Some Compassion is in Order, Even Overdue…

Sometimes the comment sections on our posts are so very disheartening. Full of ‘shoulda-woulda-coulda’ sermonettes to people who are being overrun by criminals and who are therefore paralyzed by fear.

Frankly, the blame is so thick and heavy at times that for my own peace of mind I have simply to avoid reading them for a while… and when I go back again, there they are, sprinkled among more thoughtful responses are summary judgments against the people “over there” who find themselves in a waking nightmare…

…Today, there was this:

you are only living like this because this is how your politicians want you to live. so keep electing them as long as the check comes. who says that being dependent upon the politicians doesn’t have bad consequences?

I closed the Gates of Vienna tab, my stomach in a knot. How do we know here in the U.S., that Hillary won’t win and send us down the same bloody road as Europe is traveling? Then I remembered someone who explains. Kind, compassionate Bill Warner and his humane, accurate explanation for how the Middle East was destroyed in such a short time is a good beginning to comprehending our own plight. His learned explanations for what pervasive, overwhelming fear can do to destroy a culture very quickly were — and still are — a balm.

For those who are quick to judge our European cousins who find themselves at the mercy of both their governments and of rabid Islam, please listen to Dr. Warner’s deeply empathic and historically accurate explanation of how history happened and how it can repeat itself.

We have shown this video before (as have others: it has more than three million views) and no doubt we will air it again. Would that more of us had Dr. Warner’s compassion, a wisdom borne of his deep study of Islam and of the limits of human endurance.

It goes without saying that should Hillary Clinton win in November, America’s future will be under the shadow of the Caliphate. And it will not be because we voted for her or ever wanted her to have the power to make of us the USSA. Nor did France vote for Islam, or Germany, or Greece. All too often there is between our votes and reality a deep chasm.

Let us at least care about one another’s fate. During this protracted emergency, can we forego judging one another?

Please, for pity’s sake, try to understand before it becomes your turn…

138 thoughts on “Some Compassion is in Order, Even Overdue…

  1. Throw is the unseen hands. I just discovered the Syria Files at Wikileaks while looking at more recent emails from Podesta. I am just sick of the damn lies.

  2. We fear Islam and would never vote directly for Islam, but Islam is just a tool, hammers in the hands of an international blacksmiths who wants to supposedly beat our swords to ploughshares; all so that we can grow their crops on their land, and pick their cotton for them to sell.

    So who should we fear, the hammer or its weilder?

    A vote for Clinton is a vote to be bashed……

    A vote for Trump is a vote for the unknown, but he has shown that he is aware of the problems….

  3. Thank you, Dymphna. As a Swede, I have more or less stopped reading the comments because there are so many Americans who seem to gloat over what is happening to us. It’s very disheartening and like you say, they will most likely have Clinton running their country for the next four years so best of luck to them.

    • I don’t think anyone is gloating. In many ways we love and admire the Swedes. We want you to survive. At the same time many of us are angry at your politicians and at the people who support them for betraying Western Civilization. The reason people take a certain degree of satisfaction in your pain is because obviously some people need a great deal of pain to learn anything and they hope that you wake up before it is too late. That’s all.

      • Thanks Dennis, but I see it quite often. Comments like “the Swedes can have it, they have voted for their socialist politicians” or “I can’t wait for the stupid Swedes to go down” are very common.

        We who are critical about what is happening to us right now should band together to be stronger, not put each other down and cause division between us.

        • Quite so, but a good first step would be some evidence of you recognizing your current plight as a problem, and secondly taking concrete steps to end the madness.

          Collectively, you seem to be struggling to even get to step one.

          Best wishes on that, but if you were expecting the other animals around the waterhole to band together and help the lion pride’s current victim, you may find the flaw inherent just about the time it doesn’t really matter anymore.

        • We are with you Sweden, despite what your politicians tell you, you have a great culture and a great heritage.

          Dating back to the Vikings you have been phenomenal sea farers and also a kind and caring nation.

          Hope everything eventually turns out alright for you and your children and grandchildren too.

        • Superswede ,what you are seeing is not hatred but frustration.We don’t want to see Sweden become a failed Islamic state run along the lines of the I.S.I.S caliphate straddling parts of Iraq and Syria.

          But we fear that Swedes don’t realise that it is 2 minutes till midnight and the time to elect better politicians , in the mold of Viktor Orban , DonaldTrump or Geert Wilders is long overdue.

          We cannot understand why Sweden is passively sleepwalking into national suicide.

          Your way of life is at stake.Your children are raped by migrants ,your women are preyed upon by migrants.But there are no consequences for the migrant predators only a deep bitter winter of the soul for the victims..Malmo is now the rape capital of the world.

          We want to see you act like real men.

          We want to see you defend your wives and children from the depredation of people who despise
          you, reject your values and see you as a soft touch.

          They prey on your passionate drive, your great and intense need, to be seen as nice tolerant multicultural people at any cost.They manipulate you ,play on your emotions like violins.And you just can’t see that you are being played for suckers. You appear willing dupes.

          And we feel that being seen as welcoming is more important to Swedish society than protecting its women and children , democratic ideals , the Swedish way of life ,Swedish national identity and Swedish national security.

          We hope for something better from you.We hope to see you stop turning a blind eye to the abuse your children receive at the hands of refugees ,the abuse of your too trusting too open handed hospitality .

          We wish Swedish society would man up and find some self respect.Start putting your own people first because nobody else will .This is your duty .A duty that Swedish society seems to wish to be praised for shirking.It is the greatest moral imperative of your time.

          Reneging on your responsibilities to protect your own children ,you way of life, will not be seen as a sign that Swedes are higher orders of human beings ,but a sign of weakness and fecklessness..

          You are being taken advantage of .We are frustrated because your women and children suffer needlessly while you wring your hands and let more savages in to abuse them..

          This is a common problem in the Western world . This would apply to most of Western society.Western society is generally weak and desperately foolishly eager to
          sacrifice :national security ,quality of life ,democratic rights and national identity on the altar of political correctness.

          But we see some signs even in Sweden of an awakening.

          The Daily News website reported that a Swedish wheelchair bound female visitor to an asylum seeker hostel was gangraped by six asylum seekers when she went to use the bathroom(American euphemism for lavatory or toilet) .

          The asylum seekers were questioned briefly and immediately released back into the community.

          But in this instance the villagers staged a protest.

          Too little too late.

          I pray for Sweden.I hope it is not too late for you to stand up and fight for the vulnerable members of Swedish society.But frankly I fear that it is more than likely too late.

          You need to leave the E.U ,close your borders and start deporting asylum seekers ,never to return. Otherwise you are toast.


          • Shelagh: also goes for rest of W. Europe, but it appears too late as many invaders there and keep coming. Europe is very week, and real men are so few. Critical thinking of the citizens is lacking also ignorance of historical facts. Video is excellent overview. It is just about over for W. Europe. The globalist agenda is running at rapid speed.

        • Agreed, especially when globalists like Peter Sutherland hold up Sweden as the template for the rest of Europe.
          The forces he represents want Europeans divided, to stand any chance of reversing or just halting the Islamification of Europe, Europeans must stand together.

        • Every swede I talked to doesn’t think there is anything wrong with their country and some even went as far as to accuse “zionist propaganda” for distortion of the situation.
          And yes, you vote your government in. I am sure, you are quite ready to share any success of Sweden with other swedes. It is time for you to share shame.

