Viktor Orbán: This is Nihilism, Not Liberalism

On October 2 Hungary will hold a referendum to decide whether or not it will accept its quota of “refugees” as assigned by the mandarins of the EU in Brussels. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s staunch resistance to the diktats of the European Commission have prompted near-open warfare on the part of the EU bureaucrats. The referendum has been called “illegal” and “vile”, and yesterday the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg said that Hungary should be suspended from the European Union for treating refugees like “animals”.

On Monday Viktor Orbán gave a speech to open the fall session of Parliament. In his speech to Parliament Mr. Orbán refers to a statement by Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, about his intention of bypassing national governments in the resettlement of migrants. Mr. Schulz made his remarks in March of this year, and the quote may be found behind a paywall in Stern. The March 26 edition of BudaPost has an excerpt:

And as translated by Nash Montana:

Schulz massively criticized the Eastern European EU states, especially Hungary, because they reject the idea of a “fair distribution” of migrants among EU states. But in the interview Schulz also pointed out that even in Hungary there are places where migrants aren’t sent back. As an example he named the city of Szeged. The south Hungarian city is very left-oriented and “all migrants could safely go there”.

Below is a subtitled video of Viktor Orbán’s speech before Parliament. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Mr. Orbán recently made similar remarks at a civil-society gathering in Hungary. The following account was published by the Hungarian public affairs news site PestiSrá (translation by CrossWare):

Viktor Orbán: “Our enemies are not liberals, but nihilists” — Here is the speech from Kötcse!*

“What our enemies represent today has nothing to do with the thoughts and ideas of the great liberal thinkers of the past. This is pure nihilism, and this nihilist point of view stealthily came upon the world and the institutions of the European Union,” said Viktor Orbán at the Civilian Picnic in Kötcse. He emphasized: “The Communists are like the Terminator: they can reassemble themselves from some crumbled pieces [he’s thinking of the T-1000 — translator]. In the closed forum the Prime Minister explained: “In the rearrangement, what is happening now in the world will have very serious consequences for Europe. In this situation we Europeans have not yet even decided what we want to do.” In reference to Brussels politics, the Prime Minister Orbán said our problems are not with the migrants, but with Brussels. “Logically, if they invite those unfortunate people, they will come. Our chance is now to use the referendum to derail the EU’s efforts, and hope our example will echo across Europe and start a wave, so that after next spring a different leadership is installed in the institutions of the Union. Let’s not forget that the nihilistic elite think of Central Europe as an area in need of change, a dilution of population,” emphasized Viktor Orbán.

Viktor Orbán again made it clear in a high-impact, forward-looking speech at the Civilian Picnic in Kötcse. In the closed forum the Prime Minister listed the almost decade-long results of his party. He included that under his direction the government made widespread changes almost all parts of the economy. He emphasized that Hungary is the first country in Europe that protected its citizens from the illegal immigrants at the border.

In the closed forum he explained: We fought our most important battles but we can’t sheathe our swords.” “The big question is what to do with the weapon in peacetime? We must learn to slice bread with it,” said the Prime Minister.

In the rearrangement, what is happening right now in the world will have very serious consequences for Hungary and for Europe. In this situation, have we Europeans not even decided yet what we want to do?” We must answer this: Do we want nations, or do we want a united Europe? Do we want family and children, or can we not even decide who is a man or a woman? Now as the sixtieth anniversary of the Treaty of Rome comes up next spring, we must answer this: Do we have any common values at all?” said Viktor Orbán

“What our enemies represent today has nothing to do with the thoughts and ideas of the great liberal thinkers of the past. This is pure nihilism, and this nihilist point of view stealthily came upon the world and the institutions of the European Union. Well-known representatives are: [European Commission President Jean-Claude] Juncker, [MEP Guy] Verhofstadt and [European Parliament President Martin ] Schulz. The nihilists are a tiny minority in society, but they have already taken over the European elite. What István Csurka said about the SZDSZ (Hungarian Liberal Party) is very precisely the essence of things: they did not want to win an election, they wanted to sit in the jury. Just like the nihilist elite grabbed the power and sat in the role of jury in the European institutions. They are the ones who reject all discussions and hide behind the lie of political correctness. As [former French President Nicolas] Sarkozy phrased it: political correctness, PC, is nothing else but thought police, but to quote him again: we must get rid of the terror of the minorities. We must place the PC logic and arguments in brackets. Strange, but BREXIT is a great opportunity for some self-examination, to see what this elite is, which was rejected by a country of 65 million people,” pointed out the Hungarian prime minister.

