A Long Farewell to Germany

More than six years ago Thilo Sarrazin, then a member of the board of the Bundesbank in Germany, gained notoriety when he published a book entitled Deutschland schafft sich ab — Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen (“Abolishing Germany — How we’re putting our country in jeopardy”). Mr. Sarrazin was reviled for his attempts to warn his fellow countrymen of what lay ahead. He was shamed and shunned by the German Gutmenschen. He lost his position on the board of the bank and was nearly expelled from the Social Democratic Party.

Since then Mr. Sarrazin’s warnings have gone unheeded by German policymakers. The flow of the “replacement population” into the country has accelerated dramatically over the past two years. Many observers now believe that the destruction of the Germans as a people and a nation is irreversible.

One of those observers is the author of this essay from Die Freiheitswelle, which is based on a Facebook post. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

The Long Farewell

October 19, 2016

I was traveling. Among other places, in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, which, according to the representations of the leftist, German, smear press, must be the vestibule of Hell, crushed in the claws of a misanthropic demon.

Of course, it is not.

It is lovely. Relaxed, both peaceful and seductive. Good, strong wine and beautiful women — straight-backed and with mile-high cheekbones and cobalt black hair.

But I digress.

I cried when I was there, which has not happened for a long time, because I saw, and understood better than ever before, what we — I mean the people in the North and West of Europe which is falling into the abyss — have lost beyond recall.

Sovereignty, security, presence.

And yes, pride — justifiable pride.

I came back to a district, a city, a country where I am myself the de facto alien.

Where it is not advisable to be on the streets after dark in a typical “socially weak” (euphemism for “conquered”) district of a typical metropolis.

Where the knees of the ever-present 80% majority of “good people” are raw from worshipping what is alien.

Where even the president, who finds every people on earth more beautiful and worthy than his own, can envision the representative of a civilization-hostile faith as his successor[1].

Where the glitzy limousines of the never-changing clientele are pulled up on the sidewalk in front of the hookah bars, and it is clear what would happen to anyone who was stupid enough to complain about it.

Where hardly any offense is taken when once-conservative newspapers ridicule people who think as I do, who are then ridiculed again in social media by the devoted followers of Merkel (for of course every invasion has its lickspittles and guard dogs).

Where the children and grandchildren of those who have made this land great are now in the truest sense of the word an endangered species.

Where it becomes increasingly more obvious who the new masters in the land are, and who is paying tribute to them, either insipidly and spinelessly, or in over-eager, fawning enthusiasm about the transcendent experience of self-immolation.

When I had returned — clueless and restless — I thought and read and discussed, with people who mean something to me, about what has been happening in Germany in the last two decades. When and where we lost our way. And of course, this was impossible without self-criticism.

(It’s not about “being in” the SNAFU; it’s about being part of the SNAFU.)

How is it with us? Where do we go from here?

Of course, everyone has to decide that for himself, and draw the necessary conclusions.

The following is my opinion, and I don’t demand that anyone share it or even approve of it. Let’s just say that I can do without personal insults. Anyone who does not want to hear what I have to say, feel free to tune in some other source. There are lots of them.

I believe that we — as a country and as a people — have lost and are lost.

Yes. Barring a nuclear war or other civilization-destroying catastrophe, in 50 to 120 years, presumably a country called Germany will exist on this territory.

But it will have little — very little — in common with the country I grew up in, and in which I was able to grow from a completely carefree youth to young adulthood. Where it was possible to say what you thought, and every day promised a little more freedom than the one before it (even though this promise was not often fulfilled).

It will be a country in which the largest belief group will be Muslims (I choose not to say “religion” for the same reason that we do not call National Socialism a “philosophy”).

Accordingly, it will be a country in which the comprehensive definitions and regulations of Islam in the form of sharia will dominate people in all aspects of their lives.

It will be a country in which the “biological Germans” will lead a marginalized existence comparable to the remaining native American Indian population after the land appropriation by the Europeans — with rights granted them with sympathetic generosity by their new masters.

It will be — or become — a country like Spain, which was under Muslim rule for 700 years. Whether a Reconquista can be hoped for here, I cannot say.

I will not experience all that, for biology sets limits, not something I completely regret.

But I feel sorry about the children of those who saw the catastrophe coming and no one paid attention to them. Really sorry.

I will stay in my city, in my district, until it is unbearable. The wind is already fiercer today, but it is still possible to protect yourself, delimit, affirm. However, the scope may shrink.

I will stay in Germany until it is even impossible in the retreat areas.

And if I then still have the material means and the strength, I will leave the country. I hope, not alone[2].

Until then, I will give my vote in the voting booth to those I believe have not completely given up on us — the base: the white-collar and blue-collar workers, the roots and earth of this land. Those who would be ashamed and embarrassed if accused of treason, and are not floating away on a cloud of “post-factual” ignorance.

I will support, materially and otherwise, those I believe are friendly toward: democrats, patriots, people with their hearts in the right place, free people.

But I will not delude myself that we will be able to get this country back.

All we can do now is hold on a few more decades — for the sake of the children and the old people for whom we are responsible, and who cannot just disappear between today and tomorrow.

Why no resistance anymore?

Because greybeards flailing around is a sad sight. Turf wars have always been a young people’s thing, and they will lose to the numerically superior young men from war-prone regions that we have clearly decided to take care of among us.

As to an angry, protective progeny who could stand in the way of the EU empire, its distribution quotas and self-abnegating laws (as Hungarian, Poles and Czechs are still doing, with unclear prospects) — in Germany, they were never born.

We are now a people standing on a vanishing base — shrinking daily, like a polar bear on a thin ice floe.

Or, to put it in the dry language of demography, our fertility rate is one of the lowest in the world — a curse we share with other highly developed post-industrial societies. It is discussed, but cannot be talked away. The present numbers are an easily debunked masquerade.

That might not even be a (serious) problem. There could be a good life in a peaceful, democratic Germany with, for example only 50 instead of 80 million people getting up in the morning and this or that plot of land taken over by the foxes and hares. An expansive view never hurt anybody, and the future will not have enough jobs for all those, who — unlike an industrial robot — must sleep and eat and now and then amuse themselves.

But nature abhors a vacuum — and a merkelesque/EU politician who wants to be elected and grow fat at the tax trough hates the vacuum even more, for it promises him no income.

So he intends to fill the (alleged) emptiness with people.

Lots of people.

People for whom words such as “democracy,” “culture,” “inquiring mind,” “creative enthusiasm” and “freedom of thought and action” mean very little.

And because the ruling class is unanimous that the maltreated donkey can soon be traded for a better one, there are now developments which in retrospect will make Merkel’s cowardly opening of the borders in 2015 seem like a breeze through the open window announcing the nation-destroying storm.

The economist and sociologist Gunnar Heinsohn calculates that in the year 2050 ca. 900 million Africans will be sitting on their packed suitcases. Their goal does not have to be a perfect, a promised land. It must only be a little better than their daily misery — our species is pragmatic that way.

And if the past allows us even the slightest inference about the future, then in 2050, anyplace on earth will be better than Africa — overpopulated, riven by violence, disease and depressive hatred. Africa, which did not learn its lesson and — after it had expelled the European taskmasters and teachers with their greed for resources — is now being driven by its own demons.

These 900 million people will not go to the United States of America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. For not even the most mutton-headed politician in one of the countries will be stupid enough to offer entry to such an army of have-nots.

But the Europeans. They will be stupid enough. They will be weak enough. And the gates have opened.

We here who foresee/know what is threatening Germany/Northern Europe, who recognize what has already happened — we are a few thousand, a few tens of thousands. A million or two at most, when it gets serious.

And there are countess multitudes at the door, who cannot be looking forward to being stirred into Merkel’s nihilistic soup: Germans, non-ethnic German citizens, German haters, new Germans, asylum seekers. German politics and politicians are prepared to lay at their feet all of what has allegedly not been affordable for decades if a born German wanted it.