    • Believe me; America is not gloating over what is going on in Sweden, or in every other country beset by these so-called “refugees.” Conservative America DOES, however, use what is happening in your country, and in Europe in general, as a cautionary case, when the Liberals in our country say “It’s OK; these poor souls mean no harm. You conservatives are nothing but bigoted, alarmist Islamophobes!”

      Indeed; we PRAY for your country, and those in similar straits, as we, like you said, are only an election from being subject to the same asinine governmental thinking!

      God be with you all!

    • As a person of Scandinavian decent living in the US, I could not disagree more. We tend to look at what is happening over there with more than a little horror, because we can easily visualize the same thing happening here in the very near future, only with perhaps a different cast of villains. We do however look at your politicians with a great deal of contempt, so any negative comments should be assumed to be directed at them and their supporters, and not at Swedes in general. We do see something of a start of a resistance in your country, but we are a little shocked at how limited and how slow it is in developing, but the thoughts of the average Swede are something that is cryptic to us. What does not appeal in the least to us is the idea of giving control to a government with the assumption that it will always have your best interests in mind. A lot of the right here hate Socialism with a passion, so we tend to see Swedish voters as a monolith, which I am sure they are not.

    • Gloating at Sweden for messing up its economy with socialism, sure – that can be fixed. I’ll happily do that.

      Gloating at Sweden for turning into an Islamic Republic? No way. I don’t even wish that one my enemies, never mind my friends.

      One might point to it an say “Watch, and make sure you don’t do the same thing, because the same result will happen!”, but that is different from gloating.

      You know, by the time it’s over, it won’t be funny for Americans either. Remember who had to fix things the last time it got really ugly in Europe. In the end, it’s not over until the farm boys from Kansas (Oklahoma/Nebraska/whatever) get involved.

      This time will not end differently: it will progress much further before it comes to a solution, but ultimately, the same thing will happen as did the last time: in light of a much worse common enemy, Russians and Americans will put aside their differences temporarily and deal with the problem jointly. The Russians will do so as brutally as possible. The Americans, despite the circumstances, will try to be as decent as possible and will eventually offer an “exit” similar to what they did to Japan/Shintoism.

      Then the Cold War between Russia and the USA will begin anew.

      • It already has, and while not everyone will agree, we should be friends with the Russians and unite against our real enemy–islam.

        Instead, our politicians and ‘leaders’ insist we befriend our real enemy and….oh, what’s the use.

    • You may read smug gloating in the preachy comments of Americans saying that Europe is getting what it deserves, and to be sure these are poor, immature, and I humane responses to the tragedy that has come upon you all; however, consider how long Europe has wagged a finger in the face of America, treating us like ill mannered child, and telling us we should be more like the Europeans. I’m sure many just see this as the chickens coming home to roost. We feel deeply for your plight, and wish there was something we could do. No doubt when Europe rediscovers its backbone and decides to sound the call of crusade once again, you will have American who honor that call as we have in the past.

  4. And surely it’s a pity that against Hillary there is only a billionaire conman, who worships Putin and likes to say ouitrageous stuff about women, including his own daughter, and says that Muslims should be banned from entering “until we figure out what’s going on”?

    1) This isn’t about Mohammed Ali (supposedly the Donald’s “friend”), or tonnes of others like him – people who happen to be Muslim but are also harmless, or even benefitting to society.

    2) Even if Muslims were banned from entering, who’s to say that the bad guys couldn’t enter? What’s to stop Mohammed calling himself Michael or Mahatma, in his passport? Or Hassan calling himself Henry, or Harbhajan?

    3) How can any competent leader need to “find out what’s going on”? Surely by now, it should be obvious??

    • Are you really trying to persuade me that letting in people from countries dominated by an ideology which causes them to hate us and despise us ,is a good idea?

      Competitive “virtue signalling” will only lead to the death of Western civilization and our democratic freedoms .

      Competitive virtue signalling will led to the Islamification of Europe and the U.S and Australia .

      Hence competitive virtue signalling will lead to mass sexual assaults ,forced child marriage to middle aged men,genital mutilation of women and girls.

      Competitive virtue signalling will lead to the mass beheading of non-Muslims ,the execution of gays,trading of non- Muslim female sex slaves and similar atrocities.

      Really wake up and smell the coffee.

      I’m tired of [ad-hominem judgments redacted].

        • Exactly right crossware .Thank-you for your insightful posts and other contributions to this brilliant site.I wish Viktor Orban could run our country.

          Have you seen the old science fiction movie
          “Mars Attacks “,which was made in 1996?

          There is a spoof of it which is currently showing on youtube.

          In the original movie, scientists on earth spot a large fleet of alien spaceships headed our way

          The politicians decide in the interests of inclusivity and warm fuzzy feelings to put on a welcoming committee for the aliens.

          When the spaceships land they are greeted by cheering crowds and cheery politicians armed with speeches of welcome.

          The Aliens shake hands with the politicians and say “We come in peace ,we are your friends”

          The Aliens then proceed to shoot the gormless crowds and equally gormless politicians with automatic rifles.

          They spread through the town ,looting T.Vs, shooting people, saying at intervals”We come in peace we are your friends”

          I don’t see any distinction between the mass invasion of Muslim fighting age men ,into Europe and those invading Aliens in “Mars Attacks”.I see no distinction between mass Muslim migration into the U.S and those Aliens in “Mars Attacks”.

          I don’t see any distinction between the welcoming Western politicians ( especially Merkel and O’bama and Clinton )and the equally gormless politicians in “Mars Attacks”.

          And as for the cheering crowds of people ,only when they are literally being mown down ,when it is already too late ,do they see their error.

          The parallels are quite clear .

          • Thank you very much your kind words…
            I am huge Sci-Fi fan and of course I have seen that movie. Very good analogy!

          • A brilliant satire is “Mars Attacks”, representing, perhaps inadvertently, an analogy with Islam. Remember when Jack Nicholson as President says “Why can’t we all just get along?”

      • Muslims have been in Western countries for at least the last 200 years. The first curry house was opened in England by a man from modern-day Bangladesh in 1812. The first mosque in the US was opened in the early 20th century in New York City by Polish Tatar Muslims. That group themselves have lived in Poland for at least 300 years… were any of these a problem? Are the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Rifqa Bary, Salman Rushdie or many others in similar situations a problem? They were all, at one stage, Muslim too.

        Sure – one can say that immigration should be restricted, demand tests for integration, demand that anyone even applying for a visa be screened, to make sure they’re not radical. One can take steps to ensure that Sharia law is acknowledged as a hostile system, and begin to combat radical/Muslim Brotherhood mosques. But to ban each and every Muslim from entering – does that not even go against the US constitution?

        And in any case, as I wrote, those intent on causing harm will find ways to enter – by getting false passports calling themselves Michael or Henry, if necessary. Or they’ll be recruited from converts – of which there are many, especially among African-Americans. Or it could even be another of those white non-Muslim kids who go into a school and cause a massacre. There are so many possibilities…

        This is not virtue-signalling. It is simply common sense.

        • I think you are dangerously mixing peoples and ideologies.
          Communists != Russians
          Nazis != Germans
          Muslims != people of middle eastern descent.
          As long as someone identifies as a Muslim it means the follower of a totalitarian ideology (even if that person is not running around with an AK) he/she one way or another helping that system, hence cannot be tolerated. Having people who are come from the countries presently under the tyranny of Islam can be helped if they are not Muslim or they only identify themselves as one in fear of retribution. Those are the only people needs to be helped and rescued.

