10 thoughts on “The Lights Are Going Out in Albion

  1. Paul is a good man, a decent, honourable man, but may I have the temerity to say he is just too nice, and Liberty GB will never become the force needed to change things in the U.K.

    Others will certainly disagree, as many on GoV keep saying “we must never sink to the level of the moslem hordes, etc”. They are 100% wrong–if the Allies in WW2 had not adopted the same level of engagement as the Germans and Japanese, if they had not sunk German and Japanese ships, shot down German and Japanese planes and bombed German and Japanese cities, mercilessly, and yes with horrific civilian casualties; then things might have gone disastrously differently.

    This is of course only my opinion, and as to what I would suggest to reverse the present situation, unfortunately I am not allowed to say, on this or any other blog, although surely many on GoV could guess; especially when as many of us have said, the entire problem has been caused by those like Merkel, Blair, Brown, Löfven, Reinfeldt, Stoltenberg, Cameron, Obama, and all the other traitorous ‘leaders’ who made this whole catastrophe happen and/or are still encouraging it, as is the case with the witless Trudeau here in Canada.

    In this day and age, Churchills are hard to find, but maybe Eastern Europe might provide one or two who at least know right from wrong.

    • You are absolutely correct. I am afraid the generations alive now, – me included -, will have to sacrifice our soul and be merciless the fight against tyranny the unholy alliance of Leftist Globalists and Islam. But when I look into my little niece innocent blue eyes (5 year old), this price seems worth it. I will do anything possible to help her be free and to have a good, happy life!

    • You are 100% correct. We cannot win this struggle without political power. The present political elites have already established a tyranny which they have no right to establish – the deprivation of freedom of speech. If the people, in voting against them (as in Brexit) still cannot prevail, then what is the alternative except slavery or war?

  2. On the deck of this doomed supertanker are many hundreds of passengers (non-paying), all being looked after and provided for by an overworked hard-pressed crew. They are too pre-occcupied with themselves and their entertainment to be interested in icebergs or warnings.

  3. Always the reasonable patriot. With proper funding you would wipe out the craven PC brigade Paul. Well done, millions already believe your message.

  4. As usual, Paul Weston has more common sense in his little finger than the multi-culti idiots do. How anyone can NOT see what’s coming is both frightening and amazing.

  5. I really recomend some of the Christopher Hitchens videos that appear after the Paul Weston clip. Especially “Hitch Nails It”.

    Yes. Weston said clearly we are on a demographic slide if things continue as they are. That’s never said in the media; even when they show waves of people braking down barriors.

  6. Rob Andrews writes, “I really recommend some of the Christopher Hitchens videos that appear after the Paul Weston clip. Especially “Hitch Nails It”.”

    When a YouTube video ends, the selection of four next videos to select from varies from person to person, dependent apparently on what you have been watching on YouTube lately. Different people will be offered a different set of next-video-to-view options. To convey which video you mean, you have to link to it explicitly.

  7. It’s very sad that England is, predictably, going down the tubes even after the Brexit vote. I hope no one was counting strongly on Theresa May actually implementing a meaningful exit, when she was a fervent supporter or remaining a member. Most likely, Britain will follow the Swiss path of associate membership, which commits them to all the rules and regulations and dues, but denies them a vote. Since their individual votes are useless anyway, it really makes no difference.

    Anyway, the selective enforcement of hate speech on whites but not Muslims that Weston describes is very typical of third-world countries. The police brutally enforce anti-crime measures on law-abiding citizens, but leave the real criminals alone. Why? Because it’s very dangerous to enforce laws on real gangsters. The gangsters will kill the offending policeman, and his fellow officers and higher-ups will look the other way, not wanting to share the fate themselves. So, there is no institutional support, even if the police wanted to enforce the law on real criminals.

    So, they pump up their arrest statistic by harassing harmless citizens. I won’t bring up the dramatic increase in extremely violent crime since the gun control was enacted, as that is not my point here. My point is that the degenerate government agencies of third-world failed nations is more dangerous towards productive, civilized citizens than towards real gangsters. And Britain seems well on the way to that direction.

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