholic dogma…my family is now attached to one of the few Russian Orthodox churches in the States. Anna did seem vague in some of her complaints…but the gist of her letter centered on her being surrounded by non Germans who were never , ever going to assimilate. Demographics will be the weapon used by muslims to conquer Western Europe. The birth rate in Germany and France is well below simple replacement of the population. Those Middle Eastern folk bang out an average of six offspring per couple. In two generations there will be no more blondes in Europe.

  16. It’s a bit strange that anyone is surprised by the scenario painted in this story. After all, the UN has openly discussed the quandary in which many countries find themselves: the welfare state, particularly for an elderly population, is unfunded. The UN doesn’t talk of funding this through deficit spending (which is how much of the welfare state has been funded). The UN only talks of two taps by which the bath of welfare can be kept from running dry:
    1) cut back the welfare state for the elderly
    2) import a replacement population of tax-payers/baby-factories.

    Any other options – such as encouraging the indigenous population to have more children – are simply unimaginable to the experts at the UN. The UN has commitments to prevent genocide. But when the genocide is of the populations in the West, those commitments are simply not there. Just as ‘racism’ is only possible when the agent is white and the victim non-white, so genocide is only possible when the population being destroyed are not white.

    In Scenario VI for Germany, by 2050 80% of the population of Germany will be immigrants. Yes, 80%. Despite the UN’s policies opposing genocide, the only objection the UN mounts to this policy which would undoubtedly result in the genocide of the German people, is that the UN thinks Germans would find 80% immigrants by 2050 unacceptable. Provided the Germans don’t find this replacement unacceptable, then they could well face this cataclysm.

    In the 16 years since the UN published these plans, there has been virtually no discussion in the media. Looking at the plans for the UK and considering the rate of population growth, I would say the UK is aiming for Scenario V or Scenario VI. The population are simply being replaced.

    My area council in the UK state that, by law, they must ensure that 1200 new homes are built each year. Assuming that 3 people end up occupying each new home, that’s 3600 new residents per year. There are around 400 council areas, so nationally that’s a population increase of 1.4 million per year . This seems entirely consistent with the population increases of Scenario VI. When you look at that Scenario in the UN document, it looks simply fantastical. Yet the Tsunami of immigration which has swept across Britain in the last 20 years has transformed parts of the country beyond recognition. In the cities, it is not uncommon to be in situations where Brits are in a minority in their own country. It has got to the point where the official statistics are quite simply laughable. Despite all the bad news about Islam on a daily basis for two decades, London elected a Muslim mayor when (officially) only 12% of the population there are Muslim?

    Anna’s experience of being a minority in her own country is precisely what Scenario VI envisages.

    In the two years in which I was effecting my move to my new area, I saw the area being transformed by immigration. Most people are simply not attuned to this. Some Leftists I know tell me “I don’t notice immigrants” – this in response to us shopping in some re-generated area of the city, an area which was previously mostly English but is now almost entirely filled with dark-skinned immigrants. These Leftists are only allowing themselves to perceive that which the media tell them are acceptable topics for consideration (for instance, such people very quickly perceive new fashions or fads). I can go to the hospital or to see a doctor, and find that the majority of those patients around me are immigrants.

    That’s the world in which we live. The globalist elite can openly declare their policies. The media then ensure that those policies receive no discussion, and that anyone who does discuss them must be cast out as some form of heretic. Most people then do not even permit themselves to perceive that whereof they cannot speak. And the quiet genocide of the indigenous people just rolls on.

    I can confidently say that the change which has been wrought to Britain in the last 30 years has made the country into a foreign country for anyone who had been away in those 30 years. The transformation in the next 30 years looks to be even greater. Someone who left an entirely white Britain as a child in 1960 and relocated to New Zealand, could return to Britain in 2050 to live out their last days and find that the white British were a small minority in their own land. They would also return to find a Britain where the vast majority of churches and pubs had been transformed into mosques.

    Many people have written ten years ago of this impending transformation (Mark Steyn, Walter Laqueur, Raphael Israeli, etc.), but they’ve all been ignored. Assuming their books are still available in a decade or two, they will be proven to have been visionaries. And yet all one needs to do is to see those few pages from the UN to see what the plans are.

    • Thank you Peter McLoughlin,

      There seems to be a drive for “affordable housing” which is built by the state, but it is easy to see that rent will never cover depreciation, repairs and maintenance or infrastructure, water, sewerage, roads, then the other must have amenities such as wifi, libraries, parks, public transport, schools, hospitals and etc.
      The shortage of housing being driven by high immigration numbers, that has rocketed the ordinary house prices.

      I liked your website, as you bring out some good points, and you have done some great work in the “sexual grooming” issues in the UK.
      I did find it difficult on some information to find a link to the original source.
      I do like that information as if I used that info elsewhere it is harder to for others to refute.

