The EU Wants the Russians as an Enemy and Not Islam

The following op-ed discusses the demonization of Russia by the European Union as a deflection from looking at the danger of the real enemy — Islam.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from Hungarian news portal

The EU wants the Russians as an enemy and not Islam

by Tibor Kovács

Europe is targeted by a significant portion of Islam as enemy and was attacked by it. The European population reacted like everyone else would: started to be afraid of Islam and started to looking at it as the enemy. But European politicians think hating Islam is not presentable, so they would like redirect it and would love to establish the Russians as the enemy.

Good enemy, bad enemy.

Putin can be called many things, but not innocent lamb. There are good reasons to hate him and be afraid of him. It is almost too perfect for those would like to create an enemy of him and the Russians. In Europe there are many who afraid of them. Of course it is a cliché to call someone who builds politics on people’s fear a demagogue, but if anyone dared to use this word to describe Merkel, he would be immediately called one.

I take the risk to write it down: the European politicians under the leadership of Merkel are using all of their strength and influence to make the Russians look like villains. There is an overwhelming need to redirect and suppress the hostility against Islam, to somehow unite the fragmenting EU, and gain the favor of the Eastern member states. The best way to unite different countries and nations is to find a common enemy, and that would be the Russians.

The only rub is: the voters already have an enemy, and they chose it themselves. A avowed version of Islam already formally declared war on all Christian citizens of Europe, and in its own way already started the war; I mean it started killing its enemies with great dedication. The citizens of Europe, after many decades of tolerantly receiving and accepting Muslims, became frightened. They were afraid of them, and more and more openly consider them their enemies. Not all Muslims, only the ones wants to kill them. The problem is that not many killers show signs that they want to murder someone. Totally normal-looking second- or third-generation beer-drinking young Muslim guys killing people and heaping up corpses. So it is much safer to be afraid of all of them and look at them as the enemy rather than make one mistake. This what evolution taught us, and it is hard to deviate from that. For the European politicians this is distasteful, and it is easy to understand why. The Muslims as enemy would be very unpleasant for the EU. The percentage of Muslims in the population is already too high on the continent, and is continuously increasing. They can’t be removed easily, and it is impossible to live in a world where the majority goes about in constant fear of a minority, and the groups mutually hate each other, and the minority from time to time starts to massacre members of the majority. This would sooner or later fragment and destroy the society, and in the long term it would eliminate the EU’s Holy Grail of principles: the tolerance and openness — and with that their entire European Union.

EU haters unite!

In Mama Merkel’s witch’s brew she cooked up the “solution”: the hatred must be redirected from inside the EU to outside it. They need an external enemy the people can be afraid of, and the hatred of this enemy can unite the EU. The hatred towards the Muslims must be sublimated into a higher level of hatred towards the Russians. Convert it to a hatred which no longer contains racist elements — as Merkel defines it — because being afraid of and hating a real Muslim Arab killer is racist, while hating and being afraid of a possible Russian killer is not. The world is recovered. The multicultural ideology is not damaged.

The important part, that fear of Russia has a serious tradition in the continent and precisely in those countries that have lost their trust in Merkel. The most important of these is Poland, which can be swayed with a strong Russophobic politics onto the side of mainstream EU politics. If the Poles as a result of their fear of Russians were to distance themselves from their present allies (V4) and start supporting the Germans, the rest of the countries would not have enough strength to turn against the will of the EU. So far the plan is not working, because nobody believes that the Germans are really afraid of the Russians and especially do not believe that they would not able to defend Eastern-Europe from them (see Ukraine). So for now there is no big reunion. Instead everyone can hate the Russians individually.

The imperfect enemy

There is another problem. The Russians are not as good villains as they were before. Citizens of many countries — even nations who lived under communist regime — and especially, for example those who live in France, have a hard time understanding why we want have bad blood between us?! Of course, I would not want leave my unlocked bike close to Putin, but for money I would rather let Russians guard it.

Maybe these nations believe that Europe is finally living in an era of peace and cooperation where economic advantages are more important than historical hatred. The EU needs the Russians and the Russians need the EU. Until lately we, including the Poles, were doing good business with them.

