The Imperative to Validate Obama’s Axiom

It’s been well-established for nearly ten years that as far as the United States government is concerned, there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. Islam and terrorism just don’t go together. That is an unquestioned and indisputable premise — a postulate, if you will — underlying everything the government does and says concerning violence and threats of violence by bad people who just happen to self-identify as Muslims.

We might call it Obama’s Axiom: An act of hatred or violence cannot be Islamic.

Corollary: Anyone who commits a violent act cannot be a Muslim.

There are no exceptions; that’s why it’s an axiom. If a violent act occurs, we know it cannot involve Islam. If someone who kills innocent people says he is a Muslim, he must be a liar, or a lunatic. No other options are possible.

The subtext of every investigation of every act of terrorist violence is that it must not produce conclusions that might tend to contradict Obama’s Axiom. Evidence that seems to do so must be suppressed or reconfigured to fit the Narrative, which depends on the Axiom.

An essential part of the reconfiguration is to assert that people who use Islamic terminology when they commit violent acts have been radicalized, a mysterious process that transforms them into something that is no longer Islamic.

If a radicalized not-Muslim acts alone, he is known as a lone wolf, and nothing further needs to be ascertained about his ideology. If he survives the execution of his violent act, he is simply treated as a criminal offender. If he uses his trial as an opportunity to expound on Islamic law and the Islamic basis for his acts, the prosecution, the government, and the media will explain to the American public that the defendant is mistaken in his assertions and possibly deranged. They will insist that he has twisted and distorted the tenets of a peaceful religion to justify his evil deeds.

Jurists, government officials, and media outlets say these things because to do so is mandatory. There is no higher goal for justice, governance, and propaganda than upholding the Axiom. The importance of its absolute truth underlies all official action.

If a radicalized not-Muslim acts in concert with others, he must be identified as a member of a designated not-Muslim terrorist group such as Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. These groups have been officially certified as non-Islamic, so they may be safely referred to without any risk of contradicting the Axiom.

This means that everyone is a “lone wolf” unless he carries one of these in his pocket:

I bring all this up because of the recent contortions made by the Narrative as it attempts to cope with Ahmad Khan Rahami, the accused bomber of targets in New Jersey and New York.

Very early in the investigation his acts were said to have “no connection with terrorism”, which is the standard mantra after such events. It must be the first thing officially uttered by a public spokescreature, even before the pools of blood have been hosed off the sidewalk.

After Mr. Rahami — an Afghan — was identified as the suspect, and especially after it emerged that he had traveled to Pakistan, denying a link with terrorism became more difficult, and was eventually abandoned. At that point he was shifted into the “lone wolf” category, which is the second line of defense for the Axiom.

However, evidence rapidly emerged that the perp seemed to have had assistance and accomplices, so it became time to backpedal on the “lone wolf” meme. Now the media are trying to find an Axiomatically acceptable card in his pocket so that it can be established which non-Islamic terror group he belongs to. As of this writing the word is that it might have been the Islamic State, but that’s not definite.

This article from CNN is fairly representative of media efforts to keep the Axiom on track. Below are some annotated excerpts:

(CNN) The capture of bombings suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami alive gives investigators a rare opportunity to try to establish his motivations and affiliations — if they can get him to talk.

Law enforcement officials launched a manhunt for Rahami after identifying him through a fingerprint, and he was taken into custody Monday after a shootout with police in Linden, New Jersey.

But questions remain about the events leading up to Saturday’s bombings in New York and Seaside Park, New Jersey, and the discovery of pipe bombs found Sunday night in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Did Rahami act alone?

Authorities believe the “main guy” has been caught, but the investigation continues to determine if Rahami had help.

Though FBI Assistant Director William F. Sweeney Jr. said there is “no indication” of an active operating cell in the New York area, evidence suggests Rahami was not acting alone, sources told CNN.

Surveillance video shows a man believed to be Rahami with a duffel bag in the area where an unexploded pressure cooker was found in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

After he leaves, the video shows two other men removing a white garbage bag believed to contain the pressure cooker from the duffel bag and leaving it on the sidewalk, according to a senior law enforcement official and another source familiar with the video.

Right after the above section of the article there is a link to a different article, which I haven’t had time to read yet, that refers to Ahmad Khan Rahami as “an ordinary American terrorist”. That’s an intriguing characterization. Are there now so many American terrorists that we can establish the characteristics that identify one of them as “ordinary”? Is this an attempt to draw an equivalence between Mr. Rahami and Timothy McVeigh, say, or maybe the Unabomber?

Lenny DePaul, a US Marshals Service former commander, told CNN that investigators would be asking Rahami whether he had any help.

“The real question is: Is there anyone else out there? Was this him solely on his own? Is this a lone wolf or a known wolf that’s slipped through the cracks?”

Investigators will likely look to leverage his personal relationships to get information, DePaul said.

