9 thoughts on “Och, the Wee Bairns!

  1. The little scallywags are a handful, especially when their morning shaving leave them cranky…

  2. Even a blind devil can see that these jihadis with beards are bairns. Elites/ Traitors cannot be deceived.

    It was far in the night, and the bairnies grat,
    The mither beneath the mools heard that —

  3. Love the “toddler” foto.

    As regards Third-World immigration policies, the “welcome culture” in Europe is a brainwashed culture. And thanks to Merkel’s speeches that employ the art of Orwellian “doublethink” she is successfully managing to confuse and distract and has sown the seeds of Western Europe’s destruction.

  4. Apparently there is a new charity devoted to helping these poor wee bairns to get to Britain: Shave the Children.

    Muslims are regarded by Western lefties as “children” up to about 40, and so entitled to care, support, benefits, sympathy and leniency then at 41, “elderly” kicks in, entitling them to care, support, benefits etc etc. Either way, they are victims of the evil West, all of whom are able-bodied oppressors from age zero to 100.

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