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French police are preparing to dismantle the notorious “Jungle” migrant camp near Calais. In anticipation of their eviction, the residents of the shantytown have started rioting and burning things.

In other migration news, the Italian coast guard has rescued 2,400 migrants in a single day. It also pulled fourteen bodies from the ocean.

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Financial Crisis
» Draghi Downplays Loan Demand Decline in Italy, Spain
» “Politically Correct”: The War on Free Speech, Free Press, Free Internet and the Truth. What is the Endgame?
» “She Must be a Psycopath” — 5 Big Fat Lies Hillary Told at the Final Presidential Debate
» Bombshell Will Soon Destroy DNC
» Clinton Thug Robert Creamer Planned ObamaCare in Jail
» Demystifying Election 2016
» Hillary Clinton and the Chain of Command at Waco
» IoT Gadgets Behind Tens of Millions of IP Addresses Flooded DNS Biz Dyn
» Massive Cyberattack Hits America — Will Russia Take Down the Entire Internet if We Go to War?
» Millions of American Men Exposed to Feminizing Chemical in Drinking Water
» Podesta Email Identifies Media Contacts for Clinton
» The Autumn of Our Discontent
» The Democratic National Convention (DNC) Was Rigged. Bernie Delegates Silenced by Pro-Hillary “Seat Fillers” (Who Were Paid $50 a Day)
» The First Media Sellout Traitor — But by No Means the Last Media Traitor
» The Indisputable Bravery of Michael Savage
» Tour Bus Crashes Into Big Rig in Desert Hot Springs; 13 Dead, 31 Others Injured
» Why Should Trump Accept the Election Results?
» Why the Trudeau Government Ignored 2nd Anniversary of Soldiers Killed in Terrorist Attacks
Europe and the EU
» ‘Expert’: Give Syrians Their Own City in Germany to Prevent Radicalization
» Hungary’s Orban Rejects ‘Sovietization’ By Brussels, Defends Nation State
» Ireland Needs EU ‘Direct Aid’ To Handle Brexit, Says FF Leader
» Italy: Telepass Fined 200,000 Euros by Antitrust Authority
» Italy: Referendum No is No to Renzi Govt — Berlusconi
» Italy: MPS Gains 56% Over 4 Days, 36% of Value Traded
» Sad to See ‘Ivory Tower’ Priests Says Francis
» Smoking Hole Found on Mars Where Schiaparelli Lander, Er, ‘Landed’
» Thousands of Muslims Protest on Ancient Streets of Rome as Italy Shuts Down Mosques
» UK: Avoiding Liverpool Was the Aim: All Aboard the World’s Only Moving Aqueduct
Israel and the Palestinians
» The U.N. — UNbearably Unbalanced
Middle East
» Life in Syria, As Recounted by a Syrian
» Syria’s “White Helmets”: Assad Says the “Boy in the Ambulance” Is Fake — This Proves It
Latin America
» Venezuela Congress Presses for Maduro Trial in Rowdy Session
» A Nation Wrecked by Immigration: Do Gooding Swedes Turn Against Migrants Amid Violence
» Fear of Crime Soars After Year of Migrant Attacks in Germany
» France Set to Demolish ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp
» Italian Coastguard Brings 2,400 Migrants Aground in One Day
» This is My Final Article Before the Election and I Hope the Following Information Will be Helpful to Voters. These Are the Issues and Candidate Positions as I Understand Them to be:
Culture Wars
» Universities Ban Politically-Incorrect Halloween Costumes
» WikiLeaks Director and Assange Mention Gavin MacFadyen Dies

Draghi Downplays Loan Demand Decline in Italy, Spain

ECB leaves rates unchanged, confirms QE of 80bn a month

(ANSA) — Rome, October 20 — European Central Bank Governor Mario Draghi on Thursday downplayed a decline in loan demand in Italy and Spain. The latest figures indicating businesses are unwilling to take on risk come after “a long sequence of positive data” and the ECB looks at aggregate data rather than single countries, he explained. Draghi added that EU bail-in rules on creditor and shareholder participation in bank rescues are flexible enough to work in various different scenarios.

His remarks came after the ECB confirmed monthly purchases of $80 billion in government paper and said interest rates will remain flat or come lower for a prolonged period. The massive bond-buying or quantitative easing (QE) programme will continue through March 2017 at least, and rates will stay low after it ends, the ECB said. The ECB earlier left rates unchanged, with the principal rate at 0.00%, the bank deposit rate at -0.40% and refinancing rates at 0.25%.

Draghi said eurozone growth is expected to slow down and third-quarter growth will likely be flat compared to the second quarter. The ECB believes “negative interest rates are working”, he said. Draghi’s bond-buying program — designed to push interest rates down while boosting credit — was launched January 22, 2015, and involved 60 billion euros in monthly bond purchases from across the eurozone. It was originally slated to end in September 2016.

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“Politically Correct”: The War on Free Speech, Free Press, Free Internet and the Truth. What is the Endgame?

“A populace deprived of the ability to separate lies from truth, is no longer capable of sustaining a free society.” — Journalist Chris Hedges

The ruling elite realizes a growing segment of the global population is onto their psychopathic endgame of theft debt enslavement, filthy debauchery, irreparable corruption, global warfare and genocide and skyrocketing tyranny fast leading us towards one world government. Afraid that the masses are awakening worldwide due to such important information disseminators as WikiLeaks, RT and the internet media exposing the elite’s widespread criminal activities, we’re now reaching critical mass and have the evil ones on the run. Terrified that we’re mobilizing against them on a massive worldwide grassroots scale, the handful of psychopaths who for centuries have owned and controlled the world are in a state of sheer panic and desperation…

All you have to do nowadays to learn the actual truth is take whatever Obama, Hillary and their minions say, and already knowing it’s all lies based on their irrefutable track records, you simply reverse whatever they say into the opposite, and just like that, you will then know the truth. Case in point, our Manchurian president Obama said:

There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard, because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world.