          • CrossWare – so if Muslims were banned from entering (something which would be extremely contentious all over the world), what’s to stop a Muslim identifying as a “person of middle eastern descent”, and entering that way?

            Remember that we’re talking about the society that invented Taqiyya 😉

          • Green Infidel –
            I would do exactly what present laws doing for Nazis. (real Nazis not the ones the Liberal fascists calling decent people)
            Obviously a Nazi could slip into the country because they may not dress in their uniform at the border complete with armband and boots, but they could not establish military/political bases (Islam = mosque), they could not goosestep around in their uniforms burning books, right? So the same thing should apply to Muslims. No mosques, no Qurans etc. Essentially I would take a page out of their “book” and apply dhimmitude to their status. If someone would show signs of being Muslim, (outfits public praying etc) deportation of the whole family would follow.

          • CrossWare – I was thinking along the lines of “treat them like Nazis” as well… don’t treat I***m as a religion, but as an ideology – and an aggressive, expansionist, genocidal one at that. Maybe that could work – but we’d need to persuade the general public first. And right now (where I am anyway!), they think that the Nazi is called Donald…

            And even his supporters largely claim (publicly, anyway), that their support is due to him being against NAFTA, etc. They still cringe on the Muslim issue. So IMO there’s a lot of work still to be done with public opinion, before governments can realistically start treating Islam like Nazism.

          • To continue on this point – perhaps what’s needed is pure, indisputable proof that Islam is like Nazism.

            Something that shoots down all the counterarguments, and is fully-referenced back to verifiable sources (preferably primary sources like the Koran, and recognised Islamic sources). Something that deals with the theory (Koran), as well as the practical (all the Jihads), all in one webpage, in a well-written format, targetted NOT at counterjihadis, but at the mainstream…

            Then paste and advertise that link everywhere, on every forum and newspaper, send to every publicist. And maybe afterwards, create a catchy youtube video to show the points made in the text, to be shared ad nauseam on Facebook.

            If something like that catches on, maybe we can think about a significant proportion of public opinion agreeing that Islam should be treated like Nazism.

          • Human nature doesn’t work that way. I wish it were so simple, but our fight cannot be reduced to one page, easily reproduced. The fight against Islam has been going on since it first infected the world. And “the world” has been on a downhill trajectory for some time, as though our leaders were deliberately softening us up for the final blow.

            Even if the argument could be reduced to one web page, it’s impossible to target the mainstream directly because that “mainstream” controls all the portals that would allow the dissemination of this information.

            Ours must needs be a samizdat operation.

          • @Dymphna – are you sure that the “mainstream” controls ALL the portals for information? 🙂

            I know (or think I know) what you’re getting at – but there are many different ways to transmit information. If Facebook don’t allow it, then there are other means.

            I still remember some of the Communist days in Poland – despite there being no sources of information, everyone knew what was happening! There is only so much the powers-that-be can do. And every bit of censorship they use can serve to discredit them.

            So if Facebook censor us, then we can use that fact to discredit Facebook. Ditto for everything else.

            If people are hungry for information, they’ll find it. But maybe that’s also the problem – that people are not hungry for it? Could our biggest enemies be not the Guardian or Facebook, but the X-factor and Pokemon Go?

        • Letting “refugees” into our country from areas of the world heavily populated by people who hate America, and in doing so, creating large populations of these people within our own borders, is just plain STUPID; no; it’s RETARDED! ‘Nuff said.

        • The reason the first British Muslims were no problem early on is because they were never a large enough voting block for politicians to pay attention to them, nor enough of them to cause notable problems. Their only option was to fit in as best as possible. Please explain why restricting any group or religion is unconstitutional. The constitution applies only to US citizens, it has no meaning for someone who is not a US citizen, therefore it is my not so expert opinion that it does not apply. We restricted German and Japanese during WW2, so there is a legal precedence, and even interned Germans and Japanese citizens during the same period. Your solution is to throw your hands up in the air (with virtue) and declare it’s hopeless. I can’t accept that.

          • And if I’m not mistaken, there are lots of US citizens who are Muslim… so how would they be stopped from entering?

            My solution is not to throw hands up in the air… on the contrary, one can be incredibly strict with immigration, Japan-style, and let in very few… one can go back to something like the US immigration act of 1924 – which banned middle Easterners from emigrating… but IMO banning Muslims explicitly is just something guaranteed to p*** off the entire world – Westerners included. (they’ll have a field day with the Hitler comparisons).

            Why not keep them guessing? 😉

        • Are we missing something? When there are enough Muslims on board we will. If anything is for sure that is. The ideology remains the Quran same. The Quran. We are creating Hell on earth one Muslim or one million Muslims at a time.

    • Mohammed Ali was born Cassius Clay. He converted to islam when he was a young man and before he passed away he claimed that he was “tricked” into islam and regretted doing it.

      • I am unaware that Ali regretted converting to Islam. Can you provide us any verifiable proof of that?

        • ESPN:
          In keeping with Islamic tradition, “Ali” is the single word inscribed on the headstone for the boxing superstar, family spokesman Bob Gunnell said. Ali’s coffin faces the Islamic holy city of Mecca.

        • I think he means that he regretted converting into the “Nation of Islam” Muhammad Ali eventually left that sect and went into… Mainstream Sunni Islam IIRC

          • There is no mainstream Islam. Just Islam. The Turkey counter revolutionary Erredagain said so. Cassius Clay was what the first waves of Iranian Muslims in particular and all the rest in general used to deride and laugh at as a joke. Back then “Black American Muslin” was to the superior extremely racist slave trader mentality Muslim “immigrant – refugee” with big plans for changing America , an oxymoron. To put it mildly black Americans are not real Muslims. Get out of my barracks. Blacks used to complain a lot about feeling “unwelcome” at the Friday hate fest. Listen to danerous jackasses at CAIR complain today.

    • It seems, to me at least, that running a country must be very much like running a huge business, so?
      You say Trump is just “a billionaire con-man who worships Putin and likes to say outrageous stuff about women…..”

      Unfortunately that seems to be a very common North American view.
      Look, who would you have to lead a country, a billionaire businessman, used to dealing with people and getting things done, or a sleazy, lying, power-mad woman with a very chequered past, who has really never accomplished anything in her life, is extremely short-tempered, atrociously foul-mouthed, and should be in prison, but instead is running for President?

      I keep hearing about Trump’s atrocious comments about women–but I’ve never heard an example, and I think Scott Baio has it dead right; we ALL say, or have said things about women while talking to other men, and women say the same things about us! If that’s all the Democrat mob can find to vilify Trump, it seems to me he’d be a pretty good choice!

      And Putin? The Russians seem to like him, and for a damned good reason–he’s a leader, as opposed to the vacuous, naive twit ‘running’ Canada, and the ‘first black President’ in the white mosque who openly proclaimed at the beginning of his reign that when the political winds blew rough he would ‘side with the moslems’, the people westerners have been at war with for 1400 years. Putin has his own problems with them, but at least he knows who they are, and what they are.

      So yes, I agree with Trump, he’s dead right about moslems–but not hard enough; not only should they be banned, but America (and indeed the entire western world) should get rid of every single one, back to their wonderful islamic sand-slums. At least IMHO!

