The latest essay from our Israeli correspondent MC discusses those who would create for us a future that is the Best of Al Possible Worlds.

by MC

The perversion that is Leftism and the fellow perversion that is Islam see the world as a gap analysis between their perceived utopias and the current state of their union(s).

They see their utopia through its rose tinted spectacles, and then they look at the world around themselves. Instead of seeing a wonderful creation, they see the warts and the cancers that would not exist if their particular view of perfection was inflicted on all and sundry — that is, us, the excluded, the great unwashed crowd of peons lacking their form of enlightenment.

If they were God, they know that they could and would do a better job.

But what if creation is already perfect, and that it is man’s utopias that are the canker that causes all the unintended consequences?

We can demonstrate evolution working within a kind (a group of animals which can reproduce with each other), but in proposing that evolution can work across species is a gigantic leap in complexity. Darwin posited this leap in his famous chapter five, but unfortunately there is still a shortage of empirical evidence to support the theory, even if the theory has become a scientific paradigm.

Socialism, too, has become a similar socio-scientific paradigm in soft-science academia and beyond, and once again there is a huge leap in complexity between socialism working within a small community, and socialism working at a national and supra-national level.

Some close friends of mine are members of one of the more successful kibbutz communities here in Israel. There was a time when the kibbutz was held up as the ideal socialist community, but the difference between the kibbutz and its spectacularly unsuccessful poor relation the kolkhoz communal collective farm was selectivity. The kibbutz chose its members very, very carefully, and still does. The kolkhoz, however, had to labor under the socialist ‘equality’ myth, and was thus disastrous.

The promise of ‘utopia’ is very much a religious thing. Religion appropriates the moral high ground and removes from people the need to make (and act upon) moral decisions for themselves. Those decisions are made by a ‘religious’ elite and passed down as commandments to their adherents (the useful idiots).

This provides a very clear and concise environment within which one can signal one’s virtue.

So we have a political force calling itself a ‘religion’, and a ‘religion’ calling itself a political entity, and I don’t know which is more dangerous, but between them they are destroying the civilization we know and love, all because they are obsessed with their idea of their utopia, a utopia where I can only do only what they deem fit.

Creation is very much a mystical thing. We know it happened, but we can only speculate as to how it happened. The big bang theory and its corollary of evolution release us from a rigidity of catholic religious thinking. Jews do not switch on the lights during Sabbath because the rabbinical elite decided that it is “kindling a fire” (forbidden in Torah — see Numbers 15). The rabbi who made up this takkanah thought that there was fire inside the lamp. When it was demonstrated that it was excited tungsten wire, the takkanah was then defended by the observation the there was a spark at the switch. As a result I was criticized by the religious matron upstairs for having an automatic LED lamp on the dark and dangerous stairway outside the apartment — she wanted me to switch it off on Shabbat.

However, those who liberated themselves from these religious stupidities then created their own pseudo-scientific stupidity called ‘consensus’ science, where science was deemed to be solely material and/or social and where, if something was not detectable by the five senses, or otherwise approved by socialist academia, then it was obvious that it did not exist. Further, this physicalist academist science was politicized into Lysenkoism where pseudo-sciences such as ‘climate change’ also became political propaganda, and the doors of the metaphysical and the physical gaols were flung open to receive deniers and those perpetrating ‘hate’: a new religion, a new heresy and a new inquisition. Always the same thing.

Utopia is a place where everybody believes the same thing, does the same thing, and thinks the same thing, except that is, for the 72 virgins and the countless young, wine-serving boys with skins of pearl who must submit themselves to the sexual advances of their betters.

I try to avoid the godship of men, and their inevitable visions of man-made utopias. Man-gods like to define what is good and what is evil, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behavior, and then inflict their dogmas on society as a religion, political or mystical. But there are benign religions that preach “thou shalt not kill”, and those that justify, even glorify killing as a way to quickly and easily achieve the religio-political consensus needed for their particular utopia.

