“Southern-Looking” Youngsters Terrorize Berliners on the S-Bahn

Last week two young men on the S-Bahn in Berlin inadvertently interfered with the taking of a photo by a gang of “southerners”, and were severely beaten for their impertinence.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from B.Z.:

Eight men beat two defenseless victims on S-Bahn

Brutal attack in Berlin-Dahlem

It was an unbelievably brutal attack with unequal preconditions: Simply because two young men accidentally photobombed a picture, eight men began to attack and brutally beat the two victims. There is no trace of the attackers as of now.

They hadn’t done anything except that they accidentally walked into a photo in progress. This provoked eight young men so much that they jumped the two 20-year-olds and beat them senseless. The victims managed to get out of the train at the next stop at Bahnhof Rathaus Steglitz. The unrecognized offenders fled on the train towards Oranienburg.

The incident took place Tuesday night at 11:50pm. Both victims entered the train together with a female friend at Bahnhof Botanischer Garten. Completely unsuspecting, they were searching for a place to sit down as they passed a group of eight young men who were in the process of taking pictures of each other. These men felt provoked by their passing by in such a way that they begun to insult the young men. And few seconds later, they beat them.

When the victims tried to defend themselves, an incredibly violent scene unfolded: One man from the group took one of the 20-year-olds in a choke hold. Several of the others then hit and battered him. An unequal fight. The other victim was kicked in the face several times. At Bahnhof Steglitz the two 20-year-old men were able to escape the train — with visible injuries. There was no trace of their attackers.

According to statements by the victims and their female friend the unknown suspects were between 17 and 18 years old and looked southern. One of them was remarkably short, wore a red shirt and had his hair slicked back. Another one was wearing camouflage pants and a baseball hat. The federal police are searching for those two offenders. Witnesses are asked to call the federal police at 030/2977790.

14 thoughts on ““Southern-Looking” Youngsters Terrorize Berliners on the S-Bahn

  1. After the beating victims got up, dusted down their clothing and went to vote for Angela Merkel…

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    • Brilliant, this little pastime could really take off if promoted properly. I’m imagining something like the fabulous how to brochures for rape etiquette, with slightly different fore play.

  3. “The federal police are searching for those two offenders.”
    – Why? So that they can talk to them and release them. Isn’t that what usually happens? We will also be told that the police knew the perpetrators from previous incidents.
    – They will then be given coloring books and told to attend classes on proper behavior. We must educate the little Brown ones, shouldn’t we? Once they are properly educated, everything will be hunky dory.
    – Wir schaffen das! Good luck civilizing the scientists and the engineers. Reminds me of something the Congolese ambassador to the UN in Geneva said about the African migrants in Europe in 2011. He said that he could not understand why Europe was accepting the garbage from Africa.

  4. You can check my math but that is just one side of the story. No video? No audio? No statements from bystanders?

  5. This is a typical incident of islamic violence. They won’t fight unless the odds are at least 5 to 1 in their favour. Hence the faux outrage. These people are always looking to start a fight, providing the odds are stacked in their favour.

  6. The left, pushes the theory, that environment explains all. If you have an IQ of 89, it’s because of your environment. If you are inadequate in any way, its your environment’s fault. How then do they not understand, that being brought up in an environment reeking of Islam during every second of your life, results in a human monster? I also think a hefty dose of incest helps things along as well.

  7. It depends on where they invade. If they try it out here in the middle of America they will be surprised to find that we have guns and are ready to use them. That may be why there aren’t very many of them out here (Thank God).

    I don’t think IQ has much to do with it. It is that stinking religion that explains it all.

    • I think IQ is part of the equation. Cfr average north african/middle eastern/subsaharan african IQ, average prison inmate IQ, 1400 years of inbreeding, …

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