So what if Obama’s version of “the truth” consists only of lies? He believes we are incapable of discerning the truth for ourselves, so his Orwellian trained government will benevolently do that job for us.

In that same sermon on the propaganda mount, Obama repeated the boldface lie that what he’s calling for is not censorship. See what I mean, just reverse what he says and you’ve automatically arrived at the truth. Know for sure that what Big Brother “discards” will be the truth that you are prohibited from knowing and believing, leaving for your daily consumption just more of the same old, same old mind control mush read word-for-word from bimbos’ idiot cards on every channel at the same time… a real live version of “Ground Hog Day” played out the rest of our pathetically enslaved lives.

[Comment: Globalists seeking to trigger WWIII before the world’s population fully awakens.]

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“She Must be a Psycopath” — 5 Big Fat Lies Hillary Told at the Final Presidential Debate

Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple reports on the five biggest lies Hillary Clinton told at the last Presidential debate:

We know, we know… there were more than five… but who wants to sit and listen to Hillary for 90 minutes to find them all? And if she lies this much in just one 90-minute discussion, can you imagine how many lies the American people will be subjected to in four years under Madam Hillary’s rule?


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Bombshell Will Soon Destroy DNC

Media won’t touch damning evidence in Project Veritas videos — and there’s still more to come.

While the establishment does its best to recover from bombshell reporting by Project Veritas, investigative journalist James O’Keefe promises what’s coming next will be nuclear.

In the case of an emergency, O’Keefe has given the keys to the information exclusively to Infowars to reveal.

Check out Alex’s take on O’Keefe’s upcoming bombshell:…

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Clinton Thug Robert Creamer Planned ObamaCare in Jail

Creamer has been up to his eyeballs in left-wing agitation and the progressive agenda.

Robert Creamer, founder and partner of Democracy Partners, the group behind the organized violence at Trump rallies, as shown in the video by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, is no ordinary agitator. Creamer, a convicted felon, is arguably the spiritual godfather of ObamaCare and much of the current progressive left agenda.

Creamer, along with his wife, Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky is no stranger to agitation, violence, and expanding the progressive agenda. As Investor’s Business Daily pointed out in March 5, 2010 editorial regarding protests against House Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski over the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988, which expanded Medicare benefits and funded the change with a supplemental tax:…

As Breitbart has reported, Creamer, in addition to being the inspiration for ObamaCare, was also involved in heavily promoting the Iran nuclear deal, which effectively removed all impediments to Iran becoming a nuclear power and in providing $150 billion for this state sponsor of terror to foment revolution targeted against Israel and American interests:

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Demystifying Election 2016

We already know the outcome of Election 2016: Donald J. Trump will win in a landslide-but the globalist-controlled ‘progressives’ will claim victory.

How do we know that? Because that’s what they’ve been doing all along, claiming that Election 2016 was Hillary’s to win from the get-go; sending out a daily message that Hillary, lies, scandals and corruption notwithstanding, is leading all polls.

The Democrats, most of them Marxist too the core and hiding behind the identity of ‘progressives’, have come up with every dirty trick in the book-including how to respond to what is certain to be public outrage after outright stealing the election-and in fact had 8 long years to come up with an airtight game plan.

Frustrated patriots held back from getting past the iron gates of Facebook, other social media and mainstream media too, are constantly fed stories meant to drive America lovers into despair.

Google Clinton’s name and you’ll find that she’s a saint, and that it’s not her disgraceful ex-president husband that’s the serial sexual predator but Donald J. Trump.

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Hillary Clinton and the Chain of Command at Waco

Did Hillary call the shots at Waco?

Many politicians have a skeleton in their closet. Hillary Clinton has a cemetery, with a sign reading “Waco.”

The 1993 Waco showdown began when federal authorities rushed the communal home of a religious group, killing six of them, and losing four agents in return. The FBI then besieged the place with tanks and other armored vehicles, and ended up with the armored vehicles punching holes in the building, and injecting massive quantities of CS “tear gas.” When that didn’t work, the tanks began to demolish the building, eventually smashing about a quarter of it and damaging the remainder. A fire broke out and 74 people died in the flames, including twenty-one children. It was the deadliest law enforcement operation in American history.

After the tragic debacle, the Clinton administration claimed that Attorney General Janet Reno had been solely responsible for the final assault. There had been no White House input during the siege, and at the end, President Clinton only acquiesced in a decision Reno had made.

Twenty-three years later, there are substantial reasons to doubt the truth of these claims. The evidence is strong that the Clinton White House was calling the shots, and that Hillary played a prominent role.

[Comment: Yes. She will not hesitate to handle all those deplorables the same way.]

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IoT Gadgets Behind Tens of Millions of IP Addresses Flooded DNS Biz Dyn

Today a vast army of hijacked internet-connected devices — from security cameras and video recorders to home routers — turned on their owners and broke a big chunk of the web.

Compromised machines, following orders from as-yet unknown masterminds, threw massive amounts of junk traffic at servers operated by US-based Dyn, which provides DNS services for websites large and small.

The result: big names including GitHub, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, AirBnb and so on, were among hundreds of websites rendered inaccessible to millions of people around the world for several hours today.

We’re told gadgets behind tens of millions of IP addresses were press-ganged into shattering the internet — a lot of them running the Mirai malware, the source code to which is now public so anyone can wield it against targets.

