Swiss Army Explosives Turn Up Missing

An unspecified amount of explosives has gone missing from an armory in northern Switzerland. There’s no telling how long it will take for the other shoe to drop on this one, and we may never know when it finally does.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this brief article from the Swiss regional daily 24 heures:

Army: several kilos of explosives disappeared

Recruits’ school. Officials made the discovery during an inventory of ammunition boxes in an infantry school in Aarau. An investigation has been opened.

During an inspection of ammunition made last week [the first week of September] at the infantry school in Long Service 14 (in mil ER SL 14) Aarau, officials have discovered what are probably missing explosives. An investigation was opened immediately, as announced by the Federal Department of Defence, Protection of the Population and Sports in a terse statement.

Military justice is investigating an alleged loss of several kilograms of explosives. “This kind of case is extremely rare,” said Daniel Reist, a spokesman for the army.

He could specify neither the nature of the explosives nor the exact amount that was stolen. There was no information on any leads; “the investigation has just begun.” For now, no warning to the population has been issued.

5 thoughts on “Swiss Army Explosives Turn Up Missing

  1. As now the western governments and armies turned into real life jokes here is a (bad) one from me:
    A parachute jumper falling after he got out of an airplane. He kind of lost where is his landing zone, when he see another man flying upward close to him.
    “Hey, can you tell me where is the airport?” – asking the jumper the man.
    “Sorry I do not know!” – shouts back the other, “I am coming from the munitions depot”.

    Sorry… 🙂

  2. Many thanks to the Swiss for being forthright with this embarrassing breach.
    I’m sure Pakistan has all of their fissile material locked up tight as a nuns convent, and can be completely trusted to be as forthcoming, just ask the Hildabeast she’ll vouch for them anytime, doing the the finger rubby rubby thing.

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