For these people, every gate and every window we are trying to secure is being thrown open.

And the future will take the game and the playing field out of our hands.

Because we were too few, too civil, too optimistic, too late.

It is — almost — over.

But at least let us make our last move honorably.

Note from the editor of the blog Freiheitswelle:

This text is from a publicly shared Facebook post. The author describes the feelings many people experience these days. They are the feelings of people who love their country and are desperately seeking a solution. People who have fought and have recognized that they have hardly any chance left. People who are obliged to watch as their homes are destroyed and their life and their children’s’ lives are irretrievably lost. People who nonetheless have not lost their dignity, but are facing the inevitable with their heads held high, and will hold out for freedom until their last breath.

Freiheitswelle is grateful that this tragic situation has been put into words. For the sharing of the despair, of the mutual pain, which we bear together. We call out to you, author of these lines, that you are not alone. We share your pain — and in exactly the same way, we will stand for the preservation of our homeland and the freedom of our people.


1.   German President Joachim Gauck recently indicated that it would be fine with him if he were succeeded in his office by a Muslim:

Membership in a Christian church is not a requirement for Germany’s head of state, current President Joachim Gauck said in an interview published Friday. The religious affiliation of his successor is “irrelevant,” Gauck told Germany’s Protestant news agency EPD.

Germany’s next head of state could have another religious affiliation — or none at all, Gauck said. Specifically, the outgoing president remarked he did not want to rule out the possibility of a Muslim president for Germany.

2.   Native Germans are leaving their homeland in record numbers. The latest reports indicate that 138,000 left in 2015 alone, even as more than a million third-world migrants poured into the country.

125 thoughts on “A Long Farewell to Germany

  1. This text is the purest truth about what is happening now in Germany. I remember in the 70’s when I was a child living in Southern Germany my older sisters and their girl friends had begun to buy the feminist poisoned apple and talked about never having babies and some never had them (one of my sisters was one of those), when I was in high school (I lived in Munich) we had torturing sex classes every week I say torturing because all they wanted us to know was how to avoid pregnancy, years later when I was in college tubal ligation was considered very trendy and morally enriching by my female classmates (condoms and pills were not defiant enough), later when the first heavy imnigrations waves hit German and non white males became available in big cities some women started to have mixed babies for the same reason (how rebelious they felt!) and many of the women who endured the tubal ligation began to adopt african or haitian babies to feel morally redeemed, now in 2016 the german millenials are simply so selfish so egoistic that don’t even care about morals all they want is instant and personal satisfaction here and now, tomorrow will never come for them, they think… Germany is lost I can see it, everyday the signs of decay flourish, the malignancy that feast on us. All the masks have fallen: the heads of the criminal left does not even try to hide their intentions they spit at our faces what they are seeking: “to destroy germany” yes they say it! Now that crime is impossible to hide or disguise, now that all the predictable and horrible consequenses of third world inmigration are impossible to ignore they have become bold, they are finally sincere about their plans.

    • There could be a miraculous reformation of the refugees as they rub up against law and culture and education and see smart successful people making a good life.

      They also have to hear our complaints and arguments unceasingly so they know the healthy pathways in life. After all, some have become apostates.

      • Their own smart and successful people stayed behind to rob and plunder, and they think they can do the same and probably will in civilized nations. Why do you think their former countries are decrepit? Hope does spring eternal, but can take the human out of the jungle, but it is almost impossible to take the jungle out of the human, and if we should by some miracle succeed an awful lot of mayhem and damage will have been done. Are you and yours willing to pay the price?

      • Ask all of the conquered nations over 1,400 years how that “miraculous reformation” worked out for them. You cannot ask because they are all Muslim now. My thoughts on Islam conquering the world is God working out his judgement on a world gone crazy.

        • Well said! I quite agree. “What so ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” We have sown to the winds of sexual revolution. Now we will reap the harvest of a Muslim baby boom. It really is that simple. Demography wins!

      • Your migrants have an average IQ of 80. The German average is 103. Genetics won’t allow your refugees to assimilate. Germany will begin to resemble the countries the migrants came from: Turkey, Syria, Ethiopia. Poverty & war will follow.

    • Enlightening! I had the impression that Southern Germany was pretty conservative, and not the sort of place where new-age politically-correct ideas would be promoted – at least up until recently…

      But you say it’s been taught since the 70s at least. No wonder then that whole generations have grown up with such attitudes.

      My only knowledge of such lunacy is from my year in Germany studying on Erasmus. We had classes to brush up our German, and our teacher – a middle-aged lady – said that the Euro (which was just being introduced) was a great thing, as it would unify countries politically (contradicting the pro-Euro arguments presented in Britain at the time), and that Germany winning the 1954 World Cup was a “controversial issue”, as it made the country proud. There was also lots of antifa graffiti, anti-capitalist slogans painted around the city, Che Guevara t-shirts everywhere, and I had the impression I was in some far-left enclave.

      If such clowns are allowed to become the dominant force in Germany, then the country is indeed doomed…

    • Yes, Germany is lost. And so are the rest of Western Europe. Perhaps we would have a chance if we decided to make a last stand somewhere, perhaps Norway. If a million or two million germans, dutch, french, austrians etc. emigrated en masse to Norway, they would heavily outnumber the muslim population there, and in that way create a ethnic base as well as a dominant voter group to stop the islamization.

      • It may take a complete financial crash and mass unemployment on the scale never seen before for any real shift can occur. The unemployed masses of every type and class may then have time to ponder things a bit.

      • And just exactly HOW would you house, feed and cloth a million or two immigrants – even if they were native German, Dutch, French and Austrian, etc.? The title of this blog – Gates of Vienna – takes its name from an occasion when a people took a stand and said “enough is enough”. I think the time has come for the native European cultures to realize there is no place to run to; and as abhorrent as it is – the time has come to fight or die.

  2. I hate to bash this heartfelt piece, but it certainly is very much in the present and looking forward. Why no talk about how the people achieved such a state of stupidity?

    Let’s look at the politically-correct, left-wing-utopian, white-guilt, self-loathing ideas that have possessed academia and entertainment like a demonic monster.

    Europeans would not be casually handing off their countries if they hadn’t been hypnotized into such a ghastly set of ideas.

    • How they ended up? Too much good life, where never need to defend oneself, like zebras in the fenced reservation, never seen a lion. Life is a struggle for all species on Earth except for the first world.

      • Very astute. Much flabbiness is the result of having no awareness of danger, though I do not understand how people can lack awareness at this late date.

        Today’s W. Europeans figuratively live in vivid science fiction movie where klaxon horns sound throughout the crippled star ship, steam jets down from punctured pipes in the ceiling, and a lone Sigourney Weaver or two tries to rally the crew. However, the crew just believes this situation is the new normal.

        Perhaps the coming economic spasms, and purloined savings accounts and pension funds, will give rise to fury at one kind of theft and betrayal that will bleed over into fury at political theft and betrayal. Pocketbook issues are more riveting than 100 years of GoV reporting.

        Even Chinese peasants withdrew their consent to be ruled when it seemed that the emperor had list his way, notwithstanding ferocious powers of repression. Dynasties began under vigorous military leaders but over time the rustle of palace skirts became deafening. Women from contending factions tried to gain control over young successors by sexual favors. Nancy, above, ably describes a Germany where aberrant female thinking similarly undermines the essence of a society.

        Maybe there is also a lesson in the Dionysian forest revels but they never seemed to have become a system wide problem. I’ve not explored that and am even sure that women acted any differently from men. Maybe Diana . . . .

      • The villain Bane summed this up brilliantly in The Dark Knight Rises:

        “Peace has cost you your strength….victory has defeated you.”