In Viktor Orbán’s opinion, the political war which is now taking place via the migrant issue is a huge opportunity for both parties. “For them it is a fast road to destroying the Christian- and nation-based Europe, to change the European Union’s ethnic basis. They know the Muslims will never vote for parties with Christian roots, so with huge number of Muslim masses they can push traditional conservative parties from the power forever. But the war is a huge opportunity for the nations with Christian roots, too. Our great opportunity is to solve the migrant discussions outside of the system of political correctness. Our promising strategy is with the V4, and maybe soon with Austria, to force them to take this decision out of the hands of the elite and place it in the people’s hands with referendums.”, is how Viktor Orbán summed it up.

He highlighted that of course he realistically measures Hungary’s strength and influence in the world and the Union, so it is not his goal to wage this fight alone. That would irresponsible. In the PM’s opinion, we will win this round only if first France, then Italy and finally maybe Germany were to discover the truth of the Central Europeans. “Germany is the hardest case, because in their ‘directed publicity’ it is impossible to have honest discussions about migrant problems. We have only known this in dictatorships, but I guess we have to accept that there are some democracies where practicing free speech can have existential consequences and expressing certain opinions is not recommended,” said Viktor Orbán.

The prime minister emphasized that, as the 70-year-old construction of the EU falls apart in front of our eyes, we retain the right not to bear the consequences of the bad decisions of others. Quoting József Szájer, a member of European Parliament, he said: We have the right not to take on the problems of others. The Hungarian government and the V4 still have the chance to represent the countries not yet fallen.

“I say it in every European forum: if we want to help, we should help where the problem is, and first we must help the Christians. If Europe knows what is good for it and wants a common army, then it must rule the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts, just like the ancient Roman military leaders did. They sank all empty and unauthorized ships. Of course they should rescue all migrants first and take them back to Africa to a migrant camp designed for about two to three million people, somewhere in Libya. When I talk about this in the specific forums, a couple of people may go along, but the European elite do not even understand the suggestion and endlessly discuss how they can provide better and more devoted care to all the poor people pouring in here,” said Viktor Orbán at the picnic.

In Kötcse the prime minister also talked about how the government has long created new problems because it is impossible to fight with the communists anymore, because we do not even know which party they are in now, even if we look at it with a magnifying glass… [The original post-communist party broke down and a dozen new seemingly “democratic” parties were created by them, many directly supported by George Soros, as shown in the email hack — translator]. “Of course we know that they are exactly like the Terminator: from a couple of crumbled pieces they can emerge again,” mused Viktor Orbán. The PM pointed out as a result of the systemic weakness of the last six years as the people had very little time to spend on meaningful political discourse, and it is time to invest in this area. In the future they will have to expend some effort on education to invigorate the intellectual domain.

*   “Kötcse: a little village in the Hungarian countryside close to Lake Balaton. Every year a “Civilian Picnic” is held there, a political/social forum where politicians, sociologists and other significant experts in society present their views and have discussions.

Video transcript (timed to the original video file):

