For Want of a Nail

Many years ago I would reserve Saturdays here at Gates of Vienna for either poetry or ranting, depending on what came up. With the hectic press of the events in later years, that custom eventually fell by the wayside. However, I’ll revive it again just for today, since the mood to rant is upon me.

Dymphna broached a certain topic in her post last Tuesday. It generated a lengthy and inflamed comment thread, so I might as well bring it up again here.

She and I have a longstanding bone to pick with commenters who snipe at entire groups of people — nations, cultures, religions, etc. — that ought to be considered our allies in the Counterjihad. Not all of them, not all of the time, but definitely enough of them to militate against writing off an entire population.

We see it most often with Sweden, Britain, and France, but also with Catholics, Protestants, Californians, and other categories of Westerners. Rather than deal with specific examples, I’ll use an imaginary country to illustrate my points. Because the target of the gripesters’ disgust is not the topic — I’m addressing process, and not content. If your first impulse upon reading this is to argue with me in the comments using a specific country or organization, you’re missing the point.

So let’s look at Brobdingnag. Back when I used to write about European events for Big Peace, I became accustomed to seeing cookie-cutter comments like these:

Brobdingnag is done, u can stick a fork in it.

The Brobdingnagians voted for the Socialists, so they deserve whatever happens to them.

Brobdingnag is lost.

Forget the Brobdingnagians, they’re useless.

Brobdingnagians are leftist idiots.

Etc. etc.

I find such gratuitous dismissals less than helpful. Fortunately, we don’t see as many of them at Gates of Vienna, but we do get a fair number of comments that consign entire countries or groups to the ash heap of ideological history. At greater length, mind you, and showing more intellect. But in the same spirit as the one-liners at Big Peace.

“But Baron,” you say, “I thought you believed in free speech! Besides, they’re just commenters on a blog — what does it matter when people mouth off like that in the comments? They don’t have any effect in the larger scheme of things.”

And that’s where you’re mistaken. One little comment by one little nebbish on one little blog doesn’t make any difference, but what about a thousand of them? Or a hundred thousand? Or a million?

People tend to imitate what they see in their social environment. They create comments, tweets, and posts that are a lot like what they read in their preferred milieu. Therefore, the more of this stuff you put out, the more the #BrobdingnagIsLost meme trends on the Intertubes.

Remember the old proverb:

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the message was lost.
For want of a message the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

If enough people keep pulling the nails out of Brobdingnag’s shoes, the more demoralized the Brobdingnagians will become, and the less likely it will be that any significant grassroots resistance will develop among them. They’ll become passive and apathetic, and maybe emigrate to Lilliput rather than try to save their own country. And then, when all the disaffected people are crammed into Lilliput, the Lilliputians will fall victim to the same dhimmi multi-cult disease, and Lilliput itself will fall.

Where will everyone emigrate to after that?

If you really want to be an agent of change — as opposed to someone making self-righteous gripes in comments or on forums — at some point you’ll have to leave off ragging on Brobdingnag and look at what might actually be done to save Brobdingnag and the rest of the West.

You could be right in everything you say about Brobdingnag. But eventually it will come down to the same old question: Would you rather be right, or effective?

Which is more important to you: ideological purity, or building a broad coalition that might, just might, achieve useful results before the collapse of the West makes any useful results impossible?

I’ll even stipulate to your being right about Brobdingnag. But what if it’s more strategically useful to publicly support Brobdingnag, anyway? What if discretion is the better part of valor?

In my blogging career I have encountered numerous people who really do prefer ideological purity over achieving useful results. They’d rather find the scimitar at their throat than be sullied by any taint of compromise.

I have no arguments to make against that position. It doesn’t lend itself to rational refutation. If being right is more important to you than being effective, then so be it.

But I prefer to keep on slogging at this endeavor, quixotic though it may be. The Brobdingnagians need a helping hand, and I’ll lend it to them whenever I can.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Now I’ll abandon the imaginary world of Brobdingnag and Lilliput, and return to the real one.

It’s not a good idea to tell someone what you want them to stop doing unless you offer them an alternative behavior to replace it with. My recommendation is to focus on the instances where people in the Counterjihad movement are doing what needs to be done, and having an effect.

The most recent example is from France. Given that France is one of the nations most frequently dismissed as “hopeless” or “lost”, Mayor Robert Ménard of Béziers is a shining example for the rest of us. I know of no other local elected official in any country west of the old Iron Curtain who has done as much as he has to further our cause.

And he’s in France. France is lost, right?

No, it’s not. No Western country is “lost”. It ain’t over till it’s over.

Other examples to be celebrated are Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage. The latter is despised by those who prefer ideological purity, because he wasn’t willing to tackle the issue of mass Islamic immigration. They’re right; he didn’t. But he was the major engine behind the Brexit. Doesn’t that count for anything? After Britain leaves the EU, many other things become possible. And the dominoes might, just might, begin to fall.

And then there’s Donald Trump. I’ll never class myself as a Trump supporter — I probably disagree with at least half of his stated positions, and am appalled by some of them — but by God, he hasn’t changed his position on immigration in all the years I’ve been paying attention to him. Since I consider mass immigration to be the single most important issue of our time, I’ll gladly pull the lever (or rather, touch the screen) for him next month.

The New World Order wants to stop him by any means necessary. From the UN down to the lowliest Democrat machine pol — all of them have made it clear that there is nothing more important than stopping Donald Trump.

That alone is reason enough to vote for him.

The most inspiring examples, of course, are from the formerly Communist East. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Czech President Miloš Zeman, and Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico give us plenty of reasons to celebrate. When Westerners finally come to their senses and start supporting real patriots, those gentlemen from the Visegrad Four can serve as inspiring role models for the new breed of politicians.

I could continue in this vein with more examples, but I’ve worn myself out. If you want to keep finding horseshoes and pulling the nails out of them, by all means go right ahead.

As for me, I’ll just dig my spurs into the old nag and hope she’ll carry me into battle just one more time.

89 thoughts on “For Want of a Nail

  1. Thanks. This made me think. And that’s something we need to do if we’re going to win this war.

    • Yes, Paul. Some of our world problems are up there with solving Fermat’s last hypothesis. Eg What do we really want to do with Syria? What would be in the State Department’s policy manual?

      Or MENA in general?
      Or the entire Islam problem?

      No one seems to have a thought as to how it should eventually look. What outcome do we want?

      I would think that one of the first things we should think through is whether we want to try to change Islam–as in some type of reformation–or whether we should just let the Sunnis and Shia fight it out.

      Our national thinking is zip on these things and we seem to just be hoping everything will go away. Childlike hopes to win elections is about it.

      • Or, is it a good logical and reasoned policy to try to delay by 10-15 years one of these countries in getting an atomic bomb?

        That’s it? That’s the best thinking we can come up with?

        • Why are we in MENA and assorted places throwing our weight around with little regard for the consequences? We have enabled Mr. Putin to ratchet up the warfare in the Fertile Crescent and all we can do is send drones at the Saudi’s behest.

          American foreign policy is led by that capon in the Oval Office who, when not on the golf course, passes orders from on high to Lurch. Said capon’s handlers have enabled the Syrians to load up Hezbollah w/ lots of personnel and materiel…it is only a matter of time until the third Lebanon<->Israeli war starts. Amazing what receiving a Peace Prize you didn’t earn can accomplish.

          Lurch will blame Israel when the shooting begins, even though he knows full well the evil can be traced back to the capon’s handlers (whoever they are, these evil puppeteers had BHO implement their unconstitutional “treaty” with Iran while our legislators played zombie through the whole travesty).

          The horrible messes called down upon the world by Merkel’s handlers, Obama’s string pullers, and the Swedish “lethal nice gene” are incalculable. You’d think it couldn’t get worse but if Hillary gets in, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

          • She is a critical theorist and what they want is to use Islam’s testosterone and let them almost win and then step in, push Islam aside, and start a third way socialist nirvana amongst the western peons.

            What could possibly go wrong?

            Even they do not describe what they want in Syria.

          • ‘blame Israel’
            I am reminded of a passage in Gibbon’s masterwork, the ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’, wherein he describes the reaction of the European nations, to the news that Christian churches had been sacked (at Easter, sounds familiar), he said they were astonished and shocked but instead of riding to defend the Holy Land, they blamed the Jews instead for the actions of the barbarians.
            One gets the feeling, not only is history cyclical but we are doomed
            to repeat mistakes of the past.