      • So life is not a struggle for people in the first world? I take it you are one of the idle rich then, and have never had to worry about mortgage payments, rising food prices, the very real possibility for many people of being laid off?

        The vast majority of people in the first world are faced every day with the above problems, and are on a daily treadmill to pay for the bare necessities of life; then there is always the spectre of ill health and extremely costly drugs–very often given out free in the third world.

        Think about it, ‘wealthy’ people in the first world are actually slaves on a treadmill, and are taxed so our mindless governments can give vast amounts of our tax money to useless people in warm countries who sit on their backsides under a palm tree and don’t have to fight the winter cold and snow…

        I could go on, but is there any use?

    • In the West ordinary people have had no say for at least thirty decades. The “two party” system is a farce. Political parties just take turns to implement the same agenda: globalisation and miscegenation through weak border-control.

      But why? why? why? do they – whoever they are – want to destroy the West? Why do they want to destroy the formerly managed capitalism that has delivered such prosperity to the West and could do to the rest of the world?

      • I just listened to a speech Hitler made on the topic of the farce of democracy & the two party system.

        As an American I had never before listened to any of his speeches. We’re told he’s Satan and that is that. So, I took some time & reviewed some of his early stuff & I think his diagnosis was accurate. Unfortunate that the actualization of his policies degenerated as it did, but he certainly wasn’t the pure madman our history teaches us.

        Germans won’t defend themselves or their culture because the West – the USA & Britain in particular – needed Hitler’s type of government – reactionary government – to never succeed because it was & remains the greatest threat to Western Universalism. So, an example was needed & Germany provided it – a bit too willingly.

    • Indeed, and learn from them how they did it, because the reverse might also be possible. Just maybe possible, if it starts really soon.

  3. I would like to write an eloquent response to this piece, but know that I cannot.

    With a firm belief in the aid that Christ’s Saints render when their prayers are requested, I would like to share a link to a listing, a Calendar, of Saints who flourished among the German people in the centuries before the Great Schism and the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in the West.

    The Calendar link is offered with the sincere hope that even just one person in Germany might find consolation in this time from the prayers of a Saint included therein who are our Heavenly kindred.

    Deutscher Heiliger


    If I could find another Calendar like this one, then I would share it.

    So many of my forebears were given the names of these Saints as their own and to ignore it would feel like a betrayal.

  4. I’m going to go back to my theme: biology is destiny.

    I have been looking at articles saying the average IQ of the world, including the US and Europe, is getting lower more rapidly than anyone could imagine. In my opinion, and I have not seen any source that puts it like this, a large part of the change is due to the fact that there is no selection for IQ, productivity, or any of the qualities we used to term “public virtues”. Without such a selection, even the best population will deteriorate on its own, not needing the addition of low-IQ, low-skilled, low impulse-control, low ability to put off gratification, immigrants.

    What else could explain the huge shift in Sweden, from an intelligent, productive, isolated population to a population totally unable to protect itself or act on scientific projections of future consequences?

    The political and economic elite are not immune from this. They have access to the best medical care, unlimited money, and the ability to put unqualified progeny in positions of power and influence. The political leaders do not have the logical or scientific background to understand the implications of their actions, and do not have the moral instincts to act on any understanding they do have. Without being able to prove it, I believe moral qualities are as genetic as intelligence.

    Why are Russia and the Eastern European countries more resistant to the surrender avalanche? Have you ever seen a movie of life under Communism in these countries? It’s HARD! It’s Darwinian. Once they threw off Communism, they had maybe 3 additional generations born in an environment highly selective for survival instincts.

    This seems to imply that societal success carries the seeds of its own doom. Once a society becomes prosperous enough, it loses the survival instincts it needs to fend off its aggressive neighbors. Think of Rome, and the tremendous public handouts of bread and entertainment to an idle proletarian class.

    Is there a way around this inevitable deterioration of populations and cultures? I think so. And, it doesn’t involve Malthusian starvation either. We are gaining more scientific knowledge of genetics and behavior all the time. I propose a deal: people without productive ability will be maintained in comfort and given ample spending money for amusements, on the condition they do not have children. They will be free to opt out of the deal and support themselves, but they and their offspring would receive no support.

    Who would decide who breeds and who will not: Any individual or group with surplus resources. George Soros may think you’re too Aryan and not worthy of support, so you can go to Trump or to Mark Cuban or the Ford Foundation. But, if you can’t find anyone to support your breeding, you will either have to accept not having offspring, or earn your own money. Plumbers make good money, as do nurses.

    This privatization of welfare and eugenics (call it what it is) prevents any systematic bias or blunders that would undoubtedly occur if you had a government, single-payer population maintenance. Without going into detail, a government-run program of the type I described is 100% likely to get it horribly, fatally wrong.

    It’s not that hard to maintain borders against outside invaders. Hungary will definitely be able to maintain its existence and identity, unless the US or NATO intervenes, as they did in Bosnia. So, the contest in population quality is far more important than a race in quantity. It is not necessary to match the exploding sub-Saharan populations. it is simply necessary to keep them out.

    To summarize, I think it is necessary for a people to take true responsibility for where it is going. We have enough knowledge to maintain our existence as a people, culture, and outlook. However, we stand to make the same mistake as the globalists, and choose to deny the findings of our own research.

    • I think you are right. Humanity must restore the species natural selection otherwise we are and future generations all screwed.
      Also we must change our political system. We can already see there is two group emerged:

      Makers = people from all races who are working, pay taxes, work for the community, who generate value.

      Takers = parasites (largest organized parasite group in the world are Muslims), people who live in welfare and breeding out of control.

      The Makers must have control over how the values created by them are invested toward the future. Takers must not have a voice in this, otherwise they vote on more comfortable welfare conditions for themselves.
      It is not impossible to identify the Makers and give them the right to vote and not let the parasite Takers to have influence. This does not mean any violent act, as you said yourself some incentives to become a Maker but if you not, you can still live your life but not at the cost at the future!

      • moslems are indeed the most useless people on earth, and have indeed ruined every country they have infested, and they are closely followed by the inhabitants of an entire continent–Africa, many of whom are already moslem.

        It used to be that the population of Africa was self-regulating; Africans had huge families in the hope that perhaps one of the children would succeed in life, to provide hope and comfort to aging parents, while most ‘fell by the wayside’.

        Then came the ‘do-gooders’, whose know-how, medical and engineering expertise would stem the ‘tragedy’, and given that Africans seem only able to dance, copulate, and kill each other, the stage was set for the population explosion, which gets us to the present.
        I well remember a news story from last year, where the media showed a grieving African father wailing that “eight of my kids were killed….” The reporter focused only on the accident, and not on the fact that “eight OF my kids” meant he had even more–when he was dirt poor, and nowadays all dozen or so would survive! No wonder Africa has a pop. explosion! All my life I have heard the cry “We must help the poor starving Africans”, and frankly, I’m sick of it, the help has accomplished nothing–look at Zimbabwe, with South Africa going the same way. Aid to Africa must stop–NOW!

        The lunacy pushed by leaders in (western) Europe that these ‘migrants’ are needed to replace what they call disastrously falling birthrates and to work and pay taxes to provide pensions to elderly indigenous Europeans would be laughable were it not so tragic; for how can the migrants do that when they have virtually no skills, and many are illiterate, never mind the fact that quite apart from being unemployable, many have said straight out they have no intention of assimilating, or working, and are only there to impregnate western women!

        As I’ve said on many occasions, more than anything in this world, I hope I live to see accountability–retribution for the traitors who have allowed, indeed willed this on the entire western world, for if the present trend continues, Europe is only a decade ahead of North America.

      • double relaxed darwinian selection


        Immigration from regions with an median IQ about 70 – 80% will not destroy the western civilization alone. But the mysgenic politics of the left, with childless academics and child rich white trash via sociao transfer will make it alone.

