Hervé de Lépinau: France on the Brink of a Civil War

On October 23 Marion Le Pen of the Front National spoke at a rally in Provence. The leadoff speaker at the event was Hervé de Lépinau, a borough councilor and secretary of the Front National for the 5th constituency of Vaucluse.

Below is a video of Mr. de Lépinau’s speech. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   French, wake up! You are here in your country!
00:24   We are in our country!
00:48   For Marion: hip hip hurray!
01:08   Marion! Marion! Marion!
01:12   My dear friends,
01:28   I want to thank
01:32   the mayor of La Tour-d’Aigues for respecting his promise concerning this rally.
01:44   So, Jean-François, if you can hear me, I thank you for
01:48   honoring your word!
01:57   My dear friends, the main square of Grambois being too small,
02:01   we are gathered, in large numbers in the neighbor town
02:05   of La Tour-d’Aigues. And I insist on thanking its mayor
02:09   for giving us the permission to gather in his county,
02:13   when at the same time the old sirens of the left wing
02:17   of Vaucluse, called for banning of…
02:25   …when the old sirens of the left wing of Vaucluse were calling for
02:29   the banning of our rally.
02:33   In fact the borough secretary of the communist party
02:37   believed she had the right to demand that the prefect forbid our gathering
02:41   of patriots…
02:49   …under the pretext that we could become,
02:53   and I quote: “a threat of disturbance to the public order”.
02:57   No less!
03:01   Madame Allouis, because this is her name,
03:05   allow me to serve you this
03:09   thought of La Rochefoucauld: “Hypocrisy is a tribute that vice pays to virtue.”
03:21   Because the left wing
03:26   is expert in the field of disturbing the public order…
03:30   Illegal occupation of public space and exclusion of those who don’t think like you do
03:34   During your famous “nights of sleeping while standing” [leftists rallies].
03:38   Destruction of property [unintelligible] and shop windows during rallies,
03:42   [unintelligible] Violence against
03:46   the police force, when it’s not straightaway an attempted murder
03:50   with Molotov cocktails during those rallies.
03:54   Violence, degradation
03:58   and intimidation of the population
04:02   of Calais, perpetrated by your allies “no borders”.
04:06   And just yesterday this extreme Left,
04:10   the lesson giver, marched in Saint-Etienne to demand,
04:14   and I quote: “the disarmament of the police force.” Yes, you heard correctly!
04:22   “The disarmament of the police force”, all while this rally
04:26   was forbidden by the prefect, and police officers
04:30   are rallying everywhere in France to show their discontent, or even to show
04:34   that enough is enough, before attacks [against them] becoming more and more violent,
04:38   that they are victims of every day now!
04:42   Police with us!
04:46   Police with us! Police with us!
04:58   So today, my friends, the left wing is attacking the Front National
05:02   saying that it would be a threat to the public order.
05:05   It’s as if a hospital were mocking charity [pot calling the kettle black].
05:11   My friends, what unites us today isn’t hate of the other and of the institutions,
05:15   but on the contrary: it is love of Provence,
05:19   rich in her traditions and her legacy.
05:23   It is our love for a sovereign France, master of her own destiny.
05:27   It’s the right of free speech.
05:31   We are in our country!
05:35   It’s an imperative duty to denounce this politics of immigration,
05:39   absolutely crazy, led by a government at bay,
05:43   by a president massively rejected by French people,
05:47   and a dictatorial European Commission,
05:51   that works against the sovereignty of nations.
05:55   We are in our country!
06:07   Our movement isn’t directed against those illegals
06:11   who opportunistically…
06:15   …who opportunistically take advantage of our weaknesses,
06:19   of our riches and of our inability to control our borders.
06:23   If they are on French territory today,
06:27   it’s because someone at the highest level wanted to let them in.
06:31   Our adversaries are those who are politically responsible,
06:35   as much from the left as from the right, corrupt,
06:39   many of them with Qatari and Saudi money,
06:43   little concerned by our national interests, by our identity and by our sovereignty.