00:03   Kindliness is not an excuse. Because we know, at least we Hungarians know:
00:09   The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
00:13   Naïve politics induces stupor,
00:16   takes away our ability to act,
00:19   And finally it gets us into trouble. Today naivety is the norm in Brussels.
00:25   They think: there were problems in the past,
00:28   and somehow they all went away.
00:31   False hope sits like a fog over Brussels,
00:34   that things will be jolted back to normal
00:37   to their earlier, wealthy and safe status.
00:41   They think — now without the Brits —
00:45   that for a 440-million-strong Europe,
00:48   a couple of millions Muslim migrants do not matter.
00:52   They are wrong! This is wishful thinking,
00:56   a mirage and naïve self-deception.
01:00   The issues will not solve themselves,
01:03   just get worse. Ladies and gentlemen, that is why
01:08   Hungary represents the following point of view:
01:12   the European Union must awaken from its slumber.
01:15   On September 16th in Bratislava will meet the
01:20   The prime ministers of the EU member states. The summit in Bratislava is important because
01:24   the ministers of the Union should come forward, must come forward with suggestions
01:30   on how to change the
01:38   the European Union. Our suggestions stands on solid ground.
01:42   Because the basis of the Union is the member states,
01:46   and not the institutions in Brussels,
01:50   so that strengthening Europe must take place at the level of the member states.
01:58   So the Hungarian suggestions in Bratislava will center on
02:05   returning to the concept of the nations of Europe.
02:10   We also say: we must also strengthen European economy.
02:15   The global competitiveness of the European economy has declined greatly.
02:20   Let’s remember that before the 2008 economic crisis,
02:25   the European portion of global economy was around 30%.
02:30   Now this number has decreased to only 22.5%.
02:38   This happened in less than a decade. We also say: we must regain our ability to compete.
02:42   This viewpoint is shared by the Visegrad Four.
02:53   It is worth mentioning that these days Hungarian and Polish citizens
02:57   are the strongest believers in the European Union.
03:01   In these countries the population has the highest support for the EU.
03:13   Much more pessimistic on this topic are Finland, Denmark or Austria.
03:18   Or even the Germans. We are not British.
03:24   We do not want leave; we would rather fix what have now,
03:32   what is important for us. The time has also come to seriously consider
03:38   the creation of a European army.
03:41   Hungary supports this idea.
03:48   I can tell you all, that in Bratislava too
03:52   I will take action against naïve and dangerous immigration politics.
04:00   And instead I will suggest a realistic defensive strategy
04:03   which is built on valid facts and showing strength.
04:08   Respected Ladies and Gentlemen…
04:11   I believe we cannot waste our time anymore.
04:14   Everyone can see that Europe is being flooded
04:18   by a wave of immigration that has never been seen before in our history.
04:24   The policies followed by Brussels will lead to a civilizational catastrophe.
04:31   The nature of the civilizational catastrophe is such
04:35   that it does not happen from one day to another,
04:38   but rather slowly, in an unstoppable way moves forward,
04:42   as differences in fertility and the newer and newer waves of immigration change
04:50   the composition of European nations and their culture.
04:54   One is willing to take one’s eyes off the civilizational and historical horizon
05:00   because there are enough problems in the present and in everyday life.
05:05   Everyday life is always ready to adapt and accept. This is in its nature.
05:19   At the end it will no longer recognize its own world.
05:23   Honorable parliament, we may lose our European values and culture,
05:30   Just like a frog boiled slowly in a pot.
05:33   Very slowly take in more and more Muslims, and Europe will be unrecognizable.
05:44   If now we fail to change our course we can calculate
05:52   with mathematical precision — we just need to calculate it —
05:57   with mathematical precision we can tell what large European cities
06:01   will look like two or three decades from now.
06:05   Respected President of the House!
06:08   Nobody should have any doubt that immigration pressure will increase.
06:14   We would all like to believe in the opposite of this.
06:18   But this would be a continuation of the same naïve politics that got us into trouble.
06:23   What we see so far from this migration,
06:27   Has just been the warm-up rounds. The real match is still ahead of us.
06:33   In the Middle East region outside of Syria,
06:38   and in the Sub-Saharan zone of Africa,
06:42   a lot and increasing number of young people,
06:46   thanks to the weak economy and the badly-managed countries they live in,
06:53   can’t find employment or enough food.
07:00   Let me remind you that today on the Earth
07:03   around three billion human beings live on less than $2 daily.
07:14   For the immigration pressure to increase we do not need even a war.
07:20   2050 is an attainable distance in time, only 34 years,
07:25   many of us hope to see that world with our own eyes.
07:38   By 2050 the population of Egypt will increase from today’s 90 million to 138 million.
07:48   Nigeria will grow from 186 million to 390 million.
07:52   The population of Uganda from today’s 38 million will increase to 93 million.
08:03   The Ethiopian population will more than double, from 102 million to 228 million.
08:10   And because the states of North Africa are unable or unwilling to
08:14   curtail migration across their territories,
08:20   Europe can expect many more people knocking at its gates in the coming decades.
08:26   Respected Ladies and Gentlemen…
08:30   It’s time for straight talk!
08:33   The situation is the following: not every country can be the member of the European Union,