        But mass immigration from regions like middle east and subsaharic Africa will accelerate the detoriation enormous.

        The ugly thinks will start, when there is no more money enough to transfer. Then the tribalization und slaughtering will begin.

    • A century ago – under the trance of state education – Europe indulged in UNnatural selection. It blew its collective brains out . . . then doubled down on the effort less than three decades later. Their females – generally clustered around the central values of the talent distribution – had to settle for mating with a preponderance of substandard (surviving) males . . . and it became acceptable and logical to forego offspring altogether. As women gained political power, the demand for a father-substitute in the form of [socialist] state support gained momentum. With the addition of chemical technology to the mix, the primary role of sex became entertainment.

      But it all had to be paid for. What the god-state giveth, the god state taketh away – in the form of taxes and monetary redistribution. More and more workers were required to partake in the brave new world of working for the sake of working for the state . . . firstly by luring women into the trap that had normally been reserved for men. Now that these women are too exhausted by the daily grind to find the time and resources to replace themselves and their men, the god-state is resorting to quick fixes: Importing hordes of new citizen-slaves. Alas, very little consideration is being given to the facts that humans come with software called “culture”, and that culture is not fungible. In fact, the arriving software is incompatible with the operating system called “Europe”.

      I predict a nasty system crash in which most of the old Europe will be erased. The reboot is going to be interesting, but I’ll likely not live to see it.

    • “I have been looking at articles saying the average IQ of the world, including the US and Europe, is getting lower more rapidly than anyone could imagine.”

      Do you have any links?

      • Google “IQ getting lower”.

        I purposely did not include links because 1) it’s so easy to find them; and 2) I don’t know if I agree with specific articles or not. This is not a research paper. The thesis that IQ is getting lower is consistent with my own view that the prosperous welfare state and advanced medical technology is removing all selection pressures, resulting in a naturally-deteriorating IQ trait in the population. Also, see the comment by ratloser.

    • On a side note to this (I agree that right now stupid people have the most children), a few months ago I had the chance to speak to an old lady, turns out she used to be a teacher and still gives private lessons. She also had two jobs most of her life, because she was left on her own with three children and had to feed them somehow. So aside from being a teacher she also helped out at the local school administration and she told me that during her roughly 40 years at school and 10 more as a part-timer and she said she well noticed how from the 60’s on there was literally a plan to have more and more stupid students, teach them less, etc. And now here we are with less and less people capable of critical thinking, who only race after their own benefit and don’t see the bigger picture.

    • RE: IQ – there is a theory that in the Roman Catholic church the best minds went into the church and therefore did not (or supposedly did not) reproduce. Whereas among Jews all men married by law, and reproduced, therefore the Jews much smarter than the non-Jews.

      More recently, there has been a theory that for whatever reason, men with high IQs where also likely to be gay (IQ tends to cluster at the high end for both gays and men). These men in the past married, and those who were gay kept it hidden and had double lives (as someone with a double life I can tell you that a double life takes more energy and intelligence than a single life does). They played happy families but also had their more private gay life on the side. In the last 50 years that has changed, and now gay men don’t marry and if they marry it is to other men and adopt. Their genes are not passed along.

      One, or maybe both, of these theories is probably correct. This should be factored into the equation. Just a thought.

      Also, while I have little interest in the topic, I seem to have heard or read recently that the average IQ in Mexico is 88. In the USA it is 100 – something to think about.

      In addition, it should be noted that Islam rejects intelligence and that it favors blind obedience, a trait that is widely found in those with little or no intelligence.

    • Speaking as a biologist, you are correct. Add to that the education (ha, ha) system in place for the last 40 years, and you have a herd. A stupid, docile, passive herd. They just want their X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Sport, a holiday every year and a wide screen TV and they are happy. They shut the wider world out, partly because it isn’t very nice, but because they lack the full capacity for critical thought. If you were hell bent on maintaining a power base, what better than to reduce the IQ of your nation, except for a few engingeers, doctors and scientists? Infect them with the nicey, nicey PC virus, and you will have precious little opposition. Problem solved.

      • Funny you mentioned the TV shows, because last year there was a German movie in theaters, a comedy about Hitler returning (Er ist wieder da – He’s back again – is the name) and at one point he literally says “You’re just watching a bunch of crap on TV! Of course we too ran some comedies in 44 to raise the spirit of the people, but this is way too much. What are you, people or stupid sheep?!” There were other lines great as fodder for thought. I actually like the movie a lot. Anyway yeah, when people prefer to lay on the couch in front of a TV instead of being productive or moving, there is something wrong with society (used to be one such kid in class, now it’s at least the half).

    • “This seems to imply that societal success carries the seeds of its own doom. Once a society becomes prosperous enough, it loses the survival instincts it needs to fend off its aggressive neighbors. Think of Rome, and the tremendous public handouts of bread and entertainment to an idle proletarian class.”

      This is the basic problem, and it’s nearly an eternal one.

      The way that the Englished “thoughened up” the upper class kids in the past somewhat worked. The American army has “up-or-out”, and that could work as well, if one right.

    • The lowering of IQ in Western countries to due to immigration from low IQ countries in Africa & the Middle East. More immigrants = lower IQ’s. Sorry, but it’s basic genetics.

      The height of the average American has shrunk according to new statistics. Americans aren’t shrinking. We’re importing short (very short) immigrants from Mexico & Central America.

      It is what it is.

      • You’re confounding different effects.

        There most certainly is a dysgenetic pressure on US population from low-IQ, low-skill immigrants with different physical features. There is also a definite encouragement of low-quality progeny by taking resources, via taxation and government grants, from highly-productive parents who put immense resources into raising their children, and giving the money to low-productive parents who put considerably less effort into raising children.

        My point is that even if these dysfunctional pressures did not exist, there would still be a deterioration of the population due to a constant genetic mutation and lack of selection pressure.

        The best example is of the fish in a completely dark cave that are without eyes. They began with eyes, but the genes for eyes mutated over time, and there was no advantage for fish with eyes in a completely dark environment. So, eyes disappeared.

        In the same way, if public services and medical care is provided for every woman and every child she has, regardless of how damaged or unproductive, there will be no selection, or negative selection for productive traits.

        I believe this explains why societies such as Sweden deteriorated. Sweden was homogeneous and quite isolated until a relatively short time ago. Now, Swedes are unable to assert themselves to protect their culture. Sweden had the welfare state par excellence. No one got too high, no one got too low, and wealthy and productive people were not encouraged to have more children.

        Similarly, countries like Hungary and Poland, and even East Germany, under Communist domination until 1989, were nominally welfare states, but in reality life was very hard, and there was not much of a social net for people not capable of taking care of themselves. Thus, we find these people far more willing to fight back.

        In my opinion, it’s not because their experience with Communism was more recent, providing them with an “immunization” against tyranny. It is because an instinct for survival was necessary in parents and offspring up to a relatively short time ago, and this instinct is genetic rather than cultural.

  5. Putin must provide ” mandatory ” Pork rations to the military forces in the areas of Russia with high percentages of Muslim troops. The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church must explain to the faithful that more Christian souls must be born in Mother Russia. The organizational skills of German administrators should be employed to catalogue and maintain tight control over any individuals who actually believe the psychopathic strictures of Mohammed’s so called Holy book. It may be too late for the Germans and French { and possibly the British } but it is not a long journey for German citizens to emigrate to a country that spans seven time zones…practices a Christian faith that does have good arguments for it’s legitimacy { about apostolic succession}..and has a relatively small { under 170 million } population.
    And as a bonus….has a leader who speaks fluent German. The United States has been dumbed down and captured by the scourge of Central Bankers who have no patriotic impulses. Go East to Russia……be good Orthodox Christians…and Prosper. Islam will eat itself up….once the Mullahs find they have no more tribute payers.and..slaves. In fifty years the Russo/German colonizers can return to the Rhine.

