Very White Privilege

A fable for our times by Paul Weston

A group of young anti-racist activists closed down London City Airport earlier today. Led by Tarquin “Che” Cholmondeley-Warner, the intrepid anarchists chained themselves to a sustainably farmed, ethno-friendly timber edifice and valiantly resisted several assaults on their position by the fascist forces of the racist establishment.

When asked what drove his political thinking, Tarquin “Che” Cholmondeley-Warner replied: “Racism! Racism is everywhere! Even in the oppressive molecular structure of the white man’s earthly atmosphere! Only when every last white man is dead will there be freedom and joyous relief for the black man…”

“And the black woman!” screamed Tarquin’s heavy-set second-in-command, Arabella Fink-Throttle, her blue eyes blazing behind her pince-nez. “Never forget about the poor black women who not only lead lives of racial misery in the white world, but have to live as the oppressed gender…”

Arabella was cruelly cut off at this point by another Comrade, Hugo Bassington-Bassington, who screeched: “It’s not just gender Arabella, as I’ve told you a million times! Your CIS prejudice is growing! Trans-genderism Against International Airlines is why I am here today! To hell with your antiquated mono-gendered activism!”

Arabella, moving with surprising speed for one so heavy, grasped Hugo firmly in a head lock, much to the disgust of Montague Bertram-Spiffing, the part time lover of Hugo’s, whose bi/trans/cis sexual urges were wholly dependant on the fluidity of hormones and the positioning of the moon. “Leave him alone, you ghastly fat lezzer” he cried, prior to being decked with a single punch by Clara Zetkin, the no-nonsense Marxist ideologue and editor-in-chief of the “uni” newspaper Oppression Everywhere (a snip at £10 per copy).

Within seconds, the fight had spread. Lightly bearded Beatrice Montmorency-Muggeridge dived into the melee, her blonde highlights glinting in the sun as she used both elbows and knees to great effect and great discomfort for Jerome “Fidel” Haughtytoff, a man not used to such violence as part of his day-to-day life as a humanities student.

The fighting became ever more vicious, as did the verbal insults. “Effing tranny, eff you, you effing bulldyke, have some of that you cis-gendered ****, take your filthy heterosexist hands off me, you reactionary relic”… filled the air, much to the consternation of a recently disembarked group of African delegates in town for talks about off-shore tax vehicles and oil derivatives. “Good Lord, what odd people!” one of them remarked. “One hopes not all white people are like this, surely?”

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is now one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK, and is also the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

43 thoughts on “Very White Privilege

  1. I guess it is okay for Blacks and other non-whites to be racists but not okay for Whites to be racists. This inequality needs to be stopped.

    Blacks, Indians, Middle Easterners and other non-whites are even much more racists but we are expected to keep quiet when their even more extremely racist, exploitive, nasty, lazy, oppressive non-whites are gaining more and more upper hand due to their typically innate inability to be non-racists.

    • The idea of racism is a complete fabrication designed to hide the fact that the Nazis were a socialist-humanist party much akin to communists and communism; all of them mass murderers.

      We, as a society, have been brainwashed into seeing ‘racism’ as the ultimate ‘white’ sin, when in fact it is one of many unpleasant human foibles common to all humanity.

      It is leftists themselves who are obsessed with skin colour, and instead of bringing the best of ‘white’ education to all as a wonderful legacy, they dumb down that ‘education’ to the point where it is insipid, then spoon feed it to all and sundry in the name of progressiveness. Their own loathing, paternalism and narcissism can thus be projected at their enemies amidst gushing jets of venal self-righteousness.

  2. Well, Anonymous, we are all equal, of course. But… some are more equal than others obviously.

  3. Brian: Surely we should be United against the common enemy!
    All [alarmed]: The Judean People’s Front!!!
    Brian: No, no – the Romans!

  4. And here I was thinking that P.G. Wodehouse had been deceased these many years! Jolly spiffing, eh what?

    • So we have the latest edition of the Wodehouse Blues. I do a pretty good Jeeves but I would wish to serve Woosters such as are portrayed in this story.