  2. You’ve mentioned several of my favorite themes, the first being the importance of separating out the differences between process and content. I came to an understanding of the crucial difference rather late in life, but it was like bumping into a life raft whilst struggling in a stormy sea…suddenly, with one tool I could make sense of this stormy sea. I began to see where conflicts took wrong turns, unnecessarily plunging into deep water when a calm channel would serve just as well – if not better.

    What a blessing, especially in martial ‘discussions’. Whoo, boy. Without this tool, the whole thing is a ball of hot cheese. With this knowledge, a heated argument really can move toward becoming a fruitful discussion. This works wonders with teenagers, too. And neurotic co-workers.

    The other valuable lesson – for me – is differentiating between the perfect and the good enough. Anyone here old enough to remember their momma saying (regarding a necessarily hasty job), “this is just a lick and a promise, but it’s good enough for now”?.
    Parents who know that difference and can teach their kids to accept “good enough” raise children who take the world on its own terms. They become people that others like being around because…well, because those others feel accepted.

    Meanwhile, the angry souls swamped with demands for perfection bring to mind Wallace Stevens’ poem, “Gubbinal”:

    That strange flower, the sun,
    Is just what you say.
    Have it your way.

    The world is ugly,
    And the people are sad.

    That tuft of jungle feathers,
    That animal eye,
    Is just what you say.

    That savage of fire,
    That seed,
    Have it your way.

    The world is ugly,
    And the people are sad.

    [I always thought it was a poem to his wife.]

  3. Good wise words and I thank you.

    I come here to GOV because I find intelligent articles and a realistic view of what’s happening in the world today, not to mention your news, much of which I don’t see in the news around here (where I live out in the middle of nowhere).

    While I try to think over a comment before I make it, I’ve probably put my foot in it a few times.

    Also I agree with your assessment about Donald Trump.

    P.S. I remember learning “for want of a nail” way back in grade school!

    • Maria_Dee…my dear, you reached an age where you’re allowed to put your foot in it all you want. Meanwhile, I will continue redacting your Pope Bernard sentiments to Pope Benedict…and yes, by either name he is/was far superior to the feckless Francis. That man is doing a bang-up job of chasing people out of the church. Wiser heads know that he, too, will pass and the Church, such as she is, will remain.

  4. I’ve wondered about pessimistic posts. For one thing, it serves no useful purpose. Second, there is a lot to be hopeful about.

    1. The Brexit vote went our way.
    2. It looks like that Hungary is going to change its laws concerning migrants.
    3. Geert Wilders is highly popular in his country.
    4. The conventional wisdom in France is that Le Pen will make it to the final round in their Presidential race. The other right-of-center parties in France have views on immigration, law and order and so forth that are not bad from our perspective.
    5. In a few years, I might be taking a vacation in the new country of Catalonia.

  5. And on top of those worthy warriors for the people, here’s a cheer for the True Finns, the Sweden Democrats, the AfD and the Austrian FPOe. Some little attention is finally coming their way after a long time crying in the wilderness. It is cheering, if perhaps over-optimistic, to recall that Gulliver, the giant interloper, was tied down by a lot of LITTLE PEOPLE. in Lilliput. We can wish the same treatment for the king-makers here and abroad.

  6. Good one Bar..Thanks..Yup Donald Trump is good enough and better for me and all Ameicans hopefully..Otherwise Putin and American war haters will create even more havoc and chaos on the country if Ms. Clinton is elected..Then it will be “Welcome to Brobdingnag! All are welcome!” But it already is that and has been for far too long.
    And I’m Canadian..! Works both ways..
    Stay warm this winter guys..Farmers Almanac says it’s gonna be a cold one.,Aren’t they all? Ha!

  7. As long as we get to continue to consign the entirety of Islam to the ash heap of ideological history 😉

    • Oops, clicked submit too early. In the spirit of the finishing note above, I have a positive example from Sweden.

      Out of the spotlight of the daily news that rile us up, they have shown that they are capable of radical turn-arounds. Was it about one or two years ago, they uncovered a huge network of corruption among their “establishing assistants”, immigrants employed to help other immigrants find their way into Swedish society. It was found that there had been great naivety about it and that the system couldn’t be fixed. At least not with the “material” they had to work with. It was scrapped at once in a move that surprised everyone for its speedy decision making. Several ten thousand jobs were cancelled literally overnight and not replaced since.

  8. So…”whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, think on these things,” and encourage them in yourself and others.
    We have already had the darkness exposed for what it is. Let’s not give it anymore air time, but let’s bring out that which is good and the light of that will dispel the darkness and blind those who dwell in it and do not know the Light.

    Weally, I don’t know why you want and wave. Can’t you find something dat is good weport?

  9. Thanks Baron, I guess we all needed that. I have always believed that just because someone held a view that is different from mine, that difference of opinion did not make them a bad person. However, I do sometimes lose my temper with extreme leftists and others who are so doctrinaire that they miss the point.

    I remember P.J. O’Rourke coined the phrase “a long way to the left of anything sensible” and I have met many people who would meet this description yet, they still support the counterjihad.

    Let’s fight one battle at a time and the first target has to be Dhimmi governments. Hopefully, we will lose three of those in Europe next year.

    • It’s a problem. I know many Americans who light up like fireflies at the rationalities that underpin jihad. But they don’t seem to think it’s real. They hate Trump more than anything and He Must Be Stopped.

  10. It may be that CJ people are in the majority, but we are so prickly we cannot work together. The opposition are better funded, but they are also more disciplined (even if for the wrong reasons) and thus more cohesive.

    The Nazis never once won an outright majority in Germany, but they did take absolute power; their belief was not in democracy as a “a lick and a promise, but it’s good enough for now” but as a WE (and only WE) know what is best for all of you ignorant sheeple.

    We all have to accept the wart’s ‘n all, Trump’s warts are ugly, but irrelevant, Clinton’s foibles are putrid and pathogenic to us all, so we can talk about Trump’s warts, or we can admire his stand and his commitment to make America great again.

    It is making America great again which matters to the whole world, not just to Americans. The FREE world is what is at stake here. and we have to learn to curb our freedoms to enhance our freedom, to keep the discipline and to build each other up.

    I drive a German car, I love French wine and English cheese and American coffee, and even Mexican beer!

    These things are not yet lost. whilst the news is bad, the fundamentals have not yet changed, and in each country there is HOPE!

    As I write, I write with a hope that I am showing a benevolent, non stereoytpical side of Israel and Judaism, maybe even the the human side of the joo issues. When the missile alarm goes off I sort of curl-up inside, but I have to also remember that the real victim here is the Muslim Jihadist who has been betrayed into lighting the blue touch paper. His/her whole life is a big lie because he/she was born in the wrong place at the wrong time, and has been brainwashed into doing evil deeds instead of living life, enjoying the beer, wine and the cheese and raising a family to fill the car…..

    And of course enjoying that first cup of AMERICAN morning coffee, and reading GoV…

    GoV – Only in America! God bless GoV and America!

      • Even rabbis can wear rose tinted spectacles – he probably does not know where Israel/Sderot are……

        • There are so many idiots popping up that they’re a glut on the market. Less and less can they be considered “useful”…

      • This is one of those discouraging cases . . . where you want to throw up your hands and mumble “why bother”. This rabbi is likely one of those miseducated [expletives] who calls anyone with whom he disagrees an “anti-Semite” or a “Nazi”. The state of Israel is a complex beast with lots of warts, and I am certainly not an enthusiastic cheerleader for Zionism . . . but it is a fact, and its continued existence is far preferable than the consequences of its demise. [Just like the continued Assad rule in Syria is preferable than the evil plots of the State Department and its handlers. Thank you, Mr. Putin.]

        Actually, my “anti-Zionism” has more to do with my wish (fantasy?) about the location of the State of Israel. Pretty much anywhere else would have been preferable, and would have been a blessing to its neighbours. Sadly, it was established in the middle of the insane asylum of nations, and continued Western involvement in the area has blown the doors off the place. The inmates are escaping . . . and our world going nuts.

  11. What we need is solidarity.It’s a catchphrase used by some groups to express unity.It’s a term we could adopt -as in ” show some solidarity with fellow sufferers of the Islamification of the non-Islamic world_”.