I have a theory. Historically, I see the huge leap in civilization that stemmed from the absorption of biblical principles into Western society, and also the erosion of civilization during my lifetime as those biblical principles have been trashed by the forces of materialism and entertainmentism (please excuse the neologism). My theory is that the closer we get to the truth of creation, the more civilized we become. Creation is the physical truth that we can see when we look out the window, but it is also a set of spiritual (metaphysical) truths that act in synergy with those physical truths. If we are at odds with the spiritual truths the civilization declines and becomes barbaric, but if we seek to build our society around those physical and spiritual truths then our society prospers in an almost supernatural way because it becomes aligned with the natural forces and laws inherent in the creation. Here there is synergy between God (the creative force) and man.

But of course this theory makes me a ‘religious’ nut job, with little credibility in the wider world, the world in the grip of utopian propagandas as we are ‘taught’ (coerced) from a tender age.

In World War Two we were duped into fighting alongside one secular humanist tyranny to exterminate another of the same kind, and we became contaminated. I would ask all readers to watch the documentary “The Soviet Story”, but to view it in the light of the brainwashing that we have undergone and which has allowed our whole civilization to come under threat.

Communism (as well as Nazism) is a subtle variation of the feudal system that has forever existed in various forms throughout the world. In Europe it did not survive much past the Black Death, but the final nail in its coffin was the printing of the Bible in the languages of the people. Where this happened, civilization grew.

For many years the penalty for translating the Bible was burning at the stake (the Moloch ritual), and this was the fate of William Tyndale (1494-1536) who was the first to translate the Bible into English. Prior to this the Bible was in Latin, the language of intellectuals and priests who could interpret it to their own tastes and without serious challenge, and so manipulate the people who could not “test everything” as did the Bereans. So grew up the utopian ideals of heaven and hell: obey the elite and you go to heaven, dissent and you go to hell.

I hope it has not escaped the reader’s attention that the same message is now disseminated by mainstream media where news is spun to achieve the same utopian/feudal design. People can read comics and trash novels (I do it often) but they often don’t read much else. Fifteen years ago I spoke to my brother about the New World Order, and he accused me of being a conspiracy theorist. He has stopped doing that now.

As humans, we think that if we change the name of something, we can pretend it is different:

New York Times story on Hitler vs. Lenin, 1935

In reality there is little difference between the political moralities of either Hitler or Lenin/Stalin, especially when one is behind the barbed wire fence waiting for death to relieve one of the pain of forced labor and starvation. Yet these villains are supposed to be opposites. The Nazis are reputed to be conservatives and conservative thought is almost always labeled ‘neo-Nazi’.

But it is the collectivist viewpoint that seems to enshrine utopias. If Israel will only give in to the Palestinians then there will be world peace (and no jooz). The ‘no jooz’ bit seems to have importance, too: the will of the Palestinian Authority (and Hamas) is a ‘one state’ solution ethnically cleansed of jooz, from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean), Palestine will be free (of jooz). This overtly Nazi cause has support from the mainstream left/liberal cause throughout Europe and also in the Obama administration. Once the Clinton is in power by virtue of ‘Jewish’ donations, her policies will be identical to those of the incumbent.

And so we move on. Laws and constitutions must become softer. They must now point people towards the mystical ‘oneness’ of utopianism; things are no longer about freedom. They are about conformity. The millennial generation are convinced that they are different, as they gaze into their crystal balls smartphones.

It is now a social (and in some places a judicial) crime to be ‘different’ if that difference involves some kind independent thought — thinking outside of the politically correct tunnel, or taking a ramp off the utopia highway. Is carbon a fertilizer or a felony? Is Israel a democracy or a pariah? Is Iran a responsible member of the world community that can be trusted with nukes?

Plaque commemorating those shot trying to escape from the Socialist Utopia by swimming across the Morava River at Devin on the outskirts of Bratislava (Slovakia)

A utopia is a dream, but who would want a dream to become a reality? The unpredictability of dreams can be very uncomfortable whilst asleep, but to have that brought into real life where there is no waking to find it was all — well, just a dream, is quite horrifying in its intensity. As a male in unfettered Muslim hands, I would find it very easy to lose my head. As a female, perhaps I might prefer to lose my head.

But we have been taught that nothing really matters if we just let our betters think for us. They can create utopias if we just let them. You know, those people with the big ideas and the larger-than-life media images, they KNOW what is best…

Don’t they?

I have been brainwashed. I know this because we have just been to the American shops in Jerusalem where we topped up on Folgers and Crunchies (British candy bar). I see the Crunchies and I automatically think to myself “Crunchie makes exciting biting,” the TV adverting slogan from my childhood.

