Another Free Speech Trial in The Netherlands

Geert Wilders is not the only defendant on trial in The Netherlands for speaking out against Islam. The following report by Dr. Van Helsing describes the case of Raffie Chohan, an Islam-critical immigrant from Indonesia who was convicted of “hate speech” last month in a Dutch court.

Another free speech trial in the Netherlands

By Dr. Van Helsing

On September 28, 2016, Mrs. Raffie Chohan stood trial for statements she made during a speech she gave at a Pegida demonstration on November 11, 2015, in the Netherlands.

Statements she made during her 15-minute speech were:

‘The Islamisation of the Netherlands has already begun, supported by the Dutch government and the EU.’

‘The left doesn’t realize that they are being used by Islam, and once Islam achieves a majority they will be finished, too. Just look at Iran, look at Libya etc. The left thinks that it will never become a victim of Islam. (…) Islam will use the Western concept of freedom of speech to practise its own ideology. As long as Islam is a minority, we can live alongside it in a multicultural society. Because Islamic ideology doesn’t know freedom of religion, it will not tolerate a multicultural society.’

‘Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a fantastic country.’

She placed the written version of her speech on Facebook and added: ‘Another reason to hold Muslims in contempt and to hate is for their insane ideology, because it isn’t a religion of peace anywhere.’ For this statement she was charged with hate speech (Sections 137d (1) and 137c (1) of the Dutch criminal code).

Another statement she made was: ‘The massive inbreeding in the Islamic culture inflicts irreparable damage on Muslims.’ This statement wasn’t used to bring charges against her.

Raffie Chohan’s final statement during her trial:

‘Thank you, your honour, for the opportunity to have the last say in this trial. Today, Wednesday September 28, 2016, I stand trial in Utrecht before a court of three justices. It affects me quite a bit, and it is the first time ever for me to stand trial in a criminal court. I don’t feel like I have done anything wrong, I just shared my knowledge with people who were taking part in a demonstration. It is freedom of speech that is at stake. Any person who reads my speech can come to only one conclusion: I am sharing my opinion. My opinion, however, has been taken out of context. I will give a few examples of behavior of people who are followers of Islam.

My experience with Islam started early in life. My father was a Muslim and my mother a Christian woman. Growing up in Indonesia, I learned early that my mother wanted to raise her children in a different way than my father. I learned how it felt to have the rules of Islam imposed upon oneself. My father wanted to familiarize my sister with his relatives in Pakistan and left her there for five years, without my mother’s consent. Diverting from the Western values that we share, my father brought another woman into the house. My mother and her five children, of which I was the youngest, were confined to two separate rooms in our large house. My brother had to join him in attending the mosque, which led to furious quarrels between my parents. My father considered him a devout Muslim. Once my parents were divorced, my mother, my sister and brother, and I moved to the Netherlands. I was eight at that time.

I gathered my knowledge of Islam by reading a lot, studying papers and having conversations with Muslims, and former Muslims too. Many women where afraid to share their knowledge with me for fear of retaliation. I understood this, because you cannot build confidence if they don’t feel safe.

Again, I do not intend to offend a group of people, but to warn of the dangers of this ideology. I do not dislike people, nor animals. I do dislike ideologies that enable people to claim that they are better than others. When I arrived in the Netherlands I was happy to have arrived in an emancipated country. A country where men and women are equal. A country where judges, whether they are men or women, administer justice. That is what I warn about in my speeches. Here I am, facing two women who have careers and earned positions that are highly regarded. I hope that you shall keep your highly regarded positions, and that it will not be taken away from you by an ideology that is replacing our justice system. Don’t let anyone take your achievements away from you, and do not take achievements away from others. Freedom, and freedom of speech are our highest values. Let us foster them, and not convict others because they use them. Without freedom of speech, we are nothing but naked and vulnerable. Today I, too, feel naked and vulnerable, for I do not feel I have done anything wrong. I am a voice in the wilderness, someone who wants to make people aware of what they have and the danger of losing it.

I should feel rich. Not because I have a lot of money, but because I know so much about the Eastern culture and the culture of the free West. But sadly enough, I have to stand trial because I understand these two cultures so well!