    I’d like to express solidarity with those bewildered Christian and Ancestor-Worshipping African tribesmen who are currently being slaughtered and kidnapped by Al Shabab and Boko Haram.

    I’d like to express solidarity with the Russian Orthodox Christians who are savaged by Chechnyan Muslims.

    I’d like to express solidarity with the Jewish people persecuted by Hezbollah and Hamas.

    I’d like to express solidarity with the young white girls gang raped and sometimes murdered by Muslim pedophile gangs in every city in England.

    I’d like to express solidarity with the Christians and Yazidis experiencing genocide ,sexual slavery and torture at the hands of I.SI.S , Al Nusra and its allies in the Middle East.

    I’d like to express solidarity with all the suffering masses of humanity which have faced or will face the onslaught of barbarous Islam.

    But I’d like to express nothing but admiration for the clear-sighted courageous stance of Eastern Europe.

    Eastern Europe will keep the light of Western civilization going ,though the rest of the world succumb to creeping totalitarian Islam.

    Eastern Europe will be a beacon of hope, a last stand against a malign retrograde and unrelenting enemy.

    But how I wish that Hungary and the Visegrad 4 were more numerous ,more populous more influential ,more powerful .We need more countries with their uncompromising good sense and steadfastness ,their moral fiber , their intestinal fortitude and the strength of their own thoroughly sound convictions.

  12. The demoralization of besieged populations from the self-righteous sniping of ostensible allies is indeed counterproductive. When criticizing the actions of some and transferring it onto the whole of a society is intellectually lazy and dangerous.

    Dangerous because this can blind us to how this plays out in our own countries; such as in these United States with its warmongering central bankers and their Deep State co-conspirators in the military-industrial complex†, aided and abetted by the crooked crony class of ethically-challenged politicians and a complicit Big Media presstitution ring — their actions smear all Americans, especially in the eyes of foreigners. We need to be mindful that this transference of responsibilities for the actions of some can work in reverse: instead of being the victim to that of being the perpetrator. Caritas.

    † Ya’ gotta love that quintessential “conspiracy theorist” President Eisenhower, huh?

  13. I’m glad to see that GoV at least sees the harm done by writing off particular countries. I am currently engaged in a continuing spat with another influential blogger who signs off most of his posts about Britain with “Britain is finished”. It ought to be obvious what effect that is likely to have on visiting Britons who have just realised something is wrong and have gone looking on the internet for help and encouragement.

  14. Being probably the lone anti-Trump dissenter on the post last Tuesday, I’m going to assume who this post was addressed to 😉

    First of all, a bit of background… my circumstances have changed somewhat, since moving to England from my “V4” homeland. Whereas back home, “JIM” was not only not a taboo topic, but the one pretty much everyone agreed on, in England one has to be more careful… I find I can speak very freely with the Indians in my office, but a “wrong” word said in front of the English, or various Euros, can quickly get one labelled a “loon” or even a Nazi. And whereas back home, according to ex-work colleagues I keep in touch with, about 50% support Trump, while near-to 100% are in agreement on the whole “JIM” issue, in England it’s pretty much the opposite – at least on the Trump front… you’d be hard pushed to find anyone supporting him, especially among younger colleagues. And although it’s not an easy situation for me to be in, it gives me some opportunity for me to see what their gripe is… and how certain words he uses can act like a red rag to a bull for those colleagues.

    Like you wrote above – it’s about process, not content. In the Donald’s case, maybe his content is great – addressing the whole immigration and one-world scam, etc. But the process by which he puts that content across definitely “winds up” many people. “So what?”, you might say… and it might just be that Americans’ frustration with PC and the New World Order is enough to see him over the line in November. However, as with Brexit, the election is merely the start of difficult times to come, not the end. I try to counter my colleagues’ anxieties by saying “maybe he’ll turn out like Reagan”. They reply though “yeah, maybe he will. That’s why they’ve got to stop him” – seemingly totally missing the point. The more common comparison they make though is with Hitler… and, much as I hate Godwin’s law, one has to admit that some of Trump’s performances border on the hysterical. Maybe not so bad in itself – but then that’s also how the Fuhrer gor started. Hence perhaps we should also scrutinise him fully, and be careful what we wish for…

    Yes, I agree that the world is not perfect and we should put forward our own realistic solutions. I’m still convinced that what the world needs is another Churchill, Thatcher or Reagan. Someone not afraid to be tough when it matters, but also having an air of seniority and respect around them. Perhaps the closest to this description at the current moment is Viktor Orban. But Hungary is not the USA, or even Britain. In this situation, the US candidate should be able to at least be respected, even if not loved by everyone. At the current moment, I don’t see the Donald achieving that. Just my opinion, of course. And, given that it’s not a perfect world, and that the choice is between the Donald and Hillary, I still hope that it’s not Hillary who’s in the White House, this time next year…

    • What you say about Trump is the UK is fascinating and it aligns with the level of support on Breitbart UK, where it’s lukewarm, grudging and sceptical.

      All this is another side to my theory of Donald J Trump, eg the Great American archetype, whom I believe Fitzgerald laid out in the Great Gatsby. See, I don’t hate Trump AT ALL. About a decade ago he came to South Africa and did an Apprentice show here. In a lot of ways, English-speaking South Africa is like a little miniature replica England, but worse because everyone got to be lord of the manor and they liked it. And let me tell you, Trump’s disdain for the hand-picked elite kiddos chosen to be on his show was palpable, though he covered it with real class. For their part, they were like deer in the headlights and no pecking order reward system could prepare them for it, no matter how well-intentioned. (As an aside, Trump has been the ONLY white celebrity who ever bothered to even visit this country and sniff it out, and when he left he said truthfully that the place was a disaster, which it is and is only what everyone else says, yet he was hypocritically vilified for it.)

      So anyway. The SA school system. I’m talking about the snobbery and the class system that perpetuates itself though the private school system here. We have fantastic schools, beautiful, modelled on the English system. And, like the English system, they have their good side and their bad side. So while many people will tell you about their good side, and indeed they produce incredible individuals who excel in all fields around the world, I can tell you about the groupthink and social structures they produce, which are basically satanic (to use parlance readers here relate to without hyperbole) and about how British South Africa never psychologically split from the motherland, and about how no British colony ever split psychologically from Britian, except for America, which makes it the only country worth considering as separate from England (pardon Scotland, Wales and Ireland here, but I really don’t think you’ll escape.)

      Sooooo, I’m sure you are all following, at least those of you who are ever going to follow. There is still a certain shame in the US because younger generations forgot the hideous psychological damage their forefathers never quite recovered from in not being quite good enough for the queen’s table, and that played out in a certain brashness, which I see crystalised in Donald Trump.

      Therefore, even before the media set into him, there was a fundamental, deep-rooted hatred for him from both America, where he’s seen as brash, overbearing and totally uncultured, and from the UK, where he’s seen as brash and overbearing and totally uncultured. In fact, he represents the essence of the breakaway and the Yankee doodle mentality that was required for that. And he also represents all the dangers brought out by Fitzgerald in his novel, real dangers to America and capitalism based on its psychological founding. Yet his protagonist returns to the midwest, no? And I feel the same way about Trump intuitively. He’s spent his life in the New York moneyed scene. He’s had a life none of us can imagine, and for some reason, I still see in him a sense that he has never absolutely believed he pulled the winning ticket out of the hat, and a desire to do good by his fortune. He is, unaffected.

      I also believe Trump is humbled by what he sees in the ‘”midwest” now. We don’t see him getting bolshier. We see him genuinely gaining confidence, and that comes from surety and humility.

      His support in the US has solidified … even among all those secret American snobs, out of necessity and of course thanks to BB cheerleading. Conservative Brits have a harder time with it all, but I tell you, if you meet one in a pub who loves Trump, there you will have met a real man.

      I don’t know about the Aussies, but the phenomenon plays around the same pole across the English-speaking world.

      • Bravo! I think you live in S.Africa? Remarkable that one who lives so far away actually reads the man and the situation so much better than so many Americans. (and English) A perfect example of not seeing the forest for the trees! IMHO, anyway.

        Truthfully, I cannot ever remember seeing a politician vilified so disgustingly as is Trump, and while we might expect that from Clinton and her gang, the MSM is just breathtakingly biased and corrupt.

