Viktor Orbán and Horst Seehofer on the European Dream

After a meeting between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Horst Seehofer, the Minister President of Bavaria, the two men spoke briefly at a joint press conference.

Many thanks to CrossWare (Hungarian) and Nash Montana (German) for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:15   …after their exodus from Austria (USSR), we wanted to push the Iron Curtain to our Eastern borders.
0:21   In 1989 we had to open the border.
0:27   Now in 2015 and ’16,
0:30   we had to close the border down,
0:33   to stop the threat of migration from the south.
0:39   We never asked for these tasks!
0:43   Fate, history gave it to us.
0:51   My generation, which was born after 1956,
0:57   always dreamed about the reunion of Europe.
1:01   We thought
1:04   the reunion succeeded;
1:07   our children and grandchildren will live in freedom and better circumstances
1:12   than we have. We dreamed of the peace and wealth
1:19   of the European dream, we Hungarians too.
1:23   That is why we thought it was natural,
1:27   — after the collapse of dictatorships —
1:31   to join the European Union. We belong here!
1:36   We are at home! This is our home!
1:53   Today again we stand before enormous challenges in Europe.
1:58   Who would have expected just a few short years ago,
2:02   that we talk of war in the Ukraine,
2:05   that the world is threatened by the barbaric Islamic State terror,
2:09   that millions of refugees in Syria and in northern Iraq
2:12   suffer from violence and persecution,
2:15   that Europe is experiencing the refugee wave.
2:20   In these times of crisis we must say, we have to say,
2:25   that we in Europe have to stand together more than ever,
2:29   and speak with one unified voice.
2:32   Here in Bavaria we will always fight for solutions together,
2:35   for European solutions.
2:47   That is, to take in 9 billion and 1 million [misspoke, meant 9 million] people,
2:51   that is Christian humanitarianism,
2:54   in hard times.
2:57   That is what took place, we will master that,
3:00   and we are quite proud of that, but
3:03   we won’t be able to absorb
3:06   another million new refugees in Germany,
3:09   and I am glad that this year, this will not be repeated,
3:14   that we, in the meantime, now have a consensus with our German government in Berlin.

3 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán and Horst Seehofer on the European Dream

  1. Christian humanitarianism? More like Christian suicide. If there is one thing the Merkel migration policy has taught us, it is that Europe isn’t going to wake up one morning to the realisation that it has been entertaining angels unawares.

    • You’re right, Salome. It’s a driveling, sniveling distortion of what it means to be a Christian. Christ said to turn the other cheek, but that’s the limit. He *didn’t* say to keeping turning one’s face.

      This generation hasn’t produced the Chestertons, or Tolkiens, or Lewises of the last century. They’d not have put up with the garbage being spewed from the various pulpits in the West. I’d love to see a treatise on Pope Francis as written by, say, G.K. Chesterton. Or English pols compared by Lewis to “Men Without Chests”…(umm, don’t know where that leaves Ms. May, but you get the point).

      Today more than ever the parable of the Good Samaritan illustrates the reasonable limits of charitable behavior. When you happen upon an injured traveler you assist him to the point of finding someone to bind his wounds, pay for his lodging and then go on your way, your part done. As a human being living in the world, we are bound to come across those needing help – we provide what we can and then proceed on with whatever tasks we have to perform.

      It is the marxists who have put their guns to the head of bureaucratic government and demanded that ALL be taken care of – all of the people, all of the time without considering the unintended consequences of such largesse. Marxism in its various guises is the modern robber baron, taking from those who produce and giving to those who consume. Always with toxic results.

      In American colonial history there were two examples of communism: in the Dominion of Virginia and quite separately, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In both cases people would accept prison, the stocks, and public ridicule rather than have the fruits of their labor taken and redistributed without their say-so. Both places finally threw in the towel and gave in to the idea of each according to his labor…end of social unrest and near starvation.

      Maybe it’s a lesson each generation has to learn anew?

      • Dear Dymphna,

        you are so right on this. The late Margaret Thatcher said it so well: Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money. We still have not lear’t this simple fact. Even here in Australia, the left wing and marxists and indeed quite a large proportion of the Commonwealth continually expect, nay demand that the Governments do something about this that or the other. Always on the lookout for handouts rather than getting off their butts and doing it themselves. We now live in country where huge numbers of people work in Government departments, agencies and the like creating ever more regulation to stifle our lives and all this costs money, more and more every year. They great unwashed either don’t see it or wilfully do not heed the danger signals. The national debt is now greater than the GDP of the country and is never likely to be paid off anytime soon. Now the Federal Govt is targeting superannuation savings and pensions. Raiding the cookie jar is now the way to spend even more money on useless projects whilst committing the country to dubious UN inspired carbon targets and renewable energy targets which distort the grid and give us huge power outages in some areas. Stop the planet I want to get off.

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