I admit that what happened in the Crimea was probably pretty scary for some countries, but it was more the weakness of EU what caused that fear, rather than the bloodthirstiness of the Russians. The Russians have signaled many times with their actions that they will not let anything to weaken their geopolitical sphere of interests, but outside of that they are ready to cooperate. Somehow the common interests just can’t find each other. For that there is no other reason but the artificial generation of hatred and hysteria, or the guilty conscience of some EU politicians about Ukraine. Let’s forget about the Crimea and human rights, because this is never stopped the USA from cooperating with the Russians, and it has not stopped Merkel from brown-nosing the Turks, who been more serious violators of rights — which they now blame on the Russians.

Creating a villain will not save the present EU

The EU became a reality because we believed Europe had entered an era of peace and cooperation. That is why people accepted tolerance and openness as values. It does not matter if we hate Muslims or the Russians; these values cannot be preserved in an atmosphere of animosity. If those values will be lost, then it is better to face reality than believe in some propaganda.

We can’t get around the Muslim issue, and it will not go away by itself, and it will not disappear with the creation of an external enemy. The more the people are afraid, the more they will turn against those who are not part of their community. The interests of Europe would be to relieve external tensions, so that it could face the real internal problems, and not use up energy fighting some imaginary external enemy. But the reality is much more frightening for present European politics, and they would rather put their heads in the sand than face the music.

Taking away the people’s reflex of self defense about radical Muslims will place them in danger. To create a false enemy with propaganda, serving some individual political agenda, is even more dangerous, especially if the “enemy” has nuclear missiles, a huge army and happens to be your neighbor. Especially when it wants to be on good terms with you, because this is what its economic interests dictate. Politics always should side with cooperation and peace. If someone were t show hostile intent, our response should show strength and determination. Merkel sits backwards on the horse. Defend those who show clear signs of being our enemies, and try to demonize the ones who wants to cooperate with us. Our real enemy is their enemy, too, and our enemy also looks at them as their enemy. This should be enough, so that even we are not yet friends we could cooperate to defend ourselves from the common enemy.

The situation is so bad that whoever writes what I just did will be called a Russian collaborator and racist. Not a realist. While whoever creates a fiction of a villain will be called a humanist, and not an idiot.

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  1. Not only the EU, also the Obama administration, the American MSM, and even FOX News. And this, despite the fact Putin has been doing what Obama SHOULD have been doing, while Obama has his goons attacking Assad, who stands in the way of the caliphate as envisioned by Obama and his Turkish buddy.

      • And yet he is aiding Iran, a Shia state, who is, in turn, helping Hamas a Sunni terrorist outfit, that is slightly fighting Isis, a Sunni Islamic state. And we have leaders who are all Alzheimers, a dementia state, who are all pulling for Gramsci, a postmodern state, that believes in nihilism, a vacuum state.

        At least Russia is only a kleptocracy. We don’t need no mo stinkin’ ideology. The more klept, the simpler for us.

      • Absolutely true, William. But as you rightly point out, he is fighting a proxy war against the Shiites in Syria.

        The latest truce suggests that the Shiites are doing well there supporting the secular Assad regime,

        I can’t explain the Iran deal except in terms of favouring Islam over Israel.

  2. Before I sound like a conspiracy theorist (NWO anyone?), just want to note how suspiciously aligned EU’s Merkel and Hillary camp opinions. Both working toward the same goal: make the Russians look like villains. Hillary campaign goes even to smear the GOP candidate Trump as a cohort of some secret ally or spy to the Russians hacking the poor democrats and George Soros secret emails as they try to build their own little empire. It is hard to be a future Overlord of Planet Earth! But even for the less musically talented this concert sounds off key and the whole “Russians are coming” rhetoric sounds like an old spy novel stuck here from the 80’s. Of course the Russians are not innocent but whole “evil empire” stuff is just so dated, stale. What is going on? The NWO is running out money and they could not pay a decent script writer from Hollywood to write them a brand new story, they had resort to use an old dusty scenario from the Cold War era?
    I am from Hungary so we had our first hand experience of the Soviet brutality and torture and even a full blown invasion in 1956 October (60 year anniversary coming up)
    But honestly talking to my friends and family back in Hungary, even them could not imagine that the “Reds will coming back”. Rather they say now the EU looks very much as the totalitarian system as the Soviet was.
    I would love to hear some opinions (obviously who visits this site will not represent the whole population), about what you the reader think? Do you believe this or for you this sounds just as strange and forced than for me?