        • The MSM has been shilling for the Clintons since they first stumbled in the New Hampshire primary for the 1992 election. Even the NYT looks back fondly, sneering at Gennifer Flowers’ failed attempt to call attention to Wee Willy’s chronic and compulsive and criminal satyriasis:

          Back then we [the B and I] depended on our city friends to keep us informed. In particular, the Baron had a great friend who was politically astute (it was he who showed up one time wearing a button that said “Politically Correct”. In my ignorance I had to ask him what that meant). He was also a wonderful explainer of all things Washington D.C. He would bring us Sunday editions of The Washington Times – dismissed by the MSM as a trash paper – and point out trends. We had no idea who this governor from Arkansas was, but he warned us well ahead of time that Clinton was “an empty suit the MSM is going to carry into the White House. He’s their JFK redux”. Or words to that effect. Prophetic words, as it turned out.

          My point being that anyone who ran against Billy was trashed by the MSM. And once in power, they brought the weight of the IRS to bear on The American Spectator, almost bankrupting them.

          But for vilification you’d have to go back to Barry Goldwater’s time. They were rabid, as they were with Reagan. As they are with anyone on the right. Remember they were so desperate for something on Romney they were reduced to an incident in grade school in which he was supposed to have bullied another kid? That’s all they could come up with.

          What makes Trump unique (and I use that word advisedly) is the fact that he’s NOT a politician. He’s a businessman with fingers in a lot of pies and politicians came to him over the decades for money and support. Including Romney, who now viciously bullies Trump (well, guess he had to end up somewhere with that trait, eh?). Not only is he not a professional pol, but despite the fact that he was born into money, attended private schools, the whole bit, they couldn’t find any dark corners. He was a born leader, his classmates liked him. But given his unique characterological make-up, Trump is a member of the 1% who the 99% find attractive. He’s a blue-collar billionaire, as though he rose from obscurity to wealth when he didn’t.

          Those who support Trump know his flaws. We don’t want him to be our BFF, he’s not going to marry our daughter, he’s full of himself (but with good reason and with no false modesty). The stories of Trump’s random generosities are legion in New York City. He’s the quintessential New Yorker – heck, he even looks Dutch. In Queens, kids used to say they wanted to grow up to be Trump. Not to be *like* him, but to BE him. In their kid wisdom, they saw he was one of a kind.

          Trump is unique. His grandiosity is as effortless as his endless generosity. He makes the rest look cramped and crabbed.

          America is on the road to the poor house. Trump may not be able to stop that – our debt is too big for one person to have enough fingers to put in that fiscal dyke – but he has a better chance to do *something* because he is the only one of them who really groks how dire the situation is on so many fronts. And like many other Americans, he wants his old country back, the country with all its flaws that still had self-respect and hope…(now there’s a word Obama and his ilk ruined – Hope. Just like Clinton, from Hope, Arkansas).

          People who know only too well how ruinous our permanent bureaucracy is ought to vote for Trump simply because 25% of Washington’s bureaucrats have said they’ll quit if he’s elected. BRING.IT.ON!!

          • Well said! Personally I wonder about all the negativity about Trump; back in the 50’s I worked in a bank, and the manager gave us a crash course on what to look for to weed out con-men and ne’er-do-wells, and I don’t have to tell you none of those descriptions remotely applied to Trump, oh sure he’s a bit of a blow-hard now and then, but I think his family is a great indicator as to the sort of man he is–they’re a credit to him.

            With both our countries (USA and Canada) presently run by walking disasters, I hope so desperately for a Trump win, but my intuition….

          • Romney also put his dog in a cage on his trailer !

            But yes, it’s the grandiosity / self-worth enigma that brings Gatsby to mind !!! I couldn’t quite figure myself out there. It must be why people either hate him or love him, which I don’t, one must be wary, but for some reason he makes me inordinately optimistic.

            What if he hadn’t appeared from the shadows…

          • If he hadn’t appeared from the shadows it would have been one of the Bush boys…I get them mixed up. Trump makes people feel optimistic because he himself is an optimistic person whose obvious love of America can be seen by those who like him despite his flaws. His plans for a wall, his talk of sovereignty, etc., ignites optimism in others.

            His policy pages are here:


          • I wanted to say he make me feel gay … but I didn’t 🙁

            I will read the policy.

            But I didn’t know a Bush offspring had it in him to take on the Rinos.

          • No, that Bush was the designated RINO…that’s why the Bush Family is so mad at Trump, and the “conservative” talking heads are having fits. Trump got in the way of the rules about taking turns…just like Obama did with Hillary. It was supposed to be her ‘turn’ eight years ago and BHO jumped the queue. But on one could complain because he was, per the L.A. Times, “the magic Negro”…complete with his very own unicorn. Which was actually just a horse with a traffic cone pasted in place.

        • Trump is guileless. And we all know who the big boys are now, so the time for tricks and games are over. He’ll bring in the right people militarily. And I love Melania. She taught him that ridiculous glare. I use it, too, now.

          Still… anything can happen.

          But yes, I’m in South Africa. I grew up in the US since I was young so I have that insider-outsider view (and an accent). My brothers are both there and I visit often.

          But I embellish a bit, we weren’t on the East Coast. We were in a Chicago suburb where no trace of class impressed on me. Except from my South African mother who simply couldn’t abide by the all the equality around her.

      • Sally – I get what you say about British snobbery, but I also have the impression that this is not just how Britain thinks, but most of Europe. Although further afield, Indians think different (they even held prayers in a Delhi park for a Trump victory!).

        I don’t know – perhaps Trump is the answer. Just that his style of campaigning has left me skeptical… nonetheless with around a month to go, I agree it’s more important to focus on stopping Hillary – so I’ll stop my petty gripes with the Donald. And next time my workmates go on a rant about him (which is pretty much guaranteed to happen), I’ll try and put a good word in.

  15. this is important topic that was only started by the article.

    according to my observations, the young generation of Western intelligentsia combines the following:

    – high cognitive capacity
    – healthy elitism
    – instinctive fairness and sense of duty/responsibilty
    – positive attitude to PC/MC
    – bad manners when it comes to eating and talking habits
    – casual hedonism
    – casual courtesy
    – contempt to islamic terrorism
    – stubborn political leftism
    – high level of empathy, humanistic solidarity
    – indifference to equality-diversity
    – feminism
    – indifference to anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic trends in urban subculture
    – mediocre taste in cinema, arts, and music
    – almost complete ignorance in history of Western ways – beyond science

    this is anthropological reality of best among available, from whom immediate future of the West depends.

    question is what to do with that.
    in any version of “The Separation”, these people must end up on the side of civilization.
    are they suitable material for submission to islam? I think no.

    another topic not touched is mechanisms and scenarios of “The Separation” per se.

    • I’m with you on most of this list – but “casual hedonism”? Are you suggesting that the Brits in Ibiza, or Americans on Spring Break in Mexico, are indicative of their countries’ “intelligentsia”? Working with many intelligent Brits just out of university, I’d say that’s emphatically not the case – and they’re still quite traditional about stuff like weddings, and long-term relationships – even if not always marriage.

      But yes, many of them definitely love to emphasise their love of “diversity” (even though they’re mostly white middle-class), are very conformist in their thinking and careful not to “offend” anyone, and can also be quite clueless about their country’s history.

      • on “hedonism” – I meant superficial, light weight hobbies like tasting wine/beer/food, obsession with exotic trips, or salsa, or fitness, riding bicycles, or junk movies.

        there are some who don’t give a damn, like myself.. albeit I’m older.

        overall I think there is lack of ratio in everyday life’s perception, as the whole education/entertainment/advertising industry is MC/PC skewed, appeals to lowest denominator, and unloads emotions at saturation speed.

        so, here they are, the results.
        pre-Raphaelites are removed from British museums because people who make decisions only see stuff made too long ago by White racists for White racists about White racists’ issues.

        • Ok – I usually saw the word Hedonism used with stuff like Ibiza, hence assumed you referred to that!

          As for fitness/salsa – they’re usually evening classes for corporate slaves… which brings us onto another feature of the new generation. The “intelligentsia” are often workaholic cogs in the big corporate machine, while the others either work in dead-end jobs, or are on benefits. Either way – all of us find it difficult to do routine stuff for our parents’ generation, like buy a house or a car, or save money. Although we are “blessed” with cheap flights, smartphones and Pokemon Go… hence the greater emphasis on “living for the moment”, and less interest in stuff like history?