    • Good luck getting the Russians to import large numbers of Germans. The Krauts tried that a few years back and the Russians still haven’t gotten over it.

      • Don’t be so pessimistic. German genius for engineering and Russia’s mineral wealth combined with the best qualities of both peoples can forge a new nation as the formerly Gerrman lands become Arabised and Islamised. Yes, Germany as a nation is gone, but as long as Germans are prepared to migrate east to Hungary, Poland and Russia there can still be hope.

        • Yes I agree. Spengler (Decline of the West) argues that the culture to succeed the West will be Eastern European.

    • Lol no way Germans would want to go to Russia, nor would the Russians accept them. However many many Germans do emigrate to Hungary, which is tradionally their ally and has lots of vacant houses around the Balaton lake, so it’s a win win situation for both sides. Well except it would be better if the Germans just took their own land back.

    • How’s about staying put and taking a few risks to check extremely unstable Muslims and their enablers? If the US and the EU’s latest round of poking the Russian bear does not ease up a bit, they may save us a journey.

      • As a descendant of German Mennonites who had been invited to Russia by Catherine the Great, I can assure you it did not go so well. And I’m not sure the Russians have forgiven the Germans for turning on them during World War 2. My grandmother told me many stories of her childhood facing both religious and ethnic persecution. My dad’s family suffered the same though they escaped through China before the war.

        • Both European though – and when the common enemy rises differences will be put aside.

    • Russia has it’s own rising muslim population. I’ve read as much as 20% of the Russian Army are muslims. Russia is as likely to fall to Islam as the West, they won’t be the saviour of “Christian civilization” some hope for. In fact we already see them aligning with Iran.

  6. Fight back. Vote out your government. Vote in a government loyal to Germany and the Germans. Purge the Army and police forces of the Muslims. Then enforce your own damn laws equally.

    Don’t hold a funeral until someone’s dead. And try holding it for the immigrants.

    • Agreed. Even if it means having to face a dictator for a few years at the end, if it secures the country for another 70-80, I’d say it’s well worth it. Always better than watching the country die and allowing a primitive and sadistic, never ending dictatorship (it’s even worse than a dictatorship really) take its place.

      • They won’t do it…even if it did work. Germans are being replaced and they will find it hard to create a new space anywhere else for their German children.

        • Because they want to prolong their childhood. instead of growing up and being adults. Grown men and women competing with teenagers when they should be at home in their rocking chairs.

    • Agreed never ever submit. I go out of my way in whatever media available to challenge the enablers,when they call me racist I remind the of the 4 different human races. When they call me racist I rightfully tell them they are homophobic. When they call me racist I rightfully tell them islam is an ideology. Funny the only argument they have is I am racist.

      • Norman, remember if you can be converted to something you cannot be racist. I always say I am not afraid of gays or humans as long as no human is threatening me.

    • This. The writer talks only about retreat, retreat, retreat, and finally surrender. If that is the only way he can see himself acting in the future, no wonder he sees as if everything is already lost.

      Fight. Fight at the polls, at the voting booths, against the media, and finally, if and when it inevitably comes to a physical fight, war even, fight to win, not to loose. Arm yourself, acquire skills in the use of those arms, and when the fight comes, rely on those skills.

      If you only see defeat in the future, you’ve already lost.

      • Exactly! The only thing that seems sure to me is, that when the coming battels are over, there will be no Eoropean Left left! Pushed to the margins (at least) either by patriots or islamists.

        What do absolute numbers of people mean? Look at Germany during WW II! Look at Israel!

        There still is so much patience and power in the German people; in those who can do real useful work.

        Greetings from Bavaria!

      • Exactly! The only thing that seems sure to me is, that when the coming battels are over, there will be no Eoropean Left left! Pushed to the margins (at least) either by patriots or islamists.

        There still is so much patience and power in the German people; in those who can do real useful work.

        Greetings from Bavaria!

    • Well it’s true that this attitude has been present for way too long in Europe, appeasement all over again, needs to be gotten rid of

  7. The majority of Americans are stupid and weak too. If we don’t fight for succession soon it will be all over for us too. I am in the West. We need a new nation(s) with new borders; perhaps entice Alberta and BC to join?

    • Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C., Washington and Oregon–Columbia. What a country! Western Canadians have long talked of that, but of course it can never be. (unfortunately)

  8. Imagine that all those Muslim immigrants in Europe had instead been South Koreans, Vietnamese, and Chinese. We would not now be having this conversation about the end times in Europe. Here in the US those groups generally excell in every sphere of human endeavor. I imagine they do much the same in Europe. So it is not immigration as such. It is Muslim immigration. It is immigration from dysfunctional dirtball cultures that wreck everything they touch. What on earth did policy makers think would happen?

    • Exactly. Who the immigrants are is crucial but previous good experience with immigration has given rise to the absurd notion that all immigration is desirable.

      The usual leftist stupidity and mendacity play a major role in this, of course.

    • Lewin: You hit the nail on the head – I couldn’t agree with you more. But of course this means that You and I have some sort of “phobia” and perhaps other maladies as well.

      When denial of tangible reality reigns, progress, as defined by the Western Enlightenment (dead white men), dies. The way forward then returns to pre-enlightenment, barbaric, practices.

      As to your question, “What on earth did policy makers think would happen?”, I’d say that as far as BHO is concerned, the answer would be, “exactly what is happening, the death of the cultures made possible by those dead white men of the Western Enlightenment.” His puppets in Europe; Merkel, Hollande, Lofven, etc., have simply gotten in line and done their master’s bidding. Much to fill in here but the bottom line is that none of them (BHO, Merkel, Hollande, Lofven) will have to live with the consequences of their actions. Mark Steyn put this quite well in his closing remarks of the Munk Debate of April 1, 2016. That’s available on his web site.

    • There are drug problems with Asian immigrants in Europe, but overal most people do work hard and are a regular part of society. Often they don’t even care about the country their parents came from and consider themselves part of the country they were born in.
      Though here raises the question about nationality, because unlike in America or Australia, it’s not about being born somewhere, but also being part of the ethnicity of said country. you may get the papers, but most people will still think you’re, for example, a Vietnamese living in Spain. It’s because our nations were always homologous while America and Australia had a diversity from the very beginning.

  9. Start sending them back — one by one or go down in defeat. Are the Europeans too polite and wimpy to organize and — to send back these enemy invading migrators? So far, Yes. Its time to reverse course.

    Time to do what it takes — organize and send them back. You are being invaded. Stop the invasion and send them back or your nation is lost. Organize, man up and get the job done.

  10. Germany died when it elected Hitler a self described Socialist Revolutionary. It is no surprise (to us) that it is Hitler’s great ally, Islam and Socialist Revolutionary Merkle that are dealing the death blows.
    Hitler’ dream of a conquered Europe is now a reality

    • I don’t agree that Hitler had any unusual relationship with Muslims. Spaniards, Dutchmen, Frenchmen, Swedes, Romanians, Latvians, and others were recruited into the German military. The Muslim SS unit was nothing unusual.

      Nor did Hitler’s thinking lead him to favor foreigners over Germans. Quite the contrary.

      Merkel’s motivation is different. It seems she internalized the communist hostility to free markets and institutions. The Little Sphinx Commissar who cloaks her purpose in a meaningless slogan and empty talk of unspecified “European values” (suicide chief among them, apparently) is a sui generis Destroyer of Nations. She and her despicable leftist allies have a hatred for Germans that Hitler never had.

      • By the very end, Hitler had developed a hatred for Germans and left orders that the entire infrastructure of Germany should be destroyed. It was the connivance of Albert Speer and the German generals that countermanded this last desire of Hitler’s.

        It seems that in keeping with his tendency to blame everyone else or anyone else for his own blunders, he blamed the German people for losing the war that he blundered into and lost decisively by following disastrous tactics against the advice of his generals.