Dyn tells us its services are coming back online after seeing out the storm and putting up new defenses. Here’s what we know:…

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Massive Cyberattack Hits America — Will Russia Take Down the Entire Internet if We Go to War?

We just learned a very important lesson about how exceedingly vulnerable our Internet truly is. On Friday, three massive waves of cyberattacks took down some of the biggest websites on the entire Internet. Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, Etsy, Business Insider, Github, Spotify, the New York Times and the Boston Globe were among the prominent websites affected. Security experts tells us that with each passing month these kinds of attacks are becoming larger and more sophisticated. And most Americans don’ t realize this, but nations such as Russia, China and North Korea have been feverishly developing extremely advanced cyberwarfare capabilities. So could a day come when one of our enemies takes down our Internet completely for an extended period of time?

According to CNBC, the primary target of the attacks on Friday was a hosting company known as Dyn, and these attacks came from “ tens of millions” of IP addresses simultaneously…

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Millions of American Men Exposed to Feminizing Chemical in Drinking Water

Atrazine, a potent hormone disrupter linked to sex-changes in animals and powerful effects on humans in extremely low doses has been found in one in 6 American’s drinking water.

According to research, exposure to atrazine in utero can cause genital deformation in young boys, including the development of a micropenis, medically known as microphallus.

The chemical, banned in Europe for its harmful qualities, is known to disrupt endocrine function in human beings, which can lead to a slew of disastrous health disorders.

Problems that may occur as a result of exposure include breast and prostate cancer, weight gain, lowering metabolism, ovarian cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, thyroid disorder and hairy cell leukemia.

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Podesta Email Identifies Media Contacts for Clinton

A recently published email by Wikileaks identifies 28 members of the media who were invited to an “off-the-record” dinner party at the home of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta three days before Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her 2016 campaign run.

Clinton announced her candidacy on April 12, 2015. On Thursday, April 9, 2015, a 7:00 PM dinner party was held at 3743 Brandywine St NW in Washington, DC, the home of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

Members of the “media bus,” or the journalists who would be tapped to cover the campaign were invited for dinner and ostensibly, a strategy session that would assist the Clinton candidacy. According to the email dated April 7, 2015, they included:

Liz Kreutz (ABC), Julie Pace (AP), Ken Thomas (AP), Lisa Lerer (AP), April Ryan (AURN) Jennifer Epstein (Bloomberg), Ruby Cramer (Buzzfeed), Steve Chagaris (CBS), John Harwood (CNBC), Dan Merica (CNN), Amanda Terkel (Huffington Post), Mike Memoli (The Los Angeles Times), Anita Kumar (McClatchy), Alex Seitz-Wald (MSNBC), Emily Schultheis (National Journal), Mark Murray (NBC), Tamara Keith (NPR), Amy Chozik and Maggie Haberman (The New York Times), Annie Karni and Gabe Debenedetti (Politico), Amanda Becker (Reuters), Amie Parnes (The Hill), Anne Gearan (The Washington Post), and Laura Meckler, Peter Nicholas, and Colleen McCain Nelson (The Wall Street Journal).

Select reporters were invited to an “off-the-record” party the following night at the home of democratic pollster Joel Benenson. The same email thread invited a “broader universe of New York reporters” for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 PM Friday, April 10, 2015 at Benenson’s home at 60 E. 96th Street, #12B, New York, 10128. The exact list of potential attendees is still being sought within the matrix of emails.

[Comment: Working hand in had to ensure American public sleep walks into a socialist hell.]

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The Autumn of Our Discontent

Don’t be fooled folks, and whatever you do, don’t lose heart—that is exactly what the globalists want. “We the people” must rally for Trump in record-breaking numbers

Lately I have noticed that the political establishment’s trademark supercilious smirk has morphed into something more akin to a feral grimace. Perhaps the more astute of these professional parasites (i.e. those whose heads are not too far up their butts) sense the end of their taxpayer-funded lives of power and privilege. Can I hear an “Amen!” brothers and sisters?

Despite the continuing preponderance of MSM polls that show 12 out of every 10 voters choose Clinton over Trump, there is an increasing tendency on the part of the American electorate to reject the MSM polls as being, in a word, nonsense. The globalist elites are rapidly losing their stranglehold on America’s attention, following hard on the heels of losing America’s trust.

“We the people” look at the huge discrepancy between the massive crowds attending Trump’s rallies and the meager ones attending Clintons, and know that there is something definitely “off” with most of the poll numbers we are being fed by the MSM.

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The Democratic National Convention (DNC) Was Rigged. Bernie Delegates Silenced by Pro-Hillary “Seat Fillers” (Who Were Paid $50 a Day)

California Bernie Sanders Delegate from District 34, Eden McFadden, recorded a video from inside of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in which she talks about — and shows — how the DNC is rigged against Bernie supporters and delegates, in favor of Hillary Clinton. This was a suspicion held by many on the outside looking in, fueled by Craigslist ads looking for actors to work at the convention to cheer in the audience, but without much more proof than that, which is pretty thin, honestly.

But then, Miss McFadden came along and recorded around 15 to 20 minutes of great video. First, Bernie delegates were held from being seated before others. According to McFadden, they were told that it was not time to seat for anyone yet, and when they were finally let in to seat, there were people already there, seated.

Second, there were white sheets of paper affixed to many seats which were marked “reserved” … for people that she describes as “seat fillers” who were being paid $50 per day. They were being paid to be instructed by pro-Hillary forces to oppose Bernie supporters. When the Bernie supporters cheer, the Hillary people were instructed to cheer louder to drown them out.