      • Brilliant post.Hope Trump wins.He is not only America’s only hope of survival ,but also Western civilizations only hope of survival.

      • “I got skeels and I back Islam all the way” says Obama and HilBil. (Hilary is known to sometimes talk in a more black sounding vernacular when addressing some black Americans.) The Quran is replete with locker talk. Feel “repugnance” for that. Vote for Mr Trump. The big battalions are on the march.

      • Yes. Thank you. That and many other reasons is exactly why Mr Trump gets my vote. Look at that great family he surrounds himself with? Versus toxic.

    • Yeah, that’s right. And you can’t prevent all murders. And robberies.

      Does that mean we should not have laws again murder and robbery? After all, we know in advance, that we can’t prevent them. Right?

      Your argument makes as much sense.

      If Mohammed calls himself Hans and enters the country under false pretenses, that’s an ironclad reason to expel him or jail him and/or surveil him. That is, it would be if we had any kind of decent government.

      Don’t you get it that Trump could not address, directly and publicly, the threat? The public doesn’t know enough about the threat yet and if he had done so, he would be considered even more bigoted than he has been considered. Much, if not most of, the public is ignorant and brainwashed. But Trump obviously knows what’s going on.

    • Make sure you keep a copy of this letter in your back pockets at all times. You know just in case. You never know. “See – see…I was really on your side.”

    • Trying to push moslem agenda “under the table?” It will not work. Rubishing Trump, so people may not get whom you support, is a very poor twist. People know, there is a choice between more jihad with Hilary and at least less with Trump. If you are so morally bankrupt as to vote for Hilary, it is up to you, but trying to drag pro-moslem candidate on false pretensions, would not work on this blog.
      BTW, green is the colour of islam.

  5. Wise words.

    The root cause of western civilisations problems is the fantasy fed to us normal citizens that we live in democratic systems.

    Generally a populace can be led anywhere that a small self interested minority want us to go by providing an illusion of choice that we are given at a ballot box.

    At best there is usually little difference between the political parties. At worst such as in Europe democracy is overridden completely by multinational organisations, big business and anti-democratic elites to suit their own narrow desires.

    Which is of course why more attention should be emphasised on Geert Wilders when he talks of direct democracy.

    Direct democracy should be the failsafe in every “democratic” nation against the imposition of insane policies such as Islamic colonisation of our nations.

    We have enough “problem people” within our own nations to deal with without adding intolerant, supremacist Islam to the mix.

  6. This is a long vid so anyone who wants to go straight to the part that Dymphna is writing about, it’s at 41.5 and following.

  7. Agree. A “big thick book” to read is by insider Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope is no quick read at 1000 pages. And the Brussels EU itself, they way I see it, is totally illegitimate to begin with and came into being through sheer deception based on a manufactured consensus enabled by the media. It had to – otherwise the majority of its 500 million plus citizens would not have accepted it. Today its “European traditions and values” and the democracy it pretends to be are a charade and the politicians we vote for here in the national elections are mostly subservient to the Brussels EU. The fatal step occurred when the Lisbon Treaty went into effect. There is only the illusion of choice here. The member states have become nothing but administrators to a greater collective run in Brussels where the EU Commission get their marching orders from higher up.

    • Yet the likes of Greece, Hungary and, lately, Poland, seem to have had no problem in going against the tide of Brussels. That goes as well for pre-Brexit Britain, which had a whole series of exceptions from EU requirements made just for itself.

      • Victor Orban. I do like his direct ways of dealing with the bosses in Brussels.

        Greece is pretty much on its knees with its €320bn debt and being in an economic death spiral. For its people, only more concessions and even more austerity to Brussels after Alexis Tsipras sold out.

        • Just visited Greece. Depressing. People can withdraw €400 a week and many haven’t been paid for months.
          My brother is a doctor, his wife is a dentist and they are struggling.

    • You have it in a nutshell Carax. The E.U is essentially corrupt ,officious ,bureaucratic ,undemocratic , tyrannical and not fit for purpose.Luckily more and more political leaders want out of the E.U.

      Geert Wilders is the leader of the opposition in the Netherlands .He has vowed that his first act as Prime Minister will be to take the Netherlands out of the E.U to regain control of his country’s budget and borders and national security .

      If elections were held tomorrow he would win.
      So we might just see the spectacle of Netherlands achieving a Nexit before Britain gets its act together and achieves Brexit.

  8. I agree, but misdirected compassion is what got us in this situation. A little pushback is long overdue. Plus I suppose there’s a strong vein of flatout fear in this lack of compassion. Most conservatives who can see how leftist governments in Europe and Canada are colluding with terror groups and Islamist ‘advisers’ are frankly terrified of how much destruction unethical politicians can bring upon everyone. I’m chastened to say the USA is the only country where the beginnings of the pushback are happening, and it’s Trump primarily who had the courage to shift the debate. The last America needs right now is more compassion in my opinion.

  9. Thank you, Dymphna. We must not become as inhuman as the ideology we claim to be against. Let’s build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

  10. A comment from an Englishman about how the Muslims know that no matter what, “We will never throw them out of England.” Is that the grand “we” or the little “we”? More recently PM Theresa May remarked as if to reassure, “Muslims have made too great a contribution to society”, or words to that effect. Why make a comment like that? What was she referring to?

    • Moslems have made a great contribution to society?
      Which society, and what contribution?

      If anyone here can enlighten me of ANY positive contribution made by islam to ANY western society, then I would be grateful!

      • They invented, the Camel Urine Aperitif, the Goat Herd, if you ask any Muslim, these Enlightened buggers gave us the all modern Scientific Knowledge, all of it.

        • Oh yes, how forgetful of me! I forgot all about their ‘Golden Age’ in Iberia!

          It would seem the Aborigines in the mystical land of OZ were not the only ones to have a “Dreamtime’, eh?

  11. It’s no sign of moral superiority that they are having problems “over there”, at a much higher rate than we are “over here”. It’s simply luck. If the Middle East were where Mexico is and vice versa, then the situations would be reversed as well. It’s just blind luck that we got Mexico and South America and Europe got the ME and Africa. We aren’t in any way superior because of it. Our politics are just as progressively foul. The only advantage we have is the fact that we still possess firearms privately.

    • I’ve noticed a strange dynamic in Europe over the years, a love-hate relationship with America. On the one hand years ago there was a child-like excitement over all things American, which slowly morphed (not surprisingly) into the reverse. European elites looked at how huge waves of immigrants were fairly easily integrated in the US, and Canada & Australia & NZ too. And they assumed that was part of their success, having lots of new blood coming in, or something like that. And then the arrogance kicked in, and they thought hell if those countries can do it and benefit, then for sure we can too. I don’t doubt it was sincerely seen a way to lift Europe out of a morass of over-regulation etc. But there was huge arrogance in it too, which explains the left’s adamant refusal to think again & reevaluate. So they’ll keep pressing on no matter the cost. It’s a stew of pride, frustration, an absurd desire to one-up the USA, & realizing too late they’ve screwed themselves, again.

      • Being from one of the countries you list (NZ) and living in another (Canada) I see why you wrote that, but as you must know, there’s a light year of difference between the European, Scandinavian, and Ukrainian and Russian immigrants to Australasia and N. America, and the useless third world trash from the moslem MENA.