‘Crunchie makes exciting biting’

But if a candy bar can do this to me, what more subtle and malignant memes have been pumped into my young mind waiting to be triggered by the correct stimuli? We dumped our TV in the late ’70s so the job is probably not finished, but if the jingles persist then what other junk is there lurking in my subconscious?

Here in Israel the English language media is solidly behind Trump, and the thought of a criminal in the White House is incomprehensible, but this is obviously not so where it matters most. We have the dead voting in Virginia, and voting machines that can be hacked all over the place. So we expect democratically aligned zombies to vote in their thousands and tens of thousands.

Just how deep is the subliminal message that tells a supposedly democratic nation that a criminal POTUS is acceptable? Just what is it the makes senior Republicans endorse a dubious Democrat and still remain credible?

Utopias are defined by what or whom they exclude, so the road to any utopia is fouled with discarded human litter, which needs to be disposed of. It is time to look very closely at the utopian processes in our society, not just the Islamic one, but also those with a New World Order agenda as well. This coming election may well be the last chance. To one of those candidates I am nowt but deplorable litter…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

20 thoughts on “Utopias

  1. Excellente! Applausos!
    Excellent! Applause! (English Sub-Titles)
    And if you think that is fun, you should see what Brussels is doing to the English Pound. Talk about being “Pounded” down! The pound is near parity with the dollar, all because the English ran out of room for their quota of Muslims. We aren’t in charge anymore, and I am grateful for that. I will remain obedient to what the Bible says and be civilized. Let the rest of them stand before the Creator and give an account of their misdeeds. their money and power won’t do them any stinking good.

  2. As a younger man, I generally thought my life was my canvass to paint as I wished. After the implosion of the Soviet Union (which somehow unsettled Bush ’41), we entered upon a period of great confusion with leaders given to spastic, inexplicable lurches into military adventure, concupiscence, a brainless “straightening out” of benighted peoples, embrace of primitivism (even savagery), manufacturing and trade policies that are nothing less than unhinged, cultural rot, and monetary and fiscal excess that is as satanic as it is stupid. A way of life has been destroyed and freaks raised to the skies.

    Very late in life it dawned on me that a common sense appreciation of the blessings of Western civilization had been proscribed and replaced by a power grab disguised as an advance to a higher plane of human existence, to wit, global governance. Those who push this have acquired enormous power, not least because of their ability to distort reality in astonishing ways and rub the faces of normal people in what can only be described as simpering perversion.

    So a society allowing enormous autonomy has morphed into some kind of vague but evil utopian scheme never before attempted, with hardly a murmur of protest. It did happen here after all, ironically in a forest of traditions, laws and constitutions designed to protect popular sovereignty. Disembodied and anonymous”elites” gloat at their successes but have no concept of what Step #2 will look like any more that someone considers the next phase of his life after injecting methamphetamine. Look how MS-13 social clubs and Muslim street prayers have improved America!

    Feudalism was marked by a system of mutual loyalty between ruler and ruled. In the modern world so cursed by cheap, juvenile ideologies, however, the ruler has been freed of the duty of loyalty as modern methods of control obviate the need to earn the loyalty of the people. They are nothing and their lives can be destroyed without a second’s thought. Foreigners can be imported in limitless numbers and native populations casually displaced. No case has been made to persuade Western people and, quite the contrary, the apotheosis of thousands of years of history is The Lie.

  3. TV has meant that the elites are even more remote, the serfs can be controlled by proxy so the personal contact is no longer needed, but what amazes me is the incredible and intense loyalty that still attaches itself to the most vile of media sculpted characters……

  4. “For many years the penalty for translating the Bible was burning at the stake (the Moloch ritual), and this was the fate of William Tyndale (1494-1536) who was the first to translate the Bible into English. Prior to this the Bible was in Latin, the language of intellectuals and priests who could interpret it to their own tastes and without serious challenge, and so manipulate the people who could not “test everything” as did the Bereans. ”

    I realise this story is in the water in the Protestant anglosphere, but it’s not true. There are lots of Bible translations in the vernacular across dark age and middle ages Europe.



    Tyndale was excecuted for heresy, not bible translation.

    • Yes, but heresy and translating the Bible to suit one’s best understanding and not the demands of the power hierarchy is pretty much the same thing. Translating, for example, ekklesia as a gathering, not a church, was revolutionary in its impact.