      Ps I think there may be an error in leaving the UK to NZ in 1960, returning to the UK in 2050,- – was it returning in 2005 or 2015?

  17. “White Flight” is the neat rhyming label the media like to use.
    In reality the process is White Drive-Out.

  18. “For everybody else there’s an institution, an office, a public interest, but for a heterosexual married couple with two children, neither jobless nor left-handed, neither handicapped nor Islamic, for us there is no interest left.”

    Welcome to the Western culture that Leftists have been creating since about 1970. This world that Anna lives in is the monster that has been created by “well-intentioned” types of both genders, but driven largely by females and male homosexuals whose common enemy is “white”, male, heterosexuals. You know: the wicked patriarchs. Like your high-earning husband whose efforts enable you to be a stay-at-home mum to care for his and your kids. I hope you start voting for AfD.

  19. If I lived in the former East Germany I would demand that the wall between East and West be put up again!

    • Best suggestion of the year, but even better – put the wall up starting in the North in Poland and extending all the way to the Mediterranean. Keep Eastern Europe totally walled off from the lunatics in Western Europe.

      Then Have Trump take into the US any Western Europeans sick of their own countries.

  20. Politicians who do not care for the people who has elected them, is a common problem in many nations.

  21. Department of “Stuck on Stupid”

    Europe – kill your Jews and/or exile them. Then invite in 40 million Muslims.

    • I think that Europeans know that if they let Muslim migrants in they can be counted on to kill Jews and force them to search for a less hostile home country.

      All the studies show that as Muslim minorities rise within host countries anti-Semetic/anti-Jewish attacks increase.Jews flee the increasingly hostile environment .Interestingly Jews are fleeing not just Sweden but also the the U.K and France .

      So lets re-frame Martin Niewmoller’s poem

      “First they came for the socialists”

      First they(the Muslims) came for the Jews
      But I said nothing for I was not a Jew.

      Then they (The Muslims)came for the Christians
      And I said nothing for I was not a Christian.
      (And besides the Pope says Christians are not true Christians unless they always put Muslims before their co-religionists suffering genocide at the hands of those very same Muslims)

      Then they came for the prepubescent children.But I said nothing for I was not a child.

      And so on and so on.

      Ending with

      Then they came for me .And no-one said anything because there was no -one left to speak for me.

      And that’s how the Nazi divide and rule worked last time when they allied with their hateful Ottoman Empire friends.

      And that is how it’s shaping up now.Germany (in the form of the ruling elite) has allied with Islam.

      America in the form of its ruling elite has allied with Islam.

      The only leaders who haven’t allied with Islam against their own people are the Visegrad 4 leaders.

      Trump will stand up for us(the Anglosphere) against Islam .And Trump is our last best hope.

      Whilst I admire the Visegrad4 quite fervently ,Trump can mobilize greater resources.

      And with Trump in the Whitehouse the Visegrad4 can achieve much much more.

      • I’m with you on this Shelagh.

        Trump is our best hope at the current time.

        And I do think that he understands considerably more about Islam than he says in public.

        Indications are that Hillary is not a well woman. We could end up being “ruled” by her aide, Huma Abedin who may be a Muslim Brotherhood operative.

        The globalist interests are going all out to defeat Trump. Apparently they have declared a jihad against him conducted in and by the mainstream media.

        • With regard to the US election, on one hand we have a sometimes oafish billionaire who made some crude comments and has broken several hearts versus a deep-state spawned monster with a trail of bodies stretching back to Arkansas, a record of failure stretching back to Watergate, a treasonous record of lax security precautions with information and business dealings, and who has openly endorsed the idea of a nuclear first-strike against Russia.

          This is not even a choice for any informed voter with a functional brain cell to their name.

  22. I was born in Germany. We emigrated to Canada when I was four in 1955. I became a Canadian citizen, but I was still proud of my German heritage. Although we vacationed in Germany when I was young and had relatives visit us in Canada, I gradually lost touch with many of them.

    I didn’t realize how much Germany had changed until I began researching for an article I recently wrote: “The Germanic-Roman Battle that Saved Western Civilization: Teutoburg Forest – Part 2”

    Germany’s refusal to celebrate the 2,000th anniversary of this important battle made me very sad. It is now evident to me that my former countrymen have had their spines removed by succumbing to political correctness and the propaganda of ‘integration’. The letter that Anna wrote proves that the Germany I once knew is doomed.

    The German heritage I was once proud of is now also ancient history.

    • It is sad.The old Wehrmacht were honorable in an uncompromising forthright manner.They had great integrity.
      My father was a spitfire pilot and he was shot down and interned in a German Prisoner of War camp.
      The Wehrmacht ran the camp and he had nothing but praise for them and the way he was treated.

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