06:49   This activist, militant left, where cynical manipulators rub elbows with useful idiots,
06:56   have been busy for the last forty years rewriting the most beautiful pages
07:00   of the national novel, wanting at any price
07:04   to separate us from our Christian roots, from our thousand-year-old tradition,
07:08   and from our sovereignty, the guarantee of our freedom.
07:12   Long live France!
07:16   Freedom! Freedom!
07:28   This moral left (lesson giver),
07:32   using the methods of the Inquisition, decides,
07:36   in the name of the values of the Republic, who is good and who is evil,
07:40   with, as a sad result, a France on the brink of a civil war.
07:44   Finally, those besmirchers of memories, obsessive destroyers
07:48   of the national unity, which was hard earned and paid for in blood,
07:52   and whose terrible price is shown
07:56   in a macabre way on the memorials in our towns and villages.
08:04   But we have to be fair and recognize that this left —
08:08   Let’s recognize this left, and more particularly
08:12   in our department [county, borough], that they were advancing openly,
08:16   that they showed their true colors. The mayor of La Tour-d’Aigues
08:20   won’t contradict me on this point. When it was about
08:25   a vote to put to use the farm Bonpain
08:29   owned by the Borough Council of Vaucluse,
08:33   and being used by the illegals; or voting against the motion
08:37   “Our Department Without Migrants” presented by your representatives from the Front National,
08:41   the left clearly took a stand against the interests of French people.
08:45   With representatives from the right, known as republicans,
08:49   it was more complicated: they adopted
08:53   a more ambiguous attitude, if not dubious,
08:57   in abstaining, like some of them, or in voting for the provision of the farm
09:01   using the borough’s money destined for the lodging (others)
09:05   and voting against it, for the last ones. And it’s with inspiring courage
09:09   that they unanimously refused to participate in the vote
09:13   of the motion I just told you about.
09:17   Monsieur Chabert, the former mayor of Gorde and current
09:21   president of the Borough Council for the Welfare for the Aged, if it’s not
09:25   for the benefit of the electoral agreements, concluded with the socialists/communists,
09:29   who doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind them of good memories
09:33   and make them masters of ceremony in the organizing of the hypocrites’ ball.
09:37   Such is the ni-ni [leftist policy, meaning: neither privatisation, nor nationalization]
09:41   replacing the constitutional values in the actions of those people.
09:45   I see it as a proof of the latest declarations
09:49   by our [unintelligible] deputy of the 5th constituency, who
09:53   isn’t a fan the of subject of ni-ni; and I quote him: “When I don’t say ‘welcome’ to the migrants,
09:58   it’s not on the one side a nice representative, and the other an evil cold-blooded representative.
10:02   But this welcoming politics is stupid and short-sighted.” Monsieur Aubert
10:09   criticized last Wednesday, on radio France Bleu Vaucluse, the merits of our rally.
10:14   And I’m citing him again: “the freedom to rally exists,
10:18   but it’s agitation. We should rather look for
10:22   quiet solutions.” But what quiet solutions,
10:26   Monsieur Aubert? A cup of chamomile? An infusion of
10:30   medicinal herbs? You aren’t suggesting anything concrete:
10:34   [unintelligible] and a soft, weak hand as usual. Because you have to give to the rightist voter,
10:38   sovereignist and conservative, the impression that you are keeping a stiff upper lip.
10:42   And no, [unintelligible] he formulated a proposition
10:46   He remembers that Francis Adolphe, the socialist mayor of
10:50   Carpantras, invoked some weeks ago the alleged case of a catholic family
10:54   in his county, who wanted to welcome migrants into their home.
10:58   Julien Aubert estimated that, and I quote him: “Francis Adolphe took his idea
11:02   to lean on the civil society.”
11:06   Fine, but what are the agnostics and atheists,
11:10   Buddhists, Muslims suggesting? The majority of French who aren’t
11:14   Catholics in Vaucluse. Monsieur Aubert. Monsieur Chabert,
11:18   Monsieur Adolphe, Monsieur [unintelligible] are you ready to
11:22   welcome the illegals in your home? Alas, crickets.