        The previous Mayor of Oslo, Norway, stupidly said re the migrant trash: “We shall be the New America!” Hard to believe anyone in a modern, enlightened society could possibly be so astonishingly naive! Still, Norwegians are surprisingly divided, e.g. my wife is a staunch supporter of Israel and is fully up to speed about her loathsome ‘new countrymen’, while her sister in Trondheim is a Jew hater/Palestinian supporter who is indifferent about the trash infesting her country. Sigh….

        And regarding your last sentence–it isn’t only orientals who hate to ‘lose face!’

        • In Canada, we’re even fairly good at integrating MENA immigrants.

          Here’s the big secret as to why…

          MOST of the ones that have come have been from the professional classes, not very religious, etc. Those would have integrated reasonably well in Europe, too.

          The types that are causing problems in Europe would be a problem anywhere. We could send Canadian “white trash” in large quantities somewhere else, and it’d be a problem too. Now, imagine what happens when you add a religious ideology on TOP of it…

  12. Actually the raids on and the conquest of European soil was even worse then Dr. Warners presents it in his video.
    Great parts of todays Russia, Ukraine and Poland were the battleground against muslim Mongolians, Tatars and Ottoman Turks.

    And because it`s not part of the topic, the video doesn`t show the bloody conquest of other parts ot the old world (Persia, Sub Saharan-Africa, East Africa, India, Central Asia).
    The muslim Scholar al-Biruni writes in his work about India, that the brutality, violence and greed of the muslims had destroyed the possibility for a good relationship between muslims and Hindus for ever.
    The buddhist-monastery and library of Nalanda (some say the worlds greatest library of antiquity) was burned to the ground, the holy Hindu city of Benares (Waranasi) was raided and destroyed, and so on.

    • Now that I am learning about the real history, I wonder how the European powers could have been so damn stupid as to fight amongst themselves twice in world destroying wars, when they, for the first time, had the opportunity to vaquish Islam quiescent. Instead, they gave them oil. Waaaaah!

      The same elites that, after all that devastation, sold us out to the oil-rich Bedouins. This is not about Europe any more. This is a world-wide disaster.

    • Parts of the Mongol empire were certainly Islamic, but I do not think the Mongols as a whole were Islamic.

      • I think that possibly some of Genghis Khan’s sons and grandsons (who conquered swathes of territory in their own right )adopted Islam.After all Khan is a common Muslim surname..

      • And those Muslim Mongols were the ones who invaded India (the name Mogul derives from there), and in the West Russia.

        But also Afghanistan, Persia and so on.
        They even crushed one of the Ottoman Kalifs.
        The other Mongols turned to Tibetic influenced Buddhism (and sticked to their old Shamanism).

        • There were also Christian missionaries (from Armenia I seem to remember) in the court of the Great Khan in Mongolia.

  13. I have never seen this. But this man knows a lot about them. However, I do know a little something about Muslims and I know they are a conquering force. It is their filthy religion that teaches them this, and yet we keep welcoming then into America. We are stupid beyond belief.

    Why are we in the west doing this? I do not know but I do know that it’s bad, very bad. I read something along the lines of a moon-cult and I don’t know enough to know exactly what that means.

    All I know is Muslims should stay in their lands because they cannot mix with the west successfully. Our politicians are so stupid they don’t seem to understand this at all. For over 20 years now I’ve been hearing about what they do: behead their own daughters for going on a “date” and other atrocities.

    Why do we put up with this? That is my ultimate question.

    When I was still a worker-bee, I had an hour-long commute each way and I heard so much news it sickened me. Unfortunately, I am one of those who think it is their duty to know what’s happening even if it hurts. I don’t know what the solution is, of course. Not at this point when the west has let these backward idiots out of their pen in the middle-east. I feel deep sympathy with the women and girls who are the mercy of these depraved men.

    The muslim religion is quite depraved, that I know. The solution I don’t know.

    Let us pray. And keep our guns handy, just in case.

    As for me, I am grateful I live in a backwater that has so far not attracted many of these people. Although when I think about it, I wonder how people in this post-modern century can still be devoted to such a horrible religion.

  14. I meant to say women and girls who are at the mercy of their depraved men who do not respect them as human beings.

  15. Sorry, but this is wrong. Unlike Bill Warner I grew up in Southern England as did my parents and their parents and so on as far as family memory goes. I can tell you that there is no trace of memory or fear of Muslim slave raiders in that part of the world. The nearest to it is Morris dancing, ie Moorish dancing, which is seen as a bit of a joke as in “I am unembarrassable, my husband is a Morris Dancer”.

    Moreover this strange cowering before a cruel, domineering cult goes back no further than the fatwah against Salman Rushdie when it started to seep into the public consciousness that criticism of it can bring real consequences. I suggest that our current malaise owes more to an unjustified shame about our colonial past, encouraged at every opportunity by those who wish to bring down our civilisation for the sake of their utopian dream.

    • The question then is, does such a phenomenon like a common unconcious exist?
      Or a historical conciousness of communties.
      One never will be able to answer that by asking individuals.

      As far as I know Great Britain had on many occasions fought against muslims, had learned how they behave (Mahdi in Sudan, North Africa, Barbaric States, Slave Trade in East-Africa, British rule in India etc. pp.).
      And in the past many great personalities of british history had something critical to say about Islam.
      Be it Winston Churchill, Hilaire Belloc and even Lawrence (of Arabia).
      Or think of Byrons Poems and Philhellenism (Fight against the Ottoman Empire in Greece).

      • Or look at this way:
        The British never had historical experience with the Huns.
        Never the less everybody knew what was meant when they called the Germans “Huns” during the I.WW

        This is how a historical conciousness (or the subconsiousness) of communities works.

        • Okay, you assume the reality of a collective unconscious. Explain this to me, why is the cringing before Islam most apparent in Germany and Sweden, two of the European countries furthest away from Muslim/Christian conflict and slave raids over the last 1300 years or so.

          • Because they never were far away!
            There was a constant war for centureies between the (German) Holy Roman Empire and Muslims.
            Google for Prince Eugene of Savoy and his battles.
            Or this guy:
            This Website isn`t named “Gates of Vienna” by incident.
            And it would be a mistake to give (the relatively young) modern national identites to much weight in the context of a potential collective European subconcious.
            Scandinavians fe. fought in Varangian Guard as an elite unit of the Byzantine Army. Scandinavians hade trade relations with Muslims for centuries.
            “Vikings” also fought Muslims and freed Sicily.
            They even raided sometimes Muslim al-Andalus.
            Scandinavians founded the Kiever Rus and later had to deal with Muslims there also.
            And they of course took part in modern times maritime trade. Plenty of opportunities for contact with Muslims.
            Or to fear beeing enslaved by them when sailing the Mediterranean or the atlantic coast of Western Africa.

            That said, individuals differ, nations differ.
            The Danes fe. are quiet different and more critical in this then the Swedes.

          • There is a tendency to deny reality and to play the ostrich.

            It plays out in weird ways. European defeatism is one of them. I’m pretty sure that rising anti-Israel sentiment is another – motivated by increasing de facto self-identification with the situation.

          • astuga – thanks for that information but I do not think you make your case. A few hundred years of (successful) battling with Turks or trade (I believe it was Vikings who started selling Slavs, ie slaves, to Muslim empires to the South) doesn’t equate to the sufferings of Southern Europeans under Muslim occupation or the areas which were most commonly raided for slaves.

