Bashy Quraishy: “A Growing Islamophobic Trend in All OSCE Sessions”

We’ve been reporting for the past week about the pushback against “Islamophobia” by Muslim NGOs at last month’s OSCE/ODIHR conference in Warsaw. In the comments on two previous posts about EMISCO, the colorful and flamboyant “Danish” human rights activist Bashy Quraishy took exception to our use of digitally altered images placing him in juxtaposition with Islamic State mujahideen and Nazi military officers. He seemed to think it was unfair to associate him with ISIS and/or Nazis.

Strangely enough, Mr. Quraishy doesn’t have any problem labeling as Nazis the people he disagrees with. In the following video you’ll not only witness his validation of Godwin’s law, you’ll also hear him call for “Islamophobic” organizations — he mentions Pax Europa by name — to be banished from OSCE/ODIHR events.

It appears that the ideological basis of Islam is not strong enough to stand up to rigorous criticism. The application of reason to Islam is like a bucket of water thrown over the head of the Wicked Witch of the West, melting it down into a shapeless, shrieking puddle.

The anti-liberal goal of EMISCO and other Muslim entities in Europe is now made clear: they intend to silence the Transatlantic Counterjihad. They want to suppress our participation in public fora, and if possible prosecute us in a court of law. Our actions are publicly compared to the 20th-century Holocaust against the Jews.

Needless to say, the activists of the Transatlantic Counterjihad are not intimidated by these totalitarian wannabes. As far as we’re concerned, their diatribes against “Islamophobia” are a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of Mr. Quraishy’s pronunciation of anathema against the critics of Islam (which was also mentioned here):

My organisation had worked very hard to create specific recommendations today, but we have provided that to ODIHR, so I shall limit my two minutes to deal with a growing Islamophobic trend in all OSCE sessions.

Listening to Pax Europa and other anti-Islamic organisations, participants must have heard that anti-Islam propaganda and anti-Islam rhetoric and lies have now reached this noble platform.

Madame Moderator, such shameless rants against the world’s second largest religion must not be accepted, must not be tolerated and must not be let loose at this forum. This is not freedom of expression or freedom of speech.

We all agree that people can say what they like, but freedom to demonise and have efforts to spread hatred towards 1.7 billion Muslims should not be accepted in OSCE sessions.

Professor Şenay was very right, when he mentioned that many Muslims find themselves under siege. Listening to the wording of such anti-Islam formulations today, I am reminded of the tactics and the terminology used by Nazis during the Second World War.

And believe me, my Jewish brothers and sisters and nephews in this session, should also please remember that what happened at that time, should never never happen today with Muslims. We are your partners.

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21 thoughts on “Bashy Quraishy: “A Growing Islamophobic Trend in All OSCE Sessions”

  1. freedom to demonise and have efforts to spread hatred towards 1.7 billion Muslims should not be accepted in OSCE sessions.

    Hmm…”demonizing” is the favorite rhetorical tool of Muslims when they speak against infidels. But they don’t like it when the tables are turned.

    A thin-skinned bunch indeed.

    This has been a Muslims-and-leftists-only party for a long time. Now the pro-Westerners are showing up in sufficient numbers to put these pinchers from the public purse on their back foot.

    Hooray for Elisabeth Sabbadistch-Wolff for raising awareness of OSCE and encouraging real people to show up to slow/stop the encroachment against free speech.

  2. This is Mr. Quraishys career and has bin for more than 30 years: Complaining over those, who work to keep him alive.

  3. I wonder if our strategy would be more effective if we picked on thing and kept repeating it. Like “No more female genital mutilation.” Over and over, repeated all over the world.

  4. “efforts to spread hatred towards 1.7 billion Muslims should not be accepted”…
    “As a muslim I must have hatred for everything non-Islam” –
    Anjem Choudary.
    “between us and you enmity and hatred forever” –
    Koran 60:4, part of Islamic law

  5. Is Bashy really the former Iraqi Information Minister, resurfaced at the OSCE? Both are known for their surreal claims and tall stories, however Bashy’s beret also seems to be of a similar shape and colour, to that worn by the man formerly known as Baghdad Bob, or Comical Ali.

  6. Don’tcha just lurrve the appeal to his Jewish brothers and sisters (and nephews?!), you know, the ones he’d gleefully see murdered en masse.

    These attempted appropriations of the Holocaust by the poor little picked on and entirely harmless Muslims in Europe makes me nauseous.

    I wish Jewish communal organisations would do a deal with the likes of Bashy: okay, we’ll never refer to the Holocaust in public again, close all Holocaust museums and abolish Holocaust Remembrance Day, if YOU stop trying to draw an utterly false and risible analogy between how Muslims are treated Europe in the second decade of the C21st and how our forebears were treated in the fourth and fifth decades of last century.

  7. “We are your partners” Bashy utters solemnly, before breaking into uncontrolled gales of doubled over laughter at his own preposterous act.

  8. They have that number of Mohammadens up to 1.7 billion again. Even 1.7 million would be illness and ever Evil begetting.

  9. After checking back 2 days later I found my comment deleted. My comment was quite tame compared to others and I’m beginning to think there is a form of pc going on here. Was it because I said Quraishy had the type of face that begged to be slapped?

    • None of your comments are in the ‘Deleted’ cache. So I don’t know what happened to it. Squashy’s face always seems to have a smirk on it, so I understand why you would have said that…

    • Possibly. Although I don’t find that one so bad. I don’t remember it — What else did you try to say?

      If it was explicit about killing him, or how you wished he would be killed, I might have deleted it. I set limits on that sort of thing, because that will cause this site to be shut down even quicker than it would be anyway.

      • No I would never say any like that and I understand how it would affect this site, I wouldn’t want anything like that to happen to you and such a valuable resource. Maybe I’m being too paranoid. Sometimes after making a comment it doesn’t show up with with the message that it’s awaiting moderation and sometimes it does. I understand systems like this are quirky or the security settings on my computer. I have that same problem with The Slog of John Ward, a 68 year old Brit living in France.

  10. Every time those Islamics open their mouth, we the infidels should take note how evil they are even as they pretend to be “tolerant”, “polite” or “non-aggressive”.

    Hopefully those Jews, Christians, Buddhists who had foolishly supported or aided Islamics in spreading their Islamic agenda would see how foolish they have been.

  11. “And believe me, my Jewish brothers and sisters and nephews in this session, should also please remember that what happened at that time, should never never happen today with Muslims.”

    How curious. Finally we see a Muslim, any Muslim, expressing concern about the possibility of a Muslim holocaust (however incredulous he might be about it).

    While we all know that Islam will not go quietly into the night, there is a darkness falling over the Muslim world that presages an existential threat of the sort required to halt jihadist terrorism permanently.

    The only question is how many (be they Infidel or Muslim) will need to die before this world adopts a “Zero Tolerance” policy towards Islamic terrorism.

  12. Islam is sick. All Muslims are sick. Get to close to sick and you get sick. Way too close for comfort? Sic ’em?

  13. If he is so concerned about fascism and the fate of Jews, then why on earth doesn`t he speak out against the Antijudaism and the threat against Israel?
    Which are both deeply rooted in the psyche of his fellow Muslims.

    Not to forget the threatened Christians, Jezides, Hindus and others in predominantly Muslim countries.
    I mean, in some countries they not only get jailed or murdered, they even are taken as Slaves again (just like in the good old days of Islam)!!!

    • Most Muslims who die, die from the hand of other Muslims.
      And in the West it`s also the Muslims who kill others.

      Morbus Islam…

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