      Btw, Wycklife translated a part of the Bible, according to his own understanding, and they actually went and dug him up and burned him postmortem. Though he said other cheeky things.

    • So what do you think his ‘Heresy’ was?

      The “Constitutions of Oxford” of 1408 aimed to reclaim authority in all ecclesiastical matters, specifically naming John Wycliffe in a ban on certain writings, and noting that translation of Scripture into English by unlicensed laity is a crime punishable by charges of heresy.

  5. “Prior to this the Bible was in Latin, the language of intellectuals and priests who could interpret it to their own tastes and without serious challenge…” You nailed it. Similarly, the awareness of the New World Order is due in no small measure to the free flow of information via the Internet.
    The powers that be are beginning to close in on this by relinquishing control to ICANN, and activating their power media and political machine to crown HRC in November. If this happens, tremendous hardship awaits us Deplorables and all lovers of liberty.
    Time for serious prayer…

  6. We all have brains that can think highly individualistic thoughts. And we all have totally separate and distinct family histories and environmental backgrounds. Accordingly, one would think that thinking, thoughts and belief systems would be highly atomized and extremely different between all people. Just like their faces are all different; why aren’t their brain mentations all different?

    Yet what we see is huge blocks of people thinking similarly, hardly an iota of difference in their broad beliefs. Why is this? Why do the people at CNN all believe thoughts A and the people at Fox all believe thoughts B?

    Maybe it was so important for social animals to work together to survive that to have heterodoxy in the tribe actually caused the tribe to have reduced survival? Maybe it was so important that tribes did not have uniformity and orthodoxy in their thinking, such that these that did not did not survive and did not successfully breed and reproduce….so that these orthodox genes were saved and gradually enhanced, over and over, as each generation reproduced.
    So our genes are telling us to believe what our neighbors believe and what our families believe….else we may not live so long.

    Then the world changed and science comes along telling us that survival needs tremendous creativity and requires new sources of energy, new machinery, new education, new thinking about public health and new weaponry. And orthodoxy was not so hot as before. It was better to be iconoclastic and thinking all over the place and outside the box.

    But some of us had too many of the old favored orthodox genes and we couldn’t change. These old thinking people sensed who was whom and began to hang together and socialize in groups and to breed together and to write theses and books about why they are the correct thinkers and why everyone else is wrong.

    But the real world out there has truly changed and maybe it is really is disadvantageous to think like everyone else..,so eventually evolution will work on these folks and reduce their overall fertility. Surprise! It is doing this right now. Intellectuals and urbaized moderns have FRs less than 2.0. Gotcha!

  7. “So grew up the utopian ideals of heaven and hell: obey the elite and you go to heaven, dissent and you go to hell.”

    This line alone reminds me of exactly what I found in the trilogy, ‘Conversations with God’ by (or through I should say) Neale Donald Walsch.

  8. “But if a candy bar can do this to me, what more subtle and malignant memes have been pumped into my young mind waiting to be triggered by the correct stimuli?

    How about a well-packaged web of lies sold gradually to the masses over decades. I think they call it social engineering.

  9. “secular humanist tyranny” is strange definition for Nazism or Communism.

    first, there is nothing “humanist” in slave labour, racial laws and extermination camps.

    the adjective “secular” isn’t very helpful, as well.
    mafia’s tyranny is also secular, in a way.

    I would rather use “ideological tyranny” definition.
    it may be religious or not, depending on character of central myth.

    that would include criminal societies’ “understandings”, and the case of caste system.

    tyranny is a way of delivering the primodial (archaic) hierarchy-forming agent, the oppression.

    • Not strange at all, history cannot be changed just because it offends you and yours. If you don’t like the sordid history of humanism in France, Russia, and Germany then ok, but don’t try to obfuscate it.

      • I understand humanism as secular movement driven by the consensus on highetst priority of human flourishing.

        individual freedoms, rationality, unity of law, civil rights, political and social meritocracy, free enterprise, charity, balance of conservatism/progressivism, and so on – are all following from here.

        you definitely mean “sordid history” of something else but not humanism.