“Is there an ability to say: If you don’t work with us, everyone around you who may have been complicit may be hit with a conspiracy charge (that may happen anyway) so there’s leverage now that he’s here,” DePaul said.

If Rahami is not a lone wolf, where’s the rest of the pack?

Ah, yes, that’s the big question. We’ve got to find out what pack he was in, so we can slip that card into his pocket. It can’t be the Islamic pack — there must a card somewhere for a different, non-Islamic one.

Is Rahami affiliated with a terror group?

A notebook found in Rahami’s possession when he was taken into custody contained ramblings, including references to previous terrorists, such as the Boston Marathon bombers, and Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was a spokesman for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula before a CIA drone strike killed him in 2011.


ISIS first appeared in Afghanistan in 2015 — after Rahami’s last visit — but has been calling for lone wolf attacks in the West.

The Afghan Taliban denies any involvement in the bombings and any ties with Rahami, said the group’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid.

And the reference in the notebook to AQAP’s former spokesman Awlaki — a source of inspiration for several terror attacks — appears to bolster an emerging view among investigators that this weekend’s attacks weren’t ISIS-inspired, at least not in whole.

Former New York state homeland security adviser Michael Balboni told CNN it appeared Rahami “didn’t have a plan B or a plan C.”

“This has the flavor of someone who was self-radicalized and perhaps who was inspired but not instructed,” he said.

So does this mean we’re going to return to the “lone wolf” scenario after all? Stay tuned.

But CNN is keeping its options open:

Evan Perez, CNN’s justice correspondent, said authorities would be looking at whom Rahami was meeting and associating with when he was abroad and whether they could have taught him to make a bomb.

One thing is for certain, however: when all these loose ends are finally tied up, they will definitively show that the actions of Ahmad Khan Rahami were not Islamic in nature.

The Axiom brooks no contradiction.

22 thoughts on “The Imperative to Validate Obama’s Axiom

  1. Obama’s axiom comes into play following every act of Islamic terrorism. This could also be called a denial of hostile intensions in Islam. The government, media, and most of the public have been duped by that constant denial. From Bush II on, we are repeatedly told that “Islam is a religion of peace,” although that motif cannot be found anywhere in the Islamic sacred texts. Here are the actual themes from the Quran and the Islamic sources: Quran: all will become Muslims either willingly or by compulsion (Surah 3:85). Sayyid Qutb: bridges between Islam and other religions are built only so that people of other religions may become Muslim. (Milestones, page 140) Muslim Brotherhood (including CAIR): Our work is a grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within. (Explanatory Memorandum, page 7); Sharia Law: The remnant cults of Christianity and Judaism are no longer acceptable. (Reliance of the Traveler, para w4,0(2))

    The drip, drip, drip, of Islamic terrorism along with the constant denial of hostile intensions are destroying our resolve and our cohesion. The MB agenda is working.

  2. Obama is always ready to say that any act of violence cannot be Islamic and cannot be done by a Muslim, yet he has never said the same about Christians. Actually he is not reticent to say the opposite about Christianity and Christians. He has said derisively that Christians, who make up the vast majority of Americans, should get off their high horse and to remember that people – he can only be referring to Christians – committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ during the Crusades, and during slavery and Jim Crow in America. Has he ever said derisively that Muslims have committed terrible deeds in the name of Mohammed? I don’t believe so. Obama doesn’t hold the Mohammedans to the same standard he holds Christians. Disregarding reality, while revealing his unapologetic affinity, he places Mohammedans on a pedestal.

    • Yes he does and always has, moreover he said at the start of his reign that he would “stand with the moslems” who have for over 1400 years been the enemy.
      Obama, the President of the United States, says straight out he stands with the enemy! Any other President would be summarily impeached, but the first black President, the ‘man from nowhere’ whose records remain sealed, is allowed to get away with anything and everything. (witness; the latest raid by U.S. planes against Assad, instead of the isis forces they were supposed to hit)

      Moreover, the imbeciles who installed him as President may well continue the trend and vote in the Clinton catastrophe, and anyone who disagrees should remember they voted in Obama–and re-elected him!

  3. Brilliant boss .. a head shaker for the likes of , E A Poe or Sherlock Holmes ..
    me .. I’m dumb as a stone so I gotta’ keep watchin’ CNN ..

  4. I do not believe that Islam is a religion of “peace”. I have heard a tv preacher who has memorized the Koran, show numerous examples of calls to kill anyone not a Muslim. I also note that when relatives in the same house say they knew nothing of bomb making when there are examples of veritable factories to make them is absurd. The families are also quick to exploit the rights of american citizens when called into question, and nobody seems to want to turn in someone who is muslim if they are also muslim, even a non-practicing one…

  5. Here’s an axiom for those with an open mind : Islam is a violent, mysogynistic, barbaric and evil supremacist ideology because, as history shows, its founder Mohammed implemented Islam that way.