08:40   and in the world not every person has to become a citizen of Europe, just because they want to.
08:50   The fact is, despite all our troubles and disagreements, Europe continues
08:57   to be a wonderful place, and life is good here.
09:01   The bureaucrats in Brussels create the illusion that for this good life
09:05   to be achievable, someone has only to come here.
09:09   And if we encourage it and let them, these huge masses of people will come here.
09:22   Our strong resolve does not let us forget the fact, respected Parliament,
09:26   that the migrants themselves are victims, too.
09:36   They are the victims of local conflicts and the politics of fake promises.
09:50   That is why emotionally and morally we are not in a simple situation.
09:54   We are afraid of the migrating masses because of our civilizational differences;
10:04   at the same time, from a humanitarian point of view, we feel sorry for them.
10:10   We do not have rocks in place of our hearts, but at the same time
10:14   we must end immigration policies that endanger our way of life.
10:20   We must give an answer to this challenge
10:25   that is morally correct and also logical.
10:32   I am convinced that our answer, the Hungarian answer, is exactly like that.
10:36   Hungarian politics is also morally grounded.
10:47   I can sum it up like this: “We must take the help there, and not to bring the problem here.”
10:53   Common sense demands…
11:00   Common sense demands…
11:04   That we change existing immigration policies.
11:08   The immigration quota is a bad idea.
11:15   We need the fence! We need external borders!
11:20   We need protected areas outside the European Union!
11:27   We must decide who can come in and who does not!
11:32   But who will make those decisions?
11:35   Brussels or the member states?
11:42   Respected President, Respected House, representative colleagues.
11:45   This is how we arrived at the largest political task of the fall,
11:50   At the meaning and purpose of the quota referendum.
12:00   The European Union’s stronger and stronger disintegration
12:15   can be stopped by the elimination of illegal immigration. If we succeed,
12:19   we get rid of a danger, we can restore our ability to act,
12:27   and we can restore the trust of our citizens.
12:31   As a first step with the quota referendum,
12:38   we want to change the decisions already made by the committees in Brussels.
12:50   Because no matter how much they deny this — and I hear voices like this here at home too —
12:57   the truth is, the committees indeed made their decisions.
13:02   They printed them and made them public.
13:05   I will not mention all eight, but only two of them. The first one:
13:09   they want a limitless and automatic migrant distribution mechanism,
13:20   where the EU institutions will make decisions for the reception of migrants
13:24   based on a mathematical formula,
13:30   and nothing, absolutely nothing from the accepting nations,
13:35   not even the members of national parliaments like yourselves.
13:40   The second one, which I find especially dangerous: they want to
13:43   ease up on the regulations on family reunions,
13:46   which were already less than strict.
13:50   But, dear representative colleagues, this is not enough for Brussels!
13:56   In Brussels they are preparing a trick: if they can’t deal with the individual nation states,
14:02   they will can make a deal with the cities, led by leftist (socialist) mayors,
14:05   so they will accept the migrants…
14:08   If they can’t deal with Hungary and Budapest,
14:12   they’ll make an under-the-table deal with Zuglo, Salgotarján or Szeged [Hungarian municipalities]
14:20   This is what was announced by the president of the European Parliament.
14:25   This is where we will see whether there will be any migrant plantations.
14:32   [Leftist opposition:] Lies, outrages. —That is why I advise
14:42   citizens of cities under leftist leadership [Leftist opposition shouting profanities]
14:45   to be alert ,and even more, go to vote on October 2nd [the referendum on migrant quotas].
14:52   I suggest if somebody does not like what I am saying,
14:56   do not complain to me, but go ahead and read the leftist president
15:00   of the European Parliament, the statement by President Schulz, who actually said they will
15:06   make direct agreements with cities under leftist leadership if some nations do not agree with them.
15:10   This is what the leftist president of the European Union said!
15:15   This is not my fault, dear socialist representatives;
15:19   this is not the place to file complaint about this.
15:34   Respected Representative Colleagues! I think it is correct
15:39   to understand the fears of local councils.
15:50   The October 2nd referendum is not only a country-level vote,
15:57   but 3,700 local referendums, too.
16:03   We can see what happens with the migrants in other countries, for example in Germany,
16:10   settling them all over the country.
16:13   That is why I bring Hungary’s attention not only to the danger to the country,
16:17   but to the localities, too.
16:22   This is not an abstract theoretical danger;
16:27   the quota is not an abstract thing,
16:30   but very concrete, endangering everybody from large cities to the smallest village.
16:45   So I ask all the localities to defend themselves, too.
16:48   Ladies and Gentlemen, the point of the referendum
16:52   is to defend Hungary.
16:55   We can be proud: we are the only European country
17:04   where the people can express their will with a referendum.
17:09   They can see the referendum is a national cause. There is no right side or left side,
17:20   there is only the Hungarian people and the Hungarian future.
17:23   There is no party agenda. This is a national cause above all.
17:28   We worked and suffered a lot. Finally, we have a future again.
17:32   I am asking you: Do not risk the future of Hungary!
17:35   Thank you very much for your attention.

