Hungarians Fleeing Communism, Muslim Migrants — SAME THING!

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against the Soviet occupation. The bien-pensants of the progressive media have taken the opportunity to draw false analogies between Hungarians who fled the Soviet tanks and the third-world “refugees” now inundating Europe.

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This is how they try to wash ’56 together with the migration in the Western media

by Gábor Nagy

Two interesting articles were published about the occasion of Hungarian revolution’s 60. anniversary.

On October 1, Thomson Reuters published an article entitled:

“Once asylum beneficiaries in 1956, Hungarians now reject migrants”

The writing tunes up with this: Sixty years ago, running from Soviet tanks and retribution, more than 200,000 Hungarians, — many of them woman and children [real children! — translator] — ran towards the western border to enter Austria. The Hungarians were housed in refugee camps until they received permission to enter the Western world. The refugees of ’56 then quickly found new homes, enjoying the goodwill of accepting nations.

Once the article established the mood, it switched into its primary statement: today in Hungary they all forget about this act of mercy, because Viktor Orbán now talks about how this unprecedented migration wave is Europe’s largest enemy since the Second World War, and the Hungarian prime minister suggests that Europe should close its borders in the same way that Hungary did in 2015.

The writer of the article on the quota referendum asks a ’56 refugee, who says he did not participate in the referendum because he was once a refugee, and he finds this disgusting. Marta Pardavi, an expert for the Helsinki Committee, argued in the publication that events of October and November of 1956 were the first real test of the Geneva Conventions, from the refugees’ point of view, and those rules are still active.

A similar analogy is built into Time article:

Hungary’s Mistreatment of Refugees Today Ignores History

The article paints a picture of the mood of the era via a personal experience of how refugees escaped from Communist retribution.

Not long after that comes the shining light of Austria: the writer looks to the country as heroes because, just as in 1956, they are now equally ready to receive the “refugees” from the present migrant crisis, regardless of whether they are Hungarian or Middle Eastern or African migrants who want to get into Western Europe.

The comes the “But Hungary”: the closure of the southern border left more than 6000 migrants stuck in Serbia in overcrowded camps. The illegal migrants have to live in helpless circumstances because the Hungarian authorities do not let them continue westward.
The conclusion of the article is the following:

“It ignores the fact that sixty years ago the refugees arriving from war-torn Hungary were very different from today’s situation.”

When Hungary closed the green border, it defended our country, Europe and the Schengen zone. For real refugees the gates are still open at official border stations where they receive a variety of services. The Geneva Conventions and the laws of the EU are strictly upheld by Hungary. We suggested that instead of quotas, the EU should provide support to countries with direct borders on the conflicts. The “oh-so-well-prepared Austria” now wants to change its refugee laws into something more strict because, they can’t handle the migrants. I guess we are lucky they did not started calling ’56 a counter-revolution, like the Communists!

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  1. The constant barrage of attacks in the MSM continues against Hungary. Last week topic was blaming a government for suppressing the “freedom of the press” because a foreign owner decided, not willing to bear the loss a post communist newspaper piled up. All the Marxists Liberals suddenly forgot about the power of the almighty market and ran to Brussels to complain about the “fascists dictatorship”.
    Now as the next week topic, they using the Hungarian National Holiday, remembrance of courages people who 60 years ago revolted against the Communist regime and paid the ultimate price for it. The response from the Soviets were brutal. Full tank divisions came against civilians and once they won, they started systematically executing and imprison thousands. The murdered patriots were buried face down in mass graves, rolled into tar paper, their hands and legs were tied with barbed wires. The leaders of the revolution begged for help to the west, but nothing came. Later we found out the Suez Crisis were taking their attention. Oil were still more expensive than blood. Many choose to try to survive leave the country, mostly in the direction of Austria. They patiently waited in refugee camps until different states decided to sponsor them and left to their new homelands. As they could not go home because for the next 45 years they were hunted, they become good citizens in their new countries and their descendants, still live in many parts of the world.
    The Hungarian refugees were not stealing, not robbing, not raping, or killing anybody, they brought their papers and their proof of education, caused no trouble, gratefully accepted food and any comfort they were given.
    Now dear reader please compare that to present news articles about the “new wave”.

    • 100% .Correct! There is a huge difference between the Hungarian (Magyar) refugees and the so called refugees (IMHO economic migrants and potential Jihadis) from a laundry list of countries in the Middle East and Africa. Many settled in my home state of NJ , a large number in the city of New Brunswick. Upon arrival they sought employment, learned English, assimilated, started small businesses, opened Banks and Credit Unions, showed a deep appreciation for the host country, and became productive members of society. I have worked with many of them in the construction industry.