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The First Media Sellout Traitor — But by No Means the Last Media Traitor

In 66 AD, Gamala was an ancient city-fortress built on the slopes of a ragged, dragon-tooth mountain. The city itself spread upward along the very steep gradient and clung there like a stone carpet. Gamala was walled and considered invulnerable.

Gamala was the last bastion of freedom in Judea. It was the last outpost of truth, justice, and the way of humanity.

The invading power, however, sought to conquer and subjugate all Humankind to their suppressive rule, their many false gods, their inhuman laws, and their national blood sport of obliteration in the arena.


Am I talking about the Obama-Hillary ticket for 2016?

In a way, yes.

Because Gamala was considered impenetrable and unconquerable until its treasonous former commander went through the door at the Roman encampment and sold the Jews out to General Vespasian. He did this for a job as a richly paid writer working for the State’s propaganda juggernaut. His name was Yosef ben Matityahu.

So, this media guy-an outright traitor to his fellow Jews — he turned over the entire, secret, Jewish plan of defense, in exchange for a Roman name and title.

As a result, a reported 9000 men, women, and children in Gamala were killed by the Romans. The Romans then killed every surviving animal, cat, dog, and beast, and poisoned the wells, and salted the fields. Gamala was never rebuilt. It still stands there today, just as the Romans left it, with the breech still visible in the fallen wall…

Media became your jailers inside that Iron Matrix of lies

At first, they wove a lying web of false reality for you to believe in. Then, they became your jailers inside that Iron Matrix of lies.

For instance: they never warned you of the supreme, ultimate danger of the coming possible nuclear war with Russia in Syria and/or in Europe.

[Comment: Highly recommended reading.]

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The Indisputable Bravery of Michael Savage

Michael Savage should be be an icon for all Americans to emulate. He should be taught in schools everywhere. He ranks with Patrick Henry, John Adams, Thomas Paine, and others. Do they even teach these names anymore in the government-controlled schools?

THIS! Is why I am sickened by the blood-sucking, cowardly, and viscous repression of one of freedom’s great voices-Michael Savage-by the sociopathic, Islamist, Marxist powers of England, UK, who banned him from their tiny, now insignificant, little island.

England wouldn’t even exist today without the America that has protected it since WWII-the America which Savage personifies.

Without men like Savage and his iconic “Eddie” the soldier, to fight their wars, England would be speaking German today and its people goose-stepping around Piccadilly Square. Okay, instead, they are now speaking Arabic and praying in the streets-okay, I get that.

This hits me hard, because my uncle Eddie-Savage’s real life “Eddie”-really did fight his way across Europe with Patton, in the signal corps-first in and last out. At that time, in the 1940s, better men-real men-ruled England. The sleeping King Arthur was called forth from his long rest in Avalon to once more help save the world.

Well, Arthur is dead now. And his inbred descendants have deplorably added Michael Savage to a published list of murderers, terrorists, and violent, bloodthirsty men, and banned him from their little, insignificant island.

But do you know what makes this just even worse?

Worse than anything?

What’s even more sickening and provoking, more relevant to you, is that so many “Americans” seem to adore, believe, and support the warped witch of the West, Hillary “Rotten” Clinton, and her sleazy COLLUSION with England to ban the sound of True America from that darkened land, and from the world.

[Comment: Framers of the Constitution created the 1st amendment to prevent what has happened in England. Government dictating what is and is not allowed speech.]

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Tour Bus Crashes Into Big Rig in Desert Hot Springs; 13 Dead, 31 Others Injured

Thirteen people were killed and 31 others were injured Sunday morning when a tour bus returning from an overnight trip to a casino near the Salton Sea collided with a big-rig truck on Interstate 10 near Palm Springs, officials said.

Federal and local investigators are probing the cause of the crash, the deadliest in California in several decades. The bus slammed into the rear of the truck at a high rate of speed, and officials say the impact crushed the front third of the bus.

Most of those who died appeared to be at the front of the bus, including the driver.

“In almost 35 years, I’ve never been to a crash where there’s been 13 confirmed fatals,” said California Highway Patrol Border Division Chief Jim Abele. “It’s tough … you never get used to this.”

The crash occurred at 5:17 a.m. on the westbound 10 in Desert Hot Springs as the bus carrying 44 passengers was returning to Los Angeles County, Abele said…

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Why Should Trump Accept the Election Results?

Trump is not delusional, though the Democrats and the mainstream media do all they can to make it seem that way. Trump says the election is “rigged,” and that is a not unreasonable position. It cannot by any objective standard be conclusively refuted.

What does “rigged” mean? Does it mean active voter fraud operations? Yes. Those are relatively rare, but they do occur, and there is proof that voter fraud is occurring right now. The scale is unknown, but to say as the left is wont to do that Trump’s allegations are myth is absolutely mendacious.

But rigged in common terms also means much more. If the reporters and editors of the mass media, who tout themselves as objective journalists, in fact are in the tank for Hillary Clinton and use their power overwhelmingly to help the Democrat and hurt the Republican, isn’t this also fairly described as rigging an election? When they call voter fraud a myth, when it is not (its scope and frequency reasonably disputable but not its existence), is that not attempting to rig an election?

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Why the Trudeau Government Ignored 2nd Anniversary of Soldiers Killed in Terrorist Attacks

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau had no intention of marking the anniversaries of the deaths of two Canadian soldiers who were killed by Islamic terrorists within two days of each other in October 2014. Much like a new WikiLeaks dump about Hillary and the DNC, it may seem shocking at first but it really isn’t.