The verdict

The court sentenced Raffie Chohan to pay a fine of €800, of which half is conditional.

Who is Raffie Chohan?

Mrs. Raffie Chohan was born on Java, Indonesia, as a child of a Pakistani Muslim father and a Christian mother. She moved to the Netherlands at the age of eight and lost contact with her dad. ‘I experienced how it feels when Muslims impose their values on you,’ she says. Raffie Chohan became an activist two years ago. ‘I admire Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh. Both were murdered. Ayaan Hirsi Ali left for the USA, and Geert Wilders needs security around the clock. I saw that people didn’t speak their minds anymore, and thought: it’s time to speak up myself.’

Raffie Chohan gave speeches at demonstrations in Berlin and Frankfurt, where she met Edwin Wagensveld, the leader of Dutch Pegida, at a protest in Wüppertal, Germany. This lead to her involvement in demonstrations by Dutch Pegida. Raffie Chohan is the founder of the Dutch Defense League (DDL).


36 thoughts on “Another Free Speech Trial in The Netherlands

  1. Present Leftists drones are no different from Nazis and their collaborators and must be dealt with the same way. I am counting the days for Mr. Wilders to win (I hope they still have proper elections at that time) and start an official process against these people. I would recommend to deport them with their favorite Muslims to Saudi-Arabia or Qatar where they can experience (and deservedly so) first hand the “beauty of Islam”.

  2. Is there a means where we can donate to pay her fine? It would only take a small number of like minded people to do so. Brave woman!

    • Dear Paul, mrs Chohan will appeal. That requires funding. You may contribute:

      Her translated explanatory statement runs as follows:
      “It is a matter of principle; I fight for the freedom of expression, which concerns everyone in the Netherlands. It is not only a fine but a prohibition to speak that will be imposed on me for the next 2 years. Paying the fine actually means that you confess guilt and that’s what I never want to do.”

      [Het is een principezaak; ik vecht voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting, en dat gaat iedereen in Nederland aan. Het is niet alleen een boete, maar een spreekverbod dat je opgelegd wordt voor de komende 2 jaar. Betalen van de boete betekent eigenlijk dat je “schuld” bekent en volgens mij ben ik niet schuldig.]

  3. This is about $400 US.

    This is an example of the soft totalitarianism being peddled by the European powers. Instead of throwing you in a concentration camp or killing you (for now), they simply increase the fines you have to pay. The first fine is simply a warning; after two or three offenses, they increase it enough to affect your savings. And, of course, the low wages and high taxes of Europe make everyone dependent on the largesse of the state.

    The idea is to fine-tune he hobnailed boot so it only smashes into the victims face just enough for the desired effect.

    Their main targets are not the fighter-politicians like Geert Wilders, who will effectively fight a scorched earth policy in defense of their freedoms. Their targets are the proles, like Tommy Robinson or Raffie Chohan, who do not have resources for expensive legal help or publicity. The fascists of the totalitarian states, such as Holland, are sniveling cowards, who whine at having to openly debate with someone like Wilders, but drool at the thought of pressing charges against a prole without legal defense or courtroom experience.

    If the US had an ethical administration, these judges would be barred from receiving visas to enter the US. There is no need for slimy goo like them on our soil.

  4. Mrs Chohan is being persecuted by three simple minded academics who made it through Law School and somehow happen to be sitting in judgement of an individual with an intellect they cannot comprehend. Simple Islamic customs and demographics must be explained to Western Europeans….or there will no longer be a civilized Europe in three generations. Vladimir Putin once stated that Communism was a ” Blind Alley ” and he now is the head of the most Christian Nation in Europe. The ” educated morons” who fined Mrs. Chohan for speaking the truth in a polite manner, will see their offspring prostrating themselves with their bums in the air ; facing Mecca, and reciting some primitive verses five times a day. Go East to the former communist countries. They know what slavery was like and will fight to remain free.

    • I don’t think their offspring will face mecca with their bums in the air. Those kinds of creatures probably aborted any potential offspring rather than deal with inconvience. Anyone with children would have at least a little concern about the kind of world they will someday inherit.

      Besides, I think it is more likely they will face nooses or firing squads long before it gets to the point where the Netherlands becomes another islamic dictatorship. The time for traitors and Quislings is almost over.