    • The V4 would be stronger with the Poles, but the Poles hate the Russians with a passion.

      But then, maybe they will wise up. Different winds are blowing in Europe. The former satellites have been inoculated against totalitarian madness, by and large. If Austria joins in, there is a power block right there. It could happen… but it sounds like the new election in Austria is being sabotaged. Anyone know more? Something about delays needed because the mail in ballots don’t have enough glue on them. Hm….

    • I agree with you crossware. My parents were missionaries in Africa during the Cold War.The Russians were busy arming and training black terrorist groups to overthrow the governments then in power.They hoped to establish black puppet governments and act as the puppet master pulling the strings.

      My parents thought the Russians saw Africa would be a good place from which to launch intercontinental missiles .

      And so my family saw Communist Russia as the greatest threat to world peace.

      But now that we see how Putin champions the Russian Orthodox church our view of Russia and of Putin has changed.
      We see Russia as a possible partner against the great threat of Islam.
      We see Islam as the greatest threat to world peace.

      We have come to admire Putin for not being stupid enough to believe the rubbish Western politically correct commentators say and write.

      However we admire Hungary and Viktor Orban much more.

      If Christianity and civilization survive in Europe it will only be because Hungary is too sensible to believe Merkel’s lies and Obama’s lies.

      • Let us not forget that Russia and the Soviet Union are not quite the same thing.

        Of course, Russia and ethnic Russians were the backbone of the USSR. But all the other republics and all the other ethnic groups took an active part in creating and maintaining the USSR and bear part of responsibility both for its crimes and its achievements.

        Let us not forget, that the first Soviet government, headed by comrade Sverdlov consisted of ethnic Jews, that Joseph Stalin himself was an ethnic Gerogian, that the founder of the KGB Felix Dzerzhinsky was an ethnic Pole, that the young Soviet Republic used ethnic Latvians to rob Russian peasants of their harvests and to put down their revolts. In fact, Soviet institutions in the 1920s were full of Jews, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Armenians, Georgians and all sorts of non-Russians. The Politbureau of the Soviet Communist Party always included members from non-Russian republics. Soviet cultural elite was always extremely multi-ethnic.

        New Russia certainly continues with traditions of Soviet ‘internationalism’ – it is the least ethnocratic of all post-Soviet republics. But it is very different from the USSR. It has discarded its Communist messianism and has no ambitions to establish a global utopian empire – this role is now assumed by the USA. Russia wants to be just a strong independent State. It did not want a NATO naval base in the Crimea, any more than the USSR wanted Soviet bases in Cuba. That is why Russia has annexed the peninsula. And also because most of the Crimea’s population preferred Russia to Ukraine for economic, cultural, ethnic, religious and other reasons. And for the reason that Ukraine is definitely going to hell in a handbasket while Russia seems to have some chances of survival.

  3. Russians are the only ones who protect Middle Eastern Christians. In a sense, I am happy that American-European policy failed in Syria.

  4. I agree mostly with Tibor Kovács except for where he states ” I admit that what happened in the Crimea was probably pretty scary for some countries, but it was more the weakness of EU what caused that fear, rather than the bloodthirstiness of the Russians.”

    The Russians are no more or less scary or “bloodthirsty” than the Americans, or the aggressions of NATO, who have been increasingly spying on Russia’s borders (unsuccessfully).

    Kovács tone seems to be that Crimea doesn’t at all belong to Russia when it was a part of Russia for 200 years and that 60 percent speak Russian and consider themselves Russian and welcomed the annextion. Khrushchev may have gifted the Crimea to the Ukraine in 1954 but he had no idea it would become the corrupt state it is now run by tyrants.

