Two Years in Prison for a Culture-Enriching Child Rapist in Germany

In the backward part of the world where I live, a man who sexually molests a four-year-old child can expect to spend many years behind bars, and possibly the rest of his life. We’re inbred cross-eyed tobacco-chewing trailer-park hicks around here, and that’s the sort of primitive justice we hand down.

But that’s not the way they do things in an enlightened place like Germany. The Germans are a civilized bunch, and don’t consider sex with a child to be rape unless it is accompanied by violence or the threat of violence — in other words, the rules are the same as for sex with an adult.

There are other jaw-dropping aspects to this case, including the blithe assertion that the child suffered no permanent harm from what happened. But words fail me at this point.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for managing to hold down her gorge while translating this article from the German tabloid Bild:

Pedophile sentenced to only two years and four months

It was an especially heinous crime that took place at the end of March in an asylum home in Boostedt (Schleswig-Holstein). There, Jama B. (22) made a four-year-old boy follow him to the bathroom. Once inside, doors locked, he [anatomical details of child sexual molestation redacted].

Shortly thereafter the man was caught, still with his pants down, by the boy’s father. The alarmed security service immediately called police, and they arrested the Afghan. A second man, Sohrab S. (29), who guarded the door during the incident, was arrested as well.

During the ensuing court trial, Jama B. bragged that he was a famous man in Afghanistan. “I am a superstar, a singer.” That his personality was not that of a man who is be capable of what he was accused of. Furthermore, he said that he had a lot of alcohol before the incident, but that he was in control of himself. He did not show any remorse in court.

Thursday the county court delivered judgment: two years and four months incarceration for severe sexual abuse for Jama B., and his accused accomplice was free to go.

This verdict has made people speechless. And it prompts a lot of questions. BILD is asking those responsible:

A man [anatomical details redacted] of a child. Why is this “only” severe sexual abuse — and not rape?

Chief prosecutor Alex Bieler tells BILD: “A rape is thus only punished when it has been committed under the threat of violence, or when violence was used. This is not what we are seeing in this case. It is often enough with children when one gives them clear instructions — such as ‘[anatomical details redacted]’. Therefore the offender was persecuted for “only” severe sexual abuse of a child. But on a grander scale it doesn’t really matter, since with a rape the minimum sentence is two years, and the maximum is fifteen years.”

Why such a lenient punishment?

Karin Witt, spokesperson for the county court Kiel: “The court couldn’t discover any other severe factors such as prior convictions. Mitigating circumstances were presumed, due to the defendant’s alcohol consumption and his severe detention sensitivity: He is young, he doesn’t speak German, and he has already been attacked once while in custody. The victim has gotten over the incident well, there are no serious consequences to be expected.”

Why was the accomplice acquitted?

Sohrab B. was acquitted due to lack of evidence. It was not possible to prove that he aided and abetted the severe sexual abuse, says presiding judge Stefan Becker. The chamber therefore gave, due to a of lack of evidence, “the benefit of the doubt to the accused”.

How is the boy today?

Attorney Peter Boysen who represented the family of the child: “It was a single incident that didn’t last very long either, and one hopes it will not harm the child in the long run. Therefore there was no reason for us to complain about the verdict, even if we could maybe have gotten him another six months. I have therefore advised the parents not to file an appeal against the verdict. The boy is doing well today, but he is still in therapeutic treatment of a children and youth psychiatric clinic. The family is happy to not be living in the asylum home anymore. They now live in their own apartment in Northern Germany.”

Will the offender be deported now?

The verdict is not yet final, the chief prosecutor and defense are currently looking at a revision. Only then can the offender’s refugee status be revoked and deportation occur.

21 thoughts on “Two Years in Prison for a Culture-Enriching Child Rapist in Germany

  1. Can we at least inform the readers that he got the child to perform o. s. on him? Those unable to read German otherwise won’t know just how outrageous the man’s actions were.

    • Yes, your note here should suffice. Or: “forced fellatio”, for those unable to decode the initials.

    • Also, the full text is at Vlad’s. But this version has been edited to standardize the English. So it’s a trade-off.

  2. There are many aspects of this that are troubling; one must suppose that the German authorities must be viewing this as just what one (rape)fugee does to another, and therefore of little import or concern. However, I suspect that if the abused had been a native German, the outcome would have been little different.

    I am also amazed that the father caught the molester in the act, and yet the molester was apparently unharmed; enough so that he was able to otherwise attend a trial. If it had been my son in the same situation, the molester would be enjoying his 72 virgins instead of being the star of a miscarriage of justice.

    • Not sure I agree with the first part of your comment. Currently, the Western European legal system is deferring to rapefugees and declining to punish them regardless of what heinous acts they commit.

      As to the second part, I heartily endorse your program, and no US jury would convict you.

    • This proves there is a total breakdown of law and order in the EU so as not to be accused of racial profiling or “allowing invaders” to do as they see fit incl rapes in Sweden and elsewhere, child molestation of citizens and other Muslim kids, while Euro folks and all women everywhere, are considered now second class subjects. Europe has no real future except evolving into an Islamic state which many will “go along and convert to get along”.

  3. In Mexico, when the village catches a child molester they make him suck on a running car exhaust until dead. Viva Mexico!

  4. In Texas, these two predators would never have seen the inside of a courtroom, let alone a prison cell.

    • I remember when some states allowed the death penalty for rape. I’m not sure if any still do.

  5. I don’t get it? Why did the guy that didn’t get his turn not get “it”, or at least not get his asylum application ripped up and [micrurated] on.

  6. I use to think the Europeans were a socially advanced lot, progressive you could even say. But clearly not when it comes to laws regarding rape (Sweden is another example) or child abuse. I suspect their child porn laws are weak as well. No wonder the “southern” enrichers flock there.

  7. Maybe it’s time to take the law in our own hands if gouverments fail to keep law and order because of their (hidden) agenda ?

    • What level of incompetence does a German Judge have to reach before
      He/she is removed from the bench?

      Disgraceful judgement and my heart goes out to the little boy (who undoubtedly will suffer psychological long term damage) and his family.

      Hopefully natural justice will catch up with the animal that molested him
      In prison in the not to distant future.

  8. Europe is fast becoming a failed continent and I fear we soon will need to build a big, beautiful sea wall as well.

  9. A german reader here: This disgusting case clearly shows that in Germany children are despised (unless they are non white children) women who dare to have babies are frowned upon, my mother told me that when she was young drs congratulated women whey they tell them they were pregnant, now they ask “will you have a abortion?” German children are mentally trained to hate themselves.. this poor boy will be probably told that it was all his fault for being so white and “nazi” and privileged.

    • Actually, the child victim in this case was also a “refugee”. Read the story more closely.

    • I’m from Netherlands and it’s the same here, abortion and anticonceptive pills are the favourite words of doctors.

  10. If my wife’s doctor asked her if she wanted an abortion instead of congratulating her, then its time to find another doctor…

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