  5. Off topic. I have been thinking and I want to let everyone know about something I never see addressed: I’ll call it the silver bullet of civilisational jihad. Getting straight to the point, once Muslims are in your society no one with an ounce of business sense is prepared to offend them and their money. I see this all the time in South Africa.

    Our Muslims, both the Malay (mullato) slave descendants introduced by the Dutch East India Company in the Cape, and the Indian Muslims brought into Natal by the English, are very much part of the fabric of SA society. For 100 years they have been caught up in the racism/apartheid narrative, and left to their own devices they attained social status second only to whites. They make up only 2-3% of South Africans but they are very visible because they partake of our society on a first-world level, and many are in the professional classes. They have money. And no one is going to offend a class of society with money.

    Money is the downfall of the West and it’s the same in the UK. The stereotype of Muslims being freeloaders is deceiving. The latest wave of uneducated people are certainly more apt to be so since it’s being handed to them on a plate, but many Muslim immigrants up to now are upwardly mobile. They integrate and that makes them the most dangerous of all. My bank manager is Muslim, my dental hygienist is Muslim, my father’s Muslim cardiologist saved his life. Muslims run big businesses across the economy, besides their politicised presence in academia and think-tanks. Okay, the Indians next door who confound us with their pleasant offerings of sweets at Diwali are Hindu, but most people don’t know the difference between the festival of lights and eid and now they don’t want to discriminate against ANY brown-skinned immigrants. Also, there are plenty of new rich Pakistanis are in “formerly white” suburbs because they’re fleeing with their money. I suppose they couldn’t get into the States or the UK so they came here. Corporate is full of Muslims because they satisfy BEE requirements.

    These lovely integrated Muslims are the most dangerous ones of all because they are one of “us”, eg. people who still have a bit of money. They shop at Woolworths (same as M&S), and that’s brand cache that’s as deep an identity as you get in these parts. I’m sure America has a lot of them too. They blur the lines between us and them. They’re deadly because we love our businesses a little too much.

    • Many Moslems (for example in some parts of South East Asia) do in fact have it easy since they are a majority and thus conveniently was able to extort endless special rights/special privileges for their backward Islamic communities to gain more wealth or power or clout for their community. It seems to be getting worse even as their Islamic communities grow richer. They become even more extreme, more haughty, more demanding, more hostile and more intolerant. Some of them may have a bit of money and of course they are dangerous (nasty and difficult to get along) because they are known to force or demand people who wish to do business with them or earn a few pittance from them to submit to their endless Islamic nonsense.

      I think if more and more people stop pandering to them or stop doing business with them or boycott them(like they are fond of boycotting almost everyone that disagree with them), perhaps they would get the message that their unfair, backward, nasty Islamic culture is totally incompatible to our free world.

    • HI Sally, if I were you I’d be grateful to your Fathers Muslim cardiologist seeing as he saved his life.

      I live in S.A and work in the Middle East on a rotational contract basis. Just my opinion, but your Cape Malay Muslims are a little different than the ones out here. I’m originally from the UK and you can believe me when I say S.A’s Muslim issue is nowhere close to the UK or Europe’s.

      Additionally I wouldn’t worry too much about them becoming too powerful in S.A. A certain young fellow who goes by the name of Julius will have a say in the direction the rainbow nation heads and if he gets his way, he’ll go full Idi Amin so there’ll be no Asians, or Whites left in S.A.

      • Hi del,

        Should we be grateful to the racist Islamic community for causing so much damage to our life? Actually, in their quest and greed to become doctors, or other so-called high ranking professions, they have denied rights, inflicted/caused so much misery to (I am sure) many more disadvantaged people. Those Islamics people can’t make our life better, Even with the Western technology that they acquired, they can’t run a decent hospital. Their own Islamic people may prefer to see their own Islamic doctors. But other educated people would not want to have anything to do with such a racist,nasty, abusive, violent and inferior people(with such vile ideology) who mostly can’t do their job to the highest standard.

        Anyway, if the Julius that you mentioned goes full Idi Amin, the UK should e wise enough to avoid accepting them or rather avoid repeating the same mistake. The last time that Idi Amin expelled many Asians, and UK foolishly accepted and provided(e.g those Islamic vermins) homes for those expelled Asians only in return to have endless abuses from those ungrateful Asians.