          • well, again, there is no better people, I mean en masse.

            modern art, especially cinema, operates with powerful humanistic, symbolic components, educating people to understand and accept empathy, curiosity and reason.

            that happens even in unexpected not so Western places (e.g. Romanian new wave), and at least in 90s in Russia and China.

            one small thing everyone can do – is to target these sympathetic little molluscs, and recommend, – en passant certainly, rather mention – the proper type of art.

  16. Quite right Baron, we must fight the Jihad wherever we can, with all the effort we can muster. We give up nothing. We take back what is lost and take gains where we cam. We fight the jihad, not just in Europe but in a
    Africa, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia etc. we support those Muslims who do not support Jihad and repell and convert those who do. We continue until jihad is defeated; simple really.

  17. You’re right, Baron.

    Brobindag isn’t done YET, if they changed their minds and went on a massive “reconquista” campaign (expel all illegal foreigners, encourage undesirable ones to leave in direct and undirect ways (such as limiting benefits), make raising the native birth rate a priority, and – not everyone agrees with me on this – encourage some level of easy-to-integrate immigration).

    But this is only if Brobindag is willing to wake up, and soon. Else, what will happen is that Brobindag will have a “normal cycle” economic downturn, and then everything will come crashing down as a result, when Brobindagers personally leave for greener pastures out of economic necessity *and* reaction to the social problems, combined, abandoning the country to the, er, less desirable elements.

    All it takes is a few percent of native young people leaving per year, combined with current trends, and in 10-20 years, Brobindag is *definitely* done, barring foreign-initiated intervention.

  18. A few years ago I danced with joy when the SNP thrashed multicultural Labour in Scotland. Little did I know about their rampant support for jihad, PC and EU.

    Some Scots told me about the victimhood complex in Scotland and how embarrassing it is. I believe the best way for them to remove is by achieving independence and seeing how stupid and futile it is. Learning is most effective at the point of need, not when you are dependent on someone else.

  19. What distresses me is the fact that the simplest, easiest, and MOST EFFECTIVE form of opposition to the islamisation of EUrope is not used, or even considered.

    I’m talking about civil disobedience. M L King style.

    Wilders is ‘on trial’–his crime? Asking his followers (and hence the populace at large) if they want more immigration. That is ASKING A QUESTION! So,go around asking the exact same question, time after time, printing it on post-it notes, chalk on sidewalks, public buildings etc.

    A billion times or so–then let ’em try to put 15-25% (or more) of the nation on trial!

    Good luck on that.

    Austria (home of dear old Adolph and DON’T EVER let ’em forget it) persecutes Wolf for stating (in PRIVATE) the exact relationship twixt mo and his bride–AS WRITTEN IN THE (un)HOLY KORAN. Direct verbatim quotes–then relates it to their current AUSTRIAN law.

    That’s supposed to be ‘crime’? Well, go ahead and repeat it a zillion times and DARE them to arrest the population that does.

    And so on.

    I feel that the LACK of this kind of push-back justifies more than a little pessimism here on our side of the pond. If the EUropeans can’t muster even this kind of opposition they are truly lost.

    Us too, maybe.

  20. Absolutely and it’s the same with the murky enemy, the left, our neighbours, individuals, after all. Our minds have it in them to generalise, yet that is a staple of the left so there’s surely a lesson there?

    I just made my usual mistake of engaging with leftist Americans over their Trump hatred this week, and came away bruised, personally, by old friends. I came with ironclad arguments, but my hardcore old pals refused to acknowledge Obama’s erection in living colour. They said, it shows nothing. So trying to discuss with this group of lefties pushing 50 is like trying to move the earth itself. The idea of anti-racism I wanted to explore fell on deaf ears because POTUS is untouchable because you can’t criticise him because he’s not white. I couldn’t begin to tell my friends how I actually was a racist for a couple of years when I went out with a racists and wanted him to love me. And how it hurt me and how I recovered and how I know. I really do. They’re in the groupthink so bad.

    But I don’t know, maybe there are ways in with younger people, but maybe it needs to happen one on one. I managed to shut up a buzzfeed share congratulating and concurring with a writer on his wonderful exposition of Trump’s terrible “body shaming” of Hillary.

    I reminded them that real women can’t be body shamed whatsoever and that they were vile, unspeakably evil idiots for pandering to this nonsense while ignoring Trump’s calls for Hillary to return the 30m she got Saudi Arabia AFTER she learned that country was supporting Islamic State, which throws gays off buildings, and mutilates women who refuse to become sex slaves, and burns people alive. So I don’t know how many of them just tuned out and if any were actually shamed. In fact there is a remnant of sanity in the western world. One is in the sticks and stones can break my bones mold, eg. don’t let the bully get to you, and also, with respect to migrants, a simple analogy between “don’t worry about Islamic immigration” and the need to wear condoms to protect yourself from Aids, which was drummed into their heads. That might raise a spectre and perhaps a mind somewhere will jar at the contradiction and light flood in.

    So while we use “the left”, I’m reminded that we’re dealing with individuals. At heart, this discussion highlights the problem with mass communication everywhere. There’s a news item about South Africa at the top of GoV about some black students rejecting “white science”. Idiots. What I can tell you colloquially is that for now South Africa is making a better-than-you-would-expect showing of rejecting the onslaught of Soros funding that’s behind the strife at our universities. The dominoes are falling slower than you might expect because it appears people are sick to death of strife and the VAST majority of students simply want to get an education. It may well be that our tolerance is lower of the BS because people have already been through hell and back. But you don’t get that from the story.

    From this, I can reason that my interest in places overseas I only get info from in media, causes my understanding of other to be skewed too, and it’s great you remind us of our tendencies here. Policy of those in power is another thing. At root, there’s something very important about the individual in relation to the group that I haven’t quite put my finger on.

    Perhaps my education is lacking since I was educated by communists in Hawaii and, if the Baron is wondering what to write about next Saturday, he might broach the actual American writings that underpin it, because I’m sure many overseas people don’t know all the details either. We take it on assumption that the approach is correct, that’s all.

    I have been looking for a clue in Islam because I am convinced Islam represents a complete system of evil as it relates to the psyche. I will find what I’m looking for sometime, but in the mean time, the tactics of leftism and communism with their fake dichotomies and judgement by association and total groupthink, are pointers of what to avoid, mentally.

    Lastly, we know that Spencer always says Britain is finished in his posts, and you’re right. It leads people to think Britain IS finished and of course that country barred him, so there’s the individual situation. By all accounts in the counterjihad it is finished in the UK because Liberty GB is lucky to tick up 100 new followers a week. So, offtopic, why does Britain First have 1.5m followers now, up 500 000 in a year, and yet they’re ignored by counterjihad pundits everywhere? That’s a mystery because I simply cannot believe that all of those people a racist, right-wing neo-nazis or whatever it is they’re called by the BBC.

    • Wow you have the wrong idea about South Africa and the situation at the universities.The universities are rocked by riots on a regular basis. The University of the Witwatersrand had to close down for 2 days last week.The students were rioting against paying university fees.The riot police were called in and to regain order they threw stun grenades and shot rubber bullets at the students.

      The students were defecating on the floors of buildings , opening all the taps in bathrooms to flood buildings ,throwing cans of garbage into the swimming pools. There was a full report in” The Times”- a U.K publication.

      I’m pretty sure Soros funds the students in their nasty acts of civil disobedience.

      • I do live on a plot outside George, so yes, to a degree I’m totally out of it, yay.

        However, I do glance at the papers and the media is giving the hashtaggers short shrift and lots of space to students and everyone else who just want it to end. If the university administrators are too stupid to kick this lot out soon, they’ll keep losing business to the private higher-education competition, the proliferation of which, to me, is an example of the real measure of South Africa’s backbone. South Africans are not in as bad shape mentally as Europe and a lot of the US.

        So our media doesn’t suck up to “them” like the US media sucks up to Black Lives Matter. But of course “they” work incessantly and will never stop until they are stopped.

        But whenever I check in it seems like sense is prevailing. Not like in America,where fully 50% of the people are brainwarshed by at all. “They” can do what they like so long as we know they’re crazy.

        Otherwise, I was reminded of how the Rhodes Must Fall people were given an art installation at U Cape Town a while back (after [defecat]ing] on the statue, if I’m not mistaken). Then, the party was crashed by a bunch of trans-people who rolled around on the floor and smeared fake blood on the paintings. That didn’t go down well with anyone.