While the rest of the mainstream media appeared to ignore whether or not the anniversaries of the soldiers’ deaths would be marked, Kris Sims of CFRA radio in Ottawa did not. Sims, a former staff member for Erin O’Toole, Veteran Affairs Minister in the previous Conservative government, wrote to Veterans Affairs to ask when this year’s ceremony would start. A spokesman for Veterans Affairs told her he had checked with the DND and there were no plans to hold a commemoration this year.

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, 53, died after being deliberately struck down by a car driven by Martin Rouleau on Oct. 20, 2014. Rouleau had been waiting in the parking lot of a Quebec strip mall that contained an office run by Veterans Affairs and the Department of National Defence. After intentionally aiming his car at three uniformed soldiers, the convert to Islam then fled the scene. But during his flight he called 911 saying he did what he did for Allah. Rouleau’s car eventually overturned during a police chase and he emerged brandishing a knife at police. The cops shot him to death.

Two days later, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, was shot to death while standing guard at the National War Memorial on Parliament Hill. Again, the shooter was a convert to the religion of peace. Martin Zehaf-Bibeau then ran into the Parliament Buildings, going right past the room where the Conservatives were holding a caucus meeting. Zehaf-Bibeau was shot to death by Sergeant-at-Arms Ken Vickers and an RCMP officer before he could inflict more serious damage.

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‘Expert’: Give Syrians Their Own City in Germany to Prevent Radicalization

A left wing expert on Salafism has suggested that Germany has no real culture and that Syrians should be allowed their own city rather than be forced to integrate into German society.

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Hungary’s Orban Rejects ‘Sovietization’ By Brussels, Defends Nation State

At a commemoration of a 1956 anti-Communist uprising, Hungary’s right-wing leader Viktor Orban said his country must stand up to Europe’s “Sovietization” and defend its borders against mass migration.

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Ireland Needs EU ‘Direct Aid’ To Handle Brexit, Says FF Leader

Micheál Martin says British ministers have been ‘cavalier and grossly unprofessional’

Britain’s vote to leave the EU is of such enormity that it fundamentally changes Ireland’s economic model, Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin has said.

He also condemned the British government’s response since the referendum as “shambolic” and said its cabinet ministers with responsibility for Brexit “have been cavalier and grossly unprofessional.

“They have been making it up as they go along and after four months have yet to say what they are looking for other than to keep all the good bits, dump everything they don’t like, make their own rules and pay for nothing.”

He also claimed the Government was “drifting” and had failed to tackle problems with the urgency and ambition required. He insisted this had nothing to do with its minority status.

And he he singled out Minister for Protection Leo Varadkar, claiming that when in the health portfolio he was “PR obsessed”, had done little of substance in his time in health. He had been replaced by a more careful successor but this “has simply confirmed that the Government has no health policy”.

He also declared his firm support for US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who “has been a resolute voice for cedency and democratic values. She is also a great friend of Ireland. “.

He said “this is also a moment where basic democratic and humanitarian values are under attack throughout the world. We cannot stand quietly on the side-lines. If our values are to stand for anything we must speak up and we must support others.”

Mr Martin was speaking at the annual Fianna Fáil commemoration of Theobald Wolfe Tone at his grave at Bodenstown, Co Kildare.

He said there was a sense that the Government had not grasped the reality that the Brexit decision is of such enormity that it “changes fundamentally Ireland’s economic model.

“It’s as decisive a moment in our history as the decision” taken by then taoiseach Sean Lemass in the late 50s to change’s Ireland’s direction into a more open trading economy.

He said Ireland had to re-orient the economy “particularly in terms of diversification of markets, investment in education and research in a much stronger way”.

He said Ireland “will stand by the European Union” but “we need Europe to stand by us. We need the Union to allow and to support direct aid to stop us from serious damage from Britain’s decision to take its own route”.

Mr Martin said “we can’t wait for another two and a half years before businesses and communities receive support to either replace lost markets or to be competitive in spite of the massive fall in sterling.”

But he acknowledged the work that had been done in terms of foreign direct investment and the financial services to attract companies, expected to leave Britain, to Ireland.

He described Britain’s approach to the vote by Northern Ireland and Scotland to remain as “at best dismissive”. There was no way of reconciling British prime minister Theresa May’s promise to prioritise Northern Ireland with her failure to put Northern Secretary James Brokenshire on the Brexit committee.

“We must stand by the people of Northern Ireland and never fail to speak up for their interests.”

Speaking afterwards to reporters he again criticised the Government and said what health policy over the last five years “was a fiction put forward by the last government that never got near realisation and in essence the services were damaged by a lot of PR and misguided decisions in the absence of” a clear policy.

The service plans brought forward by the HSE “must not be interfered with by Cabinet. It was last year.The strategy and language of the service plan was changed to suit the political needs of the Cabinet because of an election. That can no longer happen.”

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Italy: Telepass Fined 200,000 Euros by Antitrust Authority

Company made change to scope and cost of service without consent

(ANSA) — Rome, October 20 — Italy’s antitrust authority on Thursday imposed a 200,000 euro fine on electronic motorway toll charge payment company Telepass for extending the scope of an existing optional service for double the fee without first obtaining customers’ consent. The fine takes into account the fact that Telepass will activate a relative opt-in mechanism for customers as of December, the authority said in a statement.

On January 1, 2016 the company extended its optional roadside assistance service to cover not just motorways but the entire national road network. This corresponded to a new monthly fee for existing customers of 1,50 euros rather than the previous 0,78 euros, with effect from January 1, 2017. Telepass informed customers of the activation of the new extended service in a unilateral contract modification proposal that unduly conditioned their economic choices, the antitrust authority said.

