Judgment Against Nuremberg

As the following video shows, photoshopping German politicians’ faces into old photos can get you in legal trouble. According to the notes accompanying the video:

Dubravko Mandic — a member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), and among other things in the party, the Vice-President of the AfD State Court of Arbitration in Baden-Württemberg — is being investigated on suspicion of defamation. Just under a year ago he posted a picture on Facebook of the Nuremberg trial with mounted heads of well-known German politicians as the National Socialists’ main war criminals. Claudia Roth, Cem Özdemir, Anton Hofreiter, Ralf Stegner, and Joschka Fischer then filed charges against Mandic (who is a lawyer) for defamation [libel].

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   The Nuremberg Trial with new faces —
00:06   this FB post from Dubravko Mandic was enough to warrant the house and office search.
00:12   As far as I know for now the search was ordered
00:18   based on a picture, a photomontage, that I posted about a year ago,
00:24   and the politicians from the SPD [Social Democrats] and the Greens felt provoked by a part of it
00:30   into filing a complaint of defamation [libel], and that’s why my house was searched.
00:33   I wasn’t home, and my parents were disturbed and had to get out of bed and they found out,
00:42   they [the police] acted like Claudia Roth and yelled that they [my parents] had to open the door.
00:48   Obviously the neighbors heard everything, so things weren’t very nice.
00:54   I don’t know if they’re continuing, if the measures are continuing; my attorney received
01:00   a verbal promise from the investigating state prosecutor that this is over, right;
01:06   I had no idea that because of such a petty little matter,
01:09   because of an alleged libel…
01:12   And I didn’t know that I wasn’t wrongly suspected by someone.
01:15   The leftists report us, all the time.
01:18   It wasn’t the first time that they filed a complaint.
01:21   The house searches especially are nowadays really done,
01:24   as I said, by an attorney, and here there’s also a court of arbitration involved.
01:27   This is then serious, and one begins to ask oneself
01:31   if there isn’t more behind it. This is speculation —
01:36   I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist — but it’s clearly visible
01:39   that a large number of people
01:42   would obviously love to know with whom I am communicating and what is on my laptop;
01:45   it’s no doubt interesting for… people. Greetings to Claudia Roth —
01:49   it wasn’t personal; it’s about German politics.

Hat tip: Da Capo.

5 thoughts on “Judgment Against Nuremberg

  1. One wonders who one of the original phtomonteurs- John Hertzfeld aka Heartfield, would be satirising now.
    In the 1930’s it was the Fascists.
    I’d like to think he would have seen through the so-called antifas today and his youthful dalliance with the Communist party, was tempered with the reality of living behind the Iron Curtain.

    Who knows but I can’t imagine artists like Heartfield would be blind to the increasing censorship in Europe.

    Whenever one thinks typography and montages are original, these guys had already done it all with scissors and glue- no such thing as Photoshop.

    • “It is a house of horrors indeed, and spells the end of Germany.” It spells the end for Germany only if there is no response to ‘it’. But isn’t the response already in its infancy? The grumblings are beginning – what’s the saying… for every action an equal and opposite reaction. My guess is the grumblings will grow into a roar.

  2. How is it that the German government, Merkel in particular, can with impunity refer to Pegida as neo-nazis, yet if anyone refer to government officials as nazis, they are committing a crime? Is this another example of one law for one set of people, and another for another set? Or is it the politicians are above the law?

  3. I really liked that memed image. But to be more realistic this criminals will never get their large scale trial. If they win, they will rule until islam swallows them, if we win, they will be finishing like the Ceausescus, in front of the ad-hoc firing squad of a milita.

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