            If Bill Warner (about the beaten dog syndrome) and you (about a collective unconscious) are right then I would expect Southern Europe and Eastern Europe to be more cringing to Islam than Northern Europe but the reverse is true. Going further afield your joint thesis does not account for the same phenomenon in the US and Canada or its recent appearance.

          • To Gates of Vienna – May I offer an observation as a relative newcomer? The opportunities for discussion in the comments are hampered by the moderation turnround. Do you have no trusted supporters in Europe and Asia who could take on some of the task and bring it down from 24 hrs to 8?

          • Yes, you’re quite right. That is an ongoing problem.

            Henrik lives in Denmark, and he helps out in emergencies, such as when our internet goes down. But he has a day job, and I can’t call on him on a daily basis.

            In fact, that’s the real issue here — most Counterjihad activists are volunteers who have to fit this sort of work in around the edges of making a living. If we were funded by a foundation or corporation, we would have a budget that would allow us to hire someone to do the job, as some of the larger sites do. As it is, we are funded by modest donations from individual readers that we solicit every quarter. It works, but we just barely get by — nothing left over for a paid staff.

            Unfortunately, I don’t see any easy solution.

          • I would agree with you ECAW. If there is any “collective unconsciousness” it is a recent phenomena probably post 1970’s when socialist teaching infiltrated schools, when political correctness and racism awareness brainwashed a generation. Now those same students cannot allow themselves a negative thought towards muslims or Arabs. They self regulate and suppress those thoughts. And so you have the case of the German volunteer worker (reported on G Of V a few months back) who was raped by a migrant, but can’t find it in herself to blame the migrant.

          • Baron – I am sorry to hear that. I have time, being retired, and think it a job worth doing and GoV a site worth supporting. The problem of course is that you don’t know me from Adam. If it helps you could click on my name to get an idea of my outlook and commitment to the cause.

          • It has to be someone that I know personally, someone I have met and worked with for long enough to know precisely whom I am dealing with.

      • Neither do I want to make a case, nore do I have to. 😉
        I just answered your comment in which you talked of moorish dances and Salman Rushdie.
        And I showed you that there is much more to it then this.

        A concept like a common (historical) conciousness is difficult to argue anyway. And one might certainly don`t prove it with isolated examples or individual persons.
        If it exists one may only be able to prove it by observation from the outside, looking for many examples of evidence.

        And even if it does exist, it will be just one aspect of this submissive behaviour towards Muslims and Islam.
        Another fe. will be Cultural Marxism (Multiculturalism, Western self hatred, anticapitalism, idealization of foreign cultures, etc.).

  16. Apart from the issue of slave raids in the South West and Ireland perhaps I should add that the generation before mine had no fear of Muslims, only contempt coming from British soldiers’ experiences in North Africa. It may shock you to know that Arabs were routinely referred to as “filthy Ayrabs” and my own uncle told me “They fornicate with goats”. I took that with a pinch of salt but there was certainly no fear involved. I suggest that our fear in the West of Islam is a modern phenomenon and requires modern explanations.

    • I agree. My father was in the Royal Navy and he frequently referred to “Filthy Arabs.” Older colleagues at work who served in Egypt referred to the Egyptians contemptuously as “Wogs.” There was certainly no fear involved.

      Later, when I visited Pakistan and Malaysia, the English language press reported many incidences of bestiality involving Pakistani men, sheep being the beast of choice although goats and donkies were also well represented.

      In Malaysia, particularly in Kedah province, I saw many reports of Muslim men sodomising their infant daughters and little boys.

      Is it any wonder that I have nothing but contempt for islam and regard muslims as filth?

      • The (almost) universal sexual abuse of Muslim children is the reason Islam cannot be reformed and the reason adult Muslims are so damaged emotionally, thereby precluding social maturation of its adherents.

        In an essay from six years ago, Dr. Nicolai Sennels, who’d worked with more than a hundred adolescent Danish Muslims who were in trouble with the legal system in one form or another wrote:

        Since the Muslim world is already here – in thousands of Muslim ghettoes in Europe, Australia and North America – the possibility that violent conflict will happen in Western cities all over the world is very great.

        We need to understand the Muslim culture much better if we want to be able to stop such a catastrophe. We need to understand that it is not possible to integrate masses of Muslims into our Western societies. We need to understand that our non-confrontational Western ways of handling conflicts make us look weak and vulnerable to Muslim leaders. We need to understand that Muslim culture is much stronger and more determined than our guilt-ridden, self-excusing Western culture. We need to understand that Muslims will only feel at home in a Muslim culture and this is why their religious demands for Islamization of the West will never end.

        His explanation of what goes wrong for Islamic males – at least from a Western point of view – is simple and unsurpassed. Whether they remain in their own countries and continue their 1,400 year-old camel drivers’ cultural tradition of human interaction notable mostly for its relentlessly murderous reactivity, or whether they move to the West dragging their fragile supremacist belief system with them – either way they are doomed to seeing the world as a hostile place they must dominate at all costs. Peaceful coexistence is an alien concept, something only women would do.

        I recommend the whole essay, to be read periodically in order to remind ourselves how truly foreign and destructive Islamic culture really is:

        If, as you say, they are “filth”, it is because they are horrifically damaged human beings: when they were too young to defend themselves against it, they were dragged through the muck and mire of an all-powerful adult’s unremitting sexual compulsions – compulsions once forced upon that adult when he was small and helpless. This intergenerational repetition compulsion is almost incomprehensible for us. Such experiences, repeated for a hundred generartions, could possibly produce an epigenetic deformity. I don’t know enough about cultural transmission to judge. But it is sad beyond words. For Westerners, it’s definitely something from which one protects oneself and one’s loved ones.

        I cannot imagine a good enough reason for anyone raised in the West to be willing to live in the midst of something so alien. And evil.

        • This is the root problem Dymphna. Mohammed was a pedophile. He married a 6 year old girl( Aishah) and consummated the marriage when she was 9 years old.

          And Mohammed is central to Islam .He is the perfect man who all good Muslims must worship and emulate.

          And hence we have a problem.It’s an ideology which not only condones but sanctifies and enshrines pedophilia as a central tenet and practice of it’s totalitarian dogma.

          It’s an ideology which will attract pedophiles from all nations and all cultures.

          It will corrupt the weak and the immature and give the vicious status and the power to inflict further harm with impunity ,even with enthusiastic approval.

          It should be outlawed .Mosques should be closed down.Muslims should be interned subject to deportation.
          The borders should be closed to all Muslims.All Muslims should be precluded from holding positions in government ,in the armed forces ,in the police force in the C.I.A or F.B.I ,or even as teachers or health practioners .All those Muslims already in positions of trust or responsibility should be immediately fired .

          • Right on all counts! Moslems most certainly could be and should be rounded up and deported. I’m sick of hearing “oh we can’t do that now, they’re here”.

            N. America had no difficulty rounding up the Japanese during WW2. So, there are more moslems? Just take a bit longer!

          • Shelagh, I support everything you have proposed. Unfortunately, the politicians in office throughout the west do not.

            We will have no constructive change until these politicians are removed and it is evident that much of the current electorate has deluded itself into supporting them.

            I can only see the other way. Who will make the first move?

