Crossroads Mall Knife Jihad — JIM Makes an Appearance in the MSM

On September 17 a 22-year-old “Minnesotan” named Dahir A. Adan went on a stabbing rampage in the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud. He managed to wound ten people before he was shot dead by an off-duty police officer. Witnesses said that the knifeman shouted “Allahu Akhbar” during his attack, and also asked at least one of his victims if he or she was a Muslim.

Normally I would expect public officials and the media to dance gingerly around the issue of Islam, and only mention JIM when they absolutely have to. So the following video from AP is an anomaly: it’s up front about Mr. Adan’s recent metamorphosis into a devout Muslim, and emphasizes his Islamic references during his attack.

It’s too early to say whether this represents a shift in the zeitgeist, but it is startling to see it in the MSM:

An important but unexamined corollary to this report: Muslims who become more devout in their religious practice have a greater likelihood of going on murderous rampages than those who remain “moderates”.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

8 thoughts on “Crossroads Mall Knife Jihad — JIM Makes an Appearance in the MSM

  1. Hillary want to bring in 650,000 of them if God forbid she’s elected. Then she want to sieze all the guns making us helpless from incidents like this knife Jihad. Obama is bringing them in by the thousands and our useless and often treasonous majority GOP Congress does not stand up to him. I believe incidents like this will get worse. Many of them will not assimilate and even believe the Kafir culture is Satanic. This is a recipe for more Jihadist attacks in all forms. Sadly most Americans are asleep or really don’t care till one of these knife Jihadist stabs them. Even in my small mostly conservative town I have to say this is not all Muslims or people think I’m blaming all Muslims. I have had devout Christian friends support these refugees and admit to the danger but they still side with flooding our nation with potential knife Jihadist.

  2. The time is just about right for a legal team to bring all the evidence together and sue the [gluteus maximus] off Saudi Arabia and any and all other players in this sick bloody Muslim’s war on our homelands. The time is now for the, “Are you now or have you ever been a Muslim?” Followed by every imaginable question that needs to be asked to uncover any past present or possible future sympathy for this Islamic doomsday cult. Start the counter-squeeze. Next we’ll hear that some Muslim Brotherhood staffer has run amok in the White House – or worse. I imagine.

  3. This is not exactly on topic but I hope someone can answer.

    Wasn’t there posted within the last few months a group psychological profile of the middle eastern migrants…I am racking my brain to remember where I read it as I see similarities within the violent black culture in urban America which are as predatory as we have come to know our desert friends seeking asylum. The rapidly shifting racial demographics exhibited by conflict at the cultural margins is coloring(no pun) everyday life for people unused to settling disputes with the violence of murder,maiming and intimidation. Might makes right for ignorant people frustrated by the rational exchanges of common folk defending a civilized point of view. Moreover observe racial bias in the black community for white folks who now are beginning to behave like those Europeans who are shell shocked by an invasion punctuated by conquering hoards to whom the spoils go. Rape, no assimilation, no criticism of Sharia or Mohammed, subsummation of the indigenous population by coercive behavior seems to be creeping into every nook and cranny of western civ.

    Some folks have identified a spiritual war raging in, among, and around men and women of good will. For me the rise of serious racial hostility black on white is a spontaneous demonstration of the confluence of such warfare here in the US and while quite independent from Muslim influence per se shares a certain “brotherhood of oppression” and its response to it.

  4. Nope, sounds more like they are just working up to this being another case of mental illness.

  5. Wow, another case of “He was just a regular guy until he wasn’t”, huh?

    The “hints” are almost always the same:

    Increasing interest in Islam … Internet, Mosque/Imam, Travel to Islamic Countries
    Withdrawal from previous/usual activities, secrecy …
    Agitation/Pacing/Arguing/Collapse of Relationships/Withdrawal from School/Talking to Self/Wandering …
    Attack …

    It’s not that difficult.

    Add to the list as you see fit.

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