I Got Them Road-Walkin’ Blues

I’ll be leaving shortly to attend a family wedding. I’ll be gone overnight and through much of tomorrow. This means no news feed tonight. As for tomorrow’s feed, it depends on how early I get home.

Dymphna will be moderating comments to the extent that she can manage. So mind your p’s and q’s!


9 thoughts on “I Got Them Road-Walkin’ Blues

  1. “Where are those ‘Ps’? Ahh, there you are. Now come in side and stay put!” Looks around room, “Qs, where the hell are you? Come out from behind that couch and sit, quietly, in front of it or on it! Now you all be good little letters and watch some TV whilst I do some reading about how evil Donald Trump is. Boy, the Atlantic Monthly really has gone to town on him this time!”

  2. Wednesday,October 5 : A “civil war” is brewing in Canada between Trudeau’s government and a few of the provinces over a carbon tax that his government wants to impose on all of the provinces. Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall (the most popular premier in the country) is the most outspoken against it. And majority agree with him.The deal was that the provincial governments and the feds would work on a plan togeather but, being the snotty dictator he is, Trudeau broke his promise and ploughed ahead with a national “pricing” plan anyway. Trudeau is hated in Western Canada where most of the oil and gas is located. Even Alberta’s socialist government is speaking out. It’s premier,elected a year ago (the two conservative parties split the vote),sunk way down in the polls in September.Justin’s dad, Pierre, tried to force a national energy plan on Alberta back in the 1970s and met with resistance.

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