    • I think the writer were more scared about (aptly expressed in 2 comments above by Nigel Farage) seeing how the EU “poking the Russian bear” in the Ukraine, which has significant Hungarian population and when the Russian showed good determination in the case of Crimea, then our writer, – I believe -, and even my own relatives were thinking: “Oh God what will happen when the Russians had enough of the poking by the fat and incompetent EU and decide to hit back. We (Hungarians) not only in the first row for the “show” but our own flesh and blood living in the Ukraine will be a direct target.”

      • Hey, maybe the problem would be solved if all the surrounding countries got a chunk of Ukraine and be done with it. Slip the rug from underneath the neo-nazi kleptocrats! A chunk back to Poland, a chunk to Slovakia or Hungary, a chunk to Rumania (and Rumania could slip a bit of territory back to Hungary along with the Hungarians already on it, and a chunk to Moldova, they could use some support. And let Novorossia have a go at independence. And turn Kiev into a neutral city-state making its way in the world as an open air museum of the Viking founding of Kievan Rus. What say you? 🙂

        Crimea? That train has left the station.

  5. Same in the U.S. , its the Russians who are hacking everything, they are in cahoots with Trump, blah, blah, blah. I don’t think it is because of the invasion of islam that we are trying to create a new Russian enemy. Its because the globalist are about to loose an election in the U.S.. Its not conspiracy theory, I think when the blame Russia game starts up in Europe and the U.S. at the same time. Its so easy to see there games when we are all connected by the internet.

  6. A [sic] avowed version of Islam already formally declared war on all Christian citizens of Europe

    1. PLEASE- it is not only Christians who are targeted but ALL ‘kuffar’
    & in fact Christians are treated less severely than say, atheists or homosexuals and many other groups.
    2. There is NO ‘version of Islam’. As any devout Muslim will tell you,
    they follow both the koran & the example of ‘al-insan al-kamil’, the
    perfect example of conduct.

    • You’re right, there is no ‘version’ of islam, but everyday our ears are offended by dumbclucks on all MSM TV channels who speak authoritatively about ‘radical’ islam!

      As much as most of us hate the man, Erdogan should be taken literally:
      “There is no ‘radical’ islam—there is only islam”.

      And abrogated or not, the koran’s (MAN written) laws are what moslems follow to the letter.

  7. Amazing how all of the old leftists have turned into Joe McCarthys, looking for Russian agents under every bed, as they attempt to put Hillary into the White House. Hey Guys, Putin is not going to let her do to him what she did to Kaddafi and he has some serious weapons at his command. “Where have all the peaceniks gone long time passing? Where have all the peaceniks gone long time ago? Where have all the peaceniks gone? Beating war drums every one. Oh when will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?”

  8. Islam is the enemy. When Europe was Christian it was willing to fight that enemy, which is what kept the Muslims at bay for many years. But they aren’t stupid and they sense the West’s weakness (ie, lack of any faith I suspect).

    I was inclined to think that Merkel is senile and I still think so but perhaps she is also as dumb as a rock (or evil?). Why would any person in their right mind and with even a modest modicum of history not realize what Muslims are? We are doomed here until we get a better president but we still outnumber the Muslims and we have guns.

    Europe is weaponless for the most part and they are helpless under their feckless (or evil) governments.

    Crossware, I am from Hungary, too. And I know enough Hungarian history that I understand why they don’t want any Muslims. I don’t want them either, not in Hungary, not in Europe, and not in America. Let them live in their own area with people who believe as they do — the great majority of them cannot participate in what we call “civilized” society — such as it is. We have our problems, but most head-choppers are Muslims and we sure don’t need more of that!

    And let me be plain and honest: I despise that so-called religion.

    • No. You are not. In fact it appears to me the Mohammed or those that followed him chose to be the bad guys in the Book of Revelation although in their version they are the good guys.

  9. I get the distinct impression that Putin is loved and respected by the Russian people which speaks volumes regarding his leadership creditentials.

    Most western countries citizenry,in complete contrast, absolutely despise their own leaders – here in the UK we have May rapidly back sliding on BREXIT, Corbyn becoming more rabidly anti Semitic, VAZ still clinging to his MP’s seat after a rent boy scandal, all totally unabashed and still ready to lecture and harangue the prols as they believe they are untouchable.

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