Culture-Enriching Torture in Schlüchtern

The following news story describes a horrific incident of enricher-on-enricher violence in a small German town. The perpetrator and victim were an Eritrean and a Somali, respectively. Eritreans and Somalis are next-door neighbors with a long history of mutual animosity — kind of like the Serbs and the Croats, except for the routine practice of torture and mutilation.

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Horror! Asylum seeker cut off victims’ eyelids, ears and nose. Stabbed eyeballs.

Police officers caught the 19-year-old tormentor during the mutilation of his victim

Schlüchtern, Germany — What took place in the small town in east Hesse on Saturday exceeded the human imagination in its cruelty. The eyelids, ears and nose wings were cut off from an 18-year-old Somali. But even then his torturer did not stop!

Even the prosecutor’s office has to look for words for the horror, the background of which is still in the dark. As reported by chief prosecutor Jürgen Heinze Osthessen-News on Monday, the horror began on Friday night in a private apartment in Obertorstrasse (road).

A neighbor had heard terrible screams from an apartment in her house and then called the police. The police first had to break open the apartment door — the image she came across would do no justice to a horror film!

They found a 19-year-old Eritrean, who was about to stab his 18-year-old Somali victim with a kitchen knife. Before the sacrifices, the eyelids, the ears and the nasal wings had been cut off, or had been bitten off! Then the cruel perpetrator had stabbed him with the knife in the eyeballs.

The seriously injured Somali was transferred to a special clinic. According to the prosecutor’s office, it is not clear whether he will ever see. Up until now, he has not been able to speak.

His tormentor was imprisoned immediately, but he was silent about his cruel deed.

Both people live privately in Schlüchterner Obertorstrasse, but not in a house. The crime came to light only due to a demand from the prosecutor.

In the police report, it was merely mentioned as “an active conflict between two young men”.

13 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Torture in Schlüchtern

  1. The cause for such incidents are not only the German government, the EU, or the Obama-Administration, but also NGO`s like Welcoming America.
    Founded and financed with the money of global investor and evil mastermind George Soros, just like its European counterpart Welcome 2 Europe (w2eu, Welcome Refugees).

    It`s a phenomenon one can spot in many so called Refugee-NGO`s (and also in the policy of the UN, USA and EU).
    The focus of their work more and more turns away from helping refugees towards a resettlement policy (in the west of course).

  2. Don’t waste time on gaol–just give him a one-way ticket to Somalia and make sure he uses it.

    • Why is the west importing mediaeval savages into their modern first world nations like this, are they deliberately
      Causing a new dark ages?

      I would not wish such treatment on anyone, however if both perpetrator and victim had never left their respective homes
      In the first place their future prospects would be far brighter than they are now.

  3. What do these people have to do to warrant the death penalty. Although Germany and the rest of Europe have revoked the death penalty, at some point it will have to be reintroduced otherwise we’ll end up paying billions of pounds and euros each year just to incarcerate these creatures. For no benefit and a lost opportunity to spend the money on more beneficial things.

    • I wish I could support the reasoning, but look at the States where there is an endless appeals process that can drag on for 30 years. If it could be implemented and carried through within 3 years it would be solid. Having said this, the per here is the best case for a permanent removal.

      • A good argument!
        Therefore we should just return him to Africa, and let the family of his victim deal with the case.

        I mean, who are we to favour our own justice system over theirs, when it comes to their own kin.
        Cultural Relativism has its moments…

  4. Cut eyelids…… stabbed eyeballs….. that’s insanely cruel and barbaric. When person get so destroyed its worse than murder. I mean person can live without ears and nose…. especially if covered with “hood” anyway…. but damn eyes….. eyes….

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