      • I do hope you are correct. The increasing panic displayed by the powers that be is an indication of something – the establishment is behaving like a neurotic on the verge of a nervous breakdown; like somebody who’s been living a dream for most of his life being forced to confront reality.

        It’s pretty obvious that the growing disquiet amongst the populations they purport to represent is preying on the minds of the Western political, social, and intellectual establishment. How could it not? But what really terrifies them is that they they themselves are beginning to have doubts about the validity of their world view. They’re suffering cognitive dissonance overload – and it’s showing.

        (((Pressed the send button before it was ready to go – apologies folks. Pity there’s not an ‘edit’ button a la disqus)))

      • to the Moon is a harsh mistress: I think your comment that the time for traitors and Quislings is almost over is not almost over, but is just beginning. I am afraid you are being very nieive if you think the muslims will abort any children. It is their intent to become the majority in all western countries, to have their four wives and as many as twenty children between them.

  5. Like Wilders, she is 100% correct about Islam and also in agreement with the views of Cardinal Burke who is more learned than The Dope. The Netherlands government had always protected Indonesia’s Muslim extremists, giving them sanctuary when Indonesia was trying to eradicate them, simply using the excuse of ‘human rights’. By doing so the Wahabis were given a secure foothold in Acheh to spread Islamic extremism throughout Southeast Asia – sort of a Dutch political conspiracy.

    — It has become very obvious that the Dutch politicians have no respect whatsoever for the rights and freedoms of their non-Muslim citizens, persecuting them for speaking the truth or for warning others about the dangers of this Theocratic Fascism which is even more vicious than original Nazism. It is Nazism-Mk2 Updated.

    If the Dutch people are still too ignorant or afraid to support Geert Wilders while there exists a democratic choice ( which is disappearing ) we can forget about eventual violent resistance.

  6. This does NOT give me the warm ‘n fuzzies.
    Not at all.
    There has to be a way to get back at these (redacted) “judge” creatures.
    PERSONALLY, that is.
    Their house/car windows could be (redacted), and paint (redacted) on the (redacted) (redacted). You can (redacted) them personally and inflict (redacted)–as the ballot box is no longer (redacted) or even (redacted) anymore.
    As for the (redacted) courts??? Well, those too are (redacted) structures that they could (redact) as well–maybe even more.
    Please do not misunderstand me, as I positively, regularly, unequivaicably , worship thishere legal and polliticuall system which does such a wunnerfull job of protecktin us and would never, never, ever suggest any (redacted) kind of (redacted) stuff.
    Not me.

  7. My God bless this poor woman and keep all the women safe. We all know who the real facist are.

    • Why is it we NEVER ever see arrests and prosecutions anywhere in Europe of Muslims displaying disgusting
      ” Behead those who insult the prophet”, “kill all unbelievers”
      Placards and so on?

      Are these not considered hate crimes?

      In Sweden rapists are freed, and in some cases reimbursed for their inconvenience, on judicial technicalities, usually all of Arab or North African origin of course.

      We learn today that the mass NYE sexual assault and rapes
      That occurred in Cologne do not appear in any crime records,
      That is deleted subsequently or not recorded in the first place.

      Here in the UK we are now accepting middle aged men as
      “Unaccompanied minors” despite protests by the general public.

      If western citizens have yet to grasp that all our governments are in the process of relegating us to official second class status behind the third world influx of illiterate, violent, backward invaders we are truly doomed.

        • Just have a look at the number of cases here in Australia of Freedom of speech issues
          our politicians should be horsewhipped out of parlament for not pushing back against the left facists

  8. All of this sounds so familiar… to me.

    Keep strong, never give up, and we will prevail. Why? Because we must.

  9. This everlasting problem with Islam boils down to education. Somehow we have got to inform the world that Islam is only a partial faux religion and that it mostly is a supremacist political movement. And that it is not good for people. And they have to know exactly what it is capable of, all the horrors and ugly things it does and has done in the past, and what are the best ways to manage it. In other words, we have to get across the point that it is a public health problem and that it is as dangerous to humans as the most lethal infection.

    This is a huge educational challenge, but it has to be done eventually or we will fiddle with this evil for another 1400 years. And it might win. So we need shrewd and smart teachers.