29 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: This is Nihilism, Not Liberalism

  1. Some might find it strange that Hungary supports a creation of common army. Of course, he – I believe -, is much more thinking of an alliance of trusted nations (V4 +) sharing responsibility to guard the southern borders and the Mediterranean sea. I believe too the other side also want a united army, but for a different purpose: to aid more Muslim migrants and to break down nation defenses who dare to resist Brussels. It will be interesting watch what is happening…
    I also think he tries to push for more time while he sometimes says very polite things: like the immigration police is naive (most of us think it is pure evil), to avoid military intervention against Hungary and also to wait until hopefully the USA new president Mr Trump, will take away the Globalists’ support in the EU and the nationalists can emerge victorious.

    • The “European Army” is a dangerous idea, as it would devalue and weaken NATO, encouraging the US to abandon it. Maybe this is the agenda?

      • And why is NATO a desirable group for the US to be a member of?

        The original purpose of NATO, to prevent a consolidated USSR attack on non-Communist Europe, is now long gone. NATO now serves as a tripwire to bring the US and European countries into wars to defend questionable allies, such as Turkey. If Russia had reacted to Turkey shooting down a Russian jet under questionable circumstances, the US would be committed to go to war.

        Furthermore, a European army under the EU would welcome NATO help in suppressing countries like Hungary who wish to free themselves of the shackles of the EU. Hungary is taking advantage of the window of opportunity, before the EU openly creates a military enforcement arm. Once it does, membership will no longer remain voluntary.

        Hillary would enthusiastically support US participation in forcible suppression of the V4 exit from the EU; Trump, hopefully not, if you go by his campaign speeches.

    • In America, the leftists have made “Sanctuary Cities” where the rules of law on immigration are not applied. For thisn the cities receive money from Soros related groups. Some in the Midwest are receiving also mass transplants of muslim immigrants through lutheran and catholic “charities” that receive money through government contracts for bringing in 3rd world, like Somalia. They open yogurt factories for them and leftists make money teaching how to speak their language. Yogurt companies make money. Politicians get paid. Debt goes higher for everyone.

      In San Francisco the city is taken over by illegal aliens (LaRaza) who want to “take back” California. (Back to what, no one knows. ) It is the United States but n in these cities, the law does not apply. If you are arrested and illegal you just get released again to do more crime.

      There is no more gay culture in San Francisco. They all got married and moved away. There is NO culture, but homeless people everywhere who have more rights than property owners.

      This is what ORBAN is talking about when he says that the leftists will work diresctly with the cities to bring Soros plans to the cities in Hungary whether the people want them or not.

