A Migrant-Friendly Mayor in Oersdorf Feels the Heat

The following article from the Rheinische Post describes an assault against the mayor of a small municipality in northern Germany. The victim had made helping the migrants his cause, and not all his constituents were happy with his actions.

No one has been arrested for the attack, but it is assumed that neo-Nazis are the culprits. However, it’s also conceivable — although unlikely — that one of the culture-enrichers may be responsible. And if some sort of crackdown on “right-wing extremists” occurs in response to what happened, a “false flag” incident becomes a distinct possibility.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Joachim Kebschull… beaten up because he wants to help

by Philipp Jacobs

Thursday evening meeting of the building committee in Oersdorf, Schleswig-Holstein. As in every county it is also about the accommodation of refugees. Mandatory date, nothing special. Were it not for the hostility… Two sessions of the building committee of the municipality of 874 inhabitants in Hamburg just had to be canceled because of bomb threats. Mayor Joachim Kebschull gets letters with the words: “He who will not hear must feel” and “Oersdorf for the Oersdorfer”. Kebschull advocates for the few refugees in town. Apparently not everybody in Oersdorf likes that. On Thursday evening Kebschull goes to his car after the committee meeting. Strangers ambush him, beat him with a stick. Kebschull loses consciousness and is hospitalized.

Since June 2013 the 61-year-old is honorary mayor of the small northern county. Also a volunteer, he is committed to the “Oersdorfer Dörpjournal”, leads in the Kaltenkirchener Turnerschaft the Badminton Department, plays it enthusiastically himself and is training young people.

His primary occupation is as an engineering consultant for computer technology. Kebschull was first confronted with the refugee crisis in an abstract way in the news, then in a concrete one in Oersdorf, where asylum seekers are to be accommodated in an empty house. Whether the threatening letters are related to the attack on Kebschull, and whether they are from the brown milieu [Nazis] is not yet determined, but likely.

After the attack, the uncertainty in other municipalities is perceptible. Measures are required: “For threats against local politicians and their families, the Criminal Code should be supplemented by a crime of ‘politician-stalking’” urged the Federation of Municipal Authorities NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia].

12 thoughts on “A Migrant-Friendly Mayor in Oersdorf Feels the Heat

  1. Apparently in the twitter world, there are more than enough threats to go around on both the right and the left. Also, there is nothing to keep a sociopath personality from affiliating with either side, to pursue his real objective of gratuitous violence.

    The fact that they want to make a special provision for local politicians tells me that the laws are not sufficiently protective of individuals. I guess it’s ok for hundreds of women to be harassed at a celebration, but it’s really upsetting when a politician is stalked.

    You can see YouTube videos of Trump supporters attacked simply because they wear a Trump hat. There is a widely-viewed video of a San Jose attack on Trump supporters, where the police simply stood by and let the attacker methodically pursue his victim.

    Once you start to settle political disputes by violence, the side with the largest number of sociopaths wins…and Islam has no shortage of inbred sociopaths. Now, violent self-defense is another matter altogether, but sneaking behind a 61-year old man and clubbing him is thuggery and should be treated as such.

    • I don’t agree that the side with the largest number of sociopaths would neccessarily win. What will determine the outcome is the side with the stronger will to win. So far, those who are against forced islamization have operated within the rule of law, but as they continue to be marginalized and peaceful means of resistance become criminalized, they will increasingly turn to violence. As JFK said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

      Forcing everyone in the community to be subject to harrassment, theft, and rape at the hands of violent muslim invaders should be criminal and the perpetrator should face consequences. When someone lets a fox into the chicken coop and it kills all the chickens, who is to blame? I don’t have any sympathy for the former mayor. He asked for it.

      • So, we can now settle issues by the anonymous clubbing to the head.

        And, what happens when a government agency decides to enforce its own prerogatives the same way? You’ve already lost any moral argument why that shouldn’t happen. It’s the best and most ruthless use of force that carries the day.

        And suppose it turns out that it was a migrant who did the clubbing? Do they need a reason for random violence? But, you’ve already approved the act, so might as well not charge the clubber, even if you manage to find him.

        I personally despise cowardly back-hitters. If you want to use violence to make your point, have the courage to look him in the face.

  2. I’m surprised this isn’t a regular feature of dozens of cities in EuroDhimmiLand. People are past caring about who they offend, when, why, in whose name … We’re especially sick of Vichyesque public officials only too willing to sacrifice ordinary people’s right to safety and security all so they can virtue-signal their hug-a-jihadi philosophy.

  3. Disappointing someone couldn’t find a better argument than fists and sticks. However my concern now is for other migrant skeptics in Oersdorf who may suffer from a backlash from far left activists.

  4. Civilisation creates a social contract. The people pay for a law enforcement system, they refrain from “Taking the law into their own hands” and justice is administered by the police and a judiciary system. The police, the national prosecution office, lawyers and judges, then ensure crime is detected, and wrong-doers brought to justice. Oh, and all are equal under the law, whether you are rich and powerful, poor, female, black etc. etc. Which is as it should be.
    But… we are living through a time where the police force have been given orders to look away under certain circumstances. To treat some members of society more equally than others. The courts and judges have also recieved this edict.
    Ordinary people are slack jawed with disbelief when we read of some of the blatant injustice happening around us, involving a particular group. Firstly we accept it, assuming it is an isolted case. Then we realise, something rather nasty is going on. We have slipped into a police state. Where true justice for the non-muslim is scarce when there is any crime involving both a muslim and a Kafir. Eventually, something happens in the breast of an ordinary, otherwise law abiding person. They want justice. There are a lot of rather thuggish people who are happy to dispense it. This state of affairs solves nothing, and followed through, leads to anarchy. However, it doesn;t look like the authorities are going to revert to fairness anytime soon. SO prepare to read more of such stuff in the future.

  5. And that is good. “Refugees” bring criminals and rapists. [Have done with] that. Protect your city

  6. ” beaten up because he wants to help”
    – No. Beaten up because he would not listen.

    • “Beaten up” is too laudable a term.

      “Clubbed anonymously from behind” is more accurate.

  7. Sounds like a group of concerned citizens exercising their right to freedom of expression.

    Nothing to see here.

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