Cultural Enrichment in Ostfriesland: Knife Fights in the Stairwell

The following video and text were taken from the Facebook page “We are all Germany”. Nash Montana, who translated the text (the video was already subtitled), includes this note:

This was posted on October 2, 2016 in response to a stabbing between Syrians in the staircase of an apartment block. The video surfaced on Tuesday, in which a woman living in the apartment building filmed the aftermath of a knife fight between Syrians on October 2nd. The entire staircase is smeared with blood. The German people living in the building are living in fear. The husband of the woman who filmed the video posted a moving text on Facebook about the stabbing and about the previous sexual harassment and incursions of Syrian refugees against his daughter and other people.

Facebook post:

Normally I stay out of most discussions that center around refugees, but I am beginning to blow a gasket! But let’s start from the beginning:

I live in a small town in the heart of Ostfriesland. Here everything was always relatively peaceful, the number of migrants was relatively low, and those that were here were friendly and peaceful.

A few months ago Syrian refugees moved into the multi-family home that I also live with my family. They were sincerely welcomed and nobody in the house had any prejudice. Then, about six weeks ago, the first negative incident! Our daughter (12) as well as the two daughters of our neighbors (6, 9) were sexually harassed, they were pushed against the wall in the staircase, kissed against their will, and groped on their breasts and their behinds. Of course we called the police because of this incident, and filed a report. After the refugees were hauled into the police station for questioning there was peace and quiet… for a while! But a short time later my daughter came back inside from playing, completely fearful, and she told me that the refugees outside were making obscene gestures towards her, they grinned and with their tongues they made obscene gestures and licked their lips. This incident as well we reported to the police.

After the police came and again admonished the refugees, again there was peace in the house for a while.

But for the past the weeks now, it’s over and done with peace and quiet. Every weekend the refugees rampage and riot through the building, drugs, alcohol, and the later it gets in the day the more fights there are, fists and knives. Last night they rioted again, my apartment door was kicked in, the entire staircase is full of blood (see video)… My sympathy for these people is coming to an end… And our dear police have zero control over this. The children here in the house are nothing but afraid anymore, they don’t even dare to go outside to play anymore, it just can’t be that nobody will do anything to stop this.

PS. The video was taken by my wife this morning around 6:15 with my cell phone!

9 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment in Ostfriesland: Knife Fights in the Stairwell

  1. Well, my German kin, I see that you called on Jesus Christ.
    That is a good start. I have deep empathy for what is being done to Germans and Europeans by their governments. The same is being done to us. Return to your magnificent cathedrals and churches and pray for your countrymen.

    You can’t fight Something with nothing.

    • To equate the refusal to subscribe to some ancient belief system as “nothing” is quite an act of ignorance in itself. But we can continue to argue over this forever after the smoke has cleared. Meanwhile, we are sitting in the same boat together. You do with your prayers, others do with the tools they have at their disposal. I hold it to adherents of most creeds that we can coexist with these differences without wanting to outright kill each other.

  2. Your mistake was having any sympathy for those savages to begin with. Worry more about your children and less about being called a racist.

  3. >> My sympathy for these people is coming to an end…..

    It should have ended after the first incident of sexual assault of your pre-teen daughter. Oh well, better late than never.

  4. Placing these savages in homes next to ordinary Germans (it’s happening in much of Western Europe too) is a perfect illustration of the contempt that the political and bureaucratic establishment have for the people they allegedly represent. There must be retribution.

  5. Another good argument for a more liberal gun law in Germany (and other countries in Europe).
    Kick my door in and carry a knife, threatening me or my family – and you`re a dead [epithet]!

    But right now, the only ones who easily acquire weapons it seems are the ones who don`t care about any laws.
    Many of them with a migrant background or so called refugees.
    But the EU calls for even tougher gun laws througout Europe, so that law abiding citizens are easy prey.

  6. Will Germans actually grow some cojones, and at the very least, show some real rage over these sexual assaults against their defenceless daughters and/or sisters? Maybe one day, someone there will finally snap, and do a “Bernie Goetz”, or re-enact the scene from Taxi Driver, where at the end he walks into the brothel and causes carnage? (with any innocents being left alone, of course). But if handguns are a bit too tricky to get hold of, then at least something involving knives or Molotov cocktails?

    You’ve lost your peace of mind – are you also ready to lose your honour? And, in spite of linguistic differences, that might just be the only kind of language that such predators understand…

  7. you are only living like this because this is how your politicians want you to live. so keep electing them as long as the check comes. who says that being dependent upon the politicians doesn’t have bad consequences?

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