        • In fact, I feel very sorry for Muslims; especially, for the children. I was reminded of something that Kylie Mueller, the American woman, who was held as a sex slave by al-Baghdadi, said to her fellow captive. She said that she was treated better than the Caliph’s wife treated her own children. The latter were regularly beaten and abused.
          – Islam needs to be reformed. I do not think that is possible due to its very design. In the meantime, all I want is that they stay in their own countries; and torment one another and leave the rest of us alone. We leave them alone and they leave us alone. Simple. Besides there have to be places on Earth where the apostates and the heretics can live in peace without being touched by this cancer. When the Muslims are finished with their little civil war, they can rejoin civilization. I have zero desire to understand their silly death cult.
          – Absolutely fed up. Especially fed up with the politicians and the media in the West that insist on civilizational suicide. As a non-Westerner who lives in the West, I simply cannot comprehend this desire to commit suicide.

  17. More than 1/2 of FUSA support the abomination. I have zero sympathy for them, I hope to live long enough to see them suffer horribly.

  18. Let each man (person) esteem his (their) neighbor above themselves. 1Peter
    In the manner that you wish to be treated, so also treat others, thus sums the Law and the Prophets.

    Let’s care for one another more than ourselves and love our neighbors despite their ‘persuasions.’ Of course, if they raise a weapon we defend ourselves. Let’s abandon our pursuit of judgment and vengeance, those are the Lord’s property. He commanded us to love one another promising to take care of the small stuff.

  19. Over the weekend on the AHC channel (I think American Heroes Channel) on a new episode of Ancient Assassins they had a new episode on Vlad the Impaler. 6 years ago I would have no context for it. It was interesting in light of events today. Vlad had no support from those who were threatened. I am not a historian but I came to the conclusion that after he repelled the Ottomans that the lack of support led the Ottomans to coming up to the gates of Vienna. By lack of support, he was jailed and his Muslim brother took control peacefully.

  20. With Soros’s henchmen counting our votes here in the U, S, of A I doubt that there will be good–or even CORRECT–result in November.
    I also fear that there will not be any LAWFUL, or LEGAL way to restore democracy once the worst happens.
    It’ll be 1775 all over again.
    Pray that most of the authorities will side with the people in that case.
    “Aim small to miss small”.

    Lock and load, boys and girls.

  21. Dymphna,

    Ignorant comments are common in any open thread not only on your site if that is any consolation. There are many sick people who normally never get the chance to express their bile. Personally it is almost unimaginable the horror of seeing Europe taken over by Islam. I pray it doesn’t happen but fear it will. When Merkel welcomed the invasion it was unfathomable to me and still is.
    Some hope. Brexit was a victory. Maybe more countries will follow. Here in America even if Trump doesn’t win he has proved it is possible to put up a fight and others will be encouraged to do so in the future.

    • The tarty Merkel pose with her jehadi stud is an absolutely mind boggling tease that will no doubt be in the minds of many as another, “…date which will live in infamy”. Looks more criminally insane as time passes.

  22. So here we are, today, right were we are. So what are you going to do now? This is the question I would ask my fellow soldiers when the SHTF would happen to us. No re-supply, broken pay system, health care from hell, on and on the problems would mount. If that was not enough, there were the people who wanted to kill us and our leadership that never gave a thought for us, only their next promotion. So here we are guys, I don’t see anybody else here but us, so what should we do? Our Founders asked the same questions. After MANY attempts to get their government to comply with established English Law, they came to one conclusion. So Folks, STOP BEING DISTRACTED, by the [ordure]. Its time to Revolt, its time to Resist, its time to be Free again. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. Regular everyday people stood their ground in Lexington and Concord. They did not ask if they would win or not. They did not ask if they would live or die. They made a sound that rings like a bell. “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”. The rest is History and its time for us to make history. Sempre Avanti, SFC WILLIAM B SMITH, US ARMY RETIRED

    • America does not need more crooked, meaningless elections. It needs another revolution. Alas, I despair. A revolution starts in the few inches between the ears . . . but there is no traction in skulls that have been hollowed out by years of statist [mis]education.

      • Revolutions always start out of chaos, so nothing will happen until the vast majority of Americans are unemployed and penniless. People that have jobs and food on the table do not revolt.

  23. My two cents:

    Compassion is nice and good but to Change something we have to confront our mistakes. And we have to be brutally honest. If we like it or not.

    Our weakness are not our leaders and that they betray us. No, our weaknesses are that our societies are atomized, nobody trusts or supports another and nobody can keep a secret.

    If someone would do something to help the rape-victim of Gotland he could be sure that if he tells 5 people about what he did, at least 4 would first post it on Facebook and then run to the Police to betray him.
    Can we not keep our mouth shut?
    It is called Operational security. Paramount for Black Ops…

  24. American in former America here. I have nothing against Swedes. That said, I don’t see male Swedes fighting the invaders or the traitors.

    t is also my peeve about American so-called ‘patriots’. It’s been 4-1/2 years since our traitors McCain and Obama destroyed our Bill of Rights and basically not a shot was fired. That is now our legacy. America has been squandered.

    • Some Swedish man do confront Muslims and stand their ground.
      Poorly organized and sometimes out of the wrong reasons.
      But that is not something one will hear much of in MSM.
      And if there is any media coverage then most likely they talk about rightwing radicals, racists etc.
      Or of isolated crime cases out of context.

    • Travelling around Western Europe these past couple of years I get the impression that Muslims can get away with anything. Anything that is. Anything. Islamic dots by dot filling up the canvas. Red splashes here and there. The Muslim locker room.

  25. Much appreciated, Dymphna. Here in the UK many people remain woefully ignorant of the threat (albeit perhaps wilfully in some cases, as with the Nazis in the 1930s).

    The Western European nations admitting large numbers of Muslims seem to have differing reasons, deriving from their particular histories and cultures, apart from the general “good intentions”of the Left in particular.

  26. Much needed post. I always had an impression that some people are coming here only to smear feces over Europe and Europeans.
    Nobody is saying that Americans deserved Obama, but Germans for sure deserve Merkel and Islam. Why?

  27. The rather obvious point to be made in response to the assertion that ‘it’s your own fault for voting for these awful politicians’ is …

    I didn’t.

  28. To Green Infidel and others who want to support the “moderate Muslims” who, supposedly, are not a problem:

    It doesn’t matter that Mohammed Ali and Ayan Hirsi Ali are not problems. That is not the issue. It’s their children, their grandchildren, their relatives and friends who–at any time–might begin to really read their foundational religious texts and take them seriously. That will be enough to “radicalize” them. Who might–at any time–start listening to the local Iman or the Imans speaking on the satellite dish channels and realize that violent or civilizational jihad (or both) is their duty. Who might–at any time–realize that it is their duty to impose Shariah on their American families. Who might–at any time–realize that it is their duty to impose Shariah on the rest of us.

    This is the problem!!! How can you not see it?

    • Independant ,I’m with you and with Trump on this one. If I knew that in a handful of skittles there would be 1 or 2 that would kill me ,I wouldn’t be persuaded to eat them and take a chance.
      The few bad apples argument is fallacious.

      We would have lost World War 2 had we had that attitude to the Germans and the Japanese.

      Yes only a small percent of Germans were Nazis ,but that small percentage of bad apples were enough to rise up and establish a reign of terror in Germany and cause Germany to invade Poland and many other countries.

      So the few bad apples theory any way you look at it is unsound.Anyway you slice it it’s just baloney.