    • There is a good portion of translated communist propaganda there too or as the present generation would call it: everyday in the mainstream media.

  2. Interesting. These days, thousands of Germans are fleeing their country for permanent residence elsewhere, many headed toward Hungary. Hungary is currently looking for immigrants with a traditional Western/Christian background, according to my latest visit to their consulate.

    • That is correct. The Hungarian government started a program to compensate for the low birthrate by supporting families, it already shows some results but it will take decades to offset that. In the meantime all native European citizen are welcome to settle there.

  3. Military age males who are actually paid to move into European countries…and who are not ” Running Away ” from oppression…..but bringing the OPPRESSION OF A SAVAGE CULTURE TO CIVILIZATION…are NOT refugees …but INVADERS. The bribed and brain dead leadership of many counties in
    Europe are Quislings to the core. May God Damn them to an eternity of pain and loss.

  4. How about some pro-migrant ’56 refugees are placed in a village or small town somewhere in Austria, which does not yet contain any contemporary “refugees”? Then some of the new “refugees” are moved in to live next to the old refugees and their families… after a while, the ’56 refugees are again asked their opinion. could that make for an interesting reality show?

  5. One big difference between the Hungarian refugees and today’s Islamic crew is in how they were disbursed – at least in America. Today, of course, these people(mostly male, young and non-vetted) end up in Islamic centers/welfare camps/cities under Islamic influence (Dearborne, Buffalo etc.).In the process certain religious groups are “funded” for their support – Catholic Charities, Lutherans etc.

    In the 50’s Hungarian refugees were disbursed into the community at large. A certain farmer in my home town took in these kids. He gave the board they were a help to him.
    They attended the local high school and became part of the community – they were as “American” as any of us.

    Of course this explains the real scandal. The religious organizations dare not ‘farm” these young people out to the individual parishes and churches – there would be mass conversion to Christianity! The charities dare not seem like they’re doing it for faith’s sake, but for the buck. the real tragedy is that Faith and charity are now under the thumb of the state.

    • IMHO this whole situation has been a boon for these ‘faith based agencies’ participating in the ‘refugee racket’ , dumping tens of thousands of cultural misfits in towns all over the USA while paying themselves handsome salaries and pushing the agenda of the present administration forward.

  6. More disgusting leftist equivocation.

    The Hungarian people were Austria’s neighbors and partners in Europe who would either integrate or return to their native land after the crisis was over.

    The current wave of invader filth are not neighbors or partners, and they have no intention of integrating or returning. They are walking stomachs and penii who are only capable of consuming and eventually destroying Europe.

  7. I remember the press coverage of the water-polo match in the ’56 Olympics, between Hungary and the USSR. I don’t remember the score; just what was said about the amount of blood in the water. I had both Polish and Hungarian immigrants on my paper route. They talked to me about invasion and occupation because of my father and mother befriending them, and they and an Armenian physician-friend had a big impact on my preparation for living a short while in West Germany as an exchange student. That was a DIFFERENT type of mass immigration. I was on a train out exactly as The Wall was going up to stop that exodus.

  8. Refugee Hungarian musicians formed the Philharmonia Hungarica, which was adopted by the West German town of Marl, and lasted till 2001. They recorded the first complete set of Haydn’s symphonies (106 of them!) for Decca/London in the 1970s, with the Hungarian conductor Antal Dorati.

    Can you tell I love Haydn?

      • Indeed so, CrossWare; everyone but the Esterhazy Prince Nikolaus hated his new summer palace, built in a swamp far from Vienna and inaugurated in 1764; as soon as he died in 1790, the court returned to Schloss Eisenstadt, smaller but more convenient. I took a day trip there from Vienna three years ago to pay my respects to the great man (Haydn, not the Prince!), whose grave was moved there from Vienna.

  9. Hungarians in 1956
    – Fleeing – communist – invasion

    Hungarians in 2016
    – Trying to keep – mohammedan – invaders out

  10. Continuing the theme of leftists making an equivalence between the 1956 Hungarian refugees and today’s FakeFugees, the Guardian had this to say…

    The article was written by one of the 1956 refugees, and it may be the case that many of them, in a gesture of well-meaning decency, may wish to show the same generosity to contemporary migrants – however misplaced that may be… however for a complete demolition of the premises of the article, one can scroll down to the comments.

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