11 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: Throw the DREEGs Out!

  1. DREGS – Democrat-Republican Establishment Globalists – would be a lot catchier.

    Defeat the DREGS!……..which they are.

          • I don’t know who photoshopped the lizard onto Josh, but Matt Bracken added the text.

        • No, that’s not what I meant.

          You could imagine that the word “dreeg” referred to a lizard-man from Alpha Centauri or something like that. But you couldn’t do that with the word “dreg”, it just wouldn’t fly.

          • Well. maybe a face-full of used coffee grounds. Those people are definitely not useful anymore. Except perhaps as compost for the next generation.

    • And if the globalists (Hillary) is not defeated it is all over. Jihadists will soon rise up and create chaos as more come in and resettle in communities. One ISIS man was just arrested in N. Fla for sending threats to police they plan to attack schools and beach resorts, etc. Got word that Tallahassee, Fl. (near me) got in some invaders recently don’t know how many, told him to contact Ann Corcoran’s website.

  2. A key factor is creating a unique new word with zero searchable history prior to its introduction.

  3. Republicans and Democrats make common cause against Trump. The Dreegs are showing their true colors. Trump would have made some highly offensive remarks about women, just think of all the things that everyone can say about a particular woman or women in general: there is not enough to make a public scandal!For the rest a presidential campaign should take an interest to unemployment, the fiscal debt, economy, education, safety in American streets, tensions with Russia and China … But, not the press, the Democrats and the mental defective leftists who prefer to focus on what Trump have said/would have on women !

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