    • Hi Sally,

      You made some very good analysis.
      However I also need to point out that those Islamics are shamelessly over breeding to the point that that they are taking over the jobs(and money and at the same time imposing their ugly Islamization) and rudely invading almost every aspects of our lives. For example in many parts of South East Asia, one have to go through them or pay them if one needs to buy a car, or travel by train, plane or bus.

      Money is indeed the root of all evil coming from those greedy Islamic people. They are like locusts. And they are known to be extremely horrible employers. They are greedy, manipulative, exploitive, lazy, etc.
      They accumulated lots of money(from working for or leeching off infidels), and those Islamics tend to be extremely stingy and mean and then they would try to control us or wage war against us or any of their enemies around the world with the money that they meanly accumulated from all the ignorant, generous infidels.

    • How’s about the Indian caste system or the Muslim butchers and infidels? Just to name the odd couple.

      • Agree, I always am curious as to what exactly will replace the old order and how exactly it will be better. The only thing keeping blacks in America alive is white tolerance. All the other races are totally intolerant. Under islam, blacks will be killed for having children out of wedlock, drug dealers the same fate, and thieves face mutilation. How exactly is this better compared to the “oppressive white rule”? Black people in America better start making friends very fast, or it is the end for them.

    • Yes ‘racism’ is rampant in Europe, and the Americas and in Asia and in Australasia, and mostly it is targeted at Jews and Israelis by Muslims. The official statistics tell a story.

      ‘Racism’ is an invention of the hard left, you know, those guys who kill hundreds of millions of people in gulags and Todeslagers, in order to project their own guilt at their critics.

      Yes I am a racist; I like my culture, but you, dear commenter, are a supporter of mass murder, you use the rhetoric of the hard left, and are therefore implicated in their multiple murderous actions, which is worse?

  6. Yes! Black racial preferment is precisely how the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice has become ‘owned’ by people who represent blacks who believe that 1) only white people can be racist, 2) all white people are inherently racist (consciously or subconsciously), 3) every success of white people is due to white privilege based on exploitation of black people, 4) every failure of black people is due to white bias against black people, 5) white people must share their racist ill-gotten gains with black people, 6) black people cannot be racist against white people because white people deserve to be punished for their endemic racism, 7) black people should rule over white people, and 8) the world will be better off without white people.

      • Probably ran out of white farmers to kill or run off by now. Even the idiots that are left are starting to see through the lies. That’s saying that things have gotten really bad.

  7. The names of the anti-racist anarchists were released today in the Daily Mail. Lots of double barreled and I was close with one of them, even if it was a grandfather called Edward Montmorency “Monty” Guilford.

    Adam Elliott-Cooper (Oxford student)
    Natalie Fiennes, Westminster School. L.S.E. (Grandaughter of Edward Montmorency Guilford)
    Richard Collett-White, actor, Oxford University.
    Sam Lund-Harket
    Deborah Francis-Grayson

    As soon as I heard about the incident, I knew exactly what sort of spoiled, rich, white left/liberals these people would turn out to be.

    • Convict, jail and seek restitution from their ondoubtly rich families for the inconvenience, both financially and time wise to the airlines, airport and most importantly the fare paying passengers.

      Also tattoo ” I am a lunatic, brainless, left wing luvvie” on each of their Neanderthal foreheads please.

        • They would be very anti Mugabe in Zimbabwe as being so thick they probably think he is a Yorkshireman.
          His name spelled backwards is E Ba Gum don’t you know!

  8. As a white person and Christian I see skin color as God’s provision against the Sun’s ultraviolet rays in the tropical latitudes. As a construction foreman and later a superintendent all that mattered to me was your character and your competency. I discovered to my chagrin that the same was not true for other races. The Latino and Negro populations of Los Angeles do not get along well at all. To become friends with one is to become the enemy of the other. I have experienced this conundrum at their hands in incidents that resulted in loss of employment and almost loss of life. I have never seen racism to this extent among Caucasian people who are usually more rational. The only place where I have not observed this phenomenon is where I fellowship, but even then it is somewhat apparent that what exists outside the wall of the building is still brought in as shown by the lack of friendly regard. I am concerned that if this becomes any worse we Caucasians will be blamed and then attacked by them acting in concert. After we are disposed of they will proceed to dispose of each other. The prospect is a bit frightening especially as it is looming on the horizon and no one seems to care enough to address it. This leaves me to wonder as to whether this is all planned, or at the least, encouraged.