  2. It is refreshing to see such an intelligent and clear-headed country leader in Europe as Mr Orban after all the aggressively mediocre nonentities (M. Hollande being the best paradigmatic example and Merkel, Obama or that little brave Luxembourgeois Schulz more or less of the same type) who live in a thick ideological fog which prevents them from seeing anything further afield than the tips of their noses.

  3. Orban likes the EU and wants a EU army? Maybe he’s just cow towing to the idea so that maybe Brussels can off his back about migrant quotas.. I don’t know but the EU can’t be fixed, it’s a leftist, large corporation owned organization, no way in hell would they hand it over to nationalist governments without a fight.

    • I think Orban is very smart. Obviously he cannot go drastically against the EU bureaucrats… He only built a fence and immediately called a fascist dictator and EU friendly (Soros?) elements demanded everything from military intervention to kicking Hungary out of the EU. So what is the right play here? Make “reasonable” suggestions, play a bit naive, bring attention “nicely” to “shortcomings” you “discovered”. Let’s not forget the present EU dictators using the culture of political correctness to show themselves as heroes, protectors of democracies against the filthy nationalists… blah blah blah. Orban using this tactics either can bring some change (unlikely as you phrased it the criminal oligarchs rulers will not give up their power easily), or at least it will expose them, force the wolves to take of the sheep’s skin to everyone to see.
      The EU army would be better as NATO. We know what happened with the Serbs when they tried to get rid of the Muslims there. To explain how would help a setup of a new army, let’s go back to Hungary when Fidesz first achieved a 2/3 majority. This gave them the parliamentary authority to rewrite the Hungarian basic law, which was created in the 50’s and it was essentially a communist manifesto. Now the Hungarian basic law states the country’s Christian roots making spreading Islam against the constitution there! There are several other changes but you get the idea.
      NATO operates on old outdated principles which can be abused easily. A new army would have new declaration of purpose and directives to handle its operation. If Orban and V4 succeed then it will be a defensive army against the Muslims. Of course then the other side must step in, – as they are obviously do not want that, they rather have an oppressing army (which they already possess with NATO!!!) but in the process (design phase) they must expose themselves (sheep skin off).

      I would not play poker with Viktor, that is for sure!

  4. It shows you how skewed is the EU when some nonentity from an insignificant blob of land presumes the tell an ancient country like Hungary what they should do and feel justified in abusing the Hungarians when they disagree. What is it about Luxembourg that it breeds arrogant and stupid people?

  5. Yes I think he is pushing for more time. By his statements he supports the existence of the EU. I’m closer to the the anti-EU populist strain of Farage-Le Pen-Wilders. But an exit EU vote in Hungary probably will not win at this time. However that may change if the EU continues to cause problems in Hungary.

    • I think the “EU” is not a bad idea. Not the bureaucrats, but the economical cooperation between nation states (like V4). Obviously what we have now only shares the name but not much else. You are also right, he is pushing for more time because the EU elite mostly supported by the US Globalists which still has a strong hand (Obama, Hillary) in the game. He is waiting for the US election and with the hope of a President Trump, he can move more aggressively against the EU criminals who will be significantly weakened by losing their main sponsor.

      • “I think the “EU” is not a bad idea”
        I did, too- but that was back in the days of the EEC and it was
        inevitable it would lead the United States of Europe & its totalitarian ideas. Thank god for Brexit; who will be next?

        • I am pretty sure if the peaceful discussions not working the V4 will leave the dictatorship we call EU and create its own new economical alliance.

    • This is the latest internet ‘fad’.

      Coudenhouve-Kalergi got it wrong- he had no idea that far from ‘integration of the races’ the threat would be ISLAMIC JIHAD.
      Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech also got it wrong- various ‘races’ have integrated productively in UK society, but ONE ideology has no intention of doing anything other than replacing all others…

  6. I think Organ’s proposal to set up camps in Libya to ship unwanted refugees, has a major flaw. These people are unskilled, impulsive, violent, and not suitable for any useful purpose. Any people settled in a camp with public support would settle down and concentrate on having babies. Like the Palestinians, no country in the world would want them. So, essentially they’d be a tar baby for the sponsoring country, increasing exponentially and totally unfixable.

