The Five-Mile High Jihad Club

The following article concerns the increasing problem of “radicalization” among culture-enriching Air France employees. Its description of Roissy Airport remind me of Heathrow. The last time I flew into London, it seemed that at least half the ground crew and airport staff sported bushy Salafist beards or wore full hijab.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this piece from Le Figaro:

Air France denies being confronted with acts of malevolence by its radicalized employees

by Yohan Blavignat
October 5, 2016

In an article published on Wednesday, the Canard enchaîné identified several “anomalies” before the departure of many commercial flights. These incidents, which are related to radicalized individuals, were denied by the airline

Attempts to sabotage commercial flights, the words “Allahu Akhbar” on airplanes, a Roissy agent who refuses to guide a plane piloted by a woman… In its edition dated Wednesday [October 5], the Canard enchaîné lists a series of disturbing incidents concerning allegedly radicalized employees of Air France. Contacted by Le Figaro that evening, the airline denied the allegations and denounced the “unfounded rumors” and “false information”. “No malicious act on a commercial flight Air France has ever been confirmed or even identified as such,” says the airline.

In the satirical weekly, an intelligence officer reported a “dozen people under surveillance” in the group. “Concerning Air France, we found several anomalies before the start of several commercial flights. They are akin to sabotage,” says this particular source. The company, on the other hand, is optimistic and assured us that “our personnel like our clients are absolutely safe.”

Several “anomalies” identified

However, according to the Canard enchaîné, flight commanders repeatedly found that the relay motor, intended to support the commands from the cockpit, showed damage. The alarm fortunately worked and the malfunction has been resolved. According to the intelligence services, who conducted their investigation, the incident would have been intentional, and the person responsible is an employee of Air France who converted to Islam and has since moved to Yemen. Also according to the satirical newspaper, two employees of the airline who are related to this man, later doctored several evacuation slides for the Air France aircraft. Because a lack of evidence, the two men were moved to “less sensitive” positions in the name of the precautionary principle.

Moreover, during a flight from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv via Paris, Israel was removed from Geovision system that allows passengers to track in real time the movement of the aircraft, and replaced with “Gaza”. The log traced back to an employee of the service company responsible for program screens. As a final item, Canard relates another incident: tags reading “Allahu Akhbar” were found on kerosene filling hatches on forty aircrafts. In one case, the captain used his “right of withdrawal”, and the plane remained grounded.

“An urban legend”

In the final case, the police would have investigated, reports the Express, to conclude that the tags had been attached during stops in North African countries, not in Roissy. In addition, a source close to the case cited by the weekly, assures that “No major incident of this type occurred. They are more marginal incidents which stem from behavioral problems.” And this source cited the example of an employee refusing to guide a plane piloted by a woman: “This case sounds more like an urban legend than a fact. Air France has assured us that they had no knowledge of such a case.”

Beyond the single issue of Air France, the Roissy airport hub is a particularly sensitive point for the intelligence services. There are there about 90,000 employees in nearly 900 companies. Each employee must have a “red badge” issued by the intelligence services to move freely within all or part of the airport. Now, according to the Canard enchaîné, the prefecture responsible for the security fired 73 [employees] since the attacks of 13 November 2015. Note that this figure does comprise not only cases of radicalization.

28 thoughts on “The Five-Mile High Jihad Club

  1. Rather reminds me of the voyage of the “Hispaniola” in Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island”, once they are underway the captain and his officers in horror realize the crew are not who they thought they were. The “West’s” ship is being crewed by people who don’t just dislike us, but plan it’s overthrow and destruction.

    • For a start airports could introduce a mandatory dress code,
      No facial hair growth whatsoever, uniforms issued and to be worn at all times with no head or facial covering allowed period.

      No prayer rooms, no praying whilst on duty as France is supposedly a secular nation!

      Log who goes anywhere near an aircraft, should any be found
      Subsequently tampered with, including graffiti, the entire ground crew responsible for said damage to be sacked immediately with no right of appeal.

      • Perhaps all men could be screened and anyone who is circumcised, as most moslem men are and very few Europeans are, could be barred from working in the industry.
        I say this as someone who has facial hair.

        • All my sons were circumcised at birth, in American hospitals. Hippies stopped doing it so automatically, but for the most part it has continued. Studies have shown it reduces a number of STD problems later on.

  2. Can’t the authorities see, these people are gently pushing, pushing. How much can we get away with? With they stop us this time? No!!! Lets push a bit harder Bro. Which is what they have been doing for years. And we roll over.

  3. When Saudi money talks security walks. Within the next five years I imagine an armed Muslim insurgency will start to demand their own little Pakistan somewhere in Europe. Hey don’t laugh. Islam got Kosovo in short order. Are we becoming strangers to ourselves?

    • Adam, may I make a suggestion?

      “Travel to Western Europe? No thanks. Travel to Eastern Europe? Yes.”