11:26   Those beautiful souls are absent. Do what I say, not what I do.
11:34   And this good example is being provided by the highest level
11:38   of the state, since the president of the Republic answered the question:
11:42   “Would you let the immigrants use your secondary residence?”
11:46   He answered, with an outrageous cynicism: “I’m sorry;
11:50   they [my secondary residences] are already occupied.”
11:54   Definitely in this world of Tartuffes [hypocrites], generosity is good but with
11:58   someone else’s money. This is why we have to
12:02   enter into resistance, when faced with this moral and intellectual terrorism!
12:06   That elementary principle has to be strongly reinforced!
12:10   True charity begins with yourself! Our people before the others!
12:19   We are in our country!
12:27   We are in our country!
12:31   Let’s remind, let’s remind
12:35   all those yelling do-gooders that Vaucluse is
12:39   The sixth-poorest department in France,
12:43   that we have retired people who survive on misery pensions,
12:47   that we have an unemployment rate of more than 20%, that we live the consequences
12:51   of exponential immigration, that we have to close the hearths of radical
12:55   Islamists in a context of the highest terrorist threat.
12:59   No, do-gooders, sirs,
13:03   Vaucluse cannot afford your short-sighted generosity.
13:07   Vaucluse cannot handle it any longer!
13:11   Why such sudden ease in welcoming, feeding and treating
13:15   defraying the cost of individuals who entered our territory illegally,
13:19   when a number of our people
13:23   lack everything and don’t warrant anything anymore?
13:27   My friends,
13:39   My friends, we have to see the reality:
13:43   the Front National alone defends the interests of the people from Vaucluse
13:47   against those unjust policies causing social tensions.
13:51   Only your representatives from the Front National
13:55   have the courage to oppose the destructive forces
13:59   of the Politically Correct. Because the socialist government
14:03   has clearly announced who its enemies are.
14:07   Prime Minister Valls, yesterday in Tours,
14:11   fiercely warned the French people, I quote:
14:15   “Those who would oppose the welcoming of the refugees will find
14:20   the state blocking them.”
14:24   My friends,
14:28   The French people have the right to answer him:
14:32   Article 35 of the Declaration of Rights of Man:
14:36   “When a government violates the rights of the people,
14:40   insurrection is, for the people and for every part of the people,
14:44   the most sacred right and the most indispensable
14:48   of duties.”
14:52   My friends, this government and its representatives,
14:56   the enemies of French interests will have to expeditiously
15:00   leave the political scene in 2017.
15:04   The coming electoral deadlines will be critical for the future of our nation.
15:08   The choice is very simple:
15:12   it’ll be a beginning, or chaos. It’ll therefore be Marine [Le Pen]
15:16   as President and a Front National majority in the National Assembly.
15:20   Long live Vaucluse, long live France!
15:28   Marine for president!

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  1. Sounds like he read the Declaration of Independence and sees the current French government as the colonists saw King George, i.e. a power bent on depriving the citizens of their natural rights and no longer representing their interests. Good for him.

  2. Long live France! Magnificent.

    “Mass migration the refuge of scroundrels”…..

  3. “where cynical manipulators rub elbows with useful idiots” Dang, those useful idiots are everywhere these days!

    I hope France makes it. In one piece. I agree about Marine too. Of course it’s not my country but I would like to see France survive as a free nation.

    “When a government violates the rights of the people,
    insurrection is, for the people and for every part of the people,
    the most sacred right and the most indispensable
    of duties.” Kind of reminds me of something someone said a long time ago about America. I hope we (America) also survive.

    Amen. Vive La France!

  4. you mean the French are finally waking up to how little say the citizens have over what a socialist government does. it is pretty hard to tell a politician what to do when they can decide if you have food to eat.

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