        Also, my most recent info from the DA (Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s opposition party), they condemned all of it, thankfully.

        South Africa, as you know, is a client state, with the ANC in the pocket of BRICS for the most part (aside from the wayward Zuma and his Gupta friends and of course Trevor Manual’s legacy is decidedly Davos.). The DA is pro-West/American, which would be great in a parallel universe, but not so much in real life. So we see all the neolib IDZs and globalist policy out of them, and for me personally, nothing is more important than watching how the DA is infected by the third-wave civilisation-destruction machine. South Africa is so hateful of ANC corruption they think the DA is their saviour, because they don’t understand what’s happening in Europe and America, for the most part.

        I’ve googled around the Muslim DA MPLS, most of them in KZN and you find people who studied in Pakistan and Medina, and while they keep their FB feeds clean, the pages of active friends are full of “moderate Islam”. There’s a hijabed woman in the Gauteng legislature, but I don’t know anything about her, yet. Check it out.

        Lastly, some people love to hate the ANC and “the blacks” so much, because of corruption but also inherently, that they will be blinded by the globalist danger that will target the DA the more it gains power. On another feed, I chatted to a couple of Saffers who agreed with me that in the longer term, our safest bet is a chastised, post-Zuma ANC. Not sure that peeps here will agree.

        • Few, if any, of “peeps here” know enough about South Africa to knowledgeably “agree” or not. And we’re all living in such corrupt countries that it’s hard to look past those mountains of evil to see much beyond our own dissolution.

          • It is complicated, but that was a scoop Dymphna. No one here thinks this way, yet. I’m not making excuses for ANC corruption and mismanagement AT ALL, and I’m not playing down the extent of the loonies, because we have them, too. They were red berets.

            It’s just that greed and blunt, tedious African bureaucracy are devils we know. If it plays out nicely, the various forces will balance each other out and it’s possible we can surf the wave. South Africa is lucky in that we always get to observe what’s happening before it hits us.

            But really, most South Africans have no idea how the globalists have gutted this country economically under the ANC’s former Finance Minster, who love, but who was rewarded with a cushy job at the World Bank after leaving office.

            People have been too busy being fighting off government threats to nationalise the mines to notice. Which is a lot of smoke a mirrors, they don’t really want to run things, they just make threats to bleed business more and more.

            South Africa was a closed economy previously, beautifully run under sanctions, with the Anglo and Afrikaans worlds complementing each other nicely, with much parallel industry (and all the US firms operated under pseudonyms) and our oil from coal technology.

            But the ANC under Manuel started selling the family jewels, with our steel going to Mittal and our biggest bank flogged to Absa. On non-controlling terms, so old neolib strategy which I learned about from, yes the communists, in Hawaii 25 years ago.

            But the ANC stopped all that on advice from the Chinese. But not before the World Bank dished out it’s last-ever funding for coal power, I don’t know how many billions but the construction was a nightmare with all the ANC cronies unable to fulfil subcontracts, and the country had awful blackouts for a few years. That’s also all over now, Which is a pity, because i quite enjoy blackouts. An economist person I know says once the two massive plants are fully up and running, exports to neighbouring countries will be a serious help to pay back the globalists for that and the World Cup spending and all the rest of it.

            Except now there’s Zuma gunning for the Treasury and central bank because Putin wants to build 3 nuclear reactors at the cost of R1trillion ($R71.4billion) so he can fund his budding war against Europe and Hillary. That’s the story now. Bleed the country, pensions, everything. He needs the cash


      • Sorry, a mistake. Our biggest bank, Absa, was flogged to Barclays.

        but anyway, if all else fails, 50% of the gold on earth is still still underneath Johannesburg, 5 miles down, just waiting for the price to come right;)

  21. @Flintlock–I sympathize with, even echo your feelings about civil disobedience. MLK led a Ghandi-like movement against entrenched power. It worked, because right-thinking people outside the power complex either recognized its justness, or at least couldn’t deny it.
    The simple and awful truth nowadays is, that the power complex is everywhere in the country and is supported by all the alternative means of expression and education. So one punch in a Trump rally by a Trump supporter becomes a national scandal, but violent protests at his rallies in the spirit of OccupyWallStreet, SEIU in Wisconsin, BLM and all the rest are legitimate protests, or never happened. And good people I know will not see what is in front of them unless I spend considerable time and risk friendships one at a time to scrape the scales from their eyes.
    You might say, “It’s a rigged system, folks!”

    • I think it is rigged or at the very least a weighted system. It is the educational system that is rigged. That is where the rigging of the system starts.

  22. This is an extremely serious issue so I will respond in most serious way and hope not to be ignored.
    There are two aspects here, fear and distribution.
    In the countries where freedom of speech is already curtailed such as the western part of the EU, people are afraid that they will be sent to the Gulag, a very real fear based on Tommy Robinson and Geert Wilders cases. To that, the solution should be to invent a modern day Samizdat. It was dangerous and maybe less than effective in the USSR, but we may only try.
    In other, still free countries there is the social fear of being ostracized. To that the answer is better distribution of the ideas. Your article should be distributed to all corners of the free world. I do not know how, but we have to do it.
    However, there is one more fear, which is more delicate. Let’s call it the David Duke factor. I know that Trump did not invite him, he’s just got him involuntarily as a collateral damage. The problem is that you, Barron, may talk about a coalition with single issue, but there are limits. It is relatively easy to fight the enemy with his own weapons, but then you become him and there is nobody to support anymore. We have to find a way to fight Satan without becoming him.

    • I never said there weren’t any limits to a coalition, and David Duke would certainly one of those limits. He and I probably share opinions on certain topics (e.g. immigration), but that’s not enough.

      Regardless of how I might feel about Mr. Duke, there is one good, solid practical consideration that argues against any coalition with him and people of a similar mindset: their Jew-hatred. Those whose greatest passion is their antipathy towards Jews will ultimately side with the Muslims, because they share so much in common.

      We’ve already seen it happen, both in the UK and here in the USA. There was a white-power skinhead group in England that originally allied itself with the English Defence League. But eventually they flipped — they discovered how much they agreed with Islam. The leader may even have converted; I can’t remember.

      In this country the strange bedfellows are David Duke and Louis Farrakhan. The two share a common goal: the complete physical separation of blacks from whites. And the Nation of Islam loathes Jews, so why shouldn’t they get along?

      In the end each group intends to exterminate the other, but that fight can be postponed until later — “Two little Hitlers will fight it out until/One little Hitler does the other one’s will.”

      • >>complete physical separation of blacks from whites

        being expressed in these terms, it is imprecise.

        however, I reckon that Balkanization is inevitable.

        understood as “physical separation” between civilized and archaic-leaned groups and regions.

        how exactly that will be achieved remains unknown.
        there are lot of precursors, in USA, France, Israel, but there is no stable, accepted, systemic framework.

        • That is what they aspire to. Farrakhan and Duke met with each other to discuss the issue. It was like two heads of state from countries that were not on entirely cordial terms. But they came away from it talking about their common ground, which was the goal of separating of the races.

          I’ve never heard any details about how either group plans to accomplish that goal. I assume, however, that they expect it to involve massive bloodshed.

          • they are delusional, as conflicts are not about race but culture.

            on the other hand, the hostile islamic enclaves and black criminal areas in the West are unfortunate reality.

            and maybe – think likely – one will need to Balkanize to contain, isolate and eventually resolve that.

            so Tower Hamlets may become for Britain what Gaza strip is for Israel.

          • It’s so sad, but since I’ve been on the subject of South Africa, I’ll remind people of what sanity looks like. Here’s on the fringes of our political landscape, we have the FF+, which is the Afrikaaner nationalist (Christian) party, and African Christian Democratic Party, which is black and Christian. Both are conservative and both hold 1 seat each, and they vote together and are often the only voices of sanity. Neither wants their people’s intermarrying with the other or living in the same neighbourhoods and they understand this about each other and so they get on. They have more in common with each other than with the great gray mass in the middle and they know it. Neither hates the Jews as far as I know. More likely, they think they are Jews. One day hopefully people like this will make up the majority everywhere.

      • Any race-based group that says they wish to resist Islamic supremacism but also harbors anti-semitism is suspect and not to be trusted. There is too much historical precedence that they’ll simply flip; their beliefs are only skin deep, after all.