  4. A ” So Called religion ” with a 1,400 year history of leaving death and destruction in its wake will not be recognized by the majority of ” Irreligious ” Frenchmen and women who are too narcissistic and soft to have a clear eyed view of history and the actual world they live in. Good riddance to these p[eople] who inhabit France. After Islam self-destructs in a few generations because there is nothing left for them to steal…and it has murdered all its slaves….a remnant of intelligent people may make a new start. Recorded history abounds with stories of failed civilizations. Past and unrecorded history illustrates the validity of this observation. Go ahead Muslims…Wreck the planes….and the French culture as well. They deserve it because of their softness and irresponsibility.

    • This is what I meant when I said we need more compassion for one another and fewer summary judgments handed down from on high. I don’t know where you’re from but there isn’t one Western culture or country which hasn’t made serious mistakes, which isn’t in deep trouble vis-a-vis its leaders or its common values.

      If fate treats France to the future you describe, you may be sure that your own country will be weakened proportionately. It is past time to stand together against a common enemy. Yes, France has many faults and problems, but so do we all. Your moral censure from Mount Olympus – “good riddance to the those who inhabit France” – is callous and chilling…and deeply short-sighted. If France “deserves it” then no less do you (and I) deserve such a fate.

      Recorded history abounds with examples of people who failed to stand together against a common enemy. France may be further along the road to dhimmitude than my own country, the U.S., but we are surely hurtling down the same road, just not as quickly.

      The time for judgments against others is long past. It is a projection none of us can afford. “There but for the grace of God go I” has long since become “and AM going, unfortunately”.

      Oh, wait. Perhaps you are fortunate enough to inhabit some Wonderland where the situation is not dire and worrisome, some Utopia hidden from the rest of us? If so, you would be wise to keep it a secret. If you were to divulge the coordinates for your dreamworld, we flawed human beings – worried as we are about the fate of our own countries – would move in great droves with alacrity to your fair land. You are safest living alone in your paradise.


      • Thank you very much for the message. I do appreciate it, as someone in France. I live & work here and face on a daily basis the reality. Having a support network is finitely more helpful than destructive words of intolerance. There are grassroot sea changes here, not readily seen. The waves of migrant resettlement protests is one. Zemmour and others stating their mind is another. We battle on.

        • Only sub-rosa “grass roots” groups can be effective in Europe. We remember that well from the days the Baron attended the Counterjihad Alliance meetings. Security ahead of the event was tight.

          And that is going to be the case here if Hillary is elected. Samizdat for the vast right wing conspiracy (a name Hillary invented)/ At the moment, right-wing organisations like the Tea Parties and the ACT! for America groups are somewhat public, though they bear on-going assaults by the IRS. Once Hillary is in, those people will be labelled as “hate groups” – something she told Erdogan way back when. She also has promised to close down Breitbart News. Don’t know how she’ll do it, but her actions will involve Supreme Court appointees who are willing to eviscerate the First Amendment. Post-Obama and post-Clinton, this will be a very different country, making Europe look much freer in comparison. Should Hillary die in office, her vice-president, a former Sandinista worker, will be even worse than she is. And he’s likely to be re-elected.

          Thus, if Hillary gets into office, and depending on which she quits this mortal coil, we could have Democrat rules for a generation or more. Many people will be fleeing.

          • There is a lot more stuff in the mainstream press here in France fighting against Islamisation than one might imagine. The Figaro (admittedly on the right) has many articles that quite frankly I cannot see getting published in mainstream British newspapers. And good old Charlie Hebdo nearly every week has an editorial blasting those who are soft about maintaining laïcité.

  5. Dymphna, Your lack of insight and { probable } left wing education is illustrated by your outraged response to an ironic comment. Geert Wilders and the leader of Hungary are sounding the alarm about the planned takedown of Western culture { using low IQ Islamic stooges }……to the soft ears of the { so called High IQ stooges }of the so called ” One Worlders “. Prepare for a Holoucast that makes Stalin’s Gulags look like Club Med Vacations. Simply put ; ISLAM IS EVIL….Compassion has no place when nations engage in pest control activities. Of course the French and other european countries brought this affliction on themselves by giving up their Judaeo Christiann beliefs….and forgetting the fact that a culture survives by raising families. { not even replacing their existing populate with such low birth rates } Save your outrage for the monsters and thir sponsors…..not the watchdog.

    • 1. My response contained no outrage. You are reading into it something that doesn’t exist.
      2. Your comment was/is similar to many, many others who have come before you. They often sounded just like you – some version of “Europe is done, stick a fork in it”.
      3. My education was not and is not “Leftist”. My intellectual/philosophical leanings can be summed up in Russell Kirk’s Ten Principles of Conservatism.
      4. When attempting irony, it is wise to indicate or clearly mark this sentiment since the reader has no way to hear your tone.
      5. A “watchdog” who appears to be limited to ankle-biting isn’t much help at this point.
      6. We have been repeating “ISLAM IS EVIL” on this website for a very long time now, and our pushback extends beyond these pages. But that work/knowledge does not preclude compassion for those who are caught in the same snare of Islam as America is. No one deserves such a fate and none of us have real control against our ‘leaders’ who dictate our demise and replacement by 3rd worlders. That process is happening in the U.S. at an astonishing rate – the only difference being that it’s often done here by stealth. Not one state in the U.S. has escaped. Thus, people living in, say, New Hampshire, don’t deserve to be condemned for what is being pushed off on them.