  6. Obama told us – on one of the very few occasions when his moving lips spoke the truth – that he would always side with islam. There certainly shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that he knows islam commands terroristic acts from every muslim. ISIS is the perfect expression of islam, as the qur’an and hadith direct, demand, that muslims should act. While it is possible his training in the madrasa he attended in Indonesia did not explicitly cover all of the things ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria, it is obvious from his denigration of Christians, and his refusal to be the least bit concerned about the many thousands of Christians killed and enslaved by ISIS, that he supports a universal caliphate and has no problem whatsoever with the killing of Christians.

    We need to remember that mohammed created islam for two reasons – first, to draw men to his army in order to subjugate the people he wished to rule, and second, to justify his own personal perversions. To do that he created a “religion”, and ideology, that permits obscene sexual perverions: child rape, both female and male, “war bride” sex slaves, male-on-male sexuality, and sex with animals. All things which attracted the thousands of desert scum who joined him in order to partake of those perversions with the “blessings” of the moon-god, “allah”.

    Just in case some readers are unaware of it, the Ayatollah Khomeini wrote a two-volume book explaining acceptable codes of behavior by muslims, titled _Tahrirolvasyleh_. In it he wrote, “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate vaginally, but sodomising the child is acceptable. If a man does penetrate and damage the child then, he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl will not count as one of his four permanent wives and the man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister…” [“Tahrirolvasyleh”, fourth edition, Qom, Iran, 1990]

    He also wrote, “If a man sodomises the son, brother, or father of his wife after their marriage, the marriage remains valid.”

    And, “A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm.He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, but selling the meat to a neighbouring village is reasonable.”

    A small look at how – and why – muslims were drawn to islam in the first place, and why it is so popular with so many sick individuals across the world today.

    This is the ideology masquerading as a religion that Obama – a pervert himself – loves so dearly.

  7. This has gone far enough. It is time for western governments to reintroduce the death penalty for islamic terrorism.

  8. ”spokescreature”. Brilliant Baron, I almost pi$$ed myself laughing with that one.
    btw/ great article!

  9. What you said, STJOHNOFGRAFTON. Absolutely correct, based on my research of the so-called religion.

    My copy-and-paste skills are missing this morning. However, anyone who continues to claim this crappy religion to be a religion of peace is somehow missing the definitions of religion and of peace.

    A pox on the Muslims! Christianity commited its sins in the distant past and has learned from them. The muslims just keep on killing, raping, and beheading — what kind of peaceful religion is that? It is the 21st century — time to abolish this rubbish or to at least confine it to a spot in the middle-eastern desert.

    In addition, people who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. We (I mean our so-called leaders) did not learn, hence our horrible position now. If Obama really thinks it is a religion of peace, then I hope he retires to Syria. Which he won’t, the hypocrite.

  10. What I struggle with is, why so many intelligent, educated people, still believe the tired, moth eaten, transparent, and evidently wrong strapline. “We are all equal, we are all brothers”. That product of 1300 years of in-breeding, and their vile philosophy is as valid as anything our Western Enlightenment has produced. Um.. if it is, why is the West rich and the Islamic world not? Despite the oil? Why does the West produce academic papers in abundance, and the Islamic world… so few. They twist themselves into such marvellous shapes trying to explain the unexplainable. The sad thing is…. I know these people, I work in a certain University, that is rife with them. I am a biologist. In the natural world, that which is fit for its environment prospers, and reproduces. That which is not? Dies out. Maybe…….. there is something wrong with modern Western civilisation? What a shame if the light dims because we are too “nice” to fight for the future of our own people and culture.

  11. If it was indeed Rahami that carried the duffel bag and then someone else took the bomb out – doesn’t that then make Rahami a simple delivery guy? He needs to be tried and executed either way if he’s guilty, but it looks like the FBI managed to grab the delivery guy only.

  12. I came away very unimpressed apres reading the koran. I was struck by the sparse accounts of the religious figures lives, some ugly exaggerations against Christians and Jews, less intelligent teaching on parables than Jesus, much less prophetic talent than the bible, and the calls to kill those who reject their less than impressive deeds. Muslims are plainly grossly exaggerating the value of the koran. Exaggerations mixed with the claim to own a killing force is the facilitation of murder, not the foundation of a true religion.

  13. Islam is a political movement wrapped in the guise of religion that plays to the ignorant and weak minded who are manipulated by extremely evil people who have delusions of world domination thru murder and hatred. Islam is very much like the Nazi Party under Hitler in which all of Germany’s problems were the fault of those who did not belong to the Party. In order to achieve world domination all those who were not part of the Party had to be eliminated. Islam demands that all nonbelievers are to be eliminated, by any means necessary. Christians and non believers need to fully understand that Islam is waging a war against All who will not bow down to their supreme leader. There is a war coming, it will be extremely violent and in order for a free people to survive Islam will need to be eradicated from the face of the planet. There will never be peace as long as there is Islam.

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