9 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: American Pravda

  1. Don’t call them whores… whores in general make people happy in same time living hard dangerous poor life of disgrace and cruelty towards to them.
    This individuals on other hand… they live in comfort, in safety, with lots of money, high position in life and they do harm.. a lot of harm…they are helping “enemy within” with replacement/displacement/ruining nation(s).

  2. This is nothing new. The Dubya Bush admin was notorious for the same handling of media.
    Meanwhile real journalists like Amy Goodman of Pacifica Radio News have warrants issued for their arrest. The prosecutor in North Dakota charged her with RIOTING and conspiracy for covering the resistance by native tribes to the planned oil pipeline there.
    At least the judge dismissed all the trumped-up charges against this fine and courageous woman. But the threat is there: tell a different story than the one Murdoch wants you to tell and face jail.

  3. In the afterlife meets Hannibal, Sulejman and Napoleon.
    Oh man says Hannibal, if I could have had just one M1 Abram tank, I could have taken Rome!
    That is nothing says Sulejman, if I would have just one armed drone, I could have taken Vienna and whole Europe!
    Oh guys, says Napoleon, I wish I could have had the mainstream media! They would still not know about how I lost at Waterloo!

      • We Hungarians created many political jokes as a way to resist and make our life a little more bearable:

        Here is one about the 7 wonders of the Communism:

        1. Everybody was employed
        2. While everybody was employed, nobody done anything.
        3. While nobody done anything the (5 year) Plan was always fulfilled more than 100%.
        4. While the (5 year) Plan was always fulfilled over 100%, you could not buy anything in stores.
        5. While you could not buy anything in stores, somehow everybody had everything.
        6. While everybody had everything, everybody kept stealing.
        7. While everybody kept stealing, it was nothing ever missing.

        • I believe there was a Soviet version: We pretend to work, and the Government pretends to pay us.

          Otoh… Everyone had a job and a home, however cramped, and fuel bills were kept artificially low. I’d still prefer to live under capitalism, not least for the freedom of choice and expression, but it’s only less imperfect.

  4. When the time comes we must remember everyone of these people. We must remember the ones that are local to us and act accordingly. We must let them know one simple truth: We are ready right now to give our lives for our God given rights. Are they ready to give their lives to take them away? I have used this many times on gun control proponents and have yet met one that was ready to give his life to take my firearm.

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