    • But those shrewd and smart teachers also know that down the line they must have their pensions…
      And therein lies part of the problem, people are being coerced, threatened and blackmailed to do the insane bidding of the so-called elites who keep insisting these brown and black heathens are our superiors, here to save our ‘child-poor’ societies.
      Our leaders also insist Japan and Korea are in dire straits, and need immigrants to save them, despite the Japanese and Korean denials that “no, thank you very much, but we’re doing just fine”.
      The main problem is that unlike our ancestors, who instantly saw moslems as the enemy, hundreds of millions of people today have been brainwashed into believing the lies we are fed by our leaders and perhaps even more (though more surreptitiously) by the media.
      How often do people read a newspaper article and take it as written in stone, when in fact it usually represents only one person’s opinion; and the same can be said of TV

      Educate the world about islam? moslems themselves can’t even agree!

      • Hit the nail on the head there – blackmail, coercion, threats to future retirement funds – it’s the only thing that makes sense to me in explaining this bizarre multi Government support for all things Islamic, in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

    • WPalmer-

      You are correct.

      However, part of the terrifying brilliance of Islam’s design is that the entire ideology works to suppress knowledge of anything but….Islam.

      Ummah members who stray too far from the path eventually attract the attention of fundamentalists, who are empowered to correct these heretics….extremely violently.

  10. The Netherlands really need wilders badly now. The alternative is a continuation of this nonsense to the point where Islamic blasphemy laws are enacted by default, against all sensible principles of freedom of expression and belief.

  11. “We would all be better off without Islam…..”
    “We would all be better off without Islam…..”
    “We would all be better off without Islam…..”
    “We would all be better off without Islam…..”…………….

  12. Typical Lefty scum. I see it in everything they do daily. To prosecute and persecute a woman who has “lived” Islam is arrogance and hypocrisy beyond belief. Ten years ago I lectured onmy main subject in Archaeology- The Sociology Of The Roman Army. I was sacked for teaching an “Inappropriate subject” to a class of twelve years old. I was being paid to teach this on a regular booking called The Roman Army. So I was sacked for teaching “The Roman Army”. They are absolutely sick in their tiny warped brains (if you cam find any between their ears). This is why I regard “Socialism” and its inmates as mentally ill and I am perfectly serious in this diagnosis.

    Their latest accusation against me is that I am “Not properly ordained and not a proper priest” despite being ordained by a Roman Catholic Bishop and studied theology in a top British University. They even said my old University of London, UCL was not a properly acceptable “University” despite being among the top Three- Oxford and Cambridge. The Left are dangerous nutjobs concocting their own fantasies and inflicting their personal agendas on their victims like us. Ghastly people that belong in an asylum for our own safety.

    • Not one peep from the trendy leftist cafe latte sipping set here in Australia regarding the violation of human rights of Asia Bibi rotting in a Packastani Goal awaiting the death sentence.
      For speaking her mind about that arab idiot from sixteen hundred years ago.

  13. I attended the trial. The court: 2 women and an old man; the prosecution: a chilly woman. The verdict may set a precedent for the Wilders trial.

    Northern and Western Europe may already be lost.
    Take care of the only country where free speech still has a chance to survive:

  14. This case is even worse than leftist totalitarianism.

    This case demonstrates the willingness of the Dutch state to enforce sharia-compliant speech codes. In effect, they are enforcing a portion of sharia itself. This is a sign that the Dutch state is illegitimate in its current form.

    The woman being prosecuted made many good and true points. However, she did not state the additional truth that this ideology creates an environment of poverty and ignorance that often leads to malnutrition.

    Childhood malnutrition has been repeatedly shown to stunt mental development. As a result, it is no wonder the countries in Dar-al-Islam have populations with IQs in the 60-85 range.

  15. She stated her case and reasons so well and you know the truth that she’s saying is true.

    My friend recently stood trial, as a street preacher, who warned muslims. She was accused by an officer of saying: “Muslims are bad”, but she did not say that. The judge would not see the video that proves this. Many teenagers were at her court case – they did a field trip from school to go. They know their rights are being taken away from them and do not like that change forced on them.

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