        Here is a short list of exiled Nazis who went to the Orient and converted to Islam:

        Altern Erich, a leader of “Jewish Affairs” in Galicia, became Ali Bella
        Leopold Gleim, head of the Gestapo in Poland, became Ali al-Nahar
        Boeckler Wilhelm became Abd al Karim
        SS Gruppenführer Alois Moser became Hassan Sulayman
        Aribert “Dr. Death” Heim, who conducted cruel experiments at Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen and Mauthausen, became Tarek Hussein Farid
        Johann von Leers, a close associate of Goebbels, became Omar Amin von Leers.

        And this is not to mention many more German National Socialists who went to work for Islamic regimes. It seems their Jew-hatred eventually superseded their nationalism; so much for racial purity. Hatred can be so self-consuming.

      • Strangely, the anti-semite yes/no question is pretty much an acid test for whether someone is an asset or a liability. There are LOTS of people who on the surface appear like potential allies, but for the fact that they’re firmly stuck on the belief that it’s “all about the joos” and that nothing else really drives them.

        I don’t mean people who have a “normal” dislike for some aspects of Jewish culture/religion, just like they might dislike some cultural quirks about Argentinians. Those people we can work with, that’s not a big deal, and may have as much validity as being annoyed at Argentinians for whatever other reason. It’s the ones that see everything as a Jewish conspiracy that are the problem – they’re hopeless, and indeed, likely to become pro-Islamist.

        I think that a lot of left-wing nuts become pro-Islamist for this reason, underneath it all.

  23. I’m recalling Herman Wouk’s The Caine Mutiny, and specifically the party after the trial, when our protagonist and his fellow officers are celebrating their acquittal, only to have their lawyer give them some unsparing words on what the real priorities in the war are. That yes, Queeg was a lousy officer, petty in his demands for every prerogative of his rank as the ship’s captain but spineless when it came to executing his duties when it really counted. But the ship doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s part of a vast war machine dedicated to destroying one of the most evil empires of history — and they lost sight of that in their feud with Queeg’s combination of petty tyranny and incompetence.

    We can’t win this war if we’re too busy fighting among ourselves so that the enemy can defeat us in detail.

  24. >> The Brobdingnagians need a helping hand, and I’ll lend it to them whenever I can. <<

    How do you lend the Brobdingnagians a hand when they – the majority of them – deny that they have a problem; and persecute their fellow Brobdingnagians who dare mouth off that there may, in fact, be a problem?

    As a fundamental INDIVIDUALIST, I am fully aware of the large variations that exist in the perceptions, beliefs and thoughts of people, but I can only put pressure on individual Brobdingnarians to question, to think, to educate and to speak. When I write off entire societies as lost, it is not that I have a Schadenfreude about it; I have taken into account the progression of history, demographics and economics: Where they came from; where and why they are now; and where they are likely to be in the foreseeable future.

    Change begins within the individual. You can only change people one individual at a time. You have to have solid principles from which to do that. I can share mine, but this is not really the forum for that. I only hope that some of them shine through in what I write. Sometimes they get lost in my emotions.

    Finally, I have to point out that I am an ethnic Brobdingloogian – a teensy segment of humanity. The Brobdingloogians will soon be extinct. They may be of my blood, but they lost their way through greed and gullibility. They sold one another out in some despicable ways. In my unguarded dark memories, my anger still boils. It's a matter of experience. When I predict the future of the Brobdingnagians, I am drawing from my past. It is not a wish. It is a warning.

  25. .
    Finally I found someone who formulated my views on Donald Trump! Everybody in Sweden seems to be blindly hilleryfriendly – hardly even the ‘cholera perspective’ seems to have any distribution.

    Long live the Baron, maintaining a good eyesight; he is the single true, consequent, honest and persevering counterjihadist – without any “buts” – I kno of. Sometimes, however, I find him a bit unjustified Jew friendly.

    • An example please!
      Baron is not any friendly with Soros and his ilks. He seems to be friendly with MC but I cannot say that this is unjustified. So could you please give me an example other then the aforementioned two examples?

      • Ah, ZTF…it’s complicated.

        Da Capo has been attending to what we do at Gates of Vienna for a good many years now, and not with particular approval of our efforts. Nonetheless, he has a special place here for all the effort he put forth in helping the Baron understand Swedes and Sweden – especially Swedish humor, especially Lars Vilks.

        Our initial introduction to Swedes happened in person, at the first public Counterjihad meeting – at least that was where the Baron met members of the Sweden Democrats, those brave folk who were so demonized at home by all correct-thinking virtuous folk. One of these latter, probably a member of the tugghish ngo, EXPO, convinced the ignorannt and credulous owner of Little Green Footballs – an American – that SD members were anti-Semites. This was a lie of long-standing in Sweden; it was hammered home relentlessly, to the point that some SD leaders were physically assaulted. Seriously so. The rise of Sverigedemokraterna in Sweden is an amazing story. Its firm and courageous stand against massive immigration began long before the idjits in charge invited any and all “Syrians” to come on in. By wiki standards, this account isn’t *too* skewed.

        And then there were the infamous Cartoons – the ones in Denmark, that is. *Swedish* artist, Lars Vilks, wasn’t a participant in the Jyllands Posten dust-up. However, Vilks was an artist of some renown in Sweden, and he was interested in the limits of what one is allowed to say/do. So he puckishly drew various items and labeled them “The Prophet”…just to see what would happen. He didn’t take the name of Mohammed in vain, just “a Prophet”. If you follow the news stories though, especially the dog cartoons, the works morph into Mohammed via the hands of the MSM. A pair of shoes named the Prophet becomes an insult with a huge Al Qeda payout promised for anyone who killed Vilks. (BTW, Vilks had previously drawn Jesus as a pedophile without any Christians putting a bounty on his head).

        All of that, and more, would have been impossible for us, Simplus Americanus, to understand were it not for Da Capo’s explanations. For sure, he’s not Santa Claus, but D.C. holds a special place in the Baron’s heart. Of course such tender sentiments would make Da Capo spit – he missed the “nicenice Sweden” gene somehow. And any reply he deigns to make to my explanation to you will probably fail to meet our rules re comments. But that’s okay.

        I just wanted you to know there is more than meets the eye to Da Capo & the Baron. The latter likely would not have allowed in that remark if it were made by anyone else. But with Da Capo, allowances are made. Sometimes, if you move carefully, a working relationship with a porcupine is possible. Not only possible, but worthwhile.

        We Americans badly need “explainers” – especially if we’re going to cover all the countries we do. Otherwise we end up with those fatuous “Europe’s-done-stick-a-fork-in-it” comments. [That remark is as surely on point as the vacuous “may you live in interesting times”…A seekrit: there are bodies buried in the back garden here at Schloss Bodissey…those formerly lively commenters, now The GoV Disappeared. Sadly they spouted off about “interesting times” once too predictably. Sigh…]

        • In all morning haste – I’m totally confused!

          This requires several rereadings and time to digest and understand.

          I am already in my second youth, 82 years old.

          • The second youth is better than the first one – not so many people left to tell you what to do…but, anyway, you were singularly responsible for helping the B understand Sweden. That is quite an accomplishment- you actually made Lars Vilks understandable to an outsider…

      • Not a bad video on Hillary’s thorough neocon credentials.

        Don’t think that Russia is unaware of the stakes. The Bush and Obama administrations have jettisoned the agreement between Reagan and Gorbachev that Russia would withdraw from its Eastern European empire, and NATO would not militarize the countries bordering Russia.

        The point that Putin is making is that if present technological developments by the US in anti-missile technology succeed, and the missiles are bordering Russia, Russia will have to do whatever it need to do to avoid the danger of a first strike against Russia.

        A Hillary Presidency would once again bring about two nuclear superpowers with hair triggers, continuing the trend that Obama and NATO are enthusiastically pursuing.

        The showdown may come sooner rather than later. Russia has made it clear it will shoot down US planes attacking Syrian government or Russian military emplacements.

        By the way, Russia has extensive civil defense preparations. The US has exactly none. There is no better way to bring about the genocide of the US population than to get into a nuclear exchange with Russia.

    • The #1 country pushing back on Islamists is Israel, so if one is a solid counterjihadist, it’s very hard not to have a soft spot for Israelis and by extension Jews. Nothing irritates Islamists more than the existence of Israel.