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Italy: Referendum No is No to Renzi Govt — Berlusconi

‘Vote can only be negative’

(ANSA) — Rome, October 21 — A referendum No to the government’s Constitutional reform December 4 will be a vote against the government of Premier Matteo Renzi, former premier and centre-right Forza Italia party leader Silvio Berlusconi said Friday. “Renzi has turned the referendum into the last chance of relaunching to get the popular legitimation that he has never had,” Berlusconi said. “He has turned the referendum into a political clash. The vote for the referendum, by his choice, is also a vote for the government.” Berlusconi said a vote on the Renzi government “can only be negative”. The reform would overhaul Italy’s political machinery, turning the Senate into a leaner regionally based body with fewer lawmaking powers with the aim of making passing legislation cheaper and faster.


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Italy: MPS Gains 56% Over 4 Days, 36% of Value Traded

After Passera plan, ahead of business plan presentation Monday

(ANSA) — Milan, October 21 — Troubled Tuscan lender Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) has risen 56% on the Milan bourse over the last four days of trading of almost 36% of its capital, analysts said Friday. The surge started after the presentation of a plan by former industry minister and former Intesa Sanpaolo CEO Corrado Passera, and in anticipation of new MPS CEO Marco Morelli’s business plan Monday. MPS, Italy’s third-biggest bank and the world’s oldest, ended the day’s trading Friday up by 13.3% on the Milan bourse.

Record-high trading was seen even when compared with recent days’ surges, with 12% of the capital and over 351 million shares traded during the day’s session.

MPS shares rose for the fourth consecutive day after its board on Tuesday confirmed plans to go ahead with a turnaround plan while also leaving the door open to a privately funded rescue led by Passera. The Passera proposal was first rejected in July.

It would be an alternative to MPS’s current, European Central Bank-approved rescue plan involving a five-billion-euro capital increase and the securitization of 10 billion euros’ worth of non-performing loans (NPLs) with backing from Italy’s private Atlante fund.

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Sad to See ‘Ivory Tower’ Priests Says Francis

Pope urges bishops to scrutinize aspiring priests

(ANSA) — Vatican City, October 21 — Pope Francis on Friday spoke out against self-centered priests and urged bishops to be discerning in the matter of priestly vocations. “It’s sad when a priest lives only for himself, (within) the secure fortress of the rectory, the sacristy, or a restricted group of true believers,” he said at a hearing for participants of a congress on pastoral vocation. “On the contrary, we are called on to be shepherds among the people… capable of taking the time to welcome and listen to everyone, especially the young,” he said. The pontiff urged bishops to scrutinize aspiring Catholic priests or seminarians. “I beg you to be discerning in the matter of priestly vocations and seminary postulants,” he said during the hearing. “Your gaze must be wary and cautious, without being light-handed or superficial. I say this especially to our brother bishops: vigilance and prudence”. “The Church and the world need mature, balanced priests, of brave and generous pastors capable of closeness, of listening, and of mercy”.

The pontiff in particular called on priests to take their time to “get out”, “see” and “call”.

He expressed the wish for a Church that is “in movement, able to broaden its borders, measuring them not on limited human calculations or on the fear of making a mistake but on the large scale of God’s merciful heart”.

The pope also warned “pastors and pastoral operators who are in a rush, excessively concerned by the things that need to be done”, saying that they “risk falling into an empty organizational activism, without being able to stop to meet people”.

Francis instead called on priests to be “careful” and able to enter into “someone else’s life without ever making them feel threatened or judged”.

A priest should be able to “spark surprise for the Gospel” and awaken from “the torpor in which the culture of consumerism and of superficiality immerses us”, sparking an “authentic quest for happiness, especially in the young”.

Earlier on Friday, the pontiff also said helping the young is “an investment for the future”.

“Hope for the future should never be stolen from the young”, the pontiff said at a hearing with members of the St John Paul II Foundation for Life and Family.

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Smoking Hole Found on Mars Where Schiaparelli Lander, Er, ‘Landed’

4KM plummet to surface shattered Euro spacecraft

The European Space Agency has spotted what it assumes is what’s left of its Schiaparelli lander that smashed into the Martian surface this week.

NASA has been helping its European cousin out with use of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO): the satellite’s low-resolution CTX camera has picked up two new objects on the surface of the Red Planet, relatively close to where Schiaparelli was supposed to touch down. Contact with the lander was lost just minutes into its descent attempt.

The first object is relatively bright and looks like the 12-metre parachute that was the first stage in the landing process for the probe. The parachute was built to slow Schiaparelli down from 1,700KPH to 250KPH before detaching and allowing the probe to make the final descent under rocket power.

The second new feature is a much darker spot about 15 by 40 meters across and about 1km north of the first object. ESA boffins think that this is all that remains of Schiaparelli after its engines cut off prematurely and left it in free fall.

“Estimates are that Schiaparelli dropped from a height of between two and four kilometers, therefore impacting at a considerable speed, greater than 300 km/h,” ESA said.

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Thousands of Muslims Protest on Ancient Streets of Rome as Italy Shuts Down Mosques

Authorities in Rome recently closed down five makeshift mosques in the city in what Muslims see as a crackdown on their religion.

Thousands attended Friday prayers this week outside the iconic Colosseum in Rome to demonstrate against the closures.

The small mosques had been shut down by the authorities on fears that youngsters were becoming radicalized.

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UK: Avoiding Liverpool Was the Aim: All Aboard the World’s Only Moving Aqueduct

There are several fine examples of Victorian engineering still working in Blighty. Tower Bridge in London is one of my personal favourites. I was surprised to discover that another was on my doorstep. Well, 4.34km (2.7 miles) from my doorstep to be more accurate.

