14 thoughts on “Pat Condell on Hillary Clinton: “No Borders, No Security, No Democracy, No Country”

  1. Pat Condell is always full of common sense (now all too rare). He is exactly right. Whether the American people will wake up, and whether those running the system will be fair (pretty doubtful, as their corruption is on display daily), those of us fighting against the Dictatorship of Social Justice and the New World Order, will never, ever give in!

  2. Or if Trump wins then there might be perpetual riots and death from the unhappy lib[erals] that plague the American life.

    • Liberals don’t riot. They are afraid of guns and bullets and things.

      If Trump loses, America loses. It’s that simple.

      I think that we can recover from Obama but not if we add 4 or more years of Hillary.

  3. He cleverly framed the choice between Trump and Hillary as being a vote for the “American way” or the “European way”, which is a clear disaster. It’s surprising the Trump campaign didn’t think of it themselves.

  4. Along with Oskar Freysinger and Nigel Farage, one of our time’s most brilliant speakers. No one gets it so succinctly right as Pat.

  5. Only took 8 lousy years with Obama in the WH to almost totally destroy our country, one that we used to treasure. Everyone was so patriotic and so proud to be an American. Did Obama plan to destroy America as we knew it so that we would be like all other
    countries? He and Michelle made it apparent from day one that they did not like our
    country. If Hillary becomes our president we will continue to sink lower and lower and
    soon we would not even recognize America. I love my country and want to be proud of it again. Help make America great again. VOTE TRUMP!!!!!!!!

  6. Pat hit the nail on the head Wake up America its time to vote .

    Trump may not be perfect but who is and he is one Hell of a lot better that our present and if Clinton gets in it will be more of the same .

    Ed Hobbie

  7. Well Done! This is America’s last chance to bring back “Government by the People and for the People” as originally intended by our Constitution. Americans First! However we must attack the disease known as ‘Political Correctness’ while Draining the swamp in D C. Then we can bring together true freedom loving Americans. Yes, together we shall make America Strong Again, Safe Again…. Getting rid of Common Core Education is a must, enough for ‘Dumbing Down’. Only an outsider with super ENERGY, a successful builder, who honestly knows how to WIN and can set our direction and focus on rebuilding America! Trump and Pence are what ‘Common Sense is all about. GWP, BSCE, ENGINEER, BID & BUILDER of Big Alice in New York, Interstate Highways (N.H., So, Tier & Syracuse Intrchng, John Bridge & Albany Atrerial in NYS) + Marine Construction: Coal unloading facilities N.Y./Baltm MD and much more in VA and Fla.

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