        It seems once it became apparent he was losing the war, Hitler blamed the Jews for getting him into the war. And this is the guy the neo-Nazis and Nazis admire so much.

        • I’ve heard of his anger towards Germans near the very end of his life. However, I consider it only the thinking of someone under extreme stress. I have read nothing that indicates he thought that way before then.

  11. It may be that unless people struggle in life they cannot sense the pleasure of achievement so they substitute violence which makes the same part of the brain feel good.

    Alan Turing in the Imitation Game: “People like violence because it makes them feel good.”

  12. “These 900 million people will not go to the United States of America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. For not even the most mutton-headed politician in one of the countries will be stupid enough to offer entry to such an army of have-nots.”

    Sorry but they are stupid enough here in Australia and already do offer entry to them.

    Try Googling ‘Apex Gang Melbourne’ and you will be enlightened with stories such as this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3837515/Man-stabbed-11-times-Apex-gang-Melbourne.html and other headlines such as ‘People are terrified’: Woman reveals African Apex gang’s surprise attacks have left her too scared to be alone in her home and driven Melbourne families to form their own vigilante groups’, ‘Suspected Apex teen accused of raping young girl in street attack’, ‘I’ve never seen Melbourne crime this bad: ex-cop Ron Iddles’, ‘Melbourne crime wave has people considering moving interstate’, ‘Moment brave shopkeeper ‘stops African gang robbery’ in Melbourne’, ‘Melbourne families fortifying homes with barbed wire fences’, ‘Apex gang member sent to youth detention for shotgun carjacking’, ‘Apex gang members escape conviction after Melbourne home invasion’ (bashing an elderly couple in their bed), ‘Violent car thief threatens to shoot officer investigating Apex gang’.

    The political response? ‘The government has sought to downplay the threat of the Apex gang, which has sprung from among Sudanese youth in the Dandenong area.’ while the police threatens to arrest anyone trying to defend themselves and the leftist media including the $1.2 billion a year taxpayer funded national broadcaster cry ‘Apex gang members feel ‘left out’ of community’, ‘Melbourne brawl blown out of proportion’, ‘Jailed ‘Niko’ from Sunshine via Africa, who ‘fell in with the wrong crowd’, and ‘Deporting Apex gang members ‘inherently racist’.

    Meanwhile, this is being repeated in major cities throughout Australia and even in rural cities that have had disproportionate numbers of damaged African goods from Somalia and Sudan foisted upon them. And that’s before you even begin to talk about the non-refugee invasion of favoured immigrant groups from Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

    • True. Our children, grandchildren…. will have to support and police them until the end of time unless they too become eliminated by the sheer weight of their numbers.

    • For a while I have thought that we should start collecting DNA samples from Swedish and German people so that we can one day look at them in zoos as they will no longer exist in the real world. The great variety of human life will become swamped and become one colour, one language, one religion. The only diversity being celebrated by the left is actually not diversity. There are only about 1 billion white people on earth and they are a minority. The left is actually reducing diversity by eliminating a relativley small European population which has an enormous amount of diversity when you consider their small numbers.

      • The DNA of Swedes and Germans is probably already corrupted from previous generations, due to years of prosperity and welfare statism. Your big problem will likely not be recovering genetic quality, which should bounce back after a few hundred years of post-civilization anarchy, but the Islamic culture coming in. Islam specifically destroys any ability or intelligence, actively killing any critical thinker. Islam also encourages consanguineous breeding, which is a scientifically-proven IQ lowering strategy.

    • Canada is stupid too. Our Prime Minister just met with an Islamic leader who had written a book on how to beat your wife. He, the self-proclaimed “feminist”, visits gender-segregating mosques. We have taken at least 25 000 refugees since last fall. It might be more now. I live in the countryside but when we make trips into the city I am struck by how many full niqabs I see now. And yet our leader still has a 65% support rate (supposedly….he was only voted in with 39% so I don’t know how they got that rating….must have only asked people in Toronto or something)

  13. I think Thilo Sarrazin has missed out the most important reason for Germany’s demise. Merkel and her fellow traitors are all Communist sleepers with a hatred of the West. May one suggest the reader contemplate the “Communist Councils of New Zealand” and “Collapsible Communism”- a massive KGB plan to install Communism in the West? The problem is solvable and not quite as dark as Herr Sarrazin believes. There will be a massive social war in Germany and the rest of the EU very soon. Trust my judgement. Islam cannot survive in Europe and even megalomaniac attempts at “population replacement” of 500,000,000 Europeans will fail. Once I was in despair but people are waking up. So have hope. Communism and their plans eventually fail always. Even Islam is on borrowed time.

    • @Bishop Guy Leven-Torres
      As anti-Brussels since Day 1 I fervently hope you are right. The EU may disintegrate but what could fill the vacuum might be worse, if that’s possible, considering the trajectory the EU is following.

      • I don’t see there being any vacuum after the disappearance of the E.U. I never developed healthy roots in Europe and only well-compensated E.U. bureaucrats have any investment in its continued existence.

    • “Merkel and her fellow traitors are all Communist sleepers with a hatred of the West. ”

      THANK YOU!! When I tell people the only thing that makes sense is that Merkel is a sleeper they just pretend I am no longer in the room. And DON’T get me started on Pope Francis.

  14. One interesting sign — the ex-GDR is no longer so unattractive economically, and, at last, an eastward flow has started. Yes, some westerners are now beginning to move into the only sane part of the Merkel Reich. This was reported this summer by a property developer in its market report; haven’t seen much on it in the MSM.

    • The East Germans are also the only ones fighting back so far, attacking the invaders and fighting back when they or their children are attacked. Not that many of them, but it’s way better than in the West. That Prussian blood seems to be still flowing in them and that’s good like that!

      • Does this mean that Western brainwashing has been more successful than Communist brainwashing?

  15. Off topic. Click on link to go to web page where you can cast your vote for book so that it may be published:http://soopllc.com/blog/book-ideas/beyond-terror-anne-marie-waters/
    I am from Denmark and I will buy this book if it is published. Anne Marie Waters is the director of Sharia Watch UK – shown in the blog roll on the left of this site – the organisation set up by lawyers in the UK to track, monitor sharia. She is also active in PEGIDA UK/GB. If you are a regilar reader of this – and other – counter-jihad blogs, you already know this. Please click on the link and then cast your vote on the web page.

    • I’ll let this comment stay here. However, in future, please put off-topic comments on the most recent news feed.

  16. Sadly, the “angry, protective progeny who could [have stood] in the way of the EU empire” were all aborted.

    That’s the reason for Europe’s decline as it’s been for every decadent civilization: white women are seduced through the pursuit of luxury or now PC not to have children.

    Well nature abhors a vacuum so guess what happens – unwanted immigration.

  17. That’s what Hillary might call “a dark vision of the future”. I understand people getting depressed about their future. But other factors can come to play. The most obvious is that unfettered migration will bankrupt even Germany. Especially when you consider that a high percentage of the migrants will never work, never get a job, never contribute to taxation. Add to that the ageing workforce trying to prop up the nanny state benefits for all, and the train wreak economy will leave all residents poor. Then what happens?, some of those migrants with no roots will leave for better pickings, and if they still have democracy, I cant imagine a Christian Democrat government ever again being elected. We may even see Germany lurch to the far right and neo Nazis come back in favour. But a lot of water will flow under the bridge before that. In the meantime, become a hunter and buy that hunting rifle.

    • In my view, it’s optimistic, perhaps overly so, to expect a relationship between the result of a policy and election results. It depends how dumbed-down the population is.

    • Nationals Socialism was not a phenomenon of the right. The word “Socialism” is a major clue regarding the correctness of my assertion.