The Grade II-listed Barton Swing Aqueduct in Salford was built to solve the knotty problem of how to get the Bridgewater Canal across the proposed Manchester Ship Canal. And bar some routine maintenance, the odd lick of paint and a change of power source from steam to electricity, it has been doing the same job on a daily basis for over 120 years.

What makes the Barton Aqueduct even more interesting is that not only was it the first swing aqueduct to be built but it was also the last. To this day it is unique. And not just in the UK. Scour the globe and you’ll not find another one.

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The U.N. — UNbearably Unbalanced

Now just when you thought things couldn’t get more comical, along comes the most recent declaration from that lovely world body of clowns — UNESCO! In their ignorance — and arrogance, they have decided that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has no particular “Jewish connection,” and is, according to them, of utmost Arab/Muslim importance.

Before sinking our teeth into this Fellini-like absurdity, let’s take a good look at the initials UNESCO. It actually stands for, fasten you seal-belts, United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization. Uh, right. About that. Could there be any notion that’s as anti-educational, non-scientific, and totally culturally biased as this latest UN anti-Israel lunacy?

In the “UN Theater of the absurd,” this latest anti-Israel claim, however, stoops to new lows. For it completely ignores all historical and scientific evidence of the great Jewish presence there for more than 2,000 years. I’m reminded of the famous statement by the great Israeli statesman Abba Eban, who said many years ago with great insight: “If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions. “…

[Lysenkoism in spades]

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Life in Syria, As Recounted by a Syrian

Stories from Syrians are conspicuously absent from mainstream propaganda stories.

I asked Ammar about life in Syria, and this is what he wrote:

“As everyday morning my sister was going to the university when a bloody Takfiri Salafi Wahhabi suicide bomber blew up bomb car at the bus stop which led to the martyrdom and injury of many civilians and university students who were going to their exams , after 10 minutes another suicide bomber blew up himself at the same place taking advantage of the gathering of people and ambulance teams, usually when a terror attack happens we call all family members and friends to make sure they all are ok . but this time no one answered! Then we started looking for her in hospitals . . . the shock was in the bloody views there ; many burned bodies and human body parts were on the ground , there i saw my sister a body without soul . . .”

Almost every new story from the West demonizes Vladimir Putin. Ammar, however, has direct contact with Russian agencies. This is his assessment:

“about Russian aid , I see the biggest humanitarian aid provided by our Russian brothers is fighting the US NATO founded brutal terrorism and supporting Syrian armed forces against western backed barbarian terrorism as well standing with Syria in International forums furthermore the Russian aid for in need Syrian civilians represented in food like rice , sugar , tea , canned meat and fish and medical aid that includes medicines, emergency medical supplies, antibiotics and medical products for the treatment of a variety of diseases as well they brought a doctors who made physical check up to needy people. these aid were distributed directly by Russians to needy people thanks to American European sanctions against Syrian people and against Syrian economy , prices got so expensive , economical situation became harder, targeting Syrian infra structures by the illegal US-led coalition aircrafts also Looting and theft Syrian industrial plants and then Sold cheaply to Turkey by their mercenaries. All these reasons increased the suffering of Syrian people moreover targeting Syrian central bank and Syrian pound caused to lose a lot of Syrian pound purchasing value.”

The West demonizes the Syrian government, and invariably praises the mercenary terrorists, or confuses the narrative to protect the terrorists. This is Amman’s assessment:

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Syria’s “White Helmets”: Assad Says the “Boy in the Ambulance” Is Fake — This Proves It

– From an interview with the Syrian President Bashar Assad by the Swiss SRF 1 TV Channel published October 19 2016:

Journalist: This young boy has become the symbol of the war. I think that you know this picture.

President Assad: Of course I saw it.Journalist: His name is Omran. Five years old.

President Assad: Yeah.

Journalist: Covered with blood, scared, traumatized. Is there anything you would like to say to Omran and his family?

President Assad: There’s something I would like to say to you first of all, because I want you to go back after my interview, and go to the internet to see the same picture of the same child, with his sister, both were rescued by what they call them in the West “White Helmets” which is a facelift of al-Nusra in Aleppo. They were rescued twice, each one in a different incident, and just as part of the publicity of those White Helmets. None of these incidents were true. You can have it manipulated, and it is manipulated. I’m going to send you those two pictures, and they are on the internet, just to see that this is a forged picture, not a real one. We have real pictures of children being harmed, but this one in specific is a forged one.

Assad was half wrong. The picture, printed on page 1 of newspapers all over the “western” world, was not “forged”. It is a real picture from a White Helmet “rescue” video distributed by the Aleppo Media Center (AMC) (which is funded by the French French Ministry of Foreign Affairs). But the scene was carefully staged and we immediately recognized it as staged when it appeared. It was staged like many other “rescue” scenes with “kids saved” by the U.S./UK/D/J/NL financed White Helmets and their associated media.

Look for yourself, trust your eyes.

[Comment: Seen this before in Pallywood. Designed to dupe the Western public into stupidly supporting NATO boots on the ground involvment in Syria which will lead to WWIII. ]

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Venezuela Congress Presses for Maduro Trial in Rowdy Session

Venezuela’s opposition-led National Assembly in a rowdy session on Sunday pressed to put Nicolas Maduro on trial for violating democracy, days after authorities nixed a recall referendum against the unpopular leftist president.

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A Nation Wrecked by Immigration: Do Gooding Swedes Turn Against Migrants Amid Violence

For years Sweden has regarded itself as a “humanitarian superpower” — making its mark by offering refugee to those fleeing war and persecution.