      • We have these people here in Canada and USA as well. Usually failures, they often have a degree in something really useless, one I remember was ‘East Indian Philosophy’.

        They are professional muck-rakers, [excrement] disturbers, such as ‘black lives matter’.

      • The people who allowed the situation to fester and refused to allow comment or action. They are nameless for their own protection and continued ability to carry out their agenda. I have been monitoring this for the past 20 years in the wake of the o.j.simpson trial and Rodney king.

    • So you wouldn’t admit that skin colour has adapted, via natural selection, to help people to survive in their environment?

      • Exactly, though I prefer to believe that the levels of skin pigment were divinely engineered. I watched a program on PBS that showed the gene that produces melanin resembles a volume know more than an on/off switch. We know that Scottish people are very sensitive to sunlight (I had a high school girlfriend who could not be out in the sun without long sleeves and sunglasses) and that the Negro people who live in the Chicago/Detroit area suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies that have traditionally resulted in Sickle Cell Anemia. The inference, which was borne out by the PBS program, is that melanin acts as a filter that keeps the harmful UV out while allowing the beneficial Vitamin D producing radiation in. A white person would fry from Melanoma or else wear long sleeves and a hat as my brother who spent 20 years in Thailand had to because his skin is rather fair and prone to blistering and burning. I got all the melanin and have been mistaken for a mulatto or latino, except for when I use the restroom, but I have still burned when I overdid it.
        Prejudice has no place in a civilized culture, especially when it is predicated upon external appearances. Behavior? That is another matter. Religion? same category as behavior.

    • From what I understand what you have said is totally correct. Do some internet searches on Black on Hispanic crime and vice versa in the Southern California area. Basically what you have was an act of ethnic cleansing of the indigenous black community in historically black communities such as Watts and Compton (“Straight out of Compton” is where they went). Funny how this is something you never read about on the national news, as it all happened during Barrack Obama’s watch. Guess the liberal press didn’t like the narrative that the rainbow coalition was nothing but fiction. Black people having been getting lies and distortions from the Democratic party for years, yet they still vote for the liars. There is a reason every large city in the US is a total mess, and it is not conservative politics.

      • The Blacks were pushed out of Compton and into Rialto and San Bernardino. They tried to go to Fontana but ran into the Mexicans who explained a few things to them. There are now no-go areas in Rialto, San Bernardino, Colton and Western Redlands. Some of the Blacks who have been crowded out of both Rialto and Compton are starting to push back. It won’t be pretty when it hits the fan. Sniff, and I grew up here, sniff!

  9. Paul Weston,

    So it wasn’t a satire after all. I have an American niece. Father a Microsoft Vice President $30,000 private schools from age 6 through high school and then to an expensive college. She’s in BLM.
    She even went to the democrat convention to protest the fact that democrat Clinton was the candidate instead of socialist Bernie Sanders.

    He mother said “how could this happen? I replied. You sent her to school and college and subscribe to
    The Guardian, The Nation, The New
    York Times, The New Republic and your Anglican Church has a lesbian pastor who preaches about blacks instead of the bible.”

    What did you expect?

    • I’m watching the same with my brother raising his kids. Too young for college by a few years and in public school, but the crap they hear from their parents will surely rot their brains. The mom blurts things out, like “when will white people stop oppressing black neighborhoods”, typically as a non sequitur apropos of nothing. The dad openly expresses that Muslims aren’t a problem but evangelicals are dangerous. Last summer my ten year old nephew told me I was stupid for not supporting Hillary.

      The family plans on a vacation in Germany next summer. They are so blinkered by their multi culti viewpoint and isolated in their low information bubble of NPR and Anderson Cooper that they don’t realize they, especially their children, will not be safe in Germany.

      Truly, what do they expect?

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