      • Call it whatever you like. Ultra Nationalism for example, along with a “strong” leader. Chaotic times often throw the door open for these fringe players. That or a military take over “to save the nation” is likely.

  18. It’s definitely true countries can make do with way less people than they have right now. 50 millions Germans would still be plenty, it’s not like the country always had 82 millions citizen. Just before WWII it was around 68,5, after the war 66 and it made do just fine. And if you consider ethnicity, then there are roughly 60 millions Germans at best (16 millions migrants and roughly 7 millions working Europeans) in the first place.
    And even if having less people was a problem (here in Czechia, from what I can tell, we always have two or three generations with not many children and then every 30 years or so there’s suddenly a huge baby boom, because the previous baby boom generations grows up and then of course many people produce equally many children even if they have just one or two), then the state should promote childbirth instead of throwing money out to someone who won’t work anyway (if securing pensions for the elderly is the main reason for keeping the demographics high, as they always tell us).
    And it’s so easy to promote this, too! For example istead of married couples having tax reliefs, couples with at least two children get those reliefs. Set the system so that girls can finish their studies after having a child (right now, again taking what I know from my homeland, it’s pretty difficult for a mother to get back into school for various reasons, change this reason and girls will have – and I know this for a fact – children with 22-25 instead of 30+). Promote part-time work for women (or men) with small children (for example give tax reliefs to companies having such workers), so that they can work while their children are in the kindergarten or school and still have enough time to be there for them in the afternoon. Some people want state mortages back, I’m not a big fan of those, but if it would help then, by all means, give young parents an interest-free (or ridiculously low interest rate) loan to kick-off their household. Another possibility would be adjusting pensions for people who choose to be home with their grandkids instead of working (because right now if you go to pension you get a lower rate no matter the reason you did so). Because then the parents could still work hard without having to worry if they can afford a nanny and knowing their kid is in good hands.
    Seriously the possibilities are literally endless, if only there was good will from the government. And the money is there, ready at hand, just use it properly instead on useless (or dangerous) programs.
    Simultaneously social benefits need to be regulated so that it is always more favourable to be working than slacking off at home (a huge problem Germany, and other countries, is facing among young people).
    Someone might say “but we need to help those incomming masses”. Well first off we DON’T! Not letting a single one in and sending them back regularly will stop the flow at some point. Look how much a single fence in Hungary and Serbia helped. If Italy and Greece did the same, we could turn to the problem already inside. And second I’m pro humanitarian help for countries that need it, but it has to be only temporary and on-site. And, in my opinion, has to be stopped imediately it is faced with ungratefulness and crime (like recently in Haiti), because we cannot endanger our citizen and economical status with someone who’s ungrateful for our help.
    Anyway I’m rambling, it’s just frustrating that the solutions are simple and the only requirement for them is a strong leader, instead of a bunch of spineless freaks scattered around..

    • One huge problem with your scheme is that it blindly encourages the production of children, regardless of the quality of the child. This puts a premium on having large numbers of children and a penalty on a small number of children with labor-intensive rearing of them.

      Also, why is it moral to give foreign aid with other people’s (taxpayers) money, under any circumstances?

      I would advocate allowing people who make money to keep money, and people who are in need to either find support from private sources or go without. Productive people who are allowed to keep their own money as they see fit will likely both have more children and will allocate the wife to raising the kids full-time.

      Of course, the state should allow the alternative for marriage partners to enter into a marriage arrangement with compulsive alimony, giving the woman more economic security to devote herself to raising the children.

  19. I understand his fears, but it won’t work out the way he says.

    Europeans are spoilt–their survival instincts are dormant. But they will be murdered and terrorized out of that dormancy.

    I think like Paul Weston and others. Civil war is inevitable and is in fact in its very early stages. People have no clue of how much things will change, and how much they will change.

    This civil war will end with mass expulsion of non democratically-compliant peoples. That’s the end game. It is going to be horrible, messy and inhumane. But that’s the only end game.

    Part of the reason that it MUST end this way is that it will be clear to the Europeans that if they hand power over, they will go the way of the Turkish Armenians. You may be sure they will know that, and you may be sure they will say ‘no’ to that.

  20. The madness we are living in today won’t end until there is a counterrevolution. I am not referring to warfare. I am referring to thought and belief. The current myths must be busted. Just like how the Copernican view and the Enlightenment destroyed the old Christian order, so the current Copernican order must be discarded. The current big myths must be discredited and shown how wrong they are. Copernicus was wrong. Voltaire, Rousseau, Newton, Darwin, et al, were wrong. The ancients were right in many things and we are running off the rails as a result.

    • Yeah, I was with you until you included Newton and Darwin. Rousseau is indeed wrong and a part of the problem.

    • The current myths are being refuted. They can only call you racist so many times… And anyway, what’s wrong with being a racist? I believe in putting kith and kin first – is that really so bad?

      • There are actually multiple takes on racism.

        One is a belief that races are different from each other. This means that races, blacks, browns, yellows and sub-variants of each, have different patterns and levels of intelligence, criminality, productivity, and physical traits. One of the most stable findings of social sciences, including intelligence-testing, is that black populations have lower intelligence and higher criminal rates, than most other populations.

        A second view is that individuals ought to be judged by their race. By this criteria, a black college professor Republican can be kept out of certain eating places because he is black. There are some people who uniformly hate all Jews and lump them in one basket of undesirables.

        One of the bases of the civil rights acts is that blacks were being held behind and short-changed based on the second type of racism. Qualified blacks were not allowed to attend certain colleges, not allowed to shop in some stores, and not allowed to use public restrooms. The original civil rights acts had specific language that they were not to be used as quotas, although this seems to have been largely ignored.

        So, when you say you’re a racist, does that include discriminating against decent, productive people of a different race? And, I’m not trying to accuse you of anything. The question has to be dealt with, and the ultimate decisions may not be as obvious as it seems.

  21. Fist and foremost when native populations decided not to have babies they signed their own death warrants. If I make a great product and only have 40 million to sell too I will not need many workers as I have a small population to sell too. If I have a huge population to sell too I need more workers. More sales mean more workers and more workers mean more contributions to the state. We are now reliant on people who have no idea of how to live in, never mind run a civilized society. When Sharia overtakes these nations, you should hope and pray that the mohammadans are are kind as North Americans eventually became to the Native population by giving them reservations. Please do not hold your breath waiting. The final answer to the question always comes back to babies.

    • Native Europeans still have babies of course, it’s just one or two instead of three and up and someone somewhere thought it’s bad when the population goes down slightly, even if in the previous centuries the countries made do with far less people and started inviting foreigners in and THAT is the start of the problem, not lower birth rates.

    • Wrong! You can’t compete with sub-Saharan Africans on childbearing rate. It’s neither possible nor desirable.

      You have to maintain strong borders and allow the high childbearing countries to provide, or not provide, for their own populations. Then, it doesn’t matter what the childbearing differentials are.

      There is a pressure for immigration, but it comes from the largest capital owners. They skim profits off the top, regardless of the social costs (education, medical, housing) of low-ability, low IQ invaders. In the US, total jobs is up, GDP is up, average wage is flat or down, employment rate of long-time citizens is down. The profits go to the top class. This is why the establishment favors immigration and why the very wealthy contribute so much to Hillary.