      Our citizens’ safety and national security should be paramount.

      No other consideration should enter into it.

    • I don’t believe I said anything about “moderates”. According to Sultan Erdogan, they don’t exist. My point is:

      1) Do we need to ban them all from entering?

      2) Can we ban them all from entering?

      For the reasons outlined earlier – in my opinion, the answers to both points are “no” and “no”…

      In any case, Westerners indoctrinated for years by PC won’t stand for it. Hence IMO it’s not realistic, and there’s not even any point in discussing it.

      What we can do is minimise the damage, and take steps to protect our borders, culture and legal system, and start waking people up… but I fear the Donald’s campaign, and the emotions it’s aroused, might have the opposite effect. But again, that’s just my opinion.

        • Furthermore Trump has actually done a great thing.He has actually started the conversation about the prerequisites for national security and the continuation of Democracy and Western civilization in the face of relentless global Islamic guerilla war against non-Muslims.

          Islam has declared war and open season on everyone else.

          All Muslims support their own side .

          While we are divided from our fellow victims.

          As Dymphna says we must unite against them .Donald Trump is uniting the resistance to Islam.He is willing to ally with our former World War 2 ally Russia.With Russia onside we will have China’s cooperation.
          United we can defeat Islam .Divided we fall.

          Clinton is the Manchurian candidate who covertly sides with the enemy.Those who support her are her dupes

      • @Shelagh, Crossware – please explain?

        – How will the thousands of miles long US border be sealed?

        – How will Mohammed be banned from entering, when he’s called Michael in his passport?

        – How will the US overcome the countless protests worldwide, over something like this – let alone the howls of outrage from its ethnic minorities, and latte liberals?

        Instead of all the fuss that such a move would cause, why not just drastically reduce and control immigration, especially from regions with popular attitudes that are hostile to the US, and its values?

        A similar effect reached – but potentially acting less like a red rag to a bull for the latte liberals.

  29. I have not forgotten San Bernadino, either. Supposedly “nice” muslims went on a killing spree. . . nuff said. Deport them, keep them out, I don’t care who they seem to be or how “nice” they seem to be.

    Back in my day (1950’s) we were not allowed into USA without a certain number of shots against various diseases. My father not allowed in due to tuberculosis. Not until he could prove he was recovered.

    America should be as self-protective today as it was back then.

    • And in many, many instances, supposedly “nice” non-Muslim Americans went into a school, and started shooting at everyone. Does that mean that all such non-Muslims should be banned from entering too?

      • “many, many”, I think you mean a small handful, but you seem to be equating non-moslems as just as bad as moslems–an attitude which is killing the west today.

        Look, if, as Dymphna says, some compassion is in order, and applied to the mythical ‘moderate’ moslems; let’s give them a chance then, and make it a rule that whenever a murderous jihadi strikes, all his family–everyone related to him–should be instantly deported back to MENA.

        I’m sick of hearing “The vast majority are decent people….” If so, and if they had that law hanging over them, surely they would be encouraged to keep a much closer eye on their ‘radicalized kids’.

        Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like that. Think about it; in every single case where jihadis have gone crazy and murdered people, neighbours ALWAYS said they were quiet, happy, good neighbours, but then they went to the mosque……..and the inevitable happpened.
        You can NEVER trust ANY moslem.

        • Look, if, as Dymphna says, some compassion is in order, and applied to the mythical ‘moderate’ moslems…

          My request for “compassion” was meant to be directed toward one another; the problems inherent in a culture that ‘admires only the strong horse’ precludes compassion for those who would kill or subjugate us. I really did mean that Americans, the Anglosphere, and Europeans would be best served if we weren’t so hard on our own kind. Those poor Germans who’ve no remedy for rabid Merkel madness don’t need our judgement added to it. The many French, Brits, etc., asleep at the wheel, also don’t need to be told “all you need to do is…” Meanwhile, America has its own cultural weaknesses. You have only to watch this current presidential election – or the reign of Obama, particularly in the last three years or so – to know how treacherous is the sea we swim in.

          It could be that the VERY western tradition of compassion toward our friends in need – i.e., one another – will go much further toward healing our societal ills than focusing on those inside the gates who want to bring us down. Our *first* step is not to fight them (though that point will be reached eventually) but to learn finally to stand together. In order to do that we must have a deep understanding of our mutual histories, including our past mutual betrayals. Once we fully comprehend our basic mutuality and turn to one another in forgiveness, then authentic compassion follows.

          Islam is a virus, an opportunistic parasite. Once we accept the extent to which exposure to its assaults deforms our hearts and minds and cultural memories, only then can we mount a concerted response to the extremity of the danger we face.

          • By the way, taking a page from history – without condemning anyone presently alive for what their ancestors did – France deliberately left Austria to the tender mercies of Islam because a defeated Austria was more convenient and desirable for the French than the prospect of a victorious Ottoman Empire. That kind of monumental short-sightedness is gob-smacking even all these years later. As was true then, so now: our common cultural adversary is Islam. Thus, the only remedy is to align with others in the West, no matter how wrong-headed we think they are. We’ll hang together, etc., this time around or we will cease to exist. That’s why Merkel’s traitorous insanity toward her fellow Germans is ultimately evil. Individual Germans who “don’t stand up” to her? Not so much. We’re all of us in that fetid soup.

        • “You can NEVER trust ANY moslem.”

          As I say, the Tatar Muslims lived in Poland for over 300 years – without causing any issues. Quite a big community… so it CAN be done 🙂

          • Ah yes, the so called Lipka-Tatars
            Did it ever occur to you that this could be due to their very low number? 😉

            Allready this proves that its not a valid argument.
            One could equally argue falsely that because some Jews are living in Iran, that there is no antijudaism there.

  30. Dr. Warner is on the money. Islam is the problem and until we recognize this fact we won’t be able to fight the Barbarous Totalitarian Ideology. We are scared to even recognize it. We always seem to have people who will always bring out the lie that they are good Muslims. Just the fact that anyone believes that Mohammed, rapist, mass murderer, pillager, slave trafficker, and pedophile was a religious leader makes a mockery of the idea of religion. Islam is a satanic cult and nothing good can come of it.

  31. The problem is that no matter how much the “nice” Muslims ignore the murderous ideology of their religion, it is still there, waiting to be taken seriously by its adherents.

    If only there were the understanding and the will in the West to force Muslims to discard to reinterpret or abjure the evil, murderous, nasty parts of their ideology, the West would be able to do it. We have the power. For the moment.

    Of course, what was left, would not really be Islam. That would be fine. They could still call it Islam if they liked.

    A a minimum, we could strive to keep out of our country anyone who subscribes to Shariah. Something like this might be instituted under a Trump presidency.

    For one thing, Shariah (and Islam) is seditious. And the laws against sedition are still on the books.

    • The moderate Muslims didn`t confront the normal or radical Muslims in their own countries.
      So why should they confront or fight them in the West.

      And in most cases moderates just behave and talk less aggressive, but in most cases they share the same views and principles with so called radicals.

      • They have to be FORCED to do so. The full weight of the law (e.g., sedition laws) needs to be brought against those who it can be shown do not. This is not persection; this is insistence upon compliance with our laws.

  32. I should have said we still have the power to force SOME in our own country to get rid of the murderous parts of their ideology. But our power is rapidly decreasing. Maybe it’s already too late.

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