Jihad, Forgery, and Child Pornography

The following report from the Belgian news site RTL.be describes a nest of mujahideen in Belgium who seem to have been running a dual operation: forging identity cards for terrorists, and distributing child pornography.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

RTL Info: Police found pornographic images by alleged forgers for Paris and Brussels terrorists

Alleged counterfeiters of Paris bombings and Brussels are being prosecuted for possession of child pornography images. Many video files were found in their computers. They are believed to have produced false papers including those for Salah Abdeslam and Khalid El Bakraoui, and are charged with participation in a criminal organization. RTL information developed by Benjamin Emmanuel Samyn and Tallarico.

Counterfeiters are accused of providing false documents for the terrorist cells involved with bombings in Paris and Brussels, such as the one below.

Salah Abdeslam’s alias, for example, was Yassine Baghli.

“More suggestive poses, or even totally pornographic”

The counterfeiters’ main workshop was in Saint-Gilles. During a search, investigators seized the computer that was used for the production of false documents. The analysis of the machine revealed other offenses. “We note the presence of a large number of pornographic videos and pictures in which very many views represent young children, sometimes in innocent poses, sometimes in more suggestive poses, or even totally pornographic,” says an extract from the judicial record.

A new legal case

The discovery took place in an open statement about facts concerning the fake documents and forgery, because the investigation into the activities of the counterfeiters started before the attacks. The discovery of these child pornography materials has an impact on the procedure. “Investigators must inform the Public Prosecutor and the Public Prosecutor himself must find a new magistrate, and a new case will be opened,” said Frank Discepoli, criminal lawyer. “It will be totally different offenses, and it may well be that we have a judgment for a case and a judgment with another record, with two surveys and two completely different cases,” he says.

Commercial purposes?

We don’t know the exact purpose of these images. They may have been intended for commercial use and distribution. “Either they broadcast them directly and those interested can get them on a website, or they are in direct contact with potential buyers, and they distribute these images to the purchaser himself piecemeal,” says Mr Discepoli.

In the case of counterfeiters, ten people were alarmed to varying degrees. One of them, Djamal Ouali, fled to Italy and was arrested.

He has since been transferred to Belgium, where he is still being detained.

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  1. Maybe this is one area in which silly Liberal female dhimmis can be brought round to see the evil of Islam. However, considering they have been willing to turn a blind eye to the mass abuse and sex trafficking of 12 and 13 year old girls in the UK by Muslims, perhaps they will also choose to cover their eyes to child pornography.

    • Militant feminists don’t have children, so I doubt it will resonate with them at all. Would be great if it did though

  2. http://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/24-kuwaitis-arrested-us-mobile-content/

    “Around 24 young Kuwaiti citizens (mainly students and tourists), had been arrested in the US over the past few months over the contents of their mobile phones or Laptops (…)
    one of the detainees was a 19-year-old student who has been detained for over a month now because of having “indecent photos of minors under 18” on his mobile phone.

    Notably, Kuwait’s embassy to the US has advised citizens travelling to US to make sure their mobile phones and laptops do not contain any content of an extremist nature, related to conflict zones, terrorist groups or any form of violence.”

  3. In Germany a court of appeal ruled, that muslim-marriages with under age refugee-girls are now legal.


    Were will the German judges draw the line – 15, 13, 12, 10?
    In Yemen or Saudi Arabia fe. there is no official minimum age for a marriage what so ever.
    According to Sharia (ie. Sunna – role model Muhammed and his marrige with Aishe) it`s 9 years for the sexual intercourse, but he married her with 6.

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