But people’s patience with their visitors is wearing thin following a year of violence, sickening sex assaults and the death of social worker Alexandra Mezher, 22, who was knifed to death at an asylum centre for unaccompanied children at the hands of a Somalian migrant who claimed he was 15.

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Fear of Crime Soars After Year of Migrant Attacks in Germany

New statistics from mass-migration magnet Germany shows average citizens are increasingly fearful of public spaces, the news coming after a year of intense reports of crime committed by migrants in public spaces across Europe.

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France Set to Demolish ‘Jungle’ Migrant Camp

French officials are preparing to empty out and demolish a makeshift migrant camp, called the “Jungle” near in the northern port city of Calais.

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Italian Coastguard Brings 2,400 Migrants Aground in One Day

(REUTERS) — Rescuers pulled 2,400 boat migrants to safety on Saturday, the Italian coastguard said, adding 14 dead bodies had been recovered in the past two days.

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This is My Final Article Before the Election and I Hope the Following Information Will be Helpful to Voters. These Are the Issues and Candidate Positions as I Understand Them to be:

* If you want open borders — anyone can enter the U.S. (and Canada) from Mexico and Canada — Hillary agrees; Donald Trump will build a wall and strongly disagrees. As Hillary said in a Wall Street speech, she wants the entire Western Hemisphere to have open borders. It could allow up to 600 million immigrants to enter the United States.

Donald Trump says borders define a nation — and he is correct. To be accepted by the rest of the world as a nation, a “nation” must have four things in place: 1) a defined territory (borders), 2) a defined population, 3) military strength sufficient to defend the territory and the people, and it must 4) control of a system of finance that supports the people and the military. If any of those four things are missing, a mass of land with people living on it may call itself a nation but by the international definition of “nation” it is not. This creates all kinds of Treaty and trade problems, by the way…

* If you want illegal immigration to continue and if you want to give amnesty to illegal aliens who sneak into American unlawfully, Hillary agrees with you. She wants to let in anyone and everyone. She intends to increase the number of Middle East aliens Obama has allowed in by 550%. She is on record as supporting open borders throughout the Western Hemisphere (remember the North American Union?).

Donald Trump disagrees strongly. He does not support amnesty and would first eliminate sanctuary cities and known illegal alien criminals and then deal with the 20 million illegals who he believes take jobs from American citizens — – as did Presidents Truman, Eisenhower and Hoover who sent millions of illegals home to protect American jobs. He also believes it is unfair to those trying to enter America legally by delaying their lawful entry because of so many illegals.

Trump believes the billions of dollars of Medicare funds spent annually on illegal aliens who are not citizens diminishes the level of care available to America’s retired citizens and threatens the future of both Social Security and Medicare. He is concerned about the thousands of children who enter America with no adult protection and just disappear. He is right to be concerned. More than 3 million children a year are sold into some form of slavery worldwide. Hillary says she wants to protect children but invites them to enter illegally with no adult protection… an open invitation to child traffickers.

* If you want to pay higher taxes, Hillary will help. Hillary suggests that affluent people do not pay their fair share of taxes. Statistics say that 5% of affluent Americans pay 70% of income taxes. Hillary says all of her costly new programs can be paid by increasing taxes on the very affluent. I have run those numbers and it is not true… big time untrue. Her programs will require a tax increase for the middle class.

Trump’s plan lowers taxes on all individuals as well as corporations. He supports the Reagan theory which very effectively lowered taxes and increased employment (and when employment is increased, the tax base increases because new jobs are created and income taxes that come from the new jobs increase income tax payments to Treasury).

Trump is right about the trillions of dollars that are kept offshore because of America’s high tax rates. If one looks only at the federal income tax rate, it doesn’t make America look like one of the highest taxed nations in the world, as Trump says it is. However, when you add city and state taxes, sales taxes, fees, etc., we definitely are one of the most highly taxed nations in the world.

One of the less discussed facts related to this topic is how people with money (who Hillary wants to over-tax) are the ones who create jobs. Very few poor people, few in the middle class, own growing and thriving businesses that employ people — and 70% of America’s jobs comes from independent businesses.

It takes people with access to cash flow to create jobs and Hillary Clinton’s stand on this subject is dangerous. Sweden found out the hard way what happens when you over-tax the rich. They leave the country and take their money with them. Her plans will cost more jobs and generate less funding for the Treasury Department — which she relies on to pay for “shovel ready infrastructure jobs” she wants to create and to pay for with tax dollars.

[Comment: Recommened reading.]

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Universities Ban Politically-Incorrect Halloween Costumes

In a scathing article in Forbes last spring, the noted historian Paul Johnson called political correctness “one of the most dangerous intellectual afflictions ever to attack mankind.”

PC has “enormous appeal to the semieducated,” Johnson observed, and it “appeals to pseudo-intellectuals everywhere, since it evokes the strong streak of cowardice notable among those wielding academic authority nowadays.”

“Any empty-headed student with a powerful voice can claim someone (never specified) will be ‘hurt’ by a hitherto harmless term, object or activity and be reasonably assured that the dons and professors in charge will show a white feather and do as the student demands,” he said.

“Thus, there isn’t a university campus on either side of the Atlantic that’s not in danger of censorship,” he concluded.

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WikiLeaks Director and Assange Mention Gavin MacFadyen Dies

WikiLeaks director and founder of the Centre for Investigative Journalism Gavin MacFadyen has died at age 76. The cause of death is yet unknown. His ‘fellows in arms’ have flocked online to post their farewells, including WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.

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