  22. “When and where we lost our way.” I know it’s going back a bit but I believe the German people quickly lost their bearings, again, in 1945, after their second surrender – the population replacement by Third Worlders today is just one of the consequences, made to look like a random event, where not enough in European society are questioning the real reason for the greatest migration flow since WWII. And why they are casually handing their power over to the State which is handing it to Brussels. Although the door for some of us is slowly opening to reveal a larger stage I believe most Germans, Europeans, and those Americans who still militarily occupy the continent, still do not understand when the Grand Manipulation of the Germans, and the rest of us began, with all its historical revisions and outright lies of what really happened after the victors occupied Germany, put its men, women and children into camps and slowly let large numbers of them die from hunger. It was an all-round SNAFU to begin with, a manufactured manipulated world war by Western allies who supported Hitler’s rise and then wanted to destroy the Germany he had economically built up from the edge of ruin. Why? Well maybe the clues still lie all around today. Maybe they didn’t like Hitler’s economic miracle and a powerful Germany was not part of their plan – maybe the real reason for WWII. Maybe that’s why Kaddafi was brutally murdered. Dictator, or whatever, but he did things for his people that angered the crony capitalist corporate West, created a society which Americans and Europeans would in some ways envy. The ordinary individual was being treated too well, and the globalists and those politicians and lackeys who ate from their trough wouldn’t have it, especially Kaddafi’s banking policies. Like Mr. Sarrazin I feel sorry for my children too. They may never understand the “multiculturalism” of DH Lawrence’s Europe. They do understand though how beautifully the Chinese and other Orientals have integrated into Europe, apart yet part of us. There is some resistance out there to the illegality of the Brussels EU itself, and a book will soon be coming exposing this political model for the farce it is. But for those who work there the money is good. €7,956.87 per month for a MEP, that doesn’t include an additional €304 per day for meetings, €4,300.00 for monthly office expenses, and on and on and on. So with this kind of money flowing in it’s a quick skip to indifference for the parliamentarian, after all, the majority of Europeans I know just don’t want to know about it. All the royals in Europe, and the politicians, have other homes in South America, as do politicians and affluent businessmen on some part of the globe. In my country, Third-Worlders arrive and after a month or two are receiving a life-time “social security” payment. Some I notice are too old to get hired anywhere, so as far as I’m concerned, they are already “retired”. But you cannot paint all of them with the same brush, a few, a very few, I have heard try their hand at starting their own business. This is what the Left focuses on. Nevertheless, more are riding the cart than pulling it. The professors and the other “priests” of our society believe all the economic and immigration/population replacement problems will someday melt away, and everything will be just fine. Thinking about that in particular sometimes causes nausea.

    • Using paragraphs

      Study guide
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      This guide explains how to make effective use of paragraphs in your writing. The function and features of a paragraph are explained, together with guidelines for using paragraphs to create a clear and coherent written structure.

      Other useful guides: Using the comma, Sentence structure.

      What is a paragraph?

      Writing of any length requires subdivision into a number of points or stages, and these stages are expressed in a paragraph. Paragraphs, whether denoted by a new line and an indentation or a line break, provide a structure for your writing. The end of a paragraph represents a significant pause in the flow of the writing. This pause is a signpost to the reader, indicating that the writing is about to move on to a different stage. Each paragraph should deal with one idea or aspect of an idea, and it should be clear to the reader what this main idea is.

      How long should a paragraph be?

      There is no absolute rule: very short or long paragraphs can work when used by an experienced writer. However, as a guideline, paragraphs should usually be no less that 2 or 3 sentences long and there should be 2 or 3 paragraphs per page of A4. The length of a paragraph depends on the idea being treated, but if a paragraph is shorter than 2 or 3 sentences, check to see if it is not really part of the previous or next paragraph. If your paragraph is longer than half a page, check to see if the idea would be better explained in two or more paragraphs.


      • Thank goodness for your comment; I don’t like to criticize, since many comments are from non-English speaking countries, and I know the feeling, as I also comment on Scandinavian blogs.
        However, I remain perplexed as to why so many people make a long comment into one giant paragraph.

        • Thank you.

          To be truthful, I haven’t read the comment. It’s too difficult to slog through. I’d like to read it though, so if the author will break it up into coherent topics and paragraphs, I’d be very happy.

          • Too difficult to slog through? It’s nothing compared to James Joyce’s Ulysses.

            Here is a study guide that you may find useful: How to Win Friends and Influence People By Dale Carnegie

      • School teacher? Yes, paragraphs are important, but we don’t need a blog comment marks.

  23. I just have to rage……………..

    We (here in the non-Islamic West) ARE ALL PAYING FOR THIS (redacto-redactioficated redactofication)!!!
    ALL OF IT!!
    These migrant/refugee/whatevers DO NOT WORK!
    They get lots and lots of TAXPAYER MONEY and only ‘contribute’ RAPE, CRIME, SOCIETAL DISRUPTION (did I mention crime and rape?)
    Did I mention all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they get?
    You fools are FUNDING ALL OF THIS!!!!!!

    That’ll fix it, too.


    • Watching Sky News propaganda this evening. Every second word is “children”. “Migrants” are desperate to find jobs and go to work” in the U.K. “Why worry? Don’t be afraid. Get on the train and pay no attention.”

  24. I enjoyed the vignette above describing the depleted gene pool of the men. It reminds me of Margaret Atwood. But I can make a better case that the best of the men survive, and that war culls the weak.

    I’m also amused at all the references to IQ, to which I have no better recourse than the … Hermetic wisdom lol. Forgive me, but since the universe, the very matter around us, is mental, and since the mind is polarised, as evidenced by all seven universal laws, ego, EVIL, is also mental. Evil creates all the rigid lifeless godless political systems. How does it do that? Humility, gratitude and a great deal of self-deprecation are the keys to understanding, and you have to be really smart to know it. Or not. Judgement (with an E), which we do so flippantly here, is the stumbling block. Unless you’re aware of what’s going on. In which case, you’d be a fantastic soldier because you’d never slip into guilt should you survive.

    What do you think you great-grandmother’s IQ was ? Do you think your great grandmother would have understood that it’s her own sort of muddled pre-thought, her joy, her vague longings (and much repressed ardour), her admitted ignorance, her instincts to breed, plant, sweep and clean, that determined the clear thought and action of the men around her?

    Consciousness jumps. IQ, the capacity for clear, rational thought, is a skill, not a gift.

    Tomorrow’s successful societies are those where women are allowed to be women, and it has nothing to do with the IQ of their men, which may be a problem should the women Fall. This MUST be at the root of the Problem with the Germans, and it takes me back to the 26 000 witch burnings … and the Roman church.

    We can also learn from yesterday’s successful societies. I love this quote about Africans from Frederick Lugard, utterly lacking in malice: “the typical African … is a happy, thriftless, excitable person, lacking in self control, discipline and foresight, naturally courageous, and naturally courteous and polite, full of personal vanity, with little sense of veracity …in brief , the virtues and defects of this race-type are those of attractive children.” He hated the sophisticated Arab Africans on the coast.

    I especially love the mirth of this letter from his wife, describing how she rescued a ritual sacrifice victim from the pot and made him her servant. http://www.premiumtimesng.com/arts-entertainment/5838-letter-to-lugard-from-flora-shaw.html

    Their minds are light. Everything is a game. Have fun. Or you’ll lose.

    To which end, I have decided I’m not going to spend the next few months barking at the Germans around me, which was my plan. (I have six dachsunds, and while they are named for the Knights of the Round Table, I believe the tattered soul of the German nation lives on in the beating heart of the dachsund). So I’m not going to rattle off the facts gleaned here like a machine gun. I don’t think I have it in me at this point and I don’t think it will do any good. Instead, I’m going to gather all my Dachsunds about me and walk up and down the street.

    I also have a theory on mixed breeding, which says it’s not a good idea to make a mixed blood baby because that person’s identity is weakened, which creates spiritual crises. It’s good to remember that the world is only a reflection our inner state. Then, killing is just like clearing the land for planting.

    But I’m moralising, aren’t I ? Vomit. It’s time to scrub my bathrooms.

    • So you have six Dachshunds…. I hope when they walk you along the street they ‘dump’ in the gutter and not on the sidewalk, or people’s lawns–as they do here. Dachshunds….

      • They have middens on the farm. They eat once a day early and it’s not an issue for the snowflakes

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