    It would be better to bite the bullet and close the books on the unwanted invaders immediately. If their country of origin can be determined, they need to be taken there, even if transported to a non-developed part of it. Many have destroyed any identity papers they had, so there would be no way to tell where they were from. In those cases, a warlord in Somalia or another failed country could be bribed to accept the invaders as citizens.

    It’s better to deal with obvious problems as early as possible, rather than set up an intractable problem that will be with us for centuries.

    • Obviously Orban cannot and will not suggest shooting people… That would make all hell loose… For him the primary goal is clear out Europe from the invaders and take them physically out of the continent. His comment for Libya were added because he wanted to emphasize that migrant camps or (war refugee camps) cannot be on European soil. (not in Greece not in Italy or any other place). He also mentioned in his speech that not everybody has to live in EU, essentially stating, yes the world is not a good place for most, but just because we have a little more it does not mean we have to give it up (give it to them). His sentence about: “Bring the help where is needed instead of bringing the problem here”.
      Yes African countries must be helped (finally some use for international organizations like UN) the reproduction rates must be pushed back because it is not sustainable, economies must be fixed. (the cult of Islam must be dealt with because it is blocking social and economical developments) And if UN wants military intervention they should look at eliminating dictatorships and terrorist groups which makes those countries not livable. But this is way over his job to protect the people of Hungary and make everything possible to protect the neighborhood aka Europe.

      • You’re taking a very interventionist point of view, which is not substantially different from the rationale for invading Iraq in 2003. The rationale was “Iraq is preparing aggression against the world, so we need to establish a democracy there.”

        Did you consider that a dictatorship may be the most functional form of government in most (or all) Muslim countries? Whether it is or isn’t, why should outsiders, with very little idea of local circumstances, impose their view by force?

        Also, as far as supporting birth control, the cultures of many of these countries encourages women to have babies. Why is it justified that our government take our money and conduct social experiments in countries they neither know nor understand? And, why would a Western intervention on birth control work better than the Western interventions on government?

        My view is that it is the duty of our government to set up secure borders, and return illegal or undesirable invaders/immigrants. It is not the responsibility of our government to take our tax money and use it for poorly-researched schemes that are more likely than not to do more harm than good.

        It’s a very elitist point of view that we can intervene with other peoples just because we’re white Westerners and must know better. It’s also a suicidal point of view.

        • I agree with you. If you follow Orban’s speech, he expresses exactly that, secure borders, throw them out as a start. What comes after is another story. (I added my point of view of solving problems in the international level will be necessary.) If something is not done in the next half a century about Africa (which could include either education to decrease breeding out of control or even war to decimate the population) they start to fall off the continent by the edges…

        • Let Africa and Africans take responsibility for that continent itself. They’ve been around for tens of thousands of years already.

          Why shouldn’t they be capable of running Africa? They have vast natural resources. Wouldn’t it even be really racist to think that they would need Northern Hemisphere brains to sort out the African problems?

          Just look at Liberia, South Africa, and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe… No Europeans, no problems, right? Or, what?

          Anyway, Europe and Europeans cannot take all the millions of blacks that are invading The Camp of The Saints, with reference to Jean Raspail’s novel by the same name.

  7. Is there any way we can express our solidarity with the Hungarian people going into this key vote? They need to know they have wide spread support in their self determination.

    • Leaving comments in sites like this help. I always try to convey back the huge number of positive feedback about how everyday people feel about what is happening in Europe and what Hungary’s role in it. The is a well known source for some Hungarian anti-jihadist sites and some free thinker news sources. By spreading this articles to everybody you know, you helping the Hungarians because more people knows what really Orban Viktor says how really thinks and what really wants so the Soros rented journalists and PC and SJW activists will not have much chance to get away calling him and my country “fascists”, “racists” or “xenophobe”…

  8. “We must answer this: Do we want nations, or do we want a united Europe? Do we want family and children, or can we not even decide who is a man or a woman?”

    As opposed to the EU infested states, a state like Hungary still has men, and likely women, who are capable of seeing the importance of these questions which are basic to a well functioning society with a capacity to defend its people from invaders.

    This seems to be the clue to why the Eastern European states are still standing.

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