Antifas Allow No Mourning When Culture-Enrichers Murder German Kids

Last week a 16-year-old native German was stabbed and killed in Hamburg by one of those “southerners”, who has yet to be apprehended. The news of the murder did not make it into the national media in Germany — after all, it was just one white boy who was killed, and he doesn’t merit the same attention as all those brown people massacred by the Russians and the Assad regime in Aleppo, or all the Palestinians slaughtered by the Zionist Entity, or all the blacks murdered by white police officers in the USA.

If you’re a German, and you try to mourn for a fellow German who was murdered by a “southern-looking” person, you are racist xenophobe, and thereby become a valid target for the “anti-fascists” of the Left. The local Hamburg Antifas felt quite justified in their attempt to suppress any public expression of grief by their fellow citizens for the murdered boy.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Philosophia Perennis:

Antifas attack attendees of candlelight vigil for murdered 16-year-old

Barely acknowledged by the big media, a brutal crime occurred in Hamburg a few days ago: A 16-year-old was ambushed from behind while he was walking along the Alster with his 15-year-old girlfriend. He was stabbed multiple times [and killed], and the girlfriend was pushed into the Alster.

Many people were shocked, despite the persistent silence from the media about the incident. To express their mourning, within a short time they organized a candlelight vigil. They lit candles, put down flowers and grieved mostly in silence.

In the meantime it’s almost redundant to mention that not one politician of any of the big parties even showed up to commemorate or express solidarity.

Only the Hamburg AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) had planned to lay down a wreath. But because that became public knowledge, a gang of left-populists, radicals and extremists decided to interrupt the memorial ceremony. The Hamburg Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action) publicly announced their action. The people attending the ceremony found themselves surrounded by Antifas, and the ceremony could only continue after the police provided protection.

Attendees at the ceremony report in social networks that only with the protection of four police officers — followed by three or four hooded Antifas who aggressively “glued” (not literally) themselves to the attendees —were they able to leave the scene of the memorial.

Markus Hibbeler followed closely the comments made on Facebook by attendees, and he wrote:

“The attendees at the memorial were normal people from the middle of our society, families with small children etc. I myself wasn’t on location, but friends of mine were. I have also seen multiple photos and videos, all of which show what happened.”

How much does one have to hate the freedom in our country? It is a disgrace that a memorial for a victim of a brutal murder cannot take place peacefully!

21 thoughts on “Antifas Allow No Mourning When Culture-Enrichers Murder German Kids

  1. The time will come when civil war will break out, and the ordinary citizens of Germany will remember who their enemies are, and take the appropriate action.

    • I’ve been saying this for a while. When the intruders are dealt with, the real war begins.

    • Like they dealt with the Nazis?

      Modern, politically correct Germans have had their spines extracted and their history erased. And, you think they’ll take “appropriate action”?

      • It’s not over until it’s over. They will either grow a new one or perish. The Swedes are beginning to turn around.

    • Germany, Sweden, France, etc. have been conquered plain and simple. Because of the Euro folks embracing nihilism, they will soon fall under an Islamic state, forcing conversions or executions. I hope E. Europe has some sense.

  2. The corrupt left leaning media are now censoring genuine news stories that reflect badly on migrants and muslims. The public will see through this, and are not fooled. I’m waiting with interest for the next German elections.

  3. I wonder, who is providing financial resources for the organization to function? And for sure they have to enjoy a degree of police protection considering they can get away with a lot of things.

  4. The Antifas in Germany are the true Nazis.

    As a European I see little to no hope for Europe. Islam has already settled itself across Europe in a manner that has so far made the process irreversible.

    And the Establishment: the politicians, the police, the prosecutors, the professors, and the priests, especially the Pope, approve of the new “multicultural” Europe. We are truly […].

  5. These AntiFa scum are apparently unidentifiable, therefore untraceable and untouchable.

    Wearing masks in public is obviously not consistent with civil society. There is absolutely no legal reason why someone should cover his face. 90 days in jail for first offenders would clear the streets of this evil phenomenon.

    Yet masks in public are not illegal.

    Therefore the government intends for scum to operate with impunity.

    When some leftist squatters/AntiFa (?) jumped a German cop, the cops swarmed the house nearby. When mere citizens get jumped during peaceful rallies, the police reaction is more measured and restrained.

    When ultra-leftists use Nazi methods (street violence) there is no hysterical reaction. If, however, a German teaches his dog to give the Nazi salute the police treat it like it’s a (redacted) Nuremberg torchlight rally. Tomorrow the Sudetenland!

    (The German reds used street violence too so the left, communist or National Socialist, loves the persuasive power of the fist and the club.)

    • Just to point out that these violent methods are not nazi ones. They are the exact same methods the reds used in the 1920s and 1930s.
      The nazis were better organised though and smashed them. Today the reds rampage unopposed with the full blessings of the media, churches and politicians.

      • The Nazis did it better because they were Germans. When Germans put their minds to something (e.g. build cars or appliances), they generally do it better than anyone else. If they ever put their minds to Counterjihad, they will serve as a model for the rest of us.

  6. Europe is crawling with left-wing perverts, it is infested from top to bottom and inside to out. Strache of the Austrian FPÖ says that civil war is not unlikely. I would say it is damn near a certainty.

  7. Europe is once again very sick, especially Germany (why is it always the Germans?). . . it’s happened before, as anyone who reads history knows. Until the Germans wake up and get rid of Merkel, this will continue. I am surprised that she hasn’t been lynched — but then Germany considers itself civilized, even though murder and rape are out of control there (mostly committed by their mid-east “refugees” eh?). Still, they can tell themselves it is not the wild west of America. Out here on the plains, people could not get away with knifing a youngster who is taking a walk with his girlfriend — at least not for long!

    Nevertheless I consider Merkel a traitor to her own people and I do hope her day of reckoning and justice comes sooner rather than later.

  8. Wouldn’t it be sad if at the next memorial there was an ambush complete with a cell phone jammer. Sure they are illegal to use just about everywhere but legal to own in places like the UK. No killing. Just the installment of fear.

  9. Antifas are a modern example of, “the lady doth protest too much.”

    They are brownshirts of our current age and clearly act as such.

  10. The goal of the antifas since they were established by the Soviets in Vienna in 1945 has always been the destruction of Western society so that it can be replaced by a Marxist utopia.

    They haven’t changed their goals, they just occasionally vary their tactics.

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