        • Your proposition that humanism represents the highest priority of human flourishing (I hope I have repeated more or less what you said) is correct as long as one realizes that this “flourishing” would not be possible to even conceptualize without its foundation of Judeo-Christian-Hellenistic and Roman ideas regarding morality, compassion, aesthetics and law. On these pillars was built the Enlightenment (Scottish version). Without them we could never have reached the level of technology we have so far attained.

          At the moment we are on the cusp of yet another profound change, as happens in the West every 200 years or so. I suspect it will be a hodge-podge for the next century (more or less), especially after the demographic implosion due to arrive mid- 21st century.

          Whatever mode it takes, that change will be

          1)post-capitalist (which was largely brought into being at its peculiar high-trust level by Quaker merchants,
          2)post-Enlightenment (not the bloody, savage French version),
          3) and moving past the current domination of technology, which obviously isn’t finished yet, post- technological.

          Before technology has finished being in charge, it will spend its humanist patrimony, but none now alive can fathom what will be in that bag o’ tricks our descendants will pay for. We can only hope for them that the cost will not be too dear. Whatever they get, it certainly will be something that no one currently alive would recognize as ‘normal’ or congenial. But one has only to read history to realize whatever comes will be the natural home of those born into it, since they will have no first-hand understanding of anything else. They will view our current exploits – what we think of as ‘normalcy’- in the same way we see the world of the mid-18th Century. That is, fascinating tales, but so limited compared to what they know that they’ll be relieved not to have to live with our ignorance.

          And so the world moves on.

          But it could never have gotten to this point without the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, the necessary trinity of Beauty-Truth-Goodness, and the Rule of Law. Humanism is the summation of the genius of those four cultures; it doesn’t, and can’t, stand unaided.

          • no objection on first and last paragraph.

            on the role of technology, I wouldn’t be so sure.
            there are many possible points of crucial influence, for example –
            1) spiltting Homo Sapiens into 2 (at least) new species
            2) physical immortality
            3) merger human with machine
            4) colonizing other planets

            maybe as a result, new moral philosophy will appear.

          • Based on the points you make, I agree with your conclusion. Those are iffy, however, esp. physical immortality.

            Moral philosophy has always trailed behind physics, even before the 20th century. Much to the annoyance of theology — which took a looong time to recover from the tantrum it threw after being dethroned by astronomy, et al — it is physics and the allied sciences which create our world view. Smart theologians have no problem with the ascendancy of physics; and ever since Heisenberg, physics seems to be one huge paradox after another.

            That’s one of the reasons I like Bill Warner’s work on Islam. His academic career in physics and maths was the foundation for his decades-long exploration of Islam. The latter began prior to 9/11. But he would correct me to say that we’re talking about “political Islam”. Like any scientist, he’s a stickler for terms. Dr. Warner doesn’t get mad about Islam’s atrocities. Instead he explains their logical construct and translates whatever phenomena we can see into something Western minds can comprehend; the more information we have, the less energy we use on futile outrage and anger. Thus, he makes evil accessible and in this case, that is vital information.

  10. @AY
    It may be that your particular sect of the secular humanist non-religion is not guilty of the tyranies of the last century, but we only have your word for that. It is like Mussolini saying that he did not persecute Jews except under orders from Hitler…..

    The Jews still died…..

    If as a secular humanist you abide by the commandments of my Torah, is it not encumbent upon you to find out why they work for you? or do you feel that you are just not at all curious? if so then your altruism is hollow. Hitler thought he was doing the world a favour by ridding it of Jews. Marx wanted us to think that his form of humanism was the key to a better world. To convince me of the validity of ‘man as god’ you must give CREDIBLE answers to the “in the beginning” questions of how mankind invented itself and this universe.. This I have not seen forthcoming.

    • excessive use of labels, hollow accusations, and Hitler in particular, – don’t add anything valuable to discussion.

      on “commandments of your Torah” (for which BTW there were babylonian precursors).
      starting civilization, relying on large settlements and agriculture, combining different tribes withing city walls, was incompatible with hunter-gatherer ways, where the dominant “commandment” was – meeting a human from neighbouring clan/tribe means fight, until or I’m dead or he is.

      “gottentotian moral” was reason why bushmen didn’t develop civilization.

      “Commandments” served as adaptation of moral to new technology.
      also see the discussion above.

      mankind didn’t “invent” universe.
      mankind unravels truth about universe and about itself.

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