      All the easier to have a soft spot for Israelis because so far, they’ve succeeded in doing it with relative non-viciousness. Peaceful Muslims, with very occasional loudly publicised exceptions, live generally unmolested lives in Israel.

      I was there during the 2014 Gaza war, on business. I saw obvious Muslims going about their normal business, attending mosque, etc., in Jaffa while missiles were coming in overhead. No police, no security guards. While it doubtless happened, I didn’t witness even an incident of verbal abuse. I drew my conclusions as to whom the civilised parties were.

      To have that level of general social respect for people as human beings when their co-religionists 50 miles away are trying to kill you takes a certain fundamental decency that isn’t common.

    • BTW, when they are “blindly hilleryfriendly”, you could try to get them on a rant about how they hate Trump supporters.

      Let them rant. You won’t change their mind about it, it’s pointless to argue. But you can flip it around, of sorts. Not to get them to like Trump supporters, but to an even bigger aim.

      Then ask them if it has occurred to them that there are similar types of people in other cultures, such as the Arab world. Then slowly edge them towards the idea that many of the “migrants” are the equivalent of Trump supporters in their home countries.

      Trump supporters will forgive you. It’s for a greater good :-).

  26. A perfectly timed piece Baron. Ive just left a depressing debate on Breitbart about the ISIS flag being made legal in Sweden. According to many commenters, Sweden is finished.

    • We were once on Breitbart’s “Big Peace” back when Mr. B was still alive. That comment , “Sweden is finished” was of a type…according to the mindless (and less-than-informed or courteous) commenters, all of Europe was finished. That’s one of the main reasons the B left Big Peace…these days the comment sections are better. As more money has poured into their funding and they’ve expanded, their coverage of Europe is more comprehensive and thus attracting a number of people who are not as clueless as those early ones.

      But for that matter, if Hillary is “elected” to office, the U.S. is finished, so I guess we’ve come full circle.

      Now that I’m fully paranoid, I think Andrew Breitbart should have had a complete autopsy, especially an extensive toxicology report. And since that poor young DNC worker was killed on his way home in Washington, my spider sense tells me his remains should have been subject to the same investigation. I know he was shot in the back, but I’d like to know what else may have happened to him before the murder…

      • I used to dismiss, totally, allegations that too many people around the Clintons, or who had opposed the Clintons, had lost their lives, one way or another.

        Now I can’t help but wonder about this. I’m with you Dymphna.

  27. Baron,

    I consider mass immigration to be one of the most important issues of our time, the West’s relationship with China is the other.
    Most of our problems are self-inflicted, high immigration rates, the ideology of multiculturalism and the descent of the ‘Left’ into lunacy have all contributed to a series of ‘own goals’. This must be the only period in history when a far superior civilisation is being corrupted by a weak and primitive culture. However, I’d agree that all is far from lost, the West was in a far more desperate situation in the 8th century.

    It’s very difficult to express scepticism about the supposed economic and social benefits of mass immigration and ‘diversity’ without being accused of racism.

    • Actually that’s how civilizations fall, a weaker & immoral one happens on a way to corrupt a superior one, and it reaches a tipping point, and the competent people in the superior one start giving up. We’re close to that point with the red-green alliance., where the Left’s alliance with Islam to destroy the West seems unstoppable. But maybe it’s better not to try to see grand movements and just focus on what’s right in front of me. My cable connection on my TV stopped working, & I’ve decided to just not fix it. It’s dispiriting watching Fox turn itself into a pretzel every day with its hysteria.

      Eventually people just give up when the fight becomes too one-sided, as it is now in the US election or trying to warn of the catastrophe that approaches with mass immigration. The globalist forces don’t see how much damage they’re doing, and it does feel like it’s irreversible. I don’t know, really. It’s like being on a battlefield watching from the ridge and 7 out of 10 places are falling to the enemy, and momentum has shifted. At that point focusing earnestly on those 3 places & staying upbeat about your chances likely won’t save the day.

      I get your point, Baron, about focusing on what’s working in a country or region & who’s making a difference & not feeding into the paralysis & despair. Thanks for those timely words of hope. I keep hearing Enoch Powell’s phrase, though, about nearing a time when our societies fall as rivers of blood are spilled …

      • Oh, there’s no doubt that our chances are slim at this point. But they’re not zero. Not yet.

        • Just my opinion but the I think the most attainable weapon to turn things around are things like wikileaks. If someone/group had the ability to obtain and release documents from EU, CAIR, and whoever. I think Yuri Bezmenov was at least correct that you can show people real evidence and not believe it. However I believe there is a group that if you can convince them they are suckers by showing them they are lied to they will wake up.
          – Disclaimer – I am not advocating anyone commit any crime to obtain documents illegally. I am just pointing out it would be effective.

      • I don’t agree that superior civilisations fall because they are corrupted by weaker civilisations, unless certain conditions prevail.

        For example, the Western Roman Empire collapsed because its war machine collapsed and the Romans had no choice but to admit millions of barbarians/asylum seekers/refugees/economic migrants into their Empire. The point that I was making is that the contemporary West has an overwhelming superiority over the Muslim world, it has a choice.

        I’m Australian and my country has been regularly vilified over our uncompromising attitude to ‘boat people’. Curiously, negative comments seem to have decreased after Brexit and the continuing refugee debacles in Easter Europe. In the final analysis how we deal with the crisis is a matter of political will, unlike the Romans we have the resources.

        • I remember hearing about the old Australia, a country which once had the strictest immigration laws in the West. It was unashamedly anti-black, for one thing. The rest of the Anglosphere looked down on Oz for its neanderthal rules…but those days are gone.

          Anyone with sense cheered Australia’s decision on boat people but you still have a load of trouble with Lebanese, et al. They are not Christian Lebanese, either, which is a whole different story.

          • Indeed. I just heard a Christian Lebanese come back from a visit to Australia, dismayed at the situation there and largely sounding of the “Australia is done, stick a fork in it” persuasion. It was “funny” how he was saying all the things that nobody says in polite society, and being a very recent arrival from Lebanon, hadn’t yet realised that one isn’t supposed to say such things “in public” yet.

            That being said, I suspect that he happened upon a particular district where things weren’t good, but Australia as a whole strikes me as a place of much remaining hope for humanity.

          • Yes, Dymphna those days are long gone.

            Both sides in the Brexit debate used Australia as a projection of all their hopes and fears and there was plenty of hypocritical finger pointing. The reality is that the country has a higher % of immigrants in its population than the UK and the major sources of immigrants are China and India.

            What Australians do not support is ‘refugees’ arriving by boat on our northern shores after crossing through most of SE Asia. Of course (1) the Europeans face a similar problem but can’t develop the collective will to remedy the situation and (2) geography is a problem for them but an advantage for Australia.

            I’m not a supporter of mass immigration btw, there are economic and social arguments against it. It’s also very strange how ‘diversity’ is automatically assumed to be a societal benefit. The Japanese, Koreans and Muslims don’t support it, apparently only the West must accept it.


            The situation is not lost in Australia, yet.
            For example, I doubt that a ‘Rotherham’ type situation could occur in this country, we’re not so multi-culti. About 15 years ago members of a particularly vicious Lebanese Muslim rape gang were sentenced to more than 30 years jail. That sent a message.

            Of course there’s no cause for complacency, it will be many years, if ever, that many Muslims will abandon their sense of superiority and privilege.

      • The USA can still turn around, *easily*.
        Even in the worst case scenario, there are large chunks of the USA that will stay “normal” past the point where things have fallen apart to the point that the demographics shift due to massive strife.

        Most of the “anglo” countries are still recoverable, if the brainwashing were dealt with. They’ve had a higher class of migrants generally (many/most of whom actually *are* benefits), and have much higher integration ability.

        It’s the European countries that I’m worried about. The Brobindags. If salvation comes to them, it will probably come externally, or possibly in the aftermath of a massive civil war. The best – dream – outcome for Brobindag is that civil war *elsewhere* makes the Islamists lose their vitality, and that the Muslim masses of Brobindag integrate into the secular society. That kind of rosy scenario is unlikely.

        I do suspect that at least one Brobindag will end up as “done, stick a fork in it” – but I don’t really want to say which one, because the truth is, we don’t really know. It may well serve as a warning to the others, and precipitate something.

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