      America is equally busy shedding its “Judeo-Christian beliefs” and its birth rate isn’t any better than Europe’s – unless you count immigrant demographics.

      Don’t appear on this website, proceed to unload callous judgments on other countries and then claim, when you’re called on it, that your name-calling is “irony”. Your response is simply not credible.

      Next time, when you call names I will again delete them. And if your ‘ironic’ comment is not marked as such, you’ll be taken to task for it again. We are all in this together in the West. History has not shown us to be inclined to work together. Islam depends on that divisiveness; thus your comment helps the enemy. That’s what sowing discord does.

  6. Dymphna, Platitudes about standing together and compassion for the victims of the Muslim assault on the West is empty talk. Islam has been , and is currently at war with civilized peoples since that psychopath Mohammed started his fake religion. I propose a draconian solution to eliminate this scourge. Many innocents born into Muslim countries will endure the life that has been visited on them by their unfortunate place of birth. The Islamic Interlopers bent on our destruction are a different issue. Send them All Back to where they came from. At great cost…but cheaper than letting them remain in your homelands. Want to do Charity for these unfortunates ? Reach into your pockets and send them some aid. What do you propose …other than politically correct bromides ?.

    • Mr. Reps, you persist in misunderstanding Dymphna. Her call for restraint concerns people who ankle-bite and snipe and cavil at people who should be their allies. It does not concern behavior towards the enemy.

      Telling entire countries or cultures that they are doomed and deserve their fate is demoralizing, to say the least. It does nothing to create, nurture, and strengthen alliances among various groups of infidels who should be fighting TOGETHER against Islam.

      I, too, am weary of people who judge groups of their fellow Westerners in the balance and find them wanting. We are all wanting in the eyes of God, so it behooves us to show restraint and circumspection when confronting the misguided actions of other peoples.

      If we — the voters of the United States — elect Hillary Clinton as our president, we may well find ourselves in need of compassionate understanding from the people of France or Sweden. The shoe will eventually end up on the other foot.

      And when the king, your father, achieved humility
      He was restored his kingdom and his sanity
      And though you knew all this to start, you humbled not your heart
      The writing on the wall commands your fall!

        • It’s from a song by David Freiberg and Robert Hunter, “Book of Daniel”. I posted the full lyrics a few years ago.

          To my mind, the crucial like is: “How little grace is earned and how much given”

  7. I fly through De Gaulle regularly, and it does have a staffing demographic that would seem more representative of the Middle East/Africa than metropolitan France.

    • Because the airport recruits from the outlying areas, overwhelmed with new French, who want little to do with the old established culture. No one there seems to care about the situation, mainly because of the current political diktat of see no evil hear no evil.

      • I’m wondering how long it will take ISIS or similar groups to infiltrate multiple operatives into key positions on the ground crews.

        Of course, the bureaucratic fools in French intelligence will fail to see this before it is too late.

  8. I thought that jobs at airports were well paid and therefore desirable. So we can’t say that they are the jobs that none of the natives or older waves of immigrants will do. How is it that they’ve been taken over by a particular class of enrichers? I can answer that–either someone stopped noticing, or those doing the hiring felt obliged not to be concerned. And then as the particular wave of enrichers grows, those of other ethnicities and cultures begin to feel themselves unwelcome and squeezed out. I’d advocate for no people from certain parts of the world working at airports. That wouldn’t cut all of their particular ideology out, but it would make it a much more workable minority, while the workforce filled with ‘ordinary’ citizens of a less volatile nature.

  9. Dear Baron Bodissey, Watching Geert Wilders trying to convince members of his government about the social and demographic peril his country will soon be subjected to; and seeing how his reasons arguments are rejected by the Relativists , and Politically correct leadership of his own country makes my heart sad. Orban made a striking observation about Hungary’s rejection of Muslim interlopers by saying ; ” Years of communism has vaccinated Hungarians to be resistant to lies “., All this polite academic discourse will not protect Europeans from the plague of Islam. If my few harsh words are all it takes to unravel the sensitivities of the effete French, German, Belgian and other Western Europeans , and cause them to worry about ” ankle biting ” instead of the certain death of their culture…THEY DO DESERVE TO BE OVERWHELMED BY AN IRRATIONAL, SUBHUMAN CULTURE. If they don’t have the brains to recognize a danger…or the guts to fight it…Why on earth should these inbred poodles exist ?. The only Hope for Christian Civilization left today…is in the hands of Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately ; a good portion of his army is made up of Muslim fundamentalists , like the German Army..and he has his work cut out for him. Stop concerning yourself with my harsh words, and start pushing back against the fools who are in leadership positions in your own countries. Those savages are not too concerned about pretty words.

    • Somehow and to some extent, I agree with